The Escape. [Complete]

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    The Escape. [Complete]

    Post by Spike on Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:49 pm

    Mikko_: *Mikko made her way down the streets, it seemed colder then usal. tonight they were going to sentince him...probaly to death..and some how, this saden her*
    Mikko_: *she was able to sneek into the court room, passing the metal detecters that were sure to go off if she walked through them, she took a seat in the far back*
    Mikko_: *near the large double doors and watched*

    Spike_: *Spike shifted restlessly in his seat. chains adorned his wrists and ankles, a mask fit securely over his mouth, giving him the Hannibal appearance. After his stunt back at the jailhouse, the guards didn't trust him*

    Mikko_: *She tried to make herself as un noticed as possable, should have worn a hat....*

    Spike_: *He knew. Today they would be giving the verdict, and it didn't take rocket science to figure out that he would be sentenced to death. Hell, even that would be some excitement*
    Spike_: *Still, the pending sentence didn't seem to faze him. Nothing did. He was eyeing the pencil that laid idly in front of him*

    Mikko_: *she Watched Spike, he was suppose to get out, escape, run away...this would probably be the last time she got to see him...she should be happy, she wasn't*
    Mikko_: *she sighed as she waited for the judge*

    Spike_: *He noticed Mikko from the corner of his eye, and flashed an unseen, demonic grin. He certainly hadn't expected her to show up. Not after he'd nearly ripped her lips off*
    Spike_: *Still, it was good to see a familiar face* Come to watch me burn, eh?
    Spike_: *He was sharply nudged by his attorney, signaling for him to hush*

    Mikko_: *She looked at him, smiled a little, but couldn't mask all of her sadness, Mikko just nodded*

    Spike_: Don't'chu nudge me! *and he returned the gesture, pushing his elbow into the man's side.*
    Spike_: Order! *The judge bellowed from his desk, eyeing the psychopath with distaste*

    Mikko_: *She jumped at the judges command, this was her first time ever in a court room. and she was nervous even if she was just a spectater*
    Mikko_: *She noticed some people looking at her, the hair...she should have worn a hat*

    Spike_: *The judge gave him a final glare, before his gaze was once again fixated on the papers before him*
    Spike_: *The cops that had investigated the crime scenes were currently recounting the gruesome murders, telling in detail of the carnage he'd caused, and the lives taken*

    Mikko_: *she was...impressed...some of that wasn't even mentioned in the news, or in the papers*
    Mikko_: *Mikko glanced over at Spike again, then back to the judge, shakeing her foot impatently*

    Spike_: *Pictures were placed before the judge. In all his years, he'd never seen anythingof this magnitude. His expression clearly betrayed his shock*
    Spike_: Timothy Black is responsible for numerous rapes and murders. One of the victims, a local celebrity who fortunately survived his brutal attack.. *The policeman told. *
    Spike_: *the cop's hate-filled eyes remained fixated on the murderer*

    Mikko_: *he let one live? she wondered why...*
    Mikko_: *looking around the room were faces full of shock and horror. like they never watched court tv before*

    Spike_: He's clearly a danger, your honor. His latest rampage left several officers fatally injured when we tried to interfere in a gang related incident. *The cop concluded, before being dismissed*

    Mikko_: *she lowered herself in her seat, and watched the cop walk away. "Now what?" she thought.*

    Spike_: *Spike looked quite pleased with himself, and would've been beaming if not for the fact that both Lexi and Gabriel had lived. He had quite a record, and his only regret was being caught*

    Mikko_: *Mikko leaned forward, wondering when they were going to give him his sentence, and wondering if it always took this long*
    Mikko_: *she couldn't even imagin being in Spikes place right now*

    Spike_: *The judge now looked to Spike's attorney, wondering if he had anything to add. *
    Spike_: Your honor..*the man shifter in his seat, and spared a quick glance at his client, hoping the nutjob would go along. Truth be told, he thought Spike should burn for this, but it was his job to defend him*

    Mikko_: *she looked at the attorney and waited*
    Mikko_: *what the hell could he poasably say?."

    Spike_: On behalf of Mr. Black, I would like to plead insanity..
    Spike_: Bull fuckin' shit! *Spike seethed. He shifted angrily in his chair. If he could've gotten up, he would've* .I'm not crazy! *He would rather face a firing squad before being deemed as a nutjob*

    Mikko_: *she put her head in her hands..stupid, stupid. maybe the judge would deem him unfit to even stand trile*
    Mikko_: *she looked back up at spike*

    Spike_: Order! *The judge once again bellowed.* One more outburst, Mr. Black and I will have you escorted from this courtroom!
    Spike_: Your honor..*the attorney addressed* I would like to call a breif recess... *He eyed Spike, hoping the psycho would behave. If he was going to save his ass, it seemed he would need to talk some sense into him*

    Mikko_: *recess? wtf was that? she was very confused and just watched what was going on. Hopeing Spike would settle down*

    Spike_: *The Judge was tempted to deny his request, but granted him 20 minutes. Spike was led away to one of the back rooms, but not without making a stop by where Mikko was seated*
    Spike_: ,,let her come with me.. *he said to the attorney.* Last request of a dyin' man?

    Mikko_: *she looked up at them.* can i?

    Spike_: ..No. *He responded, which wasn't what Spike was willing to hear* She's my fuckin' girlfriend! She's got a right to be back there! *he lied*

    Mikko_: *she went along with it, of course everyone was looking at her now. She stood up* i'm comeing.

    Spike_: *He was reluctant to give in, but seeing that his client was becoming irate, he gave in, and gestured for the purple haired woman to follow*

    Mikko_: *with a sigh of relief, mostly to get out that room she followed*
    Mikko_: *she walked with them into another room in the back and took a seat*

    Spike_: *He gestured Spike toward a seat, straight across from him.* Look, I'm trying to save you here, but I can't do that if you're acting like that. I know we've discussed this, but if you want to live...
    Spike_: you must plead insanity. It's the only chance you have.
    Spike_: *Spike glared angrily at the man* No fuckin'way.

    Mikko_: *she didn't say a word, there was no point. Spike wasn't going to plead insainity, no matter how smart it would be for him to do so*
    Mikko_: *she admired the attorny though, trying so hard to save him*

    Spike_: *The man was growing frustrated. Why the hell wasn't he cooperating?* Do you understand? If we ccan't convince the judge that you're mentally unstable, you're going to die?

    Mikko_: *she rolled her eyes* he understands...damn.

    Spike_: Anyone gotta cig? *clearly, Spike could care less. What they didn't know was he was planning to bail this joint. He wasn't stupid*

    Mikko_: yeah *she pulled out a cig lit it and placed it between his lips*

    Spike_: *The attorney was now believing this was a lost cause, though he refused to give up.. until the judge gave his final say. He reached over, and removed Spike's mask, allowing Mikko to place
    Spike_: the cig between his lips. It was possibly his last smoke, after all*

    Mikko_: *she leaned back in her seat after giveing spike the cig*
    Mikko_: *she looked over at the attorny* can't you convince the judge that he's unfit to stand trile or something?

    Spike_: *He puffed on the cigarette, and gave the attorney a smug look* ..can you write down a few last requests for me?
    Spike_: ...I'm not here to do that, Mr. Black. I'm trying to save your life..
    Spike_: ..fuck you. *He replied, and exhaled a thick cloud of smoke*
    Spike_: I wanna be cremated..
    Spike_: ..I'm not taking your requests, Mr. Black...

