Christmas 08

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    Christmas 08

    Post by Gabriel on Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:06 pm

    ((Summary: Fal and Gabriel spend Christmas with Eze and family, and give him the news of their engagement. Eze offers to let them stay in his spacious basement apartment, which they agree to. Scene still in progress.))


    Zekie was in the living room, smoking and watching stand-up comedy on television. There wasn't much to prepare since his foster mother insisted on doing all the work herself. She wanted everything to be perfect, and wouldn't want Ezekiel or anyone else to distract her from doing just that.

    He was munching on chips. The whole house had been nicely decorated. The porch was lit with pretty lights.


    Having spent the following night with Eze, Lexi had been there early that morning, insisting on helping Ezekiel's adoptive mother with the preparations for the Christmas feast. She had culinary skills, and thought this would be the perfect time to put them to use.

    But once the cooking was done, Lexi had left Ezekiel's home, not wanting to raise suspicions when Gabriel and his girlfriend showed up. But she promised to return, once the guests were there, and would attempt to act as casual as possible, despite her deepening feelings for her ex-fiance's brother. Gabriel would eventually have to be told, but this wasn't the day. She didn't want to ruin their Christmas.

    Fal Hayuni

    Fal was dressed in her usual dark coat, thick leggings and beanie. She was dressed in black from head to toe. Obviously it wasn't the sort of weather for the sun-worshipping mother-to-be. She stood at the porch, impatiently waiting for Zekie to open the door.


    Gabriel stood beside Fal, bag of gifts thrown over his shoulder in a large bag. He'd managed to bring a few things back from Mexico, and had a special present for Fal, waiting in a covered carrier, in the car.

    He gave a few knocks against the door, before pushing it open, and gestured his heavily pregnant fiancee inside, following in behind.


    Zekie heard them coming in...and quickly turned to greet them.

    "Hey!" He exchanged kisses with Fal and pulled his brother in for a hug.

    "Merry fuckin' Christmas."


    Gabriel returned the hug, squeezing his brother tightly. It felt like a lifetime ago since he'd seen Eze. In fact, it was a lifetime ago. So much had changed over the last several months.

    "Merry Christmas, bro."


    "Jeezus, look at Fal. She's...I can't believe it. I just can't."

    "You're gonna be a friggin' dad, little bro!" He cupped Gabriel's face, as he stared into his eyes.


    He grinned warmly at his brother's enthusiasm, thankful for it. He drew reassurance from it. Truth be told, he was still nervous as hell, and wondered if he'd be a good dad, but felt this was destiny. It was meant to be. He now had responsibility and a genuine purpose in life, and his new life was something he was looking forward to, just the same.

    "It's gonna be twins."

    Fal Hayuni

    Fal immediately went to the kitchen to greet their foster mom...*


    Isabella and Jigs came running towards Zekie and Gabe. And Isa was more than thrilled to see her uncle.


    Gabriel quickly scooped Isa up into his arms, squeezing her gently as he planted a kiss against her cheek.

    "Hey Squirt. I missed you."


    Isa just rested her head against her uncle's neck and squeezed him tightly.

    "Twins, huh."

    "You're truly blessed, know that?"

    "Want a beer?" He started walking towards the TV area.


    He gently rubbed Isa's back as he carried her, following Eze into the TV area. A faint grin spread across his lips at his bro's comment. Yeah, he realized just how blessed he was. Life had given him a second chance, and he wouldn't take it for granted.

    " sounds good."

    "Did Jig behave himself?"


    " Did he?"

    "He kept standing at the door waiting for you to come home. Took him awhile to get used to this place without you." He offered his bro a beer.

    "So how's your girl doin'? She seems to be taking this pretty well..."

    " Having twins...and all."


    Gabe flashed an apologetic look at the pit bull, who had followed them into the TV room. He scratched the dog behind the ears, as his attention returned to his bro.

    " ..yeah, she's been great about everything. She's really special, bro." A small grin slowly tugged across his lips.

    "We're gettin' married."


    "Fuck yeah. You should be!"

    He patted his bro on the shoulder. "That's the bestest news I've ever heard. And hey, what a great time to celebrate, huh. You gonna break this news to Mama right?"


    He gave a small nod, and took a sip of his beer. "Yeah, I'm gonna tell her. Hopefully she won't kill over when she finds out." It would definitely be a shocker, given Gabriel's track record with women.

    "So how you been, Zekie?" He reached over and playfully noogied him. "You look healthy..."

    " gettin' laid?" Of course, he had no way of knowing. but assumed his bro had a woman in his life. Hell, he needed one!


    Zekie chuckled a little. It was an obvious change, from a repressed to a much happier, relaxed man. ""

    "I'm just...very happy for you."


    He gave his bro a skeptical look. Yeah, Eze seemed looser somehow, and he still suspected a woman.

    "I think we're gonna have to find someplace else to live, tho. Her place is gonna be too small."


    "Where does she live? In an apartment?"


    " .. a loft. It's spacey.. but only one room."


    "A loft?"

    "If you guys needed a place to stay...I have a basement apartment available. It's got a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining space and a couple of rooms.."

    "It's a little dusty though...and messy, but I could clean it up..."

    " Brighten it up a little with paint. I dunno...unless you don't feel to comfortable staying with us."


    He actually liked the idea of being close to his brother. "I wouldn't want to be an inconvenience." He took a sip of his beer.

    "I mean, babies cry... a lot.." And it would be double, since there would be two. He looked thoughtful for a moment, and spared his brother a faint grin.

    " Heh. But I guess you already know that, huh." He gently ruffled Isa's hair.


    " don't think toddlers do?"

    "Well Isa has two new challengers now."

    Fal Hayuni

    Fal came out of the kitchen...and took a seat on the couch, munching on Zekie's chips.


    He was glad to see Fal emerge from the kitchen, relieved that she was now sitting. Pregnant people shouldn't move around so much, he thought. Especially since she was so round, and could pop at any moment.

    "Babe.." He gently squeezed her thigh. "..Zekie's offered to let us stay in his basement apartment.."

    Fal Hayuni

    Fal turned to look at Zekie, and then to Gabriel. "Oh?"

    "What's wrong with our home?"


    "Nuthin's wrong with it, but I thought we could use more room, since.. you know. We're gonna have two babies soon."

    Fal Hayuni

    "The Basement?" O.o


    "Apartment..." Zekie corrected.

    "You wanna take a look downstairs?"

    Fal Hayuni

    Fal shrugged, curious to check it out.



    Gabriel stood from his seat, and offered Fal a hand, still holding Isa in one arm. He knew what Fal was thinking. A dirty old basement didn't sound appealing, or ideal for raising a family.

    "It's nice, babe."

    Fal Hayuni

    She crinkled her nose.

    Isa looked at Fal...and smiled shyly at her.


    Zekie led them downstairs...opened the door, and turned the lights on.

    "It's nothing much now...some paint job, furniture and cleaning'd look great."

    "There's the bathroom, right there..." The place did look very spacious, compared to Fal's loft apartment.

    Fal Hayuni

    Fal held on to Gabriel's free hand, looking around curiously. "I can totally see does have potential."


    "Of course it does." He patted Gabriel on the shoulder.

    "What do you think?"


    Gabe was definitely keen on the idea of living here. The place had a warm and homely feel to it, not that Fal's loft didn't possess the same qualities, but the extra space and closeness to family would definitely prove beneficial.

    He wanted to answer his brother, but gave Fal a look, deciding it was up to her. He'd be happy wherever she chose to be.

    Fal Hayuni

    "I like it." She smiled widely. "How much is the rent?"


    "Huh?" He looked at Gabriel.

    "Geez, am not asking for money."

    "I'm offering you a place."




    " I'm serious! It's yours..."

    "...until you're ready to get a house of your own."

    Fal Hayuni

    She looked at Gabriel, still couldn't believe Zekie's generous offer.


    He was grateful for the generous offer, but was determined to pay him something.

    "You gotta have some kinda rent, Eze."


    "I don't need it." He insisted.

    "All I ask is for my family to be close..."

    "...I would love you to be there to see your kids grow, Gabriel." He was talking like an old man...or like someone who sensed he wasn't going to live that long...whatever it was...he just wanted them close.


    He pulled his brother in for a one-armed hug, deeply appreciative. Though, he was determined to pull their weight somehow.

    "Thanks, bro. We really appreciate this."

    "Don't worry about cleanin' it up, I'll do it."

    (To be continued...)

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    Re: Christmas 08

    Post by Lexi on Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:27 pm

    Fal pursed her lips -- although thankful for Zekie's generous offer -- she was hesitant to leave her own home, although she did want a much bigger place for her kids.

    "Well you guys think about it..." Suggested Zekie, since he noticed Fal's hesitation.

    "We better get up there before Isa thinks we're playing hide and seek with her." Zekie went up the stairs, expecting them both to follow as well.

