The Nuthouse

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    The Nuthouse

    Post by Gabriel on Wed Feb 11, 2009 9:15 pm

    ((Summary: A few weeks after Mikko is admitted to the psyche ward, Gabriel pays her a visit in a quest for answers.))

    Mikko sat in the small room, the walls were painted a pale peach color, she hated it. She did how ever like the fact that her room has a window that looked out to the street. She sat for hours watching the people and cars, sometimes they could glance up at the large brick hospital. She knew when people would arrive because the heavy iron gates in the front made the loudest noise, every time she heard the gates she would hope that some one was coming to see her, though she knew no one would.

    She was finally let out of her room, they didn't put the shackles on her any more, but when she first arrived there was an incident with a letter opener. It landed her in solitary confinement for three days, since then she has been better. Her nurse walked her to a larger room with a tv, and sat her down on a yellow plastic chair. "Just watch some tv dear." Nurse Mary was always nice to her. Mikko glanced around the room, then to the tv. appropriate. she thought.

    Gabe wasn't sure why the hell he was even doing this. He was still angry at Mikko, and felt betrayed, but a few weeks had passed and it was time for answers, face to face. After signing in, one of the nurses led him to where Mikko was now seated. Though, he was hesitant to sit anywhere near her.

    It was Mikko's nurse, Mary that took Gabe to see Mikko. "She will be happy to see you, she talks about you and your brother all the time." Mary said, as she walked to Mikko. She touched the girl's shoulder. "Mikko, you have a visitor." She motioned for Gabe to take a seat across from Mikko. "Take as long as you like."

    Mikko looked at Gabe. "When you are done, i would like to talk to you." The nurse added. Gabriel replied with a quiet nod, and eventually took a seat in one of the chairs close to Mikko. The nurse nodded back and walked off to her desk, leaving them alone. Mikko looked up at Gabe, her dark bloodshot eyes seemed to look right through him.

    "Hey." She said in a quiet, horse tone.

    There was a million questions racing though Gabriel's head.. the anger had heartache burned away at him. Still, he managed to greet her. "S'up." His features were still firm, and guarded. Mikko's eyes darted around the room, then meeting back to his. She was shaky and looked like she had just dragged her self out of her grave. "I didn't think you would come."

    "I shouldn't have." Gabe replied flatly. Deep down, he cared about her. But was still too hurt to let that show. Though, the fact that he'd shown up here should've been evidence of his concern.
    Mikko nodded at him. "I wouldn't have."

    Mikko looked back up at him. "I'm sorry, Gabe."

    Gabriel briefly averted her gaze, shaking his head as he quietly questioned himself for even being here. "It hurts to even look at you, Mickey. After what you've done .Why'd you do it?"

    "I don't know." And that was the truth, she had no idea why she did what she did. She put her head back down letting her hair cover most of her face.

    "Guess you just didn't give a fuck, that Spike would try to kill us.".."It's not a game, He woulda killed you too." He finally looked at her, gaze fixating with hers. "and your baby."

    Silent tears rolled down her face, Mikko looked back up at him. "I know...He...almost burned me alive in the house we were in." She took a few breaths. "I don't know why, Gabe....I really don't, everything moved like, some kinda dream. nothing seemed real."

    Gabriel's eyes slightly widened at that. "And yet, you stayed with him." He quietly shook his head. Deep down, he knew there had to be a reason behind the madness, or the sickness. Or at least he hoped so. It would suck to know that she did it all for the sheer meanness. He hoped this place would provide help, before it was too late.

    "What are you gonna do about the baby?"

    Mikko didn't know what was wrong, but nurse Mary did and planed on telling him after his meeting with Mikko. "I'm going to keep it...and take care of it... and...try to be a decent mother."

    "So you plan on stayin' off the drugs once you get outa here, right?"

    Mikko quickly nodded. "I'm almost done my detox. and, the doctors say I'm doing better. They are still regulating my meds though. After the letter opener incident I have...improved, it's kinda scary though." She wiped her face. "It's like, I'm use to seeing the world in this cloudy bubbles, hearing screaming in my head and voices whispering all night. I would see things...that I was never sure were there....and my judgment." She trailed off. "But, now..the bubble is gone. And...seeing the world like that...un clouded, it's frightening."