    Mikko_: *she crossed her legs giveing spike a light kick*

    Spike_: *but Spike wasn't listening. He continued to enjoy his last smoke, and reached a shackled hand over to rest on Mikko's thigh, caressing her with his callused fingertips*
    Spike_: ..cuz I know they'll elctrocute me to a crisp. No need for a coffin

    Mikko_: *she motioned for him to look down, if he was planing something, she was letting him know she had weapons, in fact, in her boot closest to him was that idots knife. the one who attacked her*

    Spike_: Actually, they've done away with the electric chair. *the attorney informed*

    Mikko_: have they? so sad...

    Spike_: *His bloodshot eyes shifted and fixated on the man who'd tried so desperately to save his life* ..I'm ready to die. So just let me go.
    Spike_: *It seemed convincing enough.*.. but I do have one last rquest.. and I ask that you honor it...

    Mikko_: If i ver need an attorny i'm calling you. got a card? *she asked the attorny with a smile*

    Spike_: *the attorney gave him a saddened look, but gave a half nod in response*
    Spike_: .. gimme a few minutes with my girl?

    Mikko_: *again she played along with it, sitting closer to Spike and smileing*

    Spike_: *The man once again gave a slight nod. He stepped outside the room, giving the two a degree of privacy. Still, he was close enough in the event that something happened*

    Mikko_: *she looked at spike, no mask, no jacket, and not bound to a chair...great..*

    Spike_: *well, not bound to the chair, but cuffed nonetheless. He wiggled in his restraints, eyeying the door before returning his attention to Mikko.* I need you ti pick these locks, Meeks.

    Mikko_: what? do you even have a plan? *she asked as she dug a lock pick out her hair*

    Spike_: ...I never have a plan. I just... do.

    Mikko_: *there was two things mikko was un matched with, picking locks and stealing cars, she had a feeling she was going to be doing both tonight*
    Mikko_: fine *she quickly fiddled with the locks getting them undone*

    Spike_: *He rubbed at his sore wrists, and flashed her a twisted grin. He could've killed her right then and there, but still needed her, if he was to get out of this* gimme yer knife..

    Mikko_: pick one
    Mikko_: *she decided to just hand him the dragon dager and pray he didn't turn on her with it*
    Mikko_: now what?

    Spike_: *..and a brief moment, he appeared as if he would slit her throat, leaning over her with a sinister grin twisted across his lips*
    Spike_: ..are you afraid to take a life?

    Mikko_: *she laughed* no
    Mikko_: gonna need a car too i'm guessing...

    Spike_: *Stupid question. But the last thing he needed right now was for her to chicken out on him. This wasn't a bunch of innocent citizens, but armed cops.* ...we could both die... sure yer in?
    Spike_: *and he gave a nod at her question* I need you to cause distraction.. run out cryin or some bullshit

    Mikko_: alright...*she hated that he didn't have some solid plan, was she to met him some where, would he grab her...*
    Mikko_: *she closed her eyes for a moment and teared up*
    Mikko_: *she turned to him* don't get ya self killed

    Spike_: Don't'chu either.. *he gave her a quick peck on the cheek* I ain't finished wit'chu
    Spike_: you gotta gun?

    Mikko_: no...don't even know how to use one
    Mikko_: i got more knives

    Spike_: *He swore under his breath. This would be so much esier if he had a pistol. But there were plenty of cops nearby. It would be like taking candy from a baby*

    Mikko_: *she wished him luck, then ran out the room sobbing, clinging to the attorny, draging him a away and casueing quite the scene*

    Spike_: *The attorney blinked, startled by the woman's sudden appearance. Still, he considered this was probably alot for the poor girl to take in, and simply placed a comforting hand on her shoulder*

    Mikko_: *She just cried, tears rolled down her face, she wasn't makeing much sense, but it didn't matter.*

    Spike_: *He waited a moment, listening to the sounds from outside, trying to size up the situation before making his next move. So far, so good. it seemed no-one was aware that things were about to turn chaotic*
    Spike_: *Spike suddenly burst through the doors, grabbing a pistol from a nearby cop, and quickly grabbed Mikko. He held her firmly against him, pistol pointed at her temple*

    Mikko_: *great.....*

    Spike_: ..Don't fuckin' move! *He shouted at the cops, who were reaching for their weapons*.. Ya do, and I'll blow this bitches brains out!
    Spike_: *He was easy towards the door, eyes fixated on the cops. One foolishly took aim, but Spike was quick to act. He fired a shot at the man's head. A shot rang out, dropping him where he stood*

    Mikko_: *nice shot, she thought as she walked with him to the door*

    Spike_: *blood splattered the faces of traumatized jurors, earning blood-curling screams from some of the women. Spike's heart was thumping wildly within his chest , caught up in the excitement of it all*

    Mikko_: *she just wanted to be out of there in a car and driveing out of the city. She watched the people scream and scater, then wondered how long before the place was surrounded*
    Mikko_: *they had to move faster*

    Spike_: *and he fired more shots, leaving more victims in his wake, before tugging Mikko out the door. He pulled her into a darkened alleyway, and held the gun against the back of her skull as he pused her towards an unattended car*
    Spike_:, be a good girl and hotwire this piece of shit
    Spike_: *Killing, he was good at. Hotwiring was a completely different matter*

    Mikko_: the gun is not nessasery, Spike *she said as she quickly had the car running* get in the damn car!

    Spike_: think I trust you?

    Mikko_: and why wouldn't you?
    Mikko_: i just got you out of jail!

    Spike_: *Maybe he didn't trust her, but he did lower the gun. She'd earned that much*
    Spike_: Because yer fuckin' crazy!

    Mikko_: so!?
    Mikko_: *she couldn't disagree with on that*
    Mikko_: Come one, we have to get out of here.

    Spike_: *He climbed into the car, allowing Mikko to drive, since she knew the location of his next victim* ..take me to Ezekiel's..
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    Re: The Escape. [Complete]

    Post by Spike on Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:55 pm

    Mikko_: *she figured that he would want to lay low for a bit, but of course not. She drove* I don't think he's home...

    Spike_: ..I don't fuckin' care! ....His daughter is

    Mikko_: *damn, she forgot about the little girl, she had a sudden burst of regret. and a moral delima*
    Mikko_: *she hoped that no one was home, please don't let anyone be home*
    Mikko_: *she pulled up to Ezekiel's place and parked*
    Mikko_: you need me for anything else?

    Spike_: ..yeah I fuckin' need you... yer gonna lure his ass out..

    Mikko_: Sure thing, love.
    Mikko_: And if no one's home?
    Spike_: we'll burn the fuckin' place..
    Mikko_: Ah...alright then. *she got out the car and walked to the door, she knocked and waited*
    Mikko_: *she looked at Spike and shruged* Guess no one's home.

    Spike_: *Luckily for Ezekiel, a patrol car just so happened to drive by the area, and Spike ducked down into his seat. He angrily gestured for Mikko to get car* Fuckin'shit! You gotta be kiddin' me..

    Mikko_: *she quickly got in the car and drove off*

    Spike_: *As soon as they were out of the neighborhood, he rose to look over his seat* Too fuckin' close..*He replaced the pistol's empty clip*

    Mikko_: We have to get out the city, Spike. lay low for a while.

    Spike_: ..we'll be payin' him another visit, soon. And yer gonna help me. *He flashed her a twisted grin* Just like you helped me with Gabe..

