Christmas at the Lair [back log 08]


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    Christmas at the Lair [back log 08]

    Post by Michelangelo on Tue Feb 03, 2009 1:52 pm

    Early Christmas morning, and Mike was already awake, eyeing the presents that rested beneath the beautifully decorated tree. He was curious to know what was in those boxes, and even gave a few a gentle shake, hoping to unravel the great mystery within.

    It was early and Raph was laying face down in his hammock with his arms hanging down on both sides. He slowly raised his head after hearing someone running through the Lair.. "probably Mikey.." he thought, when suddenly he remembered what day it was Christmas. With that he got out of his hammock it was the only time of year that he would be up this early. He yawned before leaving his room to join his overly excited brother.

    "Get anythin' good?"

    Mike suddenly stopped rattling the present, that was addressed to Raph. He tried to mask a guilty look, and hid it behind his carapace. "Urm... I haven't opened anything... yet..."

    Raphael grinned, knowing very well that they weren't supposed to open them yet. "Thought so." He said as he made his way over to the tree. He then grabbed an oddly shaped present that was addressed to him and began to shake it.

    Mike causally slid the wrapped box back beneath the tree, hoping Raph wouldn't realize that he was about to open his present. "Heh"

    "What do ya think this thing could be?"

    "A rabbit!" Mike beamed in response.

    "It'd be a pretty fucked up rabbit then."Raph said as he moved his hand over the ridges of the package. "Sounds solid."

    Well, Mike certainly hoped that at least one of his gifts would be a bunny.. or a hedgehog..or..."Maybe it's a puppy?"

    Raph quirked a brow at his little brother. "Now yer' jus' bein' stupid."

    Donatello had got each of his brothers their presents...although it wouldn't be that fanciful anyway. He really wished Splinter could join them, and wondered how his father was...while he's out there...somewhere. As for poor Leonardo, he was unwell, too weak to even get out of bed. Don had emerged from his brother's room to join Mike and Raph.

    Raph quickly put down the present as Donie showed up."Look who I caught." He said while pointing at his little brother. Mike shook another box, before tearing into it.

    "Gloves?!" Mike was unable to suppress his disappointment, as he pulled the specially made mitts from the box. No bunny.

    "Heh.." Mike flashed Donnie an innocent grin. "Urm, Merry Christmas!"

    Deep down, Mike was thankful to April for the nicely padded gloves.. but his heart was set on another pet. Maybe the next one would be a snuggly bunny. He shot Donnie a wink before digging deeper beneath the tree. Raph just shook his head and got up from the tree.

    Is a' Leo comin'?" Raph asked Don.

    Tresser was a little nervous, meeting tobi's new friends today. also, quite excited. new people always interested her. Tobi couldn't be happier with the unexpected arrival of her best friend, and she was just as excited to show Tresser off to Mikey and his brothers as Tresser was to meet them. She just hoped that Tress could survive the treck through the sewers to the lair.

    Tresser wasn't too hip to being in a sewer, but was putting on her game face for Tobi. she wanted to meet these boys, and she wanted to find some familiarity in this place.

    "Almost there!" Tobi cheered when the hidden entrance to the lair came into view. "Thanks again for helping carry the presents."

    Tresser nods behind the pile in her arms. "Course, baby. thanks for taking me with." She grinned. "i'm so excited! you make them all sounds so fun."

    "They are! Mikey's a kick and Don's a sweetie and Leo's so charming, and Raphs.. uhm... got a sexy accent. And they're all super cute." Tobi trudged along under her own small pile of brightly wrapped boxes.

    "You really think i'll get along with them?" Tresser was aware that her humor and cheerfulness was irritating to many.

    Tobi nodded enthusiastically. "Totally!" She knocked on the hidden door before pushing it open, gesturing for Tresser to follow her inside.

    "Heellooo~ "

    Hearing the familiar voice, Mike was quick to spring to his feet, nearly knocking the tree over as his head collided with one of its thorny branches, but being thick skulled, he seemed unfazed.

    "TOBS!" He beamed happily, as he rushed towards the door, swinging it open.

    Raph winced as Mikey collided with the tree. "Geeze Mikey take it easy!"

    Tresser blinked at the sudden brightness. "Oh for the love 'a balls!" She squints away.

    Tobi laughed brightly. "Mikey! Don't tackle! Don't tackle! I have presents!" but Mike tackled her anyway! It seemed like a lifetime had passed since the last time he'd seen his best bud! It took a moment for him to realize that she wasn't alone. He blinked in disbelief, gently releasing tobi and rubbed at his eyes. "Urm.. am I seeing double?"

    Raphael walked over to see who Mikey was getting so excited over. He instantly saw Tobs in Mike's death grip. His girlfriend, that figures. He thought.


