Trouble in the Hood

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    Trouble in the Hood

    Post by Gabriel on Sun Feb 08, 2009 8:19 pm

    ((Summary: A quiet evening is shattered when unexpected 'guests' show up. Log takes place after Spike's escape thread.))

    Mikko and Spike were probably counting on catching Ezekiel alone. But Gabe was there, working on cleaning up the old basement apartment, and getting rid of the dust and massive cob webs. Ezekiel was dressed in a singlet and a pair of baggy trousers. He too was busy with cleaning up the basement apartment, drilling holes on walls, and mounting shelves. They had been working in the basement for a few hours now, with rap music playing somewhere in the background.

    Outside, Spike waited impatiently in the car. "Get to work." He ordered Mikko.

    "I don't see why we just don't both break into the place." Mikko commented, and got out of the car. She walked up to the front door and knocked, not really knowing what she was going to say or do once someone answered. As she waited she started to feel sick again, but blamed it on nerves and held her breath till it passed.

    Gabriel seemed oblivious to the knocking at first, since it was all but drown out by the music, but somehow detected the faint sounds from upstairs. He gave Eze a brief look, skeptical and somewhat concerned.

    "You expectin' Lex?"

    Ezekiel put out his cigarette. "Nah, I thought she was working." He looked at Gabriel, and knowingly took one of the revolvers stashed nearby. Gabriel was already strapped with the small pistol that he usually had on him at all times. He pulled it from the waistline of his jeans, and spared his brother a determined look as he moved towards the stairs.

    "I'll get it.

    Ezekiel had always been prepared for nights like these...unexpected guests knocking at his door...for a gangster, it was never the right kind of people. "No." He stopped Gabriel.
    "I want you to go check in on Mama and Isa." He ordered. "Bring Isa to Mama's room and stay there with them."

    Gabriel was hesitant to do so, in case it was danger waiting on the other side of that door, but also realized it was important to make sure that both the little girl and their adoptive mother were safe. With a reluctant nod, he took Isabella, and shot his brother a concerned look. "Be careful."

    Ezekiel quietly made his way upstairs, he didn't use the peep hole to look outside, but instead he bellowed. "WHO IS IT!?"

    Mikko glanced over at the car and gave spike the "i guess no one's home look." But jumped at Ezekiel's voice. "Mikko!"

    Ezekiel stood up from his hiding spot and approached the door. He quickly opened it, and roughly pulled Mikko by the arm inside. Mikko let out a loud gasp as she was pulled inside, she had no time to react.

    "You should know by now...that is very important to call me before coming here."
    Ezekiel hissed sharply at her. "What the hell do you want?!"

    Mikko looked up at him...she was feeling sick again, her face turned pale. Mikko grabbed her stomach and just barely made it to the trash can. She took a few breaths and stood up.


    "Bad sushi?" Asked Ezekiel.

    "Chicken..i think."

    Ezekiel gave her the shifty-eyed look. Staring at the pool of vomit on his CARPET. "Ummm...I'll clean that."

    "Nevermind with that...get yourself cleaned. Gabriel's upstairs too..go say hi to him."

    "I....would rather not..." Mikko made her way back to the front door.

    Gabe could hear them outside, and quickly grew worried. It was 'her'. After hiding Isa and Mama inside the room, and locking the door, he came downstairs, glaring angrily at her. He was already pulling the pistol as he drew near.

    "Where the fuck is he, Mikko?!" He ordered sternly.

    "Outside." Mikko gave up, either way she was dead, and the boys needed to settle what ever it was they were fighting about. Plus she was feeling WAY to sick to be dealing with this right now.

    Ezekiel's eyes widened, as he saw Gabriel approaching with a stern tone of voice. Blinded by anger, Gabriel shoved past them and out the door, gun aimed and ready to put an end to this constant danger in their lives. He quickly spotted the vehicle, and recognizing the punk inside-- he immediately opened fire.

    "Who the fuck are you talking about." Ezekiel asked, as his brother shoved past them. Mikko fumbled with the doorknob and fell outside.

    "GABE!" Mikko shouted.

    Oh here goes my evening.. Ezekiel thought to himself.

    Spike certainly hadn't been expecting that. He barely had time to duck as the oncoming bullets ripped through the ca. Keeping low, he slid out of the vehicle. His gun was aimed, taking a few shots at Gabe, before ducking back down behind the car.