    Mikko_: *she sighed* i have to be tied up in another van?

    Spike_: Yer gonna do it willingly, you've already shown yer true colors.. yer fuckin cold

    Mikko_: *she drove them out the city and on a stretch of country road, it was empty and dark. *
    Mikko_: yeah, thanks....

    Spike_: *He seriously wondered why she was doing this. Why she was helping him, when he would have no problem with killing her right here and now. Why she would betray her 'family'..*
    Spike_: *but he realized, they were much the same*

    Mikko_: *she stoped at an old gas station and refuled before heading back on the road*

    Spike_: *they needed no motive or reason for their action. No plans.. just spontaneous nature with a thurst.. much the same*
    Spike_: .. where we goin'?

    Mikko_: There's a house we can stay at. some old lady lives there. sometimes she pays me for doing work around the house
    Mikko_: It's in the back of the woods, so it should be safe

    Spike_: ..yer gonna slit her fuckin' throat.

    Mikko_: *shrugs* most likly...then i'm gonna eat
    Mikko_: *she turned down an old trail that lead into the woods*

    Spike_: ..the sticks are fuckin' boring, meeks..
    Spike_: we shoulda gone to some big ass city..

    Mikko_: *it went down for about a mile then came to a nice looking old house* we can if you want...
    Mikko_: *she parked*
    Mikko_: first we need money, food and a new ride.
    Mikko_: *she got out the car and walked to the frount door, she knocked a few times and waited for the old woman to answer*
    Mikko_: *it wasn't long till a small elderly woman open the door, Mikko didn't bother with the plesntries and simply took a blad from under a coat...*
    Mikko_: *and slit the womans throat, she moved the old lady over then motioned for Spike to follow*

    Spike_: *He watched on from the car, seriously not expecting Mikko to do it. Damn. Well, now that was out of the way, he exited the car, and headed into the house, eyeing Mikko's handywork on his way*

    Mikko_: *she cleaned off her knife and started digging through the ladies things looking for money. of anything of value.*

    Spike_: *He quirked a brow* clean yer knife? Fuckin' rookie..

    Mikko_: so i like a clean blade...and i'm not a rookie.
    Mikko_: *she pocketed a large amount of money* damn this lady was holding out on me.

    Spike_: ..most of 'em do. *Spike was already making himself at home, heading into the kitchen th raid the fridge* Hope that bitch was a good cook, I'm fuckin' starvin'

    Mikko_: *Mikko made her way to the ladies meds.* Nice, she has some major pain killers. *she took the pills and walked to the kitchen*

    Spike_: *and he was quick to grab the pills, shoving a handfull into his mouth* You gotta stay level headed.. yer the driver...

    Mikko_: right...good thinking *she rolled her eyes and grabed what looked like soup from the firidge* So, you know where you want to go, or do I just drive amilessly?

    Spike_: I said, babe. We just.. do. Aimlessly is always good..
    Spike_: *He was eyeing her seductively.. undressing her with his eyes*

    Mikko_: *she took her coat off and sat down with her meal* sounds good to me.

    Spike_: *He took a seat at the table, licking the blood from his fingers as he continued to stare at her*
    Spike_: ..why'chu do it..

    Mikko_: *she looked up at him* do what?

    Spike_: ..don't play stupid.

    Mikko_: i'm gonna take a wild guess and say you mean get you out of there...
    Mikko_: cuz, I didn't wanna see ya locked up.
    Spike_: know I'll kill you, right?

    Mikko_: mmm hmm

    Spike_: Good. Now that that's outta the way.. *He snagged a muffin from the basket on the table* ..I just ain't figured out how Ima do it is all..

    Mikko_: may i ask that i don't be shot?

    Spike_: ..these muffins are fuckin gay

    Mikko_: soup? *she pushed the bowl to him*

    Spike_: *he quirked a brow at that* Shootin' aint personal enough. You deserve that much.
    Spike_: *and he turned down the soup*
    Spike_: *His gaze was once again fixated on her*.. I'm hungry for somethin' else

    Mikko_: mmmm?
    Mikko_: *she stood up and made her way to the couch*
    Mikko_: *she took her weapons off of her and layed them on the coffee table, then sliped her shoes off*

    Spike_: *He got up from his chair, and began digging through the fridge* This bitch had better have some red meat in this mo'fo..

    Mikko_: try the freezer.

    Spike_: *and he did so, tossing random objects in frustration* Shit

    Mikko_: i'ma take a shower...*she eyed Spike* don't touch my knives.

    Spike_: touch yer knives? *He quirked a brow at that, and followed her into the bathroom* why would I do that, when yer obviously sending me an invitation to fuck you?

    Mikko_: i...don't think i was doing that.

    Spike_: you know damn well what yer doin'..

    Mikko_: *and SHE was the crazy one* Sure. You know me to well. *she turned on the shower and undressed*
    Mikko_: After i'll get you a steak or something.

    Spike_: ..ain't you fuckin' sweet. *He was seriously trying to resist her, since he rarely fucked the willing, but seeing her naked was highly arousing*

    Mikko_: *she figured she was safe. She wasn't fighting him, and he liked to go after woman who were scared and trying to get away.*
    Mikko_: I know I am. *she flashed him a smile and steped in the shower* you can join me if you THAT was an invitation.

    Mikko_: *she thought for a moment* Or would you rather i run around scream for you to not hurt me?

    Spike_: *He stepped closer, still eyeing her with intent. Sure, he wanted nothing more than to tear into her, but was torn. He knew she wanted him. and that was the problem*
    Spike_: ..then you'd be lyin'..
    Spike_: wanna fuck me, don't'chu

    Mikko_: this is true...
    Mikko_: *she pulled the shower curtan open and looked at him* i thought i made that perfectly clear.

    Spike_: *He stepped into the shower, clothes and all, and shoved her rroughly against the wall*

    Mikko_: *she let out a short gasp as she hit the showers wall*

    Spike_: *His hand tightened around her throat as he began unbuckling his pants. His sinister gaze fixated with hers, his heavy breath caressing her cheek*

    Mikko_: *she swolloed, Mikko has expected something like this, she moaned softly with the intentions of arouseing him more*

    Spike_: *He would've much prefered crying and begging for her life, but the moan would have to do. He silently cursed himself for giving into his need, despite her willingness to comply*
    Spike_: *His fingers tightened around her throat, nails digging into her flesh as he franticlly struggled free from his jeans. He roughly pulled her against him, thrusting inside of her, deep and hard..*
    Spike_: *His teeth bit harshly into her neck*
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    Re: The Escape. [Complete]

    Post by Spike on Mon Jan 26, 2009 9:00 pm

    Mikko_: *she wraped her arms around him, lifting a leg on to his hip. She screamed as he entered her and bit on to her. Her breathing grew heavy, nails scratched his back*

    Spike_: *His hands gripped firmly to her hips, holding her into place as he mercilessly pounded her, hard against the shower wall. His breathing quickened , nails digging into her skin*

    Mikko_: *she layed her head back, leting him have better acces to her. Her nails dug into his shoulders as she screamed out.*
    Mikko_: *the breathing was heavy* FUCK!