    Gabe watched as his brother headed back upstairs, and turned his attention to Fal. He slipped his arms around her, pulling her close. "What do you think?" He knew it would take more time for her to decide, but hoped it would at least be worth consideration.

    Fal couldn't answer at the moment -- still feeling attached to home. "I don't know...I'll think about it, ok?"

    Gabriel planted a series of light kisses against her neck, as he quietly breathed his response. "Okay. Take yer time, babe." He knew it wouldn't be easy for her to give up her cozy loft, so understood her need for time.

    "Ready to go back upstairs? I got'chu somethin'."

    It was obvious she loved surprises. Fal gave Gabe an eager-looking smile. "I've got a present for you too." She winked -- well a present BEFORE the real one. A devious smile slowly tugged across Gabriel's lips. "Oh?" He nuzzled against her neck. "Whut'chu get me?"

    "A bowling ball" She teased, before heading back upstairs.

    Gabriel blinked at her response, and quirked a brow in her direction. His mind was obviously elsewhere, so it took a moment to realize she was only teasing. Well, he hoped so anyway. "I don't.. bowl." He replied, as he followed her back upstairs.

    Lexi stood nervously at the front door, adjusting the double glazed chocolate cake in her gloved hands. It seemed silly, bringing a cake, since she'd helped prepare most of the meal, but if she was going to pull of the casual act, she needed to be convincing. She took several deep breaths, gathering her composure before knocking against Ezekiel's front door.

    Such perfect timing. While Zekie was busy in the kitchen, attempting to snag something yummy from the kitchen, Isabella opened the door. "HI AUNT LEXI."And oh did she eye that cake!

    Despite the nervousness, Lexi was unable to suppress a grin as Isa greeted her with such enthusiasm , and noticed her attention seemed to be firmly on that cake. "Hey sweetie.. is your dad home?" She glanced over Isa's shoulder, trying to spot him. It seemed a silly question.. but yeah. Casual.

    "Nuuu.." Isa bit her tongue while sticking it out, giving Lexi the mischievous look. But Zekie was quick to interfere, gently pushing his busybody kid behind him. "Hey." He greeted Lexi, giving her a quick peck on the lips. He insisted on holding the cake for her as he welcomed her inside.

    Lexi returned the quick peck, but returned to her 'casual' stature as she noticed Gabe and his girlfriend off in the background. She carefully placed the cake into Ezekiel's awaiting hands, trying to suppress a naughty little look. Now in his presence, 'casual' was harder than she expected. "Merry Christmas." She flashed him a small wink.

    Fal noticed Lexi too...she wasn't sure if she'd met the woman but flashed her friendly smile anyway. Zekie cleared his throat, feeling slightly awkward and wondering if his brother noticed that kiss, before disappearing into the kitchen with the cake.

    Lexi managed to give Ezekiel's ass a light, sneaky pinch before he slipped off into the kitchen. Now, she stood awkwardly near the door, gaze shifting in Fal and Gabe's direction. She returned Fal's smile and slowly made her way over in their direction. She honestly didn't know how to expect Gabe to react, but she had never been the type to cower away.

    "Hey!" *She warmly greeted the heavily pregnant woman. Her gaze was fixated on Fal's round tummy, eyes slightly widened. But she was quick to maintain eye contact with her. She had seen Fal at the hospital on the night of Gabriel's near fatal beating, but it would've been ill-timing for introductions.

    "I'm Lexi."

    Gabriel did a double take as he caught a glimpse of Lexi coming toward them. It was a mixture of feelings, and he felt himself tense inwardly. He felt slightly uncomfortable, but after what had happened to her, he was just glad to see that she was alright. Fal grinned widely at Lexi, outstretching a hand for a handshake.

    "Fal! Merry Christmas!"

    Lexi didn't seem to notice Gabe's discomfort at first. She took Fal's hand, but opted for pulling her into a gentle embrace. "Heh, congratulations!" She said, and gave her tummy a light rub. "Do you know what it's going to be?"

    Fal returned the squeeze and didn't mind having her tummy rubbed. She felt like an auspicious statue. "Twins." She smiled. "But i want their sexes to be a surprise."

    Lexi's eyes widened at the news. "Wow.. double trouble, huh?" She finally braved a glance at her ex-fiance, and could detect his tension. Instead of backing off like she was tempted to do, she moved closer and wrapped her arms around him, giving him a light peck on the cheek.

    "You're really blessed, Gabe." She said quietly. The last time she saw him, he was so close to death, and now life had given him a second chance. " Don't take it for granted." With that, she gave him a light squeeze, and slowly released him, then disappeared into the kitchen.

    Zekie bellowed, telling everyone dinner was ready. He was still in the kitchen, giving his mother a hand.

    Gabriel was still struggling to make sense of what he was feeling, but he didn't pull away from Lexi's embrace, as he was tempted to do. Once she disappeared into the kitchen, he squeezed Fal's hand, and tugged her along. The surprise would have to wait.

    "About time, I am starving." Fal glanced over at Gabriel before being pulled away to the kitchen. Mama was there, still busying herself with preparing drinks on the table.

    "Where is Gabriel?" Mama asked. She smiled at Lexi, appreciative of her help that morning, and Fal...because she's carrying her grandkids!

    Gabriel quietly slipped up behind their adoptive mother, and wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her gently. "Merry Christmas, Mom." He would've given her the news of Fal's pregnancy.. but it was now obvious, and he was sure she'd heard it from Zekie. Mama returned the hug and pinched Gabriel's cheeks. She then started asking Fal a lot of questions.

    Lexi was tempted to take the seat beside Ezekiel, but luckily caught herself, and opted for the spot close to Isabella. Fal sat beside Gabriel, eager to try the food...she was starving...obviously. Zekie cleared his throat again -- a sign of awkwardness -- he reached for a couple pieces of fried chicken and took a small serving of mashed potatoes for his daughter.

    Lexi frowned inwardly, briefly wondering if she was the cause of the awkward tension. Maybe it hadn't been such a good idea to come here after all. She quietly picked at her food, gaze traveling over and fixating on Fal and Gabe. She could see the obvious love that Gabriel displayed freely for his pregnant girlfriend. He seemed happy. And while she was genuinely happy for him, she couldn't deny the small tinge of jealousy.

    Still, Fal was a very likeable person, and Lexi definitely approved of Gabriel's choice. She seemed to make him happy, that's what mattered the most. "So, you guys getting married?" She asked Fal, having caught a glimpse of the beautiful ring worn on the young woman's finger.

    For that moment, Fal would believe that the woman was psychic. She then looked at Gabriel, chuckling softly in amusement. Zekie just continued to chew on his chicken...watching the rest...quietly. Mama smiled, glanced at everyone while folding her napkin.

    Though the question had been directed at Fal, Gabriel gave a nod in response, feeling slightly awkward. Despite the unease, he was unable to suppress a grin. "Yeah. But we haven't set a date, yet." He gave Fal a look, wondering if she had a date in mind.

    A brief, unintentional frown graced Lexi's moist lips, but she soon spared them a smile, and winked at Fal. Jigsaw was waiting patiently by Ezekiel's chair, looking up at him with big, pleading eyes. He knew that 'daddy' wouldn't slip him table food, but just maybe Ezekiel would. Zekie had actually BEEN feeding the dog with forbidden treats...although not too much, but it was one way of stopping the dog from drooling his face. He slipped a piece of chicken for Jigs.

    Fal smiled shyly at Lexi. "We're thinking of...going back to get married." All eyes seemed to be on her, and had widened at her comment. Lexi's response slightly mirrored that of everyone else, but she smiled just the same. "Mexico's really beautiful. I've been there a few times." She watched as Gabriel's dog sprinted off with the piece of chicken, and flashed Eze a knowing grin, before returning her attention to Fal.

    "How was your trip?" She would've asked Gabe, but still felt slightly awkward talking to him, since she'd unintentionally ripped his heart out. Besides, it was her way of getting to know Fal a little better, since she had practically no friends here in New York, and the young woman seemed interesting.

    Gabriel had also witnessed Eze's little stunt. "Yer gonna give him massive blowouts."

    "What." Zekie shrugged. "He needs ta eat."

    Fal was happily munching on a piece of fried bun. With bread crumbs all over her lips, she smiled and nodded in response to Lexi's question. "Yep. I mean...Gabriel...he's been such a hopeless romantic."

    Zekie just couldn't picture that -- his brother -- romantic? Yeah right. Furthermore, he was too distracted by his own awkwardness that he couldn't focus on the current conversation...he knew his bro was getting married, but something else was bugging him. He wanted to kiss the other young woman at the table...he missed her.