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    Re: Christmas at the Lair [back log 08]

    Post by Michelangelo on Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:20 pm

    Tobi chuckles and bends down to gather up her dropped boxes. "Nope. This is my best friend Tresser! She's from my world. "

    "mmneh." Tresser shook her head, then saw people looking at her. she grinned brightly and sang* five gold riiiiiiings! Tobi giggled at Tresser. "This is Michelangelo, and that's Raphael." *gestures to the stunned turtle standing behind Mikey*

    Raph was taken aback by the announcement of yet another turtle. "Wait a minute I thought ya couldn't get home?"

    " I can't." Tobi blinked. "Tresser got here the same way I did.".."Er... sans the maelstrom..."

    Tresser shook her head. "Nope. I just needed a door."

    "Hi there!" *Mike greeted the newcomer, and reached for her hand, giving her a light peck across the knuckles. He was definitely digging the idea of another female turtle!

    "So exactly how many more are gonna show up 'ere?!"

    Tobi shrugged. "I dono... Does it matter?"..."Are you seriously that opposed to more chicks running around?" She gave him an odd look.

    "I'm so not!" *Mike beamed enthusiastically, interrupting anything his brother might say.

    Tresser raises pierced brow. "uh..." Then smiles at mikey. "halloo." Fist-bumps back.

    Raphael looked back at her after Mikeys interruption. "No I ain't it's jus' that its kinda weird that chicks keep popin' over 'ere in our Lair. I mean if ya can get to this world ya should be able ta leave it."

    Tobi pouted. "If we're not welcome we can leave... But maybe you'd like your Christmas present first?"

    "Wait wait! thats not what I meant an' ya know it." Raph spoke up. Tresser bit her lip. adjusting in her... clothes.

    Don was still a little concerned over Leo; his brother had been vomiting several times for the day. Shortly after greeting Tobi and Tresser, he sat on one of the chairs and watched them quietly.

    "Leo's not doing so good, he won't be joining us tonight."

    "He'll be fine." Raph said while hiding the fact that he was worried about him. Mike was also bummed that his older brother was too sick to join them. Christmas only came once a year, and it seemed such a shame that he would be missing it.

    Tobi looked at Donny and her pout turns more sincere with worry. "Poor Leo~"
    Tresser frowned. "i'm sorry..."

    "Fer' what?" Raph said as he looked over at the new turtle. She wasn't half bad looking to him.

    "Pffft! Don't mind Raph! He's just Mr. Grinch this season.. he didn't get a bunny either!" Mike tried to reassure the two girls, as he tugged them further into the lair, near the brightly lit Christmas tree.

    "Animated or live action? Tresser asked as she was towed inside.

    Raph just grunted at Mikeys comment , he then just watched for a moment as he lead both of the girls inside.Mike flashed Tresser a huge grin. "Live action! Because Jim Carrey is da bomb!"

    Tresser smiled to raph. "happy agp day, raphael."

    Raphael looked confused. "What did she jus' call me?"

    "An agp? Maybe it's a baboon in another world!" Mike chirped.

    Tobi laughs. "AGP day means Atheists Get Presents day.".."It's Tress' way of saying Christmas."

    Raphael blinked. "Oookay."..."I'm gonna get somethin' ta drink." With that he walked towards the fridge. "Do we have anythin' good?" He yelled over to Mikey as he inspected the fridge.

    "I think April left some stuff last night!" He called back to his brother.

    Tresser nods. "da." follows tobi to the place the presents go. Tobi walked over to the tree and set the presents down beside it, two for each of the guys. Tresser set down a large pan or her own and proceeded to tug at her clothes. "ugh..."

    "You can take off your clothes if you want, Tress." Tobi smiled as she pulled off her hoodie and tosses it on the couch.

    "thank crap." Tresser pulls her hoodie off and fights with her too-big pant. Mike followed them like a little lost puppy dog, eyeing the presents thoughtfully. He hoped it was a bunny!

    Raph was bent over looking through the shelves of the fridge, he saw a few cartons of egg nog and a lot of Coca cola with santas on the cans. "Crap.."


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    Re: Christmas at the Lair [back log 08]

    Post by Michelangelo on Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:54 pm

    Tresser tackles her own leg to the ground and pins the pants! "ha ha! take that, you bastards!" She kicked them into her hands. "Grr, i say."

    Raphael settled on a Coke, and walked over to the couch. Maybe Casey would bring something later. He looked oddly at Tress fighting with her pants. He sits on the arm of the couch and takes a big sip of his drink.

    Mike disappeared into his bedroom, returning minutes later with two wrapped presents. One was a stuffed panda bear that he thought Tobi would like. the other, one of his rare comics that he'd quickly wrapped for Tresser, and hoped she liked that kinda thing! He couldn't very well give one friend a gift, without the other! He handed the presents to the girls, grinning brightly.