    Spike_: You like that, don'chu.. you fuckin' bitch.. *Her screaming drove him on, forcing him to pound her harder and deeper, his teeth traveling down and latching onto one of her erect nipples*
    Spike_: *He bit firmly on it, drawing blood*

    Mikko_: Fuck yes! *she cried out, edgeing him on as she got close to her orgasm*

    Spike_: *He eventually eased her down onto the shower floor, pounding her mercilessly. He bit harder onto her nipple, easing up to take the other in between his lips. He licked the blood from her breast, savoring the taste of her* ..yer so fuckin' tasty

    Mikko_: *she panted* Mmmm fuck! *she tightened up around him.*
    Mikko_: HARDER!

    Spike_: *and he did so, ramming into her with all he had, burying his full length deep inside her.. grinding hard*

    Mikko_: *she twitched comeing on him, screaming out and pulling him close to her*
    Mikko_: *after a few moments her body relaxed*

    Spike_: *He came deep inside her, a primal growl emitting between gritted teeth as he filled her full of his warm seed. His teeth bit into her neck, drawing blood*

    Mikko_: *she moaned loudly as she felt him fill her.* Fuck....*she tried to catch her breath.*

    Spike_: *He collapsed against her, allowing himself a moment to collect himself, then pulled away*

    Mikko_: *She waited for him to move before strightning herself up, her knees still felt week, and it took her a little bit to compose herself*
    Mikko_: *the water in the shower had turned cold, she turned the shower off after quickly cleaning herself off then dried and got dress*

    Spike_: *He licked her blood from his lips as he grabbed his pants, pulling them on without bothering to even clean himself after his dirty deed*
    Spike_: woulda tasted better.. if there'd been fear in you.

    Mikko_: *she pulled her hair up and looked over at him, with honst curiosity* There really is a diffrence?

    Spike_: Yeah. *He answered, as he zipped up his jeans* Blood is much sweeter, when the victim is scared..
    Spike_: ..but you weren't a victim. Damn you

    Mikko_: mmm..not yet anyway. *she smiled and walked back into the liveing room*
    Mikko_: *she slid her knives back in her pants*

    Spike_: ..oh, you will be. *There was a hint of threat in his tone, but it faded in nearly the same breath. He headed into the den area, and plopped onto the couch, flipping through the channels
    Spike_: for some slasher flick*

    Mikko_: *she went out back to another a fridge, then came back with some stakes* There's a little store about two miles down the road, i can get us some beer
    Mikko_: oh, and i found ya meat *she stuck the meat in the fridge and walked back to the couch*
    Mikko_: *she put her boots on and her jacket* anything special you want?

    Spike_: lots of booze. *He called out, over the loud screaming that emitted from the tv* ..pills, and nachos.

    Mikko_: *she nodded and ran out to the car, driving off to the store*
    Mikko_: *she was pretty sure she wasn't going to be finding pills around the area, but the booze and nachos she could do*
    Mikko_: *she arived to the little gas station store and looked around, gathering as much beer and voldka and rum she could carry, she got some chips and cigs then more gas*
    Mikko_: *She returned home about a half hour later, bringing her booze cigs and food inside*
    Mikko_: *she layed it out on the coffee table in frount of the couch then took her jacket and boots off again, sat down with a beer and watched the tv*

    Spike_: *He plucked a beer from the coffee table, eyes still glued to the tv set* ..d'you kill anyone?

    Mikko_: um, no...I didn't really see a reson to kill the store man
    Mikko_: This is a horrable movie...
    Spike_: ..but it's classic. Jason Voorhees is the shit

    Mikko_: fready is better
    Mikko_: you can run from Jason..but you HAVE to sleep at some point.

    Spike_: Pfft! She had a point, but wouldn't admit it* ..Jason's better.

    Mikko_: sure...the jigsaw killer is the best though.
    Mikko_: *she finished her drink and reached for the wisky* we ain't go no where tonight uh? *she didn't want to get to drunk if she was going to have to be driving*

    Spike_: Jigsaw is fuckin' GOD! *there, something they agreed on* ..nope, in for tonight.

    Mikko_: Indeed he is. *she leaned back on the couch* good.....Is Saw on? I'm pretty sure she has all those HBO channels.
    Mikko_: *she looked over, the lady was still laying on the floor, she could have draged the body out in the freezer, but she was just to damn lazy*
    Mikko_: *she returned her attention to the tv*

    Spike_: *He didn't seem concerned with the body at all. He flipped the channels, and as luck would have it.. Saw was on*
    Mikko_: Awesome. *she grabbed a handfull of chips and took a sip of the wisky*

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    Re: The Escape. [Complete]

    Post by Mikko on Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:02 pm

    With the adrenalin wearing down and the booze settling in her system, Mikko was suddenly faced with the full awareness of the situation she had just gotten herself into. She sighed as she picked up another beer, and leaned back on the couch. The beer was getting warm, but the house was getting cold. She got up and went to the back to one of the three bedrooms, grabbing a heavy quilt from the bed and brought it back to the couch with her.

    Mikko sat down pulling the quilt over her, she turned to Spike.

    "Cold?" She asked him as she offered him the other end of the large quilt.
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    Re: The Escape. [Complete]

    Post by Spike on Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:57 pm

    Spike was too into the movie to realize that Mikko had slipped off into one of the back room to retrieve a blanket. The pills, coupled with the large quantities of booze were already wearing on his system. His left eye twitched spastically as he glanced in her direction upon hearing her question.

    "What you talkin' about? It ain't cold." Truth be told, he was in fact chilly, but wouldn't let it show.

    "Blankets are for pussies."

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    Re: The Escape. [Complete]

    Post by Mikko on Tue Jan 27, 2009 11:01 pm

    She raised a brow at him. The man deffinetly had had enough drugs and booze for the night. She shruged and grabbed the left over pills from the table takeing a few.

    "Alright, more for me then." She said tucking herself in the quilt. She looked over at Spike again, he was going to need a change of clothing.Something less, prison--y.

    She turned her attention to back to the movie.

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    Re: The Escape. [Complete]

    Post by Mikko on Fri Jan 30, 2009 4:44 pm

    Mikko: *She reached over in her jacket and dug in one of the inside pockets

    Spike.: *He reached and took whatever the hell she was digging for*

    Mikko: *she took it back* you don't even know what the hell this is

    Spike.: I don't care! *He seethed* Rule number one.. what's yers.. AIN'T yers!

    Mikko: i'ma give it to you...fuck chill out
    Mikko: *she pulled out the pouch then empty the contents of it, a glass vile filled with a clear liqued, a needle and a rubber strap*
    Mikko: gimmie ya arm

    Spike.: *He would've declined, since should could easily be trying to kill him. But e knew Mikko. She had the good shit. He held out his arm, glaring dangerously at her.* OD me, and yer dead

    Mikko: *she tied the rubber strap tight on his arm and filled the needle with the clear liquid* it's called dalada, it like horrine that hospital give people
    Mikko: it's great *she found a vane and stuck him* thought you might *she injected it into him*

    Spike.: ..yeah. I know what it is
    Spike.: *because he knew everything. pfft*

    Mikko: *the drug was fast made you feel hot and tochy feely, it also acted kinda like a truth syrum, she never did the drug around other because of that*
    Mikko: *she took the rubber off of him and useed it on herself*
    Mikko: *after she put everything away, the high usally lasted a good two hours*

    Spike.: *He was already feeling the effect of the previous drugs.. now, in combination with this.. he was certain to be in bliss*

    Mikko: *she blinked a few times then leaned back on the couch*
    Mikko: *mikko pulled the blanket over her, the movie had ended and some comady was comeing on*

    Spike.: *He grabbed something from the small end table and tossed t at the tv. Obviously, not approving of the comedy.* Bullshit
    Spike.: Get rid of that body.. *He sddenly ordered Mikko* I don't wanna smell her in the morning

    Mikko: *she looked over at him and nodded* sure
    Mikko: *she sliped from under the covers and draged the lady to the outside freezer*
    Mikko: *after a while she came back and sat back down*
    Mikko: *the drug was makeing her body warm, she tossed the blanket to the side and took off a few layers of clothing*

    Spike.: *He spared her a quick glance, before returning his atteention to the tv.. as he flipped aimlessly through the channels* Jus can;t keep yer clothes on around me, eh?