    Lexi just smiled. It came as no surprise to her that Gabriel could be romantic, but what had always bothered her was just how shy he was about it. And now, he didn't even seem to flinch as Fal spoke of their romantic time in Mexico. Indeed, it seemed Gabriel had changed. Despite the slight jealousy, she hoped that Fal would leave a lasting impression on him. He deserved inner peace, something she had struggled to help him find, but failed miserably. And in the end, she only succeeded in adding to his emotional scars.

    With her attention still fixated on Fal, Lexi slipped off her heels beneath the table, and ran a bare foot up Ezekiel's pants leg, caressing him with her toes.
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    Re: Christmas 08

    Post by Gabriel on Wed Jan 21, 2009 9:51 pm

    Ezekiel was really enjoying his fried chicken until he felt Lexi caressing the back of his leg...he sat still, and slowly turned to look at Lexi. The young woman tried to appear casual as she ate her meal, but managed to flash him a small, devious wink. Her toes continued to caress him, sliding a little deeper beneath the fabric of his pants leg. Zekie cleared his throat again; loud enough to get everyone's attention. Mama suggested he drank something to wash down the grease in his throat.

    "So what was it like in Mexico? I believe it was your first time leaving the country." Mama asked Gabriel. She was aware of his brush with death months ago...but Gabriel was well and alive now, thank God for that. She noticed a change in him; although she hadn't spoken much to him since they arrived, it was obvious to see that she had missed him.

    Fal complimented on how delicious the food was and scooped another serving of mashed potatoes. She gave Lexi and Zekie, a toothy grin before digging in again. Luckily Gabriel remained oblivious to the 'affectionate gestures' being passed beneath the table. He had been quiet, enjoying the food, and the presence of his family. He'd missed them dearly. Hearing Mama's question, he looked up, grinning at the memories of their trip.

    "I've never seen anything like it.. it was beautiful." He quietly commented. "It's warm." And there was lots of weed. He was already missing the place, but New York would always be home, as long as his family was here. He gave Fal's leg a gentle squeeze.

    " ..we'll prolly go back someday."

    Fal nodded at Gabriel's comment. She'd definitely want to go back to Mexico. She had always appreciated the beaches and the sun there.

    Lexi halted in the leg-rubbing, resting her toes but she was far from finished. She gave Ezekiel enough time to believe that the 'assault' was over, then slowly continued. Zekie finally placed a hand over her lap, gently squeezing, as if telling her to stop. She was making him...feel funny.

    Lexi was enjoying making him 'feel funny'. But she did as he requested, and slid her toes from his pants leg. She would've kept on, but realized how risky it would be. As much as she wanted to show her affection and craving for him. She didn't want to be responsible for ruining their Christmas.

    "How've you been, Mama?" Gabriel asked, hoping her health had been holding up. Speaking of health, he was growing concerned for the poor 'present' that was still hidden in his car.

    "I'm fine! I just can't wait to meet my grandbabies." Mama replied. "I'm sure your babies will be beautiful, Fal." She smiled at both of them.

    Gabriel smiled at his adoptive mother. He knew the woman would play an important part in his kids' lives, just as she had his and Eze's.. and Isabella's. She would be their only grandparent. After finishing his meal, he quietly excused himself from the table, and disappeared out of the apartment.

    Mama wondered when Fal was gonna deliver since she did look heavily pregnant. Fal continued to finish up her dinner. She couldn't get over just how amazing the food was, and she started noticing that funny look Zekie had on his face. Isa was just wondering why Fal had a ball over her stomach. She thought Fal looked like her dad...with the beer belly.

    Now that Lexi had stopped caressing Eze beneath the table, she continued her meal, giving Fal a thoughtful look.

    "Have you guys picked out any names yet?"

    Fal liked it when people asked whether she had thought names for her kids. "Yep. Booga and Frankenstein." Because she actually meant that,well partly.

    "Oooh." Mama chuckled, believing it was a joke, but seeing Fal's serious expression, she started to worry.

    "Please don't -- i'd feel embarrassed for them." Zekie commented.

    Lexi blinked at her choice in names, but hoped that she wasn't being serious. "Heh, Frank and Bo aren't bad." Though, she honestly didn't like the name 'Frank'.

    Outside, Gabriel struggled to remove the tiny furball from her carrier. She was huddled in the back, unsure of what was happening, but eventually gave into his gentle coaxing. Gabe stuck the gray and white tabby inside his jacket, and zipped it up. The tiny kitten was well hidden, and eventually snuggled into the pouch pocket of his covered sweatshirt. He returned inside, acting as casual as possible, considering that he had a tiny furball, hidden somewhere within his jacket.

    "Hey! Where'd you go?" Fal asked Gabe after he returned "I missed you."

    Gabriel gave Fal's shoulder a light squeeze as he returned to his seat, hoping that the 'surprise' would remain quiet. For the moment, the kitten seemed content in her warm hiding place, but it was simply a matter of time before she would grow curious.

    "Needed a cig." Gabriel flashed her a grin. It probably wasn't very convincing, considering he didn't smell of smoke.

    Fal quirked an eyebrow at him, still unaware of his secret. "Do you still want your chicken?"

    Still concerned about the tiny bundle hidden within his jacket, it took a moment to realize what she was asking. "You can have it."

    It seemed the tiny furball had detected the scent of food. She shifted slightly, and a muffled 'meow' emitted from Gabriel's jacket.

    Fal started looking around for that invisible cat. "Oh my god! I didn't know you had a cat!"

    "We...don't." Replied Ezekiel.

    "Where is she?!" Fal was trying not to believe that it came out from Gabe's jacket.

    "I.. burped." Gabe tried to convince her, but the tiny noise came again.

    Fal quickly noticed that. "Gabriel!" She leaned over to look at it. "Oh my god!
    Gimme gimme!"

    Jigs sat close by, tilting his head as the strange noise came from his 'dad'. Isa got off from her chair and stood beside Gabriel...highly curious. Gabriel knew there was no hiding it now. It seemed Fal was onto him, and everyone was looking at him expectantly, even the dog. He slowly unzipped his jacket, allowing the curious furball to peep her tiny head out. A big red bow graced her tiny neck, nearly as big as she was. Obviously, she was a present for someone special.

    Gabriel scooped the tiny kitten from his jacket, and gently handed her over to her new 'Mommy'.

    "Merry Christmas, babe."

    Gabe wiggled his nose from the tiny cat hairs that had unfortunately irritated his allergies, but managed suppressed a sneeze. The tears in Fal's eyes could be seen as it widened in surprise. She gasped excitedly before taking the little furball in her hands.

    "Daddy! I wanna cat for Christmas too!" Isabella beamed.

    Ezekiel facepalmed -- now he knew, she wouldn't be too happy with the Bratz doll he bought for her.

    Fal's lips trembled. "Oh my god...this is like the best present ever." She cooed at the kitten, holding it up so she could look at it. "Hey there, unnamed kitteh."

    She pressed her lips hard against Gabriel's. "Thank you."

    Gabriel rubbed at his nose, still suppressing a wicked sneeze, but returned the affectionate kiss. He was relieved that she liked the little furball. It was no secret that Fal liked cats, but there were so many different types to choose from.

    Lexi noticed the nose rubbing, and couldn't suppress a smirk. "Now you'll need to get antihistamines injected into your ass."

    "I'm not allergic." Gabriel denied. Of course, he had no way of knowing, but was convinced that wasn't the case. Mama wasn't fond of cats, but she didn't say anything. She was just happy to watch her family growing and getting together. It was times like these, she loved.

    "He's allergic to cats, Fal." Mama informed.

    "You are?" Fal pulled the kitten away from Gabriel, still cradling it in her arms.

    "Oh my god, really didn't have to."

    Gabriel gave the kitten a scratch behind the ears, not really worried that it was the tiny furball responsible. "I'm fine.. just the weather." He tried to convince Mama. Whatever it was, it wasn't severe enough to be worried about.

    He smiled at Fal. "So, whut'chu gonna name her?"

    Fal wasn't convinced. "Gabe, are you sure?" and the kitten was licking on her plate. Zekie's eyes widened as he witnessed the tiny animal licking the dish.

    "It's fine, babe. Honest." Gabe certainly didn't want a small reaction to cat hair to ruin it. She was happy, that's what was important to him.

    "I wanna touch her." Said Isabella.

    Fal shrugged. "I dunno...thought you could help me with that" She winked. She then let Isa hold the cat...gently Isa took the kitten in her arms. She grinned happily, now seriously wanting a cat of her own. Gabriel watched Isa with the tiny furball, and tried to help Fal with names.

    " Puss'n'boots?" He was seriously at a loss for names.

    "You're kidding right?" Came Fal's reply.

    Mama started clearing the empty plates away on the table. Lexi was far more interested in Zekie than the kitten. Sure, it was cute. But her mind was definitely elsewhere. She slowly rose from her chair, and helped Mama with clearing the table.

