Tiny Terror and Indian Spice

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    Tiny Terror and Indian Spice

    Post by Gabriel on Wed Feb 11, 2009 11:26 am

    ((Summary: An injured Gabriel returns home after receiving a call from a frightened Fal, who's being stalked by her new pet. She's once again met with the reminder of her fiance's affiliations with the underworld, upon learning that he had been shot. Her innocent attempts at cleaning him up evolves into something more. Scene follows up from the 'Trouble in the Hood' log. ))

    Dressed in a white singlet, and Gabriel's boxers, she tip toed past the living room, eyes wary of every hidden corner, fearing another surprise attack. She had no idea where the little furball of stealth was, and continued to walk past and waited in the kitchen, for something to drink. Her overgrown belly was exposed, since her small singlet had run up and over.

    As Gabriel made his way home, the adrenaline was beginning to fade, and the weight of the night's events were beginning to settle on his heart, and mind. Now, he remembered his blood-stained shirt, and silently cursed himself for not grabbing something clean from his brother, to make things a little less obvious. Unfortunately, everything was closed, so he pulled over near a dumpster and braved the stench as he dug around.. hoping that by some off chance he would find a shirt, in better condition than his own. But nothing but rotten food and stinky diapers greeted him. The dig was short lived, and he gave into defeat, soon returning to Fal's loft.

    Now, not only bloodied.. but smelly, from his quest in trying to spare her of the visual reminder of that other side of him, and his dangerous involvement with the underworld. He slipped inside, and made a bee-line for their bedroom, hoping to grab a fresh shirt, before she discovered that he had been shot. It was prolonging the inevitable, but hopefully it would buy him some time.. to make it easier to swallow.

    Fal was in the bathroom by then...but Gabriel had soon become the kitten's next victim. Especially now that he was smelling so funky. The kitten was hiding in the bedroom, and was about to launch a surprise attack at her unsuspecting, smelly prey. Gabe was oblivious to his silent stalker, too concerned and focused on ridding himself of any traces of blood, and sliding a fresh shirt painfully over his wounded shoulder.

    The kitten soon leaped out of her hiding spot, now clawing on Gabriel's knee, attempting to climb over his leg.

    "Fuck!" Gabriel shouted out, obviously startled by the tiny attack. Her small nails felt like tiny daggers in his skin, as she scurried up his leg. Gabe gently grabbed her, prying her from his pants leg. But she thought it was all a game, and continued to gnaw on his fingers. Irritated, he gently grabbed the tiny furball by the scruff of her neck.

    " Babe? Yer cat's lookin' for you."

    Fal was already making her way up to the bedroom, with a small bottle of cranberry juice in hand, she noticed Gabriel's bloodied self...Mouth gaping in shock. "Did she try to kill you!?"..."Oh my god...I swear to Djinns, Gabriel..this cat is nuts!"

    Gabriel blinked at her comment, obviously not realizing that it appeared that the kitten had tried to mutilate him. "No.. but I think she needs a scratchin' post... or have her nails cut off." Still holding the kitten by the scruff of the neck, he tried to hand her back to Fal.

    "Why are you bleeding so bad????" She took the kitten, but quickly placed her down, leaving her to play with the tissue box slippers she was wearing. Gabe was trying to distract her from the question, pulling her close and planted a light kiss against her lips.

    "Mmm.. those boxers look better on you.

    Fal groaned. "Ewww...you smell like some homeless dude."

    Gabriel flashed her a cheeky grin, and a small wink.. really not knowing what to say. Sure, he could've used the excuse that it was from his hours of working on their new home.. but he couldn't bring himself to lie to her.

    "What happened to you?" The worry was pretty obvious on her face. Gabriel's cheeky grin soon faded, and he sighed inwardly. There was no keeping the truth from her.

    "There was some trouble at Zekie's.. but everything's okay now."

    "Really...what kind of trouble?"

    "Spike got out." He quietly informed, before meeting her gaze. "But it's over now."

    Fal started undressing him, tugging him to follow her downstairs to the bathroom.:" How is Ezekiel?" She asked, looking rather serious.

    Though he was somewhat hesitant about showing off his newest 'mark', he allowed her to undress him, and followed her downstairs. "He's okay. A little shaken up, but fine."

    "Well I'm glad you made it home...in one piece."

    Gabriel's gaze met hers, conveying his apology, and gave her hand a gentle squeeze. He knew she was probably still having trouble accepting his dangerous lifestyle, but sadly.. it wasn't something he could give up without severe consequences.

    The kitten had made herself comfortable on the couch, and started grooming itself. Jigs soon joined his new 'lil sister' and began licking her head, affectionately. At first, the pit bull was jealous of the newcomer, but that was short lived. Now, his protective instinct had taken hold, and he'd fallen into the role of the kitten's unlikely guardian.

    You need a bubble bath."

    Gabe managed a small grin at that. "Only if you join me. Bubbles are meant to be shared."

    "But I've already showered...besides...I'm feeling kinda heavy to get in the tub right now. I can keep you company, scrub your back...shampoo your hair..."

    Gabriel gave her his version of the sad puppy dog eyes. "Awww, c'mon. You know you want to."

    Fal suddenly stopped, pressing a hand against her belly. "Ho no."

    Gabriel gave her a devious look, and pressed his lips against hers, as he caressed her tummy. "Mmhmm.." Obviously, he figured she was playing hard to get, suspecting that anything was wrong.Fal breathed sharply, still holding tightly to her stomach.