    Mikko: i am clothed *she had boxers and a wifebeater on*
    Mikko: *she kicked her feet up on the coffee table after grabbing another beer, it didn't look like they would be getting any sleep this night*

    Spike.: He took another swig from his beer, and tossed the now empy bottle at the television.*There ain't shit on here!

    Mikko: nope...
    Mikko: *and soon there would just be no tv, with the way things were going*

    Spike.: *as lukc would have it, he landed on a channel, which was broadcasting their big break. He smiled at that. At this rate, he would be bigger than OJ*

    Mikko: *she wondered if they would say that she was a victim or that she helped*
    Mikko: *she watched with intrest*
    Mikko: turn it up...

    Spike.: *and he did so. It would seem, that Mikko was now a suspect, since the attorney had informed the police that Spike claimed she was his girlfriend*
    Spike.: *Obviously, they suspected this was well planned out, and the hostage thing was staged*

    Mikko: you didn't kill the attorney?
    Mikko: *she finished her beer and got up heading to the kitchen*

    Spike.: The cop was closer.
    Spike.: *though, he would've killed the man if he'd been given a clear shot*

    Mikko: *she took the meat out the fridge and dug around for a pan*
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    Re: The Escape. [Complete]

    Post by Spike on Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:44 pm

    Gabriel_: *Gabriel flipped aimlessly through the channels, the volume turned down to prevent waking Fal, who was sleeping beside him on the couch. Nothing seemed to be on... 
    so he left it on the news channel, even though he found the nightly news boring as hell. He struggled to keep his eyelids open, obviously bored from the news clips that was currently gracing the

     *But suddenly, the images of two familiar faces caught his full attention. His eyes opened, and he turned the volume up.. listening on in disbelief. Spike had managed to make a break for it, with the assistance of a certain purple haired girl. He couldn't believe his ears.. nor did he want to. Mikko had helped him?*

    *Despite the news report, he still couldn't accept it. Mikko would never help Spike, after the psycho had been responsible in a murder attempt against him..right?*

    *Gabe gently eased himself up off the couch, careful not to wake Fal.. and headed upstairs, into their bedroom. With his mind racing, he quickly dialed Mikko's number, and waited for her to answer*


    _Mikko: *Mikko was in the kitchen cooking the stakes when she heard her phone ring. She slapped to very rare stakes on two plates and walked back to Spike.*


    _Mikko: *She picked up her phone and looked at the ID.* Damn... *she said then answered it* Yeah?


    Gabriel_: ..What the hell's goin' on, Mickey?... are you okay?


    _Mikko: yeah I'm fine. why? *she figured he saw the news, but played dumb anyway*
    *she tugged at her steak with her teeth, she couldn't find forks or knives. didn't matter to her.* What ya need Gabe?
    *she made sure to mention his name, so that Spike knew who was on the phone*

    Gabriel_: Don't play dumb.. I saw you on the news.

    _Mikko: The news....*damn* Oh... hostage situation

    Gabriel_: *He could hear Spike in the background, and it certainly didn't sound like a hostage situation to him.* Well, they're saying yer his girlfriend, and you were a part of it. it true?

    *Deep down, he already knew. He didn't need her to confirm it*

    _Mikko: *she laughed* girlfriend? no *of course looking at the video it was clear that she wasn't scared, in fact she just looked annoyed*

    Gabriel_: *He wanted to believe her, because it hurt too much to think she would willingly help Spike escape, after what happened. But he couldn't give into his denial. He fell quiet for a moment*

    _Mikko: Gabe? *she leaned back on the couch, she had been distancing her self from the guys since she started visiting Spike, she did that for this reason*

    *She knew it would hurt them to know she was helping him, She knew that she would feel guilt, the further away from them she was the better*
    *she took a breath* Gabe? You still there?

    Gabriel_: ..what the hell were you thinkin'? *His tone was quiet, and hinted and the hurt he felt over her betrayal*'s fine that you don't give a shit about me, but you realize he'll try to kill Zekie.. right? and Isabella..

    ..and you

    _Mikko: I know...I wasn't thinking, I just acted.

    Gabriel_: *He took a deep breath, trying to steady his nerves*, what happened at the docks was all a hoax, huh.

    _Mikko: What...hang on *she got up and went to one of the back rooms, Mikko sat on the bed* What happen there was I was kidnapped. And I tried to warn you.

    Gabriel_: *He seriously didn't know what to believe anymore* Where are you?

    _Mikko: I can't tell ya that, Gabe. Hiding. And safe.

    Gabriel_: *He was deeply worried about her, but she had chosen her own path-- and had turned down both his and Ezekiel's previous offers to help her. The fact that she had distanced herself hadn't gone unnoticed either*

    Safe, huh. You were safe with us, but if this is want..

    _Mikko: I'm kinda stuck now...*she layed down on the bed, Spike and her were going to have to leave the house soon. possible that night. Her buzz was wearing off, she would be fine to drive*

    Just...get ya fiance out of the city Gabe.

    Gabriel_: *Once again, he fell silent.. both angry and upset* .

    _Mikko: Does Eze know?

    Gabriel_: He will soon.

    _Mikko: *She silently nodded, then started to get dressed, she wanted to say sorry but wasn't sure if she would mean it.She wasn't sure what to say*
    *she walked back out to the living room*

    Gabriel_: *It seemed Mikko had made her choice, choosing Spike over them. His concern for her had once nearly gotten him killed, and now-- she claimed to be 'safe' with Spike? It was a cut to the heart*

    Well, obviously this is what you want. Have a nice life. *With that, he hung up*

    _Mikko: *she tossed Spike an over sized hoodie that she found, He needed to change his cloths. Mikko went to respond to Gabe but he hung up before she could*

    *she looked at her phone then hung up and tossed her coat on* come on. we should keep moving.

    *she tugged her boots on and slid her weapons back in there holders. She grabbed the dead woman's keys*

    Spike.: So. D'you tell him I'm comin to kill him? *Spike asked Mikko with a sinister look on his face*

    *He twirled a knife within his fingers, eyeing the change of clothes*

    How'da think we should do it? Stabbin', or merciless beatin... guns are too quick. I want 'im to suffer..

    _Mikko: Well..If you want him to suffer. *she smiled at him* You know he's engaged and expecting twins?

    And no, I didn't tell him, he figured it out on his own. *she put her hair up then slipped her hood on to cover her purple hair.*

    Spike.: Then I'll kill her first. *He said, and eyed a piece of rope that had been situated to hold a faulty door open. Obviously, the house was much older that it's recently deceased owner*

    And we're gonna play a game. *Suddenly, he roughly grabbed her, and shoved her hard against the wall. The blade was now pressed against her neck, enough pressure applied to draw blood*

    _Mikko: *she couldn't suppress a grin* Like in the movie?