    "You should've gotten her a snake, Gabe." She said, glancing over her shoulder. "You know, something long and thick.." She flashed Eze a wink that only he could see.

    Fal caught the innuendo and flashed Lexi a knowing grin. Zekie just drank his water.
    Lexi returned Fal's smile, and resumed with helping Mama with the dishes.

    Gabriel definitely planned on giving her 'that', too. "Smut?" He suggested, still trying to help her name the kitty. Fal pinched on Gabriel's arm. "Shut up" She chuckled before planting a kiss on his lips. Gabe pulled her closer, deepening the kiss. For the moment, he'd forgotten that they weren't alone.

    Zekie dragged the chair away from the table before standing up. With a few plates in hand, he approached the sink, wanting to wash his hands. Lexi knew he was behind her. She flashed him a brief glance over her shoulder, as she washed the dishes, but seeing that Gabriel and Fal were both occupied at the moment, she turned and planted a quick kiss against Ezekiel's lips.

    Mama just shook her head; it didn't take a rocket scientist to know they were together. She gave Lexi and appreciative grin. "You've been very helpful...and i wish I could say the same for you, Ezekiel."

    "But you didn't want me around."

    Mama waved her hand and told Isa to give that kitten some milk to drink.

    Fal pulled away, a devious smirk still etched on her face.

    "I got something for you."

    "Mmm.. whut'chu get me?" Gabe breathed seductively against her lips. He knew what he wanted, and he hoped it was the same thing Fal had in mind.

    "A bowling ball."

    "I don't bowl." Gabe replied, and continued to kiss her. He wasn't buying the bowling ball bit, though he honestly wouldn't put it past her, as a prank. Fal chuckled, she gave him another kiss on the cheek before standing up.

    "It's in my bag." She expected him to follow.

    Gabriel gave her a curious look as he followed, really not knowing what to expect. With Fal, life was full of surprises.

    Now with Fal and Gabriel out of earshot, Lexi returned her attention to Ezekiel. She reached out, giving his hand a light squeeze. [size=9]"I miss you."

    Zekie had stayed behind...for obvious reasons...he took the plates and proceeded with drying them with the cloth. "I missed you too." He said softly, before kissing her. "You stayin' tonight?"

    Lexi's heart melted as he kissed her. She returned it, heatedly. Her sudsy hands traveling up, and curling through his hair. "If you want me to."

    Fal sat on the couch...slouching a little because he stomach was...just that big...she took something out from her bag. Something small...a rectangular-shaped box wrapped in black paper.

    "Open it."

    Gabriel sat beside her on the couch, eyeing the wrapped rectangle. Well, at least it wasn't a bowling ball. He gave her a skeptical look, before slowly unwrapping it.

    "Ain't nothin' gonna jump out, is it?"

    Fal bit her lip, smiling slyly. "Just open it."

    Gabriel did so, although extremely cautiously. It was a black double leather band watch, with a square face. She wasn't sure if he'd like it...she looked on nervously.

    "I bought that...three years ago."

    Gabriel flashed her a grin, and leaned closer, pressing a kiss against her lips. "Now I'll always be on time." It was something he definitely didn't own, but seriously needed. It was unique, which was an added bonus.

    "Three years, huh? Guess you had me in mind back then?" He flashed her a wink.

    "Sorta." Fal smiled. "I bought that while I was in a flea market, I met up with this woman...who sold me this watch. She said with this watch, it would lead me to my "angel on earth". She shrugged. "And when I find him, I should give him my watch..and let him wear it so we could be together forever."

    "It was corny as hell but hey...there you are!"

    Well, Gabe thought it was sweet. He immediately strapped it around his wrist, and deepened the kiss. "Together forever." He smiled. "We got that to look forward to."

    "Hi, angel on earth. Nice to meet you finally." She returned the kiss.

    Gabriel grinned against her lips, not so sure that he would consider himself an angel.. but he would go with it. "Yer the angel.."

    "No. I'm the devil in bed, taming my angel." Fal grinned. "Oh my goodness am I full of corn tonight."

    Gabriel slipped his hand beneath her shirt as he deepened the kiss. "So, you gonna 'tame' me tonight?" He gave her a devious look.

    Fal reluctantly pulled away from Gabriel, quirking a brow at him. "Tame you? Tonight? I have my kitteh to play with..and you're so not invited."

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    Re: Christmas 08

    Post by Gabriel on Wed Jan 28, 2009 10:22 am

    Ezekiel was in the kitchen, rearranging the dishes before joining the rest in the living room. His daughter had the kitten cradled in her arms...she wasn't about to let it go.

    Gabriel gave Fal a mock look of sadness, but squeezed her a little tighter. For the moment, he didn't seem to notice that his brother was also present.

    "Play with yer kitty, eh?""

    "Can't I at least, watch?"
    He gave her a devious look, hoping she would catch the innuendo there.

    *Ezekiel cleared his throat. "So let's open the presents, shall we?"

    Gabriel blinked and straightened, pulling his hands from beneath Fal's shirt. He knew exactly what he wanted to be unwrapping. He tugged Fal over towards the couch, to join the others. He would have to wait until later to give Ezekiel his, since he was sure Mama wouldn't approve of the pinata filled with pot.

    Lexi finished up the dishes, and joined the rest inside the den. She was highly tempted to snuggle close to Ezekiel, but knew she couldn't do that. She would have to wait, until the guests were gone. Fal smiled at Isa...she desperately wanted to hold her kitty, but the little girl was having so much fun, she didn't feel good to stop her. Mama had her own set of presents for everyone...all were of the same sizes, wrapped in different colored wrappings.

    Gabriel quietly excused himself, long enough to place Ezekiel's present inside his brother's bedroom, and returned to the den. As he passed by Ezekiel, he whispered against his brother's ear.

    "I got'chu somethin'.. it's in yer room." He flashed him a wink. "Open it later." He gave his brother's shoulder a light squeeze, before sliding the neatly wrapped Mexican Barbie doll in front of Isa-- and placed a small, wrapped necklace box in Mama's lap. It contained a golden necklace, with a heart charm. The word 'Mom' engraved beautifully in it's center.

    Mom then unwrapped her present; a warm smile stretched across her face, almost tearing as she saw the necklace. "Oh my..."

    Gabriel smiled at Mama, and planted a kiss against her cheek. She was the closest thing to a mother he'd ever known, and she deserved something to signify that. "Merry Christmas."

    With Isa busy with unwrapping her present, Fal had to opportunity to hold her kitty. Gabe rejoined Fal on the couch, who was now snuggling little no-name. He felt kinda bad, since he didn't have anything for Lexi.. but wasn't expecting to see her. It just seemed .. odd. But the woman looked content. Still, he didn't suspect anything between Ezekiel and Lexi.

    Ezekiel handed over a neatly wrapped present to Lexi. A diamond bracelet...a really expensive one. "Merry Christmas." He said softly to her.

    Lexi seriously wasn't expecting that. Honestly, the company was good enough for her. It beat spending Christmas alone. Still, she was grateful for his thoughtfulness.She slowly unwrapped the present, wondering if she should wait until they were alone. But if Ezekiel had intended for it to be a secret exchange, he would've waited. Her eyes lit up as she pulled the bracelet from it's box. Her heart melted, truly appreciative-- not only for the beautiful bracelet, which was no doubt expensive, but for the friendship he'd given her, during her darkest days. A huge grin spread across her lips, as she placed the bracelet around her wrist, and thanked Ezekiel with a peck on his cheek.

    "Oh my God, It's beautiful! Thank you." She had him something, too. But the 'big gift' would have to wait, since it was x-rated. Still, she had something presentable for him. She placed the expensive bottle of red wine in his lap, wrapped in gold paper.

    Gabriel had noticed the exchange, and the peck on the cheek. Now, he wondered if something was up, but tried to shrug it off. They were just friends, right?

    The kitty meekly crawled over to Gabriel's lap, meowing sadly at him, since it recognised his scent more. Gabriel was reluctant at first, but soon gave into the kitten's pleading, and cuddled her against his chest. Once again, the familiar tingling returned to his nose, as the kitten crawled up onto his shoulder, to rub against his cheek. The kitty perched on his shoulder...since it apparently was the highest it could go...the head was too unstable. Fal just watched in amusement.

    "She's attached to you."

    Gabriel sniffled, and wiped at his nose, before pulling the kitten from his shoulder, and cuddled it in his arms. He was beginning to suspect Mama's earlier comment, but it didn't seem so bad as long as the kitten wasn't close to his face.

    "So. whut'chu gonna name her?"

    Fal shrugged. "Gabriel the Second, maybe."

    "I though the Kitty's female." Blurted Zekie. Gabriel blinked at that. That would get confusing, having two Gabriel's around the place.

    "Urm, the dude I got her from said it is.. but I can't tell.. the plumbin' is different than with dogs."

    "She looks like a she to me." Said Fal.

