Breaking the news [Complete]

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    Breaking the news [Complete]

    Post by Gabriel on Mon Feb 09, 2009 8:46 pm

    ((Summary: After a brief phone conversation with Mikko, Gabriel is left with the task of informing Ezekiel of the news. The less than joyful conversation is interrupted by a frantic call from Fal, who believes her Christmas present is possessed. Scene takes place after Mikko's phone call log.))

    After hanging up with Mikko, Gabe slid the phone back into his jeans, and looked over to where his brother was. He rubbed at his bloodied shoulder, the pain dulled by painkillers, and overshadowed by news that certainly wouldn't be easy to swallow.

    "That was Mickey." He told Ezekiel, delaying the inevitable.

    Although he wasn't injured, Ezekiel felt pretty much wounded within, after knowing that his own gang member had betrayed him. After taking some time to ease his wailing young daughter, he immediately took a seat at the dining table in the kitchen, pulling out his cigs, looking very infuriated.

    "The fuck I care." He said to Gabriel. He lit a cigarette, puffing erratically and suddenly banged his fist against the table. "I KNEW I shouldn't have trusted her!"

    Gabriel felt much the same way, betrayed and still in disbelief over what Mikko had done, and now.. 'the news'. He plucked a beer from the fridge, and joined his brother at the table, wedging a thick joint between his lips. "They're sendin' her to the nuthouse." There was a long pause as he lit the joint, still unsure of how to say it.

    "She's pregnant." He finally said, and would let his brother figure that one out on his own. It didn't take rocket science to figure out who the father was.

    "I do not give a FUCK anymore...I gave her my HOME and she had the cheek to come here and finish me off. Honour; loyalty; trust; gangsters do live by these codes. Anyone who failed to abide to it are better off dead." ..."I would have fuckin' kill her myself. And you know I won't hesitate to pull that damn trigger."

    Gabriel never doubted it for a second. He just let his brother fume, knowing he needed the release.. and offered him the joint. Maybe Mikko deserved to be where she was. She deserved to be locked away and whatever fate would become of her.. but he did sympathize with her unborn kid, who deserved none of this.

    Ezekiel pulled his chair back as he suddenly stood up and walked away from the table, now leaning against the counter. "She's on her own." A shaky hand raised to his lips, and wedged the cig between his two fingers.

    "You should call your woman."

    "She's sleepin'. If I woke her, it'd only make her worry." Gabe exhaled another thick cloud of smoke, suddenly remembering that Mama would have his ass for smoking pot inside the house. But at least, she was asleep.. hopefully.

    "So, now what? You gonna let Hun deal with her?"

    Ezekiel shook his head. "She ain't my business anymore."

    Then suddenly, there was a call for Gabriel on his cell phone. It took him a moment to realize that was indeed his ring tone. Using his good arm, he finally managed to slide it from his pocket. "S'up babe?"

    "Gabriel....I'm scared right now." Fal did sound distressed.

    Gabriel's heart suddenly skipped a beat, fearing Spike had somehow magically healed himself, and was now inside Fal's loft. "What's wrong, babe? Are you okay?"

    "I think the kitten's possessed...she's been hiding and giving me surprise I don't know where she'd appear next...I can't find her. Even your dog is avoiding her!"

    Gabriel mentally facepalmed, but was seriously relieved. His heart was once again beating, though racing and pounding in his head. "I'm sure she's fine, babe... prolly just the catnip makin' her crazy. I'll be home soon, just hide yer feet from her."

    "She thinks I'm her toy."

    "Well tell her yer my toy." Gabriel gave the phone a devious look. Despite any situation, Fal possessed the magic to ease the tension-- she was just special like that. Ezekiel rolled his eyes...but was secretly relieved to hear that the kook was alright*

    "Whut'chu wearin'..?" Gabriel asked seductively into the phone.

    "Oh my god oh my god Gabriel! She found me! Holy shit she's gonna pounce on.." Fal screamed. Gabriel removed the phone from his ear as she screamed out, and waited for her to calm down. "I'll be there soon, babe. I promise."

    "I'm wearing your boxers...mine's in the washing machine...all three of 'em. I need more underwear."

    "We'll get'chu some more.. somethin' sexy.. and edible.."

    "Eversince I met you, I rarely get to wear one."

    "Then I save you money, eh?"

    "How soon can you get back here?"

    Soon. I'm on my way, babe. I promise." He made kissy noises into the phone. "Love you."

    "I snog you too."

    Gabe glanced out the window as a knock came at the door, but instead of letting Lexi in, he looked back to where his brother was standing. "Bro, yer girl's here."

    Ezekiel tossed a cigarette butt into the sink before leaving the kitchen to see her at the door. "You're going off already?" He asked Gabriel.

    Gabe gave a faint nod, though he really wasn't comfortable leaving him after what had just happened.. but at least his girlfriend was here. "Yeah, Fal's scared, gotta get home. You gonna be okay?"

    "What the hell happened?" Asked Eze."Is she alright?"

    "Yeah. The kitten's bein' restless." He gave him a half, lopsided grin.

    "How much damage can a tiny feline do?".."Ahh fine, go careful on the road." He was already pulling Lexi in, now standing beside her near the main room.

    Careful with his injured shoulder, Gabriel gave his bro a gentle one armed hug. "I'll be back soon." He planned on doing so after getting Fal, if he could persuade her to leave the loft for the night. He returned the hug whole-heartedly and tightly. The night ended pretty shitty....but at least the basement was almost done.

    Gabriel reluctantly released his brother from his embrace, and soon disappeared out the door.

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