    Mikko tripped Gabriel, but he quickly rebounded, and gave her a scolding look. "Mikko's 'with' him!!" Gabe shouted back at his brother, warning him of her affiliation with Spike.

    Mikko watched them from behind the car, she was right on side of Spike, she gave him an "I'm sorry look." before Peeking over the hood of the car.Spike glared dangerously at her, and suddenly slapped her hard across the face, before rising to take another shot in Gabe and Ezekiel's direction. Mikko saw that coming. She rubbed her face and looked away. at lest after tonight it would be over.

    Ezekiel couldn't believe it -- his own gang member betraying him...that was the last straw, infuriated, he shot back at Spike,dodging the bullets. Mikko ducked down as low as she could, trying to keep from being hit.One of Ezekiel's bullets ripped through Spike's chest, causing him to stumble back.

    "I'm gonna fuckin' kill you, Eze! And your whole fuckin' family!" He seethed between labored breaths, and ducked back down behind the car, pressing a firm hand over the wound. Mikko's eyes whiden as Spike was hit. She looked worried at him. But was still concerned for her own safety. And it didn't take long for her to feel the painful sting of lead rip through the back of her shoulder, she let out a scream and fell to the ground.

    Spike was beginning to realize just how bad the injury was. He continued to press one hand over the gushing wound, and rose to take another shot.

    "You got to get out of here Spike!"

    Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." - Bob Marley
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    Re: Trouble in the Hood

    Post by Gabriel on Sun Feb 08, 2009 8:21 pm

    Gabriel had closed in, and roughly snatched Spike from behind the car. He violently shoved him against the hood of the vehicle, and pressed the pistol firmly against his temple.


    Mikko stood up, but was somewhat unsteady, she looked with fear at the two men. She wasn't sure if she was ready to see Spike die. She did have a gun, but she couldn't bring herself to pull it out on Gabe.

    Spike's gun was pressed against Gabriel's chest. "Do it, faggot. We both die." And without warning, he fired a shot...but the gun was jammed.

    One of Ezekiel neighbours had called for the police...approaching sirens could be heard not far away. Mikko was starting to feel dizzy, but kept her focus on what was going on around her. She leaned back on the hood of the car. The sirens didn't go unnoticed.


    Ezekiel attempted to pull the gun away from Mikko. "You betrayed me, bitch. Me...and my family!"

    Mikko looked at Ezekiel and nodded. "I.....know....I'm...sorry..." She made her way into the car, she didn't want to go to jail.She fumbled around trying to start it.

    "SHE'S NOT FUCKIN SORRY!" Spike shouted back at Ezekiel. "She was gonna lure your ass out, and I was gonna KILL your lil girl! She was in on this!"

    Gabriel's finger still rested on the trigger, only seconds from pressing it and putting to an end this constant danger that threatened them. But deep down he knew, the cops would come just in time, and he would be arrested for murder. As much as he wanted Spike dead, his own life would be ended if he went through with it. Instead, he continued holding him against the hood, gun held in place against his temple.

    Ezekiel gave three shots on Spike's leg, before turning back to Mikko.

    'AHHH! Fuckin' Shit!' He screamed out as Ezekiel shot him, unable to mask the obvious pain. "Meeks, get yer ass out here!"

    Mikko stopped the car and dragged herself out, she didn't know what he wanted her to do.

    "Don't just stand there.. fuckin kill them!" Spike ordered.

    "This ain't my fight. I told you, this is between the three of you."

    Soon, the police were there, surrounding them all with guns. "Drop your weapons!" One of the officers ordered Gabe and Eze. Ezekiel closed his eyes. He dropped his weapon and raised his hands. However, Gabriel wasn't about to relinquish his gun so quickly. It was still pressed against Spike's temple, finger resting firmly on the trigger.

    "You cuff him first, then I'll fuckin' drop it."

    Ezekiel didn't want anything to happen to his daughter and mother...if he had to go to jail that night...he could live with the fact that his family was alive.

    Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." - Bob Marley
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    Re: Trouble in the Hood

    Post by Gabriel on Sun Feb 08, 2009 8:22 pm

    Mikko was stuck, no were to run. She looked over at Spike one last time and then tried to get her story straight. She worked so hard getting him out of jail. Mikko grabbed Spikes arm and roughly pulled him away from Gabe. There was no way it was going to be that easy. She didn't care what happened to her at this point, really she wanted it all over, and her head was becoming more and more unclear, she was like walking in a dream.