    Tobi giggled at Tresser, then smiled brightly at Mikey. "Aww! Thank you! You didn't have to..." Tresser looked surprised at her present, hadn't been thinking of that. "oh... merci, yo."

    Tobi picked up two of the gifts piled under the tree and hands one to Mikey and the other to Raph with a bright smile. Raph looked surprised at the gift, he wasn't expecting anything from her. He set his drink on the coffee table before taking the gift.


    "You'll like that better then soda I bet." Tobi grins at him, then opens her own gift from Mikey..She squealed! "A panda bear!" She giggles and tugs her present free from the wrapping and hugs it close. "Awwwwe!! <3"..."Thank you Mikey. It's super cute!"

    Tresserunwraps hers shyly, then blinks, intriged.

    Raphael looked at it wondering what she would possibly get for him. He then starts ripping the very nicely wraped gift. It was an old bottle Spanish Rum, it was unopened and look quite old. Raph eyes almost lit up as he inspected it. "Damn Tobs where'd ya get this?!" He was odviously happy with it.

    Michelangelo quickly ripped into his present... hoping for a bunny, though it was much to small and odly shaped to be that. but his eyes lit up nonetheless! A video game!

    "Wow!! Fear 2! Like, how'd you get that!!" He huggled her tightly! Tobi laughs brightly, glad that she was able to make her friends happy. "My secrets. ^_^"

    "Thanks!" Raph then rubbed the back of his neck. "Uhh I didn't know you were comin' so I don't have anythin' for ya.." Tobi was a little disapointed, but she doesn't let it show.

    "That's okay. ".."Toast to me once and I'll be happy." She chuckled.

    "Sure thing." Raph said. He was glad to see that she was okay with him not having anything for her. Michelangelo was in complete bliss, excited over his new present! He oh so wanted to try it out.. but was fighting temptation. but resistance would prove futile.

    "There's two for everybody... So there's still one more for each of you." Said Tobi.

    "Whats that?" Raph asked Mikey, looking over his shoulder. "Two?!" His attention went back to Tobi.

    Tresser nods."Tobi's generous."

    "Ya tryin' ta make meh feel bad or somethin'?" Raph joked with her.

    "It's Fear 2!! Mike beamed happily to Raph. "You know how impossible this is to get? Like.. very! Not even Justin Timberlake can get this!!!"

    "He told me he didn't want it." Replied Tresser.

    "What is it wit' you an' things that involve Britney?!" Raphael said to his brother.

    Mike's eyes widened in surpris. "What.. Britney's a fan of Fear? Sweet!!!! See! We have so much in common!"

    Raphael rolls his eyes. "No I mean her ex Justin or whatever!"

    Tresser blinks up at tobi. "Yeah, they're brothers."

    Tobi chuckles and sits down next to Tresser, still hugging her new teddy. "Heh, yeah. It's cute, ainit?"

    "You mean she's single again??!" *Mike grinned hopefully. "But, I thought she was with that gangster dude?" He blinked. "What's up with thugs anyway? It seems the girls are all into them."

    "Beats meh, I wish girls would stop rasin' them though." Replied Raph.

    Tresser puts her clothes with tobi's, and watches them talk. Raphael placed the bottle on the coffee table, and picked up his coke again. Mike eyed the bottle thoughtfully. "Ooooh.. what's that??! I want some!"

    "It's an' old bottle of rum, an' keep yer hands offa it!".."Yea maybe you'd get drunk offa it." Raph then took a sip of his coke. "Where the hell did ya find such an' old bottle anyway Tobs? "

    "Spanish shipwreck" Tobi shrugs and smiles. "Six miles down, one hundred twenty something miles off the coast. Sold some of the gold I found down there to buy Mikey's game."

    "Didn't know there were any shipwreaks still around." Raphael replied.

    "She was so happy to find it! we had dinner to celebrate." Tresser said. Tobi churred in agreement.

    Mike listend to the talk, and edged closer to the gaming console... oh so tempted! But it would be rude to abandon his company in order to play his game... it could wait. " Tobs, I still want you to take me down someday! I wanna pet a shark!"

    "you'll need a biiiiig tank for him." said Tresser.

    Tobi chuckled sadly. " I wish Mikey. But first you gotta learn how to breathe underwater."

    "yeah, that's kinda tricky." replied Tress.

    "Ya he has an' hard enough time breathin' up 'ere." Raph grins.

    "I could so do it! See..." Mike held his breath, giving a small demenstration, before breaking his concentration to mumble between closed lips. "I have to do this when Raph farts!"

    Tobi laughed.


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    Re: Christmas at the Lair [back log 08]

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