    Gabriel sniffled as he handed the kitten back over to her mommy, but the little fur ball clung to his arm, her tiny nails entangled into his sweater.Fal tried to calm the kitten down, attempting to disentangle her from Gabriel.

    Lexi leaned into Ezekiel, obviously not realizing what she was doing.Fal took a sip of her eggnog and leaned back in the couch, placing the kitten on her oversized belly. Ezekiel cleared his throat again, earning a concerned glare from Mama.He had been doing that since dinner, and she was starting to find that annoying.

    "Zekie, go drink some water." Mama informed.

    Lexi soon realized what she was doing, and reluctantly pushed herself up, sitting a little straighter now. But she couldn't help it... Eze was so comfortable. She was still wanting to share the news with him, but was torn, since she herself wasn't sure what to make of it all, and what her plans would be. She tried to push it from her mind for the moment. Her hand slipped in between them, her fingers entwining with his.. unseen thanks to their close proximity.

    Jigsaw rested his head in Fal's lap, pouting sadly as he eyed the kitty, that seemed to be replacing him. Fal was his, dangit! He gave Fal a low whine, and nudged her hand, hoping for a rubbin'. With the kitten sniffing curiously on her overgrown belly, Fal turned to look at the whining canine...pouting sympathetically.

    "Aww,'re a big brother now."

    Oblivious to his size, Jigs crawled onto the couch, trying his best to fit within Fal's lap. Obviously, he still thought he was that tiny, scrawny puppy that could easily fit.

    With the present Lexi had given him, he excused himself to the kitchen since Mama insisted he'd drink some water. But it was also an excuse for him to have some private time with Lexi while the others were focused with their presents, the dog and the cat..and Fal's belly.

    "I think he needs cough syrup." Lexi informed, as she stood from her seat. "I'll help him find it.." With that, she excused herself and followed him into the kitchen. Alone.. at last. She flashed him a naughty look as she slipped up behind him, and wrapped her arms around his waist. She pressed her cheek against his shoulder, and squeezed tightly.

    " okay?"

    "I don't they suspect anything.. do you?"

    "I dunno..." Ezekiel mumbled, resting in her embrace. He exhaled deeply, before taking a sip of water from his glass. "So you're staying tonight? Make sure I take my meds...I cough alot you know..."

    Lexi chuckled at that, and slowly slid her hands beneath his shirt, caressing his stomach. "Mmhmm. I'll be your own personal nurse.. and I know something that cures everything.."

    Jigs licked Fal's cheek, before hopping down and trotting over to where Isabella was. He was curious about the Barbie doll.. since he knew they made great chew toys. It seemed that Ezekiel and Lexi had become close friends, indeed. Gabriel had noticed the two, and was beginning to wonder, but he tried not to give it too much thought, figuring he was thinking too deeply into something that wasn't what it seemed.

    Gabriel returned his attention to Fal, gently squeezing her hand. "You wanna stay here tonight, in the basement apartment.. just to see if you'd wanna live here? Or would you rather go home? It might be dusty down there.." He planned to return, to clean the place up so Fal wouldn't have to do it. She needed to keep away from the dust, and any sort of labor, he figured.

    Fal pouted, she leaned closer to Gabriel. "Home." After a few hours spent with Gabriel's family, she was already feeling tired.

    "But if you wanna hang out a little longer with your bro...I don't mind."

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    Re: Christmas 08

    Post by Gabriel on Fri Jan 30, 2009 7:33 pm

    Gabriel would've like to spend more time with his brother, but knew that Fal was probably getting tired. Besides, Zekie was probably getting a cold or something, since he kept clearing his throat.

    "Are you tired?"

    Although Fal would love to spend more time with Gabriel's family, she was looking forward to introducing her kitty to her new home. She sighed quietly; with the kitty clawing to the fabric of her blouse, she nodded, and smiled tiredly at him.


    Gabriel leaned in, planting a kiss against her cheek before heading towards the kitchen to find his brother. "Zekie, I think we're gonna head out.." He called out. " in here?"

    Ezekiel was too fixated on Lexi to notice his brother walking in on them in the kitchen. Hearing someone approach, Lexi quickly pulled her hands from beneath Ezekiel's shirt, trying to appear casual. Her cheeks were flushed, heart beating wildly within her chest. But it had been too late. Gabriel had seen them. He just stood there, gaze shifting between the two. Obviously, he hadn't been expecting that.

    Sure, he had moved on-- but couldn't deny that the sight of them stung just a little. "..whut's goin' on?"

    Ezekiel immediately turned, dropping his mug into the sink as he did so. "Gabe! Bro! She was just...checking on the strain on my back..." It was a lame lie, but he hoped it'd work.

    Gabriel blinked at that. He wasn't stupid. "Yer back, eh? I thought it was your throat."
    His eyes continued to dart between the two. Lexi's flushed cheeks were a dead giveaway.

    " You guys are together, aren't you." Deep down, he knew. But hoped they could convince him otherwise. "Why didn't you tell me?" Being kept in the dark was what hurt the most.

    Nervous, Ezekiel let out a chuckle while rubbing the back of his neck. He looked at Lexi.

    Oh great, let me do the explaining.. thanks Zekie! Lexi thought to herself. She spared a quick glance at Ezekiel, and finally looked at Gabe. It was hard to look at him, knowing that she'd managed to hurt him, again.

    "Because neither of us wanted to hurt you, Gabe. We were going to tell you, when the time was right.

    The hurt was worn freely on Gabriel's features. "Right time.. like now, when I walk in on you guys?"

    "Look, it's not like I'm gonna keep this from you...I was gonna tell you eventually." Ezekiel told him. Gabriel's mind was racing, torn between how he felt.. confused. "How long?"

    Ezekiel hesitated for a moment. "For erm..." He cleared his throat. "Since you guys left for Mexico." Isa came running in to get a glass of chocolate milk. "Uncle Gabe! Can you get me a cat too?"

    Gabriel tried to mask the hurt in his eyes as Isa rushed in. Despite what he was feeling, he didn't want the tension to ruin her Christmas. He knelt down, and whispered so only she could hear. " Sure, babe. Just don't tell yer daddy." He gave her a gentle squeeze, before standing. His gaze once again fixated on Ezekiel and Lexi. Obviously, he couldn't continue this conversation right now.

    "See you later, bro. Merry Christmas." He said, in a hurtful tone, and turned to leave.

    Ezekiel opened his mouth to say something but held his tongue when he saw his brother left.till, be braved forward, squeezing on Gabriel's shoulder.

    "Gabe...I'm sorry. Look, I'm happy you've moved on with your life, and I was hoping you could be happy for me too.

    Gabriel turned as his brother squeezed his shoulder. His eye met his.. there was so much he wanted to ask and say, but in doing so, he knew the emotions would come. In truth, he wasn't sure what he was feeling. A mixture of hurt and betrayal, and part of him briefly wondered if Lexi had planned this, to hurt him again.

    [size=9]" I just need... time, Zekie." He returned his brother's squeeze. "If yer truly happy, then you have my blessin'." He then glared at Lexi. "You better not hurt him, like you did me."

    Lexi lowered her gaze, hearing his words. She had never meant to hurt him, and still hadn't had the chance to explain her actions, years ago. She just hoped someday, that could all be behind them.

    "Do you really have to leave so soon?" Asked Ezekiel. As much as he wanted his brother to stay, he'd understand if he needed to leave.

    Gabriel gave a slight nod. "Yeah, Fal's tired."

    Fal was already asleep on the couch. The kitten was meowing softly while cowering beneath the table .Gabriel scooped up the kitten, and returned to the den, but paused as he saw Fal sleeping on the couch. He debated waking her, or carrying her to the car, but she looked so peaceful, and he really didn't want to risk waking her .Gabriel sighed inwardly. It looked as if they would be staying for a while.

    "Mind if we stay?" *Gabriel asked his brother. He wasn't too keen on staying now, since he felt he would be intruding on Lexi and Ezekiel. But didn't want to wake Fal.

    Fal's eyes fluttered open, hearing their voices, she groggily looked at Gabriel before realising the cat wasn't with her. She pressed a hand over her belly before standing up. "Are we going?" Now seeing Gabriel with the cat.

    Gabriel reached for her hand, to offer her a tug up. "Yeah."

    "You guys can stay if you want." Ezekiel invited. He was already feeling bad about not telling Gabriel about his relationship with Lexi, the last thing he wanted was his brother to leave his house...upset. Gabriel looked at Fal as Ezekiel replied, leaving the choice up to her.

    Fal smiled apologetically. "Aww, I'd love to...but..." She looked at the cat. "How about tomorrow? Why don't you and Lexi come over for dinner tomorrow?" She obviously wasn't gonna cook, but she knew a great place to ask for catering services.