    One of the officers was already moving in, though cautiously, to hand cuff Spike. He quickly recognized him, and Mikko..

    "FREEZE! OR I'LL SHOOT!!" His gun was pointed at Mikko.

    Mikko reached behind her and grabbed the gun that she found, she pulled it out, fully expecting to be shot. Unfortunately for her, the cop wouldn't give another warning. Fearing for his life, he fired a shot at Mikko's leg. "I said drop your weapon!" The gun was now aimed at her head. The next shot would be fatal. Mikko tossed the gun to Spike as she fell to the ground, She was REALLY starting to hate guns more and more. Sick,in pain,tired and losing blood. Finally collapsed on the ground.

    Spike took the gun, but instead of firing at the closest officer, he fired a shot at Gabriel, aiming for the heart, wounding his shoulder instead He was determined to bring one of them down. He was surrounded, and there would be no escaping this time. But it gave him twisted satisfaction if he could succeed in killing at least one of them.

    Ezekiel could have got to it immediately but the cops had already hand-cuffed him, pushing him towards their vehicle. "GABRIEL!!"

    Enraged and suffering immense pain, Gabriel wrestled the gun from Spike's grasp, and roughly shoved his head back against the pavement. The cops were soon pulling him off, to handcuff Spike.

    Mikko weakly tried fighting off the EMTs as they loaded her on a gurney. She opened her eyes and focused as much as she could. No way...all that and he's going back to jail. She moaned in defeat. One of the cops would be accompanying the handcuffed Mikko to the ER, along with the apprehended Spike. They also offered help to Gabe, as the detective moved towards Ezekiel for answers.

    Gabriel was quick to shrug off the paramedics. There was no way in hell he was going to the hospital. "Just a graze, get yer hands offa me." In truth, the bullet had gone completely through, but he'd definitely had worse.

    A productive evening had turned into a nightmare...Ezekiel was infuriated, and deeply worried all at the same time. He hated feeling helpless...and betrayed. Mikko still fought with the paramedics, but they had tied her down, no matter what she tried to do, she wasn't going anywhere. They finally gave her something to calm her down, and Mikko's head become even more unclear, she started rambling about nothing and voices in her head.

    "Would you like to explain to me what happened?" The detective asked Ezekiel. He was almost certain that the man was only trying to defend himself, given the statements of the neighbors, but before he removed the cuffs, he wanted to make sure the story checked out.

    Ezekiel exhaled deeply before explaining. "I was cleaning out the basement with my bro, and then..." He turned away. "Look...I'd been very careful, a'ight. I wasn't expecting for this shit ta happen..."

    "I shot the motherfucker." Gabe was quick to take the blame, not wanting his bo to go to jail. "..self-defense." He gave Ezekiel a look, silently telling him to just go along with it. The detective looked between the two men, and removed the handcuffs from Ezekiel's wrists.

    "Well, you two are probably aware that these two have been on the run. Mr. Black was aided by his girlfriend in his escape."

    Ezekiel simply nodded. "I got a daughter and my mother in my house...I just wanna go back to them...Please."

    The detective gave a nod as he tucked the handcuffs away. "Go ahead." He leaned in closer, so only Ezekiel could hear. "And you might want to convince your friend to go to the ER.....that's not a graze."

    Ezekiel just stared at the detective...nodding in thanks, and then he immediately checked on his brother. "Get yo ass in that van and get that wound checked.".."Do it for me.We had enough bullshit for tonight."

    Gabe was trying to inspect the wound himself, but seeing his brother approach, he quickly pulled the bloodied shirt back over his shoulders. He would've protested, but knew Eze wouldn't lay off his ass until he did so.

    "Fine." With a massive roll of his eyes, Gabriel crawled into one of the ambulances, but refused to be treated by the male paramedic. At least the pretty woman was able to persuade him, and half an hour later, he hopped out of the van, stitched and bandaged, and a good dose of pain killer coursing through his veins.

    "Pfft. Whut a rip off." Gabe mumbled to Eze, as he rubbed at his sore shoulder. "The don't give out lollipops."

    Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." - Bob Marley

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    Re: Trouble in the Hood

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