    Spike.: Mmhmm.. somethin' like that. He tugged her into the kitchen, and roughly shoved her into a chair, and began tying her hands behind her back. Then, he bound her ankles to the chair legs*

    *He pulled the ropes tight, cutting into her flesh*


    _Mikko: No, but i'm sure that's the point.

    Spike.: *He yanked back on her hair, and whispered menacingly against her ear* What's going through your head, right now?

    _Mikko: At this moment? You stabbing me, slowly, twisting the knife you are holding in my gut. Me, screaming. because as much as I would act tough. i wouldn't be able to. untimly death.

    What's going through your mind?

    Spike.: Are you afraid to die?

    _Mikko: No

    Spike.: Do you 'want' to die?

    _Mikko: No

    Spike.: *Without another word, he disappeared into the basement, and returned moments later with two tins of gastoline. He casually puffed on his cig as he soaked the kitchen floor in the flammable fluid*

    Yer sloppy, Meeks. *He said, as he continued pouring the fluid onto the floor* Yer all over the news.. tsktsk..

    ..and now, they KNOW yer in on it. It woulda worked better if the police had thought of you as a hostage...

    _Mikko: *She watched him* Damn, and I was hopeing to at least last a night. Guess my usefullness wore out fast. You know you're all over the news too.

    And it's not like I ever did this before.

    Spike.: It only takes once, baby.. but yer lucky. I'mma gonna give you a chance..

    *He left a considerable abount of space between where Mikko sat, and the 'ring' of gasBut if she didn't escape quickly, the pending flames would spell her death. He tossed the cig into the fluid and as the flames rose up around her, he tossed a knife into her lap.*

    Cut yerself free, and live.. for now. Or die. I don't give a fuck. *With that, he turned and headed out of the house*

    *the car's engine could soon be heard, revving loudly outside.*

    _Mikko: Fuck...At lest I have a knife *She had NO idea how she was going to do this, She ignored the knife on her lap and quickly started rubbig the rops on her wrise against*

    *the knifes that were behind her. Last time she cut her self badly on the stupid things, she hoped to not do that this time*

    *the fire got closer to her, she moved faster, finally freeing her arms, but it wasn't with out injery. SHe grabbed the knife on her lap and worked at the rops on her legs. breathing in the smoke and chokeing, she was starting to feel dizzy. Finally what seemed like for ever. she was free from the rops. Mikko ran through the fire and outside, bending over and coughing. she looked up at Spike, who was in the car and grined evily*

    Spike.: ..took you long enough.

    _Mikko: What ever. *she got in the car*

    Spike.: nono.. yer ridin' in the trunk

    _Mikko: what?! why?

    Spike.: *He got out and roughly pulled her out..* Because I fuckin' said so! *In truth, it was simply to live out his fetish of putting someone in the trunk of a car* get in!

    If yer in this for the long haul, then you gotta fuckin prove it!

    It ain't no joy ride..

    _Mikko: *she growled at him as she got in the trunk* Fine, but can ya tell me where we're headed?

    Spike.: *He shot her a look of disbelief* What makes you think yer worthy?

    _Mikko: ummm OH i don't know! I risk my life to get you out of jail. That right there makes me fucken worthy. Then I jump through a ring of flames. get in a trunk..

    And who knows what else i'ma fucken DO for ya ass.

    Spike.: *He chuckled in twisted amusement* That doesn't make you worthy.. that makes you fuckin' stupid. But you're my bitch now, and you'll do as I say

    I say jump, you better fuckin' ask how high

    _Mikko: *she layed down in the trunk* Fine. Spike...

    You have no clue were we're going, do ya? *she took her coat off and made a pillow, if anything, maybe she would get some sleep*

    Spike.: Yeah. I got a pretty good idea where we're goin. *He seriously wanted to return to the city to settle up his unfinished business with Gabriel and Ezekiel, but knew the police were once again hot on his trail. He slammed the trunk dow hard, and hopped into the car. Soon, they were on the interstate, heading further out of state*

    _Mikko: *the steady movement of the car put her to sleep pretty fast. Though a part of her wanted to stay awake in case she had to make an excape*

    *a bump suddenly woke her, she felt well rested though, it took her a few moments to remember were she was. Then she wondered. just WHERE were they?*

    Spike.: *He continued to drive, with no real destination in mind. Hours passed, and he finally took an exit, pulling the car over at some rundown hotel. It looked like a place for bikers and hookers, just the place for them. Spike got out of the car, and picked the lock of one of the empty room, and disappeared inside. He left Mikko, outside and locked away inside the trunk*

    _Mikko: *the car stoped, and was shut off. Was he going to leave her in the trunk, she wouldn't put it pass him. She waited.*

    Spike.: *yep. He was definitely leaving her ass in that trunk. He was already settled on the bed, waching some porno on the flickering, small screen tv*

    _Mikko: *she was so not staying in the trunk, maybe it would earn her some kinda 'punishment' she didn't care. Mikko took her knife and placed it right under the trunks door*

    *luckly for her this was an old car. she hit the handle of the knife hard at the same time kicking the trunk open. SHe breathed in the air then sat up and stretched*

    Fuck...*she looked around to get an idea of her surroundings.* Nice place....*she said sarcasticly*

    Spike.: Oblivious to the fact that she had managed to get out of the trunk, nor did he really care. Now, she would just have to find the motel room he was now residing in*

    _Mikko: *she got out and walked to the frount counter. she didn't think that he just checked in. but she new that the key to the room he was in would still be behind the desk*

    *she walked in smileing and flerting to the guy in behind the counter, she leaned over laughing at some lame ass joke he made before sliting his neck. She steped over the body*

    *and grabed the keys hanging on the wall, there was onlty seven of them, so Spike had to be in one of these seven rooms she figured*

    *She started trying all the keys till she finally found the right one. she didn't say a word to him, just closed the door and sat down*

    Spike.: *He didn't even seem to acknowledge her, just simply continued watching the porno. But a loud scream suddenly shattered the silence. Unfortunately for them, a woman had discovered the body, when she and her yound daughter tried to check in*

    _Mikko: fuck!

    Spike.: *Spike quickly peeped out the window..* Fuckin shit! What the hell did you do!! I wanted to fuckin rest!

    _Mikko: *she was already out the door and headed to one of the motor bikes near by*

    Spike.: *But he had other plans*

    *He shoved the frightened woman away from her car, and hopped in. the bikes would be too obvious. No-one would suspect a 'family car' until it was reported stolen*

    *by then, he would be long gone*
    _Mikko: *she saw him get in the car and ran to it, diveing in the frount seat*
    Spike.: *and he sped off, shooting her an angered glare* Are you funckin' stupid?!

    _Mikko: Just drive....

    *she new she screwed up, but who the hell was HE to tell her that?*

    Spike.: Don't do that shit again. Murder someone-- in public?! So much for keepin' a low fuckin' profile

    _Mikko: more killing...

    *she looked out the window* You want me to drive? you can rest in the back.