    Lexi spared Fal an appreciative grin, and squeezed Ezekiel's hand. "I'd like that." Obviously, poor Fal had been asleep through the drama. "If Gabe's okay with it."

    Gabriel knew that he couldn't dwell on it forever. After a moment, he finally replied. "It's fine."

    Fal smiled, nodding at all of them. "Alright! We've got a double date!"

    Lexi gently nudged Ezekiel in the side. "Sounds good, huh?"

    Ezekiel nodded, smiling shyly. "Yeah...sounds cool."

    "What time?" Lexi asked Fal. "Need me to bring anything?"

    "Oh! about 8? And you guys ok with Thai?"

    o.O...erm. I've never tried it before but...sure. *Zekie shrugged, although uncertain. He looked at Lexi.

    "Sounds great!" Lexi replied.

    "See you guys then." Gabriel grabbed their things, and gave Mama a peck on the cheek, before tugging Fal towards the door. "Merry Christmas."

    Fal cooed to the frightened kitty. "We're going home, unnamed one...Bye Guys! Merry Christmas!" She gave Gabe's Mom a kiss before heading out.

    "Merry Christmas." Lexi replied. As soon as they were gone, she gave Ezekiel an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, Zekie. You still want me to stay?"

    Ezekiel gave a sigh of relief, now holding Lexi close to him. "Please."

    "I knew he's gonna find out somehow."

    "I'd love for you to spend the night with me."

    Lexi grinned sweetly at that, and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'm yours, then." She breathed against his lips, and kissed him deeply. "I think he'll be okay, in time."

    Isa grabbed the remote, hopped on the couch and turned the TV on, but Mama came in and insisted for her to get dressed for bed.

    "Oh you two." She said to Lexi and Zekie. Lexi continued to kiss him, flashing Mama a tiny wink at her comment*

    "Aunt Lexi are you staying tonight!?" Isa asked jumping on the couch.

    "Yep, if you don't mind sharing your dad with me." Lexi replied sweetly to the little girl.

    Isabella tilted her head, slightly confused by Lexi's comment. "But don't you have your own dad?"

    Lexi chuckled at that, and ruffled Isa's hair. "I do, but he's not nearly as cool as yours." She flashed Ezekiel a wink. And certainly wasn't as Sexy, the thought.

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    Re: Christmas 08

    Post by Gabriel on Fri Jan 30, 2009 7:34 pm

    Gabriel had been quiet for most of the drive home. He seemed lost in thought, but was struggling to sort out his emotions, and swallow what had just happened. As they reached the loft, he looked over to Fal and little no name.

    "So, thought of anything yet?"

    Fal shook her head. "I don't know...I need inspiration...*she smiled deviously. "If you know want I mean."

    Gabriel returned her devious look, and leaned in for a kiss. "You gonna name her Smut, huh."

    "Maybe." Fal returned the kiss, pushing him against the door the moment she closed it behind them. Gabriel grinned as she pushed him against the door, and he kissed her heatedly.

    "Mmm.. I love it when yer pushy.." Gabriel breathed against her lips.

    "Sure you wouldn't mind the bump between us?" Fal breathed against her neck, and placing the kitten's cage on the side table.

    His hands slipped beneath her shirt, caressing her tummy, and tugged at her clothing. "There's ways around it."

    Fal giggled, before reluctantly pulling away from him. "I gotta feed Smut first."

    Gabriel frowned at that, reluctant to release her. "Aw, c'mon.. I think she can wait."

    ", she's hungry and cold." She took the cage, and left it on the floor of the living room, with the cage opened. It took a while for the poor kitten to leave her cage, then it started sniffing around the legs of the coffee table and then the rug.

    "Did you buy cat food?" Half-naked, with her buttons undone, exposing her bra.

    It was torture, seeing her half naked, and having to wait. He slipped up quietly behind her, and pulled her close to him. His hand caressing her inner thigh, as he breathed against her neck.

    "Top shelf, behind the dishes."

    Fal quirked a brow, and once again, she escaped from Gabriel's wandering hands. "Ooook." While she reached for the top shelf, her sexy thong was showing. Gabriel couldn't suppress a devious grin, eyeing her ass thoughtfully. He reached out, and gave it a light pinch.

    Fal reached for a can of kitty food. " touching."Then pried the can open, scooping a bit of food on to a plastic lid for the kitten.

    Gabriel planted light kisses against the back of her neck, and tugged at her thong.
    "Can't help it.. yer too sexy.."

    "Mmm...well, if you don't mind, I'm gonna spend some time with my new found love." Fal raised the plastic lid for Gabriel to smell. "Try it!"

    Gabriel wrinkled his nose, and slightly backed away. "No thanks." ..and gave her a sad look as she brushed him off. "C'mon, you can play with her.. later. He continued to caress her, hoping to win her over.

    Fal playfully wriggled her way out of Gabriel's touches. " Aww come on, with her, with me."

    Gabriel gave her his version of the pitiful puppy dog eyes. "But I wanna play with you."

    "You play with me everyday! It's not like we wont play tonight...just...later." She knelt down to feed the cat, exposing more of her thong.

    With a defeated sigh, Gabriel finally gave up, slowly pulling his wandering hands from her. "Okay." He wanted her.. bad. But wouldn't continue his advances, if she wasn't in the mood...but that wouldn't stop him from eyeing her exposed thong.

    Gabriel continued to watch her... and hoped that the darn kitten would tire out soon, so he could have some time with her. Jigs was already sniffing the kitten's food, licking his lips, hungrily. Having a kitten around might not be so bad, after all.

    Fal spent a good fifteen minutes getting to know the kitten...feeding her and letting her rest in between her boobies. Fal then showed Gabriel how the kitten was comfortably resting between her cleavage. "Isn't that adorable!!"

    Gabe eyed the kitten, but was more focused on where the kitten was resting. He spared a slight grin. "Yeah. Well, that is a very comfortable spot."

    The kitten got restless and finally leaped off and out of the room...cowering underneath the table. "She likes Tables...let's call her Tables!"

    Gabriel quirked a brow at that. "Tables?" Well, at least it wasn't something common.

    With the kitty gone, Fal turned her attention to Gabe. "So...what was I supposed to do?" She pressed her cheek with a finger, giving him that playful look. "I can't remember."

    Gabriel nuzzled against her neck, and planted light kisses there. He slowly moved up, kissing her lightly at first, but slowly becoming more heated...

    "You know I can crush you with my belly."

    "I'm willin' to risk it." He replied, in between heated kisses.

    "So you wanna wrestle in bed tonight?" Fal returned the kiss, occasionally pulling away before settling in for another."I can so beat your ass."

    He couldn't suppress a grin at that, returning her teasing kisses. "Mmm.. I'd love for you to beat my ass."

    Fal tugged at his pants...slowly moving in to squeeze the bulge.

    Gabe melted at Fal's touch, grinding against her hand as he reached between her thighs, lightly caressing and rubbing her sex. His lips remained pressed against hers, kissing her deeply.

    Fal led him upstairs, tossing her clothes as she did so. "Come on, big man...let's wrestle."

    Gabe followed her upstairs, tossing his shirt aside, and unbuckling his jeans. He eyed her deviously as he shed them off, and tugged her onto the bed.He pinned her down, careful not to press against her large tummy. "So, you gonna beat my ass?"

    Fal grinned, carefully climbing into bed with him. "Spanking's better" She lay down on her side, allowing Gabriel to embrace her from the back. Gabe pressed himself behind her, lips planting heated kisses against her cheeks and neck. His hand reached down, giving her ass a gentle squeeze, and a light smack. His hand once again tucked between her thighs, caressing and rubbing her sex. He slowly entered her with his finger.Fal moaned softly, enjoying the sensual caress he was giving her. She squirmed slightly...*

    Gabriel continued to rub and caress her, slowly thrusting his fingers inside, and gradually building momentum. He lightly nipped and kissed at her neck.Fal let out a sharp gasp. " Looks like you gonna have to spoon me now. I'm too fat to roll over."

    He grinned at that. "Mmm.. in a hurry, are we... you want it now?"

    Fal moaned. "I know you want to." It wouldn't matter though cos she knows Gabriel takes his time to fuck.

    Gabriel would've taken his time, but sensing her need.. and feeling his own becoming too great to ignore, he positioned himself behind her. He rubbed the head of his throbbing cock between her folds, teasing and covering himself with her juices, and slowly pushed himself inside of her. Fal arched her back a little, giving more room for him to enter her, and let out a loud moan, squeezing his hand tightly.

    Gabe's fingers entwined with hers, lips planting heated kisses against her neck, and along her jaw line as he thrusts.. gently at first, allowing her walls to accommodate to him. Fal followed his rhythm, her eyes closed as they made love, breathing slowly and deeply. His thrusts gradually became deeper, setting a steady rhythm.