    Gabriel listened to her, but blinked in concern as she mentioned the letter opener incident. "Whut'chu do?" Still, despite how angry he was with her, seeing the tears and the obvious fear tugged away at him. He reached out, giving her hand a light, reassuring squeeze.

    The squeeze made her break down. she cried. "I...I stabbed one of...the nurses with it." She managed to answer.She wiped her face again and took a few breaths.They put me in a padded cell...for three days."

    It honestly didn't surprise him any that Mikko had stabbed a nurse. What did, however, was the fact that they had allowed her outside of her padded cell. Gabriel was still angry and untrusting, but not without sympathy.

    "Well, now you got a damn good reason to pull yer shit together." He said sternly, gaze fixated with hers.

    "I gotchu somethin'." Gabe finally reached into the deep pouch of his hoodie, and pulled out the box of assorted crayons. "I know it's not much," He shrugged, "but I know how much they helped me... when I was a kid." He placed the box into her hands. "I might not have dealt with screamin' in my head, but I had parents that could surely rival those demons of yours."

    Mikko hugged him back. then watched him as he pulled out the crayons, A small smile tugged at her lips as she took them. "Thank you." She said softly and hugged him again. She held them close to her, as if it were the best thing she had ever gotten, though at the moment that was true. She sat back up and wiped her face again.

    Gabriel gently squeezed her hand, as he spoke quietly to her. "When they start screamin', you just draw 'em away. You'll be surprised just how much it helps."

    Mikko didn't want him to go, but knew that soon he would, she wondered what her nurse wanted to talk to him about. She also wanted to ask Gabe if he would come back, but decided not to.

    Gabriel gave her a gentle hug, before slowly releasing her. "See you soon."

    Mikko smiled and nodded. "yeah."

    After saying goodbye to Mikko, Gabe looked for the nurse, curious about what it was she needed to speak to him about. Mary greeted him at the door and walked him to her little office, while Mikko held her gift tight and looked back at the TV. The nurse motioned for him to have a seat.

    "This isn't going to take too long." She said, sitting behind a desk.

    Gabriel was hesitant, but finally took a seat, and waited.The nurse, who was no older than 40 put on her thin wire frame glasses and looked through some papers. "Mikko said that you and your brother Ezekiel are her only family. From what we can tell that's true, and she has given me permission to speak to you about her, before I tell you what's going on, do you have any questions about her? Though to be honest, no one thought you are your brother were really coming to see her. I'm glad you did, I think it's what she needed."

    "Is she making improvements?" Gabriel asked, in response to her question.

    "She is. her problems thankfully were easy to diagnose, and we started her on treatment quickly. She is doing well. She told us, about that night....and about this Timothy Black guy. She blocked out a lot of it, threats common. but our task was to find out why. Why was she doing what she was doing." She waited for a response to make sure that they were on the same page.

    "So you know 'why'? He quirked a brow at that.

    "Other than she seems to be dangerously addicted to the man. we do...We gave her a number of CAT scans and MRIs. and found that she has brain damage. We suspect this happened as a child, it's the area of the brain were we make out decisions..out area of judgment." Again she paused.

    "So yer tellin' me she's got brain damage? That's what's causin' the voices and violent behavior?"

    The nurse nodded. "Most likely, that and .." She paused and decided to give an example. "If you told her right now, to get in a car and that you two would rob a bank. She would only know to get into the car...she isn't able to think ahead. She wouldn't think of robbing the bank till you got to the bank, then she wouldn't be able to forsee any possible outcomes till they happen. Mikko is basically living in the moment all the time."

    Gabe frowned at that, wondering now if she would even be capable of raising her child. "Well. Can't you do somethin' about it? Like an operation.. or drugs? It's curable, right?"

    "We are. we are giving her meds to put this. retraining her. teaching her to think things through more, as much as she can." Mary looked down then back at him. "I thought you should know...she has been sick for a you have any other questions?"

    Gabriel shook his head, unable to think of anything at the moment. It was a lot to take in, but was hopeful that this place would be able to help her. "Will she be able to take care of her baby?"

    Mary took her glasses off and looked sad at Gabe. "She will need help....That's the other thing I need to talk to you about. Mikko told us, about what happen the night she came here...and after that, I'm surprise to see you here. but glad." She took a breath.

    "The court has ordered Mikko to stay 4 to 6 months, depending on how fast she gets better and is able to go back out to the public....however... If she can't find a safe, stable home to go to, she will stay here till she gives birth, the baby will be taken from her. and....she will be put back on the streets." She waited.