    Spike.: No fuckin' way. *he answered flatly*

    _Mikko: Fine. *she leaned back in the seat and lit a cig*

    *she wondered where the were going now, and she really blamed the man's death on Spike, if he hadn't kept her in the trunk none of that would have happen.*

    Spike.: *His eyes were growing heavy, and soon he was once again foced to pull off the interstate. This time, stopping an an abandoned apartment complex in some rundown projects*

    _Mikko: *this place looked more like home. She steped out the car. Maybe they could finally rest. *

    *she tossed her cig on the fround, stomping it out under her boot, then walkeing around the car. She looked the place over before heading inside*

    Spike.: *Spike was tempted to tie her in the car, but realized that would draw too much attention. Instead, he headed inside, and settled onto the old worn out bed, kicking off his boots*

    _Mikko: *knowing damn well he was not going to be shareing the bed, she layed her coat on the floor. she could have taken another room, but she was in a unformilier place*

    *and she didn't want to be alone, she layed down on the coat and closed her eyes*

    Spike.: *He watched as she closed her eyes, oh so tempted to tie her up, but was too tired to do so.  His heavy eyelids slowly slid shut, and in no time, he was dreaming about mass murders and chaos*

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    Re: The Escape. [Complete]

    Post by Mikko on Wed Feb 04, 2009 1:18 am

    Mikko: *mikko woke early that morning, she was just putting away her needle and other drugs back into her pouch, she was almost out. She glanced at Spike and wondered what the day was going to bring them, and if she would live long enough to see that night.*


    Spike.: *He was already awake, planning his next move. Normally, it would've been best to lay low until nightfall, but simply hanging around at some old run down complex wasn't part of his plans*
    *He stomped a huge cockroach beneath his boot, as he glanced out through the old, dusty blinds to get better bearings on the outside world. He didn't expect anyone to be around the place
    but he was wise enough to not become too careless*

    Mikko: *She stood up and threw her coat back on.* "So what's the plan?


    Spike.: ...what did I tell you about plans? *He asked, not bothering to even spare her a glance. He replaced the clip within his pistol, and shoved it back into place within the waistline of his pants*
    We move soon. that's the 'plan'.


    Mikko: *Mikko simply nodded, she really was hopeing for something better but wasn't going to argue with him. She sat on the bed and waited for him to do what ever it was he was going to do.*


    Spike.: *He moved towards the door, but just as he swung it open, the flashing lights and loud sirens filled the morning air. Obviously, the cops had been steaked out, and waiting to make their move*


    *The complex was soon surrounded, and the policemen had them lned within their sights* Put your hands where we can see them... *one of the officers ordered, but Spike wasn't listening*
    Spike.: *Instead, he drew his gun, and fired several shots, as he dashed towards the car to make an escape, not caring where Mikko was, or if she made it past*
    *A loud hiss emitted from gritted teeth as a bullet penetrated his left shoulder, jus as he ducked into the car*


    Mikko: *Mikko wasn't sure what to do, she had never been in any kind of situation like this before. hell, she was friends with some of the cops. She waited for Spike to make a move.
    And soon he did, it wasn't what she was expecting, but then again she didn't know what she was expecting. Mikko had another fast distion to make, follow Spike,or play the helpless hostage, she would get away with. Hell, no police record, clinicly insaine, no problem getting off, maybe a few months tops.

    She hesitated, then ran for it. There was no reson for her to run, but she did, closly behind Spike and was able to make it into the car with out getting hit. But she knew
    That they were not out of trouble yet, she also knew that she just made things alot worse for herself. Mikko looked over at Spike who had been hit. Not good, maybe she should just give herself up.....*


    Spike.: *another bullet ripped through the car's door, penetrating Spike's side. He was badly injured, and losing blood- but refused to give into defeat. He fired a few shots out of the shattered window adding a few more cops to his never ending list of victims. He wasn't a bout to wait around for Mikko. but she had managefd to get to the car, without being injured. Obviously the police were reluctan to shoot her, since some still wasn't sure of her true involvement*


    Mikko: *Mikko looked at Spike, they had to get out of there, he needed help.* Spike. lets go! *He was loseing blood, and the thought of him dieing right there did not sit well with her. She ducked her head down trying to avoide the on comeing bullets that flew by*


    Spike.: *his bloodsoaked hands struggled to start the engine, already feeling the affects of the severe bloodloss. Finally, the old family car roared to life, and he sped off, once again hitting the interstate.


    Mikko: "We have to get you some help, take care of your wounds." Though she wasn't she how to go about doing that. it wasn't like they could just walk into a hospital.She looked back to see how many of the cops were chaseing after them.*


    Spike.: *The car swirved violently throu traffic, coming dangerously close to hitting other vehicles. Obviousl, the blood loss had left his dizzy, but his angered expression would seem unfazed by the life that was seeping out of him* No fuckin way.. I ain't goin back to jail.


    Mikko: *She figured that would be his answer. They had to do something or Spike was just going to die behind the wheel, crash and possably get her killed in the prosses.She did not want to go that way. "Fine...but at lest let me drive." They were passing up trafic, and should be able to switch seat easy if they where fast enough*


    Spike.: *and it finally happened. They swirved into the side lane, skiding against the side of a gas hauler. The car spun, tires squeeling violently agaist the asphalt, smoke surrounding them.With his foot on the break, Spike breathed heavily, trying to steady his breath as he looked at Mikko, giving a silent warning with his eyes. No funny stuff. And he slowly slid over, giving her room to trade places*The police were closing in, and Spike reached for his gun, raising it towards the back windshield*

    ..fuckin' drive


    Mikko: *She was fast to move, slideing over backing up and speeding away, she had no clue where she was going but knew the goal right now was to get away fromt he cops.Her mind raced with how she was going to pull this off. If she could get ahead of them enough, maybe she can find some parking lot, grab a diffrent car.No that was stupid, and would nver wor. Mikko glanced over at Spike, if he died, then she wouldn't have to come up with a plan. IT would be over, she would give up.*


    Spike.: *At least she was doing a decent job of keeping a head of them, bust still-- being able to see their flashing lights was much too close for him* ..hand me.. yer knife..


    Mikko: *She reached behind her and pulled out a knife, with out even glancing at him she handed it to him. She was getting into some light trafic and was not about to look away from the road*


    Spike.: *With an unsteady hand, he attempted to remove the bullet from his side, since it seemed to be the source of his major bloodloss. Unfortunately his hands were too shaky, which only resulted in further injuring himself* Fuck!


    Mikko: OK...There's a parking garage up ahead, maybe I can pull in. We run out grab a diffrent car and leave...*It really was a dumb plan that she had seen on a fuckin video game.But it was the only plan she had, and she knew that she could get another car fast*


    Spike.: *He gave a faint nod in response. Normally he would've protested, but it seemed the wiser choice, since this vehicle was now a target. His trembling hand dropped in defeat. Obviously he wouldn't be getting those bullets out on his own*


    Mikko: *Good they had a plan. She turned into the parking garage and drove to the fourth level before stoping the car.* Stay with me Spike! *he wanted to see her scared and now she was.* Don't fuckin die on me! *she jumped out the car and opened his door.* Come on babe we gotta move fast. *She had already picked out the car they would take, a black Nissan, nothing fancy it should go unnoticed when they left*


    Spike.: *it took every ounce of energy he could muster just to make the quick transfer, but he managed to slide into the passenger's seat, struggling just to keep his heavy eyelids open*


    Mikko: *she grabed her knife, helped him in the car and started it within moments. It had acually taken a little longer because her hands were starting to shake, but soon they were out.She drove normally, trying not to bring attention to the car. She looked over at Spike again.* I'll get those bullets out for you, Just stay with me. *She had to find some place safe to stay and fast*


    Spike.: ...I hold you to it. *He spared her a dazed glance. He wasn't so sure that he would survive this, but he wasn't afraid. If he died, at least he'd go out in a chaotic blaze*


    Mikko: *she drove till they came on an old farm house in the county, ah the country, they should have layed low here the whole time.* We can stop there. *she said nodding to the house.*

    At lest untill i get those bullets out of you.