    Fal moaned softly, she wasn't as loud though because she was growing tired. "I can't wait to our babies"
    Gabe thrust harder, but still mindful to be gentle with her. His warm, labored breath caressed the back of her beck, as he continued to kiss her. "Mmm.. me too."

    Fal stretched her arm over to hold him closer. "Merry Christmas, babe. Next Christmas, I'll give you another baby."

    His arms were wrapped around her, caressing her belly, and moving up to squeeze and massage her breasts as he continued to make love to her. "..Merry Christmas, Angel."
    His eyes slightly widened at her comment.. but he knew she was teasing, right?

    "...another set of twins..." Fal teased.

    " many kids you want?"

    "Ten..." Fal suppressed a smile, her eyes still closed.

    Gabriel blinked at that. "So we're gonna be like Brad and Angelina?"

    "But they don't make babies..."

    "But they got like a gazillion kids.." *Gabriel replied, in between heated breaths.

    Fal's breathing quickened, moaning grew louder...she was feeling too aroused to answer. Gabe continued to thrust and grind against her, still holding a degree of restraint as he felt himself growing near

    " Mmm...Gabe...babe..."

    Tables started meowing loudly for attention.

    The familiar surge soon washed over him as he came inside her, a soft moan emitting through gritted teeth. His heart beat wildly within it's confines, and he struggled to catch his breath.Fal held on tightly, feeling him releasing his juice inside her. She would have gone for another round of smexing but was too tired to do so. Fal turned to rest on Gabriel's chest.

    "The kitty's calling you."

    Still coming down from his orgasmic high, Gabriel caressed Fal's cheek as she rested against him. "But I'm not Mom. She'll be okay." Because he seriously didn't want to get up.

    Fal snuggled closer, smiling against his neck. "Aww, but you're the first mommy she knows."

    "Jigs will take care of her.. he's gotta learn to be a big bro.."

    "Are you sure he won't hurt her...i mean i've heard stories about dogs attacking kittens and babies... >.<"

    "Don't worry, babe. I'm sure he's playin' with her now.. he's harmless."

    "Oh yeah." Fal ran her hand down to his navel, before gently grabbing his cock to massage it. "Harmless?"

    He closed his eyes, savoring the feel of her massaging him. "..Mmmhmm..."

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    Re: Christmas 08

    Post by Lexi on Mon Feb 02, 2009 8:03 pm

    Mikko had finished her nightly visit, but she didn't want to go home and be alone , not tonight. She was pretty close Eze's place so she thought she would drop by. She hoped that she wouldn't be interrupting anything. She got to the door and knocked.

    Lexi was looking forward to spending some quiet time alone with Ezekiel, since they had much to talk about-- but the knock at the door earned her full attention. She reluctantly unwrapped her arms from his neck, and gave him a thoughtful look* Maybe they forgot their cat..

    Ezekiel was already reaching another can of beer, looking forward for a great night with Lexi. Although he was still feeling bad about what happened earlier.

    "Nah, I saw 'em leave with it; prolly a watch or somethin'" He headed to the door anyway, opening it, expecting to see Gabriel and his kooky fiance, but....oh my what a surprise. Mikko smiled up at Ezekiel.

    "Hey's not to late to stop by is it?"

    Lexi quietly followed him to the door, peeking curiously over his shoulder.

    "Merry Christmas to you too. Well come on in..." Ezekiel just didn't like standing at the door for too long, fearing a bullet might fly through his head.

    "Oh yes...Merry Christmas" Mikko said as she walked inside, not even giving Lexi a second glance.

    "Mikko? This is Lexi, Lexi, Mikko..."

    "Hey." Mikko said sitting down on the couch and lighting a cig. "So what have you two been up to tonight?"

    The girl looked oddly familiar, and it didn't take long for Lexi to recognize her as the same purple-haired girl who'd been at the hospital that night, when Gabe had been so badly injured. She was involved.. somehow.

    " ..hey." Lexi really wasn't sure what to make of her, but tried to be friendly.

    "We've got some leftover Turkey if you're hungry..." Said Ezekiel. "You need a drink or somethin'?"

    "Am I ever. Thanks man." Mikko grabbed a beer and went into the kitchen looking for the turkey. "You the best Eze!" She said picking at the bird. "So where is Gabe?" She still didn't know about Fal and the marriage or anything that was going on.

    "<.<...he left early, because his gir---I mean, fiance was feeling tired. What about you? What have YOU been up to these days?" Asked Ezekiel.

    "Fiance? NO FUCKEN WAY! you kidding me?!" Mikko heasitated at his question. "ummm...spending time with a friend. just came back acually and thought i would stop by."

    " But tell me more of this Fiance thing." Mikko sat back down.

    "Well, first thing: I don't like her; secondly, she's scary...she talks funny like she's from another planet or somethin'...thirdly, she's pregnant with his kids..."

    Lexi reached over and pinched Ezekiel's arm. "Hey.. I like her..she seems really nice."

    "He's gonna have KIDS!?" Mikko nearly spit her drink out. "So she traped him by getting knocked up uh?"..."wait..kidS as in, more then one?"

    Ezekiel wasn't really sure about that but... "I don't know...well whatever it is, Gabe looks like he's reallly into her."..."Yeah. Twins."

    "well...good for him I I would have never thought..."..."And what's going on with you two?"

    Zekie snorted. "Maybe when she pops, she'd give birth to aliens..."

    "That would be intresteing." Mikko finished her beer and reached for another. Ezekiel knotted his brow in confusion. "What you mean, "you two".."

    Mikko nodded to Lexi. "You two."

    Ezekiel shrugged. "Lexi's alright, and so am I."

    Lexi just gave a wink as she sipped on her glass of wine.

    So not what she ment but let it go. "That;s good."

    At lest the questions were off of Mikko. "I'm not gonna stay long.. just...wanted to warm up."

    "You treatin' my house like a motel?" Asked Ezekiel.

    "Pffft no, I ain't paying" Mikko replied.

    Lexi quirked a brow at that. "Warm up...are you homeless?"

    "Teah, and?"

    And Zekie was serious. "I haven't heard a word from you..."

    Mikko looked at Ezekiel. "I've been busy."

    "I offered you a room, and you'd rather go back to living in a shit-hole?"

    "I'm thankful for the offer, but i ain't gonna hang out here and over stay my welcome. And the place I was staying got tore down."

    "Well you can stay while you earn enough to get your own place...I mean, it ain't THAT hard..." Ezekiel offered.

    "I'm good Eze, really.Thanks though."

    "Really? My gangsta senses are fuckin' tingling."

    "And what do the voices tell ya?"

    "Who is this, "friend"?"

    "some one"

    Lexi disappeared into Ezekiel's bedroom, retrieving something from her purse, and returned to the kitchen. She sat quietly at the table, and listened as they talked. Ezekiel blinked, rather expressionless. "You know I don't like having no specifics or whatsoever...who. is. the. guy?"

    Mikko stood up and put her beer down. "Told ya, just a friend. I should go."

    Ezekiel rolled his eyes and leaned back in his chair.

    "Thanks for the food and beer, and nice meeting ya Lex." She walked out before Eze decided to ask anymore questions.

    "At your service, M'am."

    Lexi just kinda blinked as the purple haired girl abruptly left, and eyed Ezekiel. The money was still in a tight wad in her hand, having no chance to give it to her. "... is she always like that?"

    Ezekiel tossed the empty beer can into the bin. "No."..."But I'm used to people coming and going in my life."

    Lexi frowned at that, and tossed the wadded hundred dollar bill on the table. She reached over, and gave his hand a light squeeze. "Not everyone will do that, Zekie. ..but some people, you just can't help."

    "People have to want help, before you can do so."

    Mikko made her way down the streets, then ducked into a dark ally. She sat down behind a blue dumpster, leaning aginst the wall. And attempeted to sleep.

    Lexi felt a sudden wave of nausea wash over her, but tried to suppress it, but her color slightly paled. Ezekiel huffed, partly disagreeing with her.*" Yeah well...I don't understand why someone would trade a nice warm bed for a dumpster..."

    "You ok?"

    Lexi closed her eyes tightly, swallowing thicky. "Yeah, I'm fine."

    " gonna puke or somethin'?" He Immediately grabbed the bin for her.

    Lexi's eyes slowly slid open as she composed herself, and grinned sweetly at him, despite the churning in her stomach. "Aww, how sweet. Are you going to hold it for me?"

    " ..just got dizzy, babe. I'm fine." But she knew the real reason behind the sudden sickness.

    "Yeah lookin' like a corpse ain't good either."..."What's the matter? You were fine earlier..."

    "Bad Turkey?"

    "No, the turkey was great." Lexi responded.

    "Oh didn't try the cookies Gabe's girl was offering didja?"..." I told ya it was poison.."

    Lexi gave a small nod at that. Maybe it would be okay if he thought it was food related. It wold buy her more time. Though, time could sometimes be the enemy when dealing with something of this magnitude.