    "What about a half-way house? I thought you guys did that kinda thing?"

    "We do...but, we can't force her to stay. and we don't know if she can take care of a child on her own. given Mikko's history and what we know. she would go back to where she started. And she talks a lot about how much this child means to her, we get a lot of woman in here that don't care. Mikko cares. I don't think she could handle losing the child."

    Gabriel listened, frowning inwardly at where this was going. As much as he wanted to help-- he couldn't trust Mikko. And he couldn't put his family in danger.

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    Re: The Nuthouse

    Post by Gabriel on Wed Feb 11, 2009 9:44 pm

    ((Full credit to Mo for her portrayal of the random crazy, who unfortunately become Mikko's victim. Razz ))

    A random crazy joined Mikko in the TV room, doing circles around the perimeter of the room. Pausing at each corner to say something to the ceiling, knock on the wall, then muttering and going on her way to the next one. Mikko just watched the new girl that came into the large room, the nurse sat her down, but it didn't do any good. "What are you doing?" She asked the crazy girl.

    She doesn't seem to acknowledge Mikki. "Play dough...where's my play dough??" She knocked at the wall and glared up at the ceiling. "HELLO!!!"

    Mikko suddenly felt a need to get out of the room, she held on to her crayons protectively.

    The nurse looked at Gabriel. "No one is asking you to take her in. just, know that, she is going to need someone. and..." She sighed. "Mikko is a good kid. She just has some problems."

    Gabriel was quiet, not sure what else to say. He seriously didn't want to see Mikko out on the streets, nor did he want for her to lose her baby. But this was much bigger than him. He just gave a small nod. "Surely there's a halfway house, or somethin'. With people experienced with this, that'll know how to help."

    The nurse nodded. "Sure...maybe." She seemed sad that mikko was going to be forced to try and do this alone, but she couldn't expect the people that she tried to kill to help her. "You can come back and see her any time, maybe bring your brother next time, I'm sure she would like that."

    Gabriel was certain that it would take Ezekiel a while to get over what Mikko had done. If he ever got over it. He shook the nurse's hand, before heading out of the office.

    The girl's bloodshot eyes fixed on Mikko...and her crayons...and she shuffled after her. " dooooough?"

    Mikko looked at the girl and shook her head. "No, I don't have any."

    Her head snaps around, and she wanders back to one of the corners, knocking on the wall...then wandering along it to the next corner and doing the same. She arrives at the northernmost corner of the room...and starts pounding on the wall, despite the fact the door's on the other end of the room. "Lemme OUT!"

    Mikko stared. "Ummm..what are you doing now?"

    "Theycan'tkeepmehere. I gotta get out!!" She spins on Mikko. "THEY WON'T LEMME HAVE MY PLAY DOUGH!!"

    Mikko started to get defective. she looked for a weapon but all she had were crayons. Mikko looked over to see Gabe pass up the door to leave. She sighed and looked back at the crazy girl. The nut's gaze fixed on the red crayon. "Douuugh..." Steps towards Mikko, one hand reaching for the crayon.

    Gabe spared Mikko a parting glance, and a small wave. He would've said bye, but didn't want to interrupt her.. and her new friend. He ducked quietly out the door, leaving the two ladies to 'play'.

    "I..will kill you...." She said, standing up.

    She grins broadly...a badly broken tooth up front...and burst out laugh, hysterically, before suddenly stopping and grabbing savagely at the crayon with a clawlike hand. Mikko was not having this crazy woman touch her or her things. "You want it... FINE!" Mikko said, snapping and stabbing the crayon at the girl's eye. The girl screams bloody murder, but now claws at Mikko's face, turning her face to try biting at the stabbing hand. Mikko ran to the other side of the room, the nurses quickly came in and seeing what was going on, fastened Mikko in a lovely white jacket, taking her crayons, and the others ran to aid the screaming girl. Mikko growled at them. "SHE STARTED IT!!!"

    Mindlessly, she thrashed at the others, bleeding from one eye, the other blind with rage...sedation-nation is where she needs to gooooo! And that's were she went. The nurses sedated her before shipping her off for medical attention. And the brief new friend is happy in druggydrug land! Happy, drooly and out coooooold. Mikko Fought with the nurses, begging them to let her go, this was going to cost her more time in the padded room..alone...with out crayons.

    Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." - Bob Marley

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