Mikko's phone call [complete]

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    Mikko's phone call [complete]

    Post by Gabriel on Mon Feb 09, 2009 2:05 pm

    ((Summary: After the trouble at Ezekiel's, Mikko uses her one call to give Gabriel the news. Scene takes place after 'Trouble in the Hood' log.))

    Mikko didn't know how much time had passed, but she was drugged up and more coherent. she was also handcuffed to a bed, she looked over... PINK handcuffs!?! She moaned and shook her head trying to clear it more. finally she was granted a phone call. She wasn't sure who to call, if anyone. She looked up at the doctor.The cop that was close by, she took the phone with a nod, they informed her she had only ten minutes then she was being transferred to the psych ward.She dialed Gabes number and waited.

    Since the hospital's number showed up on his phone, Gabriel had a pretty good idea who it was. Still furious, hurt and feelin betrayed, he was hesitant to answer, but finally did so.

    "What the fuck do you want?"

    Mikko paused, she felt sick again and tried to hold back tears.

    "I'm sorry.." Her voice was low and soft.

    "Wish I could believe you, Mickey." His voice reflected the hurt and betrayal he felt. "You helped him...why?"

    " I...I felt trapped. Gabe, I was never his girlfriend. He just told his lawyer that to get me alone. It wasn't planed...Then..I got caught up in it..."

    "How did he fuckin' find Ezekiel's house?! I'm not stupid." Gabe interrupted.

    "I don't know Gabe...and now the docs they say i'm crazy and..i might be pregnant and they're going to lock me up" She couldn't hold back her tears. "I'm so sorry...i don't know....I..I just there's something...I'm so sorry.." She was sure that she would make very little sense at this point. "They're bringing me to the crazy house,Gabe." There was sadness and despair in her voice.

    Honestly, Gabriel felt that was probably the best place for her, as harsh as that may seem. He still cared about her, despite the fact that she had nearly gotten him killed.. twice. And now, her words finally registered through the thick haze of anger.

    "Yer pregnant?" He asked, hoping that his ears had deceived him. "It's his, isn't it..."

    "Yeah....They...are putting me through detoxc...and rehab and crap.." She had calmed down some. "They put pink handcuffs on me."

    "Gabe....is everyone alright?"

    "Pfft. Like you care!"

    "I do care.."

    "Well I think rehab is what you need. You need to get yer shit straightened out." Gabriel answered honestly.

    "He fuckin lied! No one was going to touch the girl! i made that perfectly clear to him.I would've killed him myself had he touched her!"..."yeah..I guess....I'm messed up Gabe. I just never realized how bad." The tears started flowing again.

    Gabriel was taken aback by her words. "So, it was okay to lead him here, as long as he gave you his word that he wouldn't hurt Isa? You think he cares about anyone?"..."You were nothing but bait to him."

    "That's not what i meant. I know. He...he made that clear from day one, that he was going to kill me.".."I guess I...I fell for the wrong guy."

    "Just let 'em help you. You need it. Gabriel took a deep breath, really not knowing what to say. He was too angered and hurt to be too sympathetic with her. Though ,he planned to visit her soon- once he'd had time to cool off. Since he wanted her to look him in the eyes and tell him the truth. Obviously, he as having a hard time believing her.

    "What are you goin' to do about the baby?"

    "I'm going to keep it...The doctors told me i shouldn't, but, i can't kill it and...I want to raise my own child."

    "Then you need to get off the fuckin' drugs. It's time to grow up."

    Mikko's voice was nothing more then a whisper. "I know....".."They said that...this place the crazy house, will give me real meds to help me...and parenting classes....and..not that you would but I can have visitors there."They had suspected mikko was mentally unstable. and she wasn't going to get any jail time, being that she had no other record helped her out as well. Sometimes it paid to be crazy.

    "Then yer in the right place." Gabriel replied. He was concerned for her, but it would definitely take a while to get over what had just happened. He seriously didn't know how he was supposed to feel about her being pregnant, and considering the child's father, it wasn't a good thing. But hopefully it would be the change she needed to get her act together.

    "They're tell me I got to go...tell Eze for me, please...and..Gabe, I'm so sorry..."

    Gabriel still couldn't accept her apology, though. "Just.. let 'em take care of you. We'll talk soon." With that, he hung up.

    Mikko nodded silently and hung up.

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