    "I better get you my bedroom, where it's warmer."

    "I think I just overdid my normal sweet intake. I'm fine." Though, she had no complaints about going to his bedroom.

    Eze smiled slyly. "A nice warm bath could sure help with that."

    Lexi grinned sweetly at that. "Do I get company? ..because I've outgrown the rubber ducky.."

    "Well we could bring in Isa...but you know...she's asleep." Eze joked.

    Lexi reached up and ruffled his hair. "..I'll just call Fal. I'm sure she'd bathe with me.."

    The thought of that woman, was such a turn-off. "Hey, come on...I'd be a very jealous man." He held her closer. "You're mine."

    Lexi gave him a mock look of disbelief. "What, you don't like girl on girl action?"

    Ezekiel winced. "Well..pick a better girl."

    Lexi playfully bapped his arm, and slid her hands beneath his shirt, caressing his sides. ".. you know she's hot.. you don't have to pretend just for my sake."

    "I'm not into hippies." Eze tugged her to the upstairs bedroom. "Now you want that bath or not."

    Lexi allowed him to tug her up,feeling slightly dizzy from the stairs, but masked it all behind a devious smile. "..only if I have something nice and warm to snuggle with."

    "What -- a bowling ball?"

    Lexi blinked at that. That was so random. "I wouldn't call bowling balls warm." *she traced her fingers at the waistline of his jeans. "...hard..." And she nipped at his jawline.."... which is good, but too cold for my taste.."

    They entered his room -- which was very tidy. The green carpeted floor smelt of fresh lime and the bedsheets were warm and very inviting.Although Mama helped with the cleaning, Eze DID steam-clean the carpet. A picture frame of himself and his daughter placed on the bed side table. Also another one with Gabriel, who looked he had had too much to drink, and with lipstick-stained kisses all over his face. There was also one of himself, wearing a fake unibrow, and a pair of party glasses.

    Lexi's fingers continued to paw at his jeans, sliding between the fabric and his skin.. going deeper, as she pushed him backwards, towards the bed. Her lips were still locked with his, kissing him deeply.

    "Shouldn't we get in the bathtub first? He suggested, in between kisses.Lexi gave him a devious look, as she unbuckled his jeans, and slid her hand into his pants, gently stroking his member. "..Mmmm.. you just want to get me wet, don't you.." She breathed seductively against his lips, as she continued to kiss him...
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    Re: Christmas 08

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    "Oh god..." Ezekiel moaned, enjoying her pleasurable ministrations. "What's better than tell me..." He breathed against her neck. Lexi continued rubbing him, as she kissed him deeply. Her fee hand tugged hungrily at his pants, working them over his butt.. and squeezed his ass cheeks, hard.

    "Oooh...easy there mama..."

    Lexi continued to kiss him, and scratched her nails gently across his ass. And finally worked his jeans a little lower. "..easy?'

    Ezekiel was getting fully aroused; his erection had become harder, aching to feel her. He chuckled, holding her close, kissing her deeply. "Now how about that shower...I'm so looking forward to a hot, steamy and wet Christmas night..."

    Lexi pressed herself against his erection, becoming wet from the mere feel of it pressed against her. Her hand slipped lower, gently massaging him through his underwear as she kissed him with a hungered passion. "Mmm.. that sounds great. That's all I want for Christmas..." She said, as her hand continued to move across his sensitive skin, stroking him.

    She smirked inwardly. It was so obvious just how 'unseasoned' Ezekiel was, since he wasn't too dominant when it came to this. She continued to stroke him, hands slipping in between his briefs and bare skin, massaging his member as she guided him backwards, and towards the bathroom.

    Ezekiel shuddered beneath her touch, it seemed she was never letting go and it was driving him nuts. He continued to kiss her deeply, passionately -- it was times like these he truly missed -- being intimate with a woman. And indeed, Lexi was always the one setting the pace, being dominant -- she was so good at it.

    As they entered the bathroom, Lexi shot him a devious glare and continued removing his jeans from him. She kissed him with a passion that seemed a lifetime in the making, and she wasn't letting him go. She shoved him back against the wall, running her fingers through his hair. Her seductive gaze piercing into him.

    "Oooh...pushy...I like it." Eze breathed before returning the affectionate gesture and deep kiss. He kicked the door closed, and since the water was already running, the entire bathroom was starting to get steamy. Lexi managed to pull his shirt over his shoulders in between heated kisses. She tossed it aimlessly within the bathroom, and rubbed herself against him as she rose his arms over his head, pinning them against the wall. Her lips slowly traced along his chest, kissing and sliding her tongue across his skin.. and back up to meet his lips.

    His mouth gaping slightly, and his eyes closed...he lolled back his head, enjoying the sensual touches she was giving him. He pulled her closer, kissing her hard, biting her lips slightly. Lexi moaned against his lips. Mmm.. it's okay to get rough..I won't break.." She whispered against his lips, encouraging him as she slowly released his hands, now tugging him towards the shower.

    With warm water pouring down on him like rain, Eze lowered his hands down to her waist, before sliding back up to massage her breasts.

    "Mmmm.. babe, your hands are like heaven.." She moaned against his lips, as her hand slipped down to caress and stroke his cock.

    Ezekiel knelt down a little to suck on the right side of her breast, while his fingers pinched and twisted her nipple on her left breast. Lexi arched her back in response to his touches, moaning from the heavenly feel of his attentions lavished upon her breasts. "Mmmm..yeah.." Her fingers curled into his dark hair.

    Ezekiel's left hand slowly travelled down to her center...he began to gently massage her sensitive area, slowly.

    "Mmmm.." She pressed into him, spreading her legs to give him better access. "Mmmm.. that's the spot.." Her hand gently stroked his, before slipping down to continue massaging his erection.

    "Why don't you lean against the wall, babe.." Eze coaxed her. Lexi anxiously did so, watching him with lust filled eyes and anticipating his next move.. or touch. Ezekiel knelt down, letting the water flow down his naked form as he slowly moved in, pressing his mouth against her sex. Sucking her clit gently.

    Lexi's eyes rolled back as she felt the exquisite feel of his mouth against her sex. She moaned sharply as he sucked her. "Mmmm.. you're amazing with that mouth of yours..don't stop.."

    Ezekiel hummed against her sex, giving it a delicious vibration. Lexi breathed in between moans, her fingers curling into his hair. her toes tingled.. obviously the ministrations had an overall affect on her. "Mmm god.. Zekie.." Her moans became louder.

    Ezekiel tightened his grip on her thighs, and continued to suck her. "Mmmm" He hummed, with one hand reaching to massage one side of her breast. If there was anything she thought heaven would feel like, this was it.. and Ezekiel her angel of pleasure. She arched her back, fingers digging firmly into his hair. "..OH GOD.." She moaned loudly.

    ".mm.. you're so good at this, Zekie..." Her need was growing stronger.. craving his thickness. "..Fuck me.."

    Ezekiel's own need was becoming to great to ignore, gently he urged her to lean against the wall so her back would face him. Lexi watched him with lustfilled eyes, and moved into position.. back now facing him. His hands slid down to gently grab on her hips before positioning himself behind her, pushing his throbbing cock slowly inside her. The moment he felt the warmth and tightness enveloping him, he began to thrust gently and deeply. Another loud, pleasure-filled moan escaped her as she felt him enter her. Her walls clamped tightly around him, enveloping him in her warmth. She braced herself against the wall, riding the wave of every pleasurable thurst.

    " Mmmm.. yeah.. fuck me baby.. "

    Her dirty talking was certainly tiltilating...he gradually picked up his pace, grunting and moaning as he fucked her harder, with the water still running and pouring down on them.

    " ..Oh fuck yes!" Lexi was growing louder, unable to contain herself. Obviously, she was very vocal during sex. "Mmm..Zekie .. that feels sooo good.... fuck me harder.."

    Zekie let out a loud moan too, he could feel himself building up, but continued to thrust her, deeper and harder, the need for pleasure and release was slowly taking over his body. Lexi could feel him drawing near, and she too was coming close. She moaned loudly, tilting her head back and grinded against him as he thrust, thrusting back to bury him deeply inside of her.

    "..Mmm.. you're amazing.."

    And finally, the sensation was too much to bear....he put everything into his last few thrusts before releasing his warm seed inside her. A loud moan passed through her gritted teeth as she reached orgasm. . She smiled through labored breaths, feeling his warmness filling her. "Mmm.. babe... that was...amazing." She wrapped both arms around him, squeezing him tightly as she kissed him.

    " like that?" Eze grinned against her lips, returning the kiss pulling her directly into the shower with him. She 'mmhmmed' against his lips, kissing him deeply, before resting her head against his chest, lulled by the sound of his racing heart.

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    Re: Christmas 08

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