    "They're doing kungfu inside me."

    "But that's normal.. right?" He asked, in between kisses.

    As soon as they were in the bathroom, Fal immediately turned the faucet on, leaving the water to fill the tub. She was groaning a little, still feeling uneasy. "Yeah...but they've been doing that since the afternoon."

    Upon hearing that, Gabriel reluctantly halted in lavishing attention on her lips, now eyeing her with concern. "Babe... maybe you should lay down. Need a massage?" He offered. Fal smiled tiredly at him. "No, I'm alright...and you need a bubble bath, Noodle Boy. Now just get in the tub, sit back, and relax."

    "Whut kinda bubbles are they?" Hopefully, he wouldn't smell too girly afterwards.
    Fal looked at the bottle. "Orange and Indian spice."

    At least that didn't sound too girly. Gabriel thought to himself. After giving it much silent thought, he finally slid out of his jeans and boxers, then climbed ino the tub, tugging her along.

    "Hey..." Surprised, Fal let out a soft chuckle but didn't protest. "I might crush you...be careful." Gabriel certainly wasn't worried about that. Still holding her hand, he gently guided her in to join him. "Yer company is well worth the risks." He said, flashing her a wink.

    "I got scratches all over my legs."She pouted.

    "All the more reason to get clean." Gabe flashed her a lopsided grin. "C'mon..we can compare wounds."

    "You still haven't told me how you got that bloodied up." She was all soaked in her singlet and borrowed boxers...not even bothering to undress. Water brimmed over, splashing loudly onto the floor. Gabriel blinked.. that wasn't what he was hoping for, but he couldn't suppress a grin, as she joined him, fully clothed. He didn't seem too fazed by the mess she had made. He pulled her close to him, and kissed her forehead.

    "I got shot." He finally answered.

    "What?" She turned to look at him, with her eyes widened. "Gabriel...Are you sure you're ok?"

    Gabriel squeezed her gently in reassurance, and nuzzled against her neck. "I'm okay, babe. Honest.. don't worry." Given his lifestyle, he was used to being wounded... it came with the territory. But at least the pain meds were still working their wonders, dulling the pain.

    The aroma emanating from the scented bath gel began to fill the space. Fal leaned back against Gabriel's chest. "How many times have you got shot? In your life?" Gabe honestly had to stop and think about that."This is the 3rd? ..or 4th.." He gave a small shrug, and continued nuzzling her, as he caressed her huge tummy. "Been stabbed more, tho. That hurts worse." Not that either of them were fun, or preferable.

    Fal turned, brows furrowed, looking deeply worried. "Is there any way you could get away from this gangster life of yours? Get away from it all, live in a farm, and make lots of babies?" She smiled nervously at him.

    A frown tugged across his lips, a saddened expression briefly graced his features,* I wish I could, babe. But it's not that simple." He continued to slide his palm across her stomach, comforted by the lives that grew within. A reason for hope, and encouragement to look forward to the future.

    "I was only 12 when I got sucked into this life." He said, quietly- a hint of regret in his tone. "I didn't pick this life.. it chose me." He finally spared her a small, lopsided grin.

    "Farm, huh?" He gave her a teasing look of disbelief. "Why? Would you be my cowgirl?"
    Despite the uncertainties, Fal managed a small grin at his question. "I love cows. I've tried my hands on milking cows before."

    Gabriel chuckled quietly at that. "So.. you've touched another gal's tits before? Kinky.." .."I've never seen a real cow before." He admitted.

    Fal blinked. "Really? You really should try milking cows sometime...it's fun. But...heh..in some customs, the women would always do it."

    Gabriel just quirked a brow at that. "I dunno if I could touch a cow's tit."

    " ...but you can't milk me." Fal bit her lower lip, grinning mischievously at him. Gabriel gave her a devious look, as his fingers slid beneath the soaked fabric of her shirt, and caressed her breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze. "Oh, really....are they overly sensitive yet?"

    Fal couldn't suppress the urge to moan when Gabriel started molesting her. "No." She lied. She squirmed a little beneath his touches. Gabriel suppressed a knowing grin, obviously not buying it. He continued his loving ministrations, and gently squeezed her nipple.

    "Mmm.. you sure about that?"

    Fal gasped sharply, feeling something squirting out of her nipples.It was that sensitive...for sure. Gabriel blinked, startled by the sudden wetness. He certainly wasn't expecting that, but soon realized what had happened. "That's a first..." He soon resumed his ministrations, rubbing and gently caressing her.

    "It's...not really milk." She informed.

    "Whut is it?"

    "Hershey's vanilla syrup." She teased and tried to pull his hands away from her breasts. "Gabe...any longer, you're gonna make me burst. It's the colostrum...milk-in-the-making type of fluid."

    Gabriel slowly pulled the soaked singlet over her tummy, and lifted it over her arms, tossing it aimlessly across the bathroom. He planted light kisses against her neck, and continued to tease her nipples. "It's.. what?"

    She moaned in weak protest. "Co-los-trummm. It's all your fault."

    Gabe flashed her a devious grin, as his lips traveled down, tongue flicking across her sensitive nipple. "Mmm...Gabriel." She said softly, her eyes closed, deeply relaxed. "I can hear your dog whining at the door."

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