    Spike.: *Luckily he was too weak to protest. But at least, it would be a secluded spot, and hopefully it would take a while for the police to find them. If they found them at all. From the sounds of it,they had lost them*


    Mikko: *she pulled up behind the house and got out the car, She ran to the back door and unlocked it. Mikko peeked inside. it didn't look like anyone was home.She ran back to the car to help Spike inside*

    No one is home, come on. *She said offering him help*


    Spike.: *He was reluctant to admit to himself that he needed help, but just standing was proving difficult. He leaned into her, breathing heavily as he struggled to catch his raspy breath, his blood staining her clothes*

    ..they got roosters.. *it was completely random, a sign of the affects of his bloodloss*


    Mikko: *She held on to him and walked as quickly as she could inside.* Yeah... *She said in response to his comment. Mikko was finally able to lay him on the couch.She moved fast, finding the bathroom and grabbing bandages, meds and even some pain killers. She was a little worried about her ability to do this. Mikko took a breath then walked back out to where he was and knelt down beside him. She took his blood stain shirt off and cleaned off his skin with some water,so that she could see what she was doing. She took out her knife and some tweesers that she found. She started with the one in his side, being as gental as she could. She winced as she dug out the bullet.*


    Spike.: He gritted his teeth, hissing in pain as she extracted the bullet from his side. It had been a while since he'd experienced this much pain. Normally, pain was pleaserable.. when it was someone elses*


    Mikko: *she cleaned the wound and aplied puressure on it before wraping a large bandage around his side. She then did the same to his shoulder.* Ok....*she looked at him makeing sure that he was still breathing, still awake.*


    Spike.: *He glared dangerously at her the whole time, though he was fully aware that she had just helped him- again. Deep down, he was thankful that she'd patched him up, but couldn't bring himself to say it*

    ..maybe you shoulda been a doc.. *there. that was the closest thing to a 'thanks' or compliment that she would get. His breathing was weak and labored, but he was struggling against the fatigue*



    Mikko: *she gave him a nod and slight smile* Yeah. *She handed him water and a few oxycodone. She really didn't want him to go to sleep right now, she was just going to have to keep a close eye on him, She grabbed a pillow and a blanket. Mikko tucked the pillow under his head then covered him up before falling to the floor, leaning aginst the couch.*


    Spike.: *despite his best efforts, be began fading in and out of consciousness*
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    Re: The Escape. [Complete]

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    ( A week or so later...)

    Mikko grabbed an old backpack and started to fill it full of food,and other supplies. She had spent the last week and some days making sure Spike didn't die. And now he was well enough, or so he felt, to get back on the road. It was best that they kept moving though. She finished packing what she could and went back to him. She took one last look around, then tossed him a new shirt.

    "You ready?"

    The last several days had been fuckin' hell. Not only because of his brush with death, but because of the damned rooster that made it his duty to wake them in the early morning hours. Spike tossed a beer bottle at the damn thing, that was perched on the front porch, and grabbed the shirt from Mikko.

    "In the trunk." He ordered her.

    "I'm NOT getting in the trunk."

    "Yes you are!" He snapped at her. "YOU raise suspicions... so in the trunk." So much for gratitude.

    "How? How do I raise suspicions and YOU don't?"

    "Because I ain't got purple hair!"

    Mikko knew this was going to end with her in the trunk."I have a hoodie!" She tugged the hood on, hiding not only her hair but most of her face. Spike was tempted to force her ass into the trunk anyway, just for the hell of it.

    "Then yer ass is drivin'." Spike tossed her the keys, and shoved another handful of pills into his mouth. "Yer hood comes off, and I'll shoot yer ass."

    Mikko just wanted him to chill out and shut up. "Here!" She said handing him the last of her Dalada. "Take this and get in the car." Mikko got in the drivers seat and tossed her bag in the back. Mikko started the car, and had a brief thought of running his ass over, but it quickly passed. But suddenly,Spike roughly tugged her out and towards the trunk.

    "Get yer ass in!"

    "FUCK YOU! I ain't getting in the trunk!"

    Spike finally pulled his gun, pressing it against her temple. "IN!"

    Mikko didn't move, till she glanced down at the trunk. She looked back up at him. "Alright, alright,babe. just put the gun down." She said, and crawled into the trunk. A twisted grin ran across his sickly lips, and he snickered at her humiliation. "Obedient, aren't you." Spike lowered the gun.

    "I was fuckin' with you. Get yer ass in the car."

    Fuck...she new she saw it, there was a hand gun in the trunk, and she wanted it. She waited a moment and grabbed it anyway tucking it under her coat. She didn't know if it was loaded, or how to use it, or if he seen it. but maybe just having it would be enough. She got out glaring at Spike."You are such a jerk." She said, and climbed in the drivers seat. "See what I do next time you need a bullet out of your ass."

    "It wasn't in my ass" He sarcastically reminded.

    "Shame." Mikko grinned.

    Soon they were back on the road.

    Spike was messing with the radio, blasting rap as Mikko pulled off the old dirt road. "Yer drivin's crap."

    "Mmm..So it ya music." She shot back.

    "Just like yer mama."

    Mikko light a cig and handed him one. "Smoke? Yeah my mama was crap."

    Spike snatched the cig from her. "So, yer in on this. right? Imma kidnap his lil girl.. and kill his bro...and make him watch. He'll die last..." And then you.

    "Yeah....just, you ain't hurting that girl. She has nothing to do with this...Hell I have nothing to do with this, this between you boys.

    Spike shot her a disgusted look, as he settled the station onto some old skool Kid Rock. "Ah, grown a heart, have you? Yer fuckin' useless, Meeks."

    "Yeah...that's what you were saying all those times I helped ya. So I don't want to see a kid get hurt big deal..I'll kill Gabe's dog, will that make you happy?"

    "I ain't got no use for a fuckin' dog assassin. Yer either in, or out."

    Mikko rolled her eyes and inhaled deeply on her cig, her stomach turned and she started to feel a little sick. She pulled her hood down more and tried to take some deep breaths. Too much drinking that morning.

    "Don'tchu get sick in MY car!"

    "I'm fine."

    Once again, Spike was tempted to force her over and stick her in the trunk. "Dammit, speed up! You drive like my dead grandma."

    "Sure i'll speed up once i know where i'm going." She sped up a little, but was thinking about pulling over.

    "Yer takin' me to Eze's. And you'll once again be the bait."

    Mikko nodded the pulled over, opening the door she leaned out and got sick. She was fast to collect her self and sit back in the car. Once again they were off. She made her way back to the city. Spike thought nothing about the fact that she was puking her brains out. Probably too many drugs. Whatever it was-- he could care less.

    "Ok, before I get to his house. what exactly do I have to do?"

    "Yer gonna knock his ass out.. and tie him up, while I take his lil girl."

    "How about. I get him outside YOU knock him out and I take the girl? She will come to me." She thought so anyway.

    "Aw. Ain't that fuckin' sweet. That works too."

    "Good." They were soon pulling up by his house.

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    Re: The Escape. [Complete]

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