Raph, the reluctant 'rescuer'.


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    Raph, the reluctant 'rescuer'.

    Post by Michelangelo on Wed Feb 18, 2009 11:58 pm

    ((Scene follows after the lair thread. Raphael goes out to get some air, but decides to pay Mikko a visit, to get answers. Unfortunately his decision would place him in a sticky situation that would surely have his brothers questionins his own sanity. Razz))

    Raphael.: *He stuck mostly to the back roads hoping to drop the idea all together but soon it became to heavy in his mind. He suddenly skidded to a stop in the middle of the road*
    Raphael.: *He knew there was only one asylum she could be at, it was one of the very few throughout the city and was his best guess.*
    Raphael.: *He stood there over his bike for a moment before gritting his teeth and making a major u turn*

    Donatello.: *He silently followed his brother out of the lair. He secretly hoped that spying was all they were going to be doing, but he knew that trouble would find them sooner or later*

    Raphael.: *He was to hyped up to notice the strangely familiar van he speed past to get back to the city..*

    Michelangelo.: *Mike breathed a heavy sigh, and also made the sharp U turn, but was still keeping enough distance between them and Raph, to hopefully not give them away*

    Raphael.: *He managed to actually slow down a bit as he got to busier streets and was trying to keep a low profile while making his way to the asylum*

    Donatello.: *Donatello just stayed silent, but closed his eyes tight as Mike took them closer to Raph's location. He really hoped that they would make it to their destination in one piece. Mike's driving wasn't terrible, but it wasn't all that safe either*

    Michelangelo.: *As soon as they made it to the busier part of town, Mike parked the van within the deep shadows of one of the alleyways* Guess we'd better hit the rooftops from here. *He told Don*

    Raphael.: *It was getting pretty late and he hadn't even thought of how he was going to see her..He couldn't just walk in they'd most likely ask for ID an search him.Plus it was past visiting hours anyway or so he thought. Shook his head it wasn't to far now..*

    Donatello.: *He breathed a sigh of relief when Mike finally pulled over. They made it! He nodded to Mike as he climbed out of the van*

    Raphael.: *He had made it, the building was a lot bigger then he thought, as he looked up at it. There seemed to be no one in sight although he knew these places were famous for cameras*

    Michelangelo.: ...I wonder where he's headed? Taco Bell maybe? *He shrugged his shoulders, and climbed from the van. Luckily they were close to a fire escape ladder, and he quickly scaled up, now overlooking the city*
    Donatello.: Don followed closely behind him as he made his way up the ladder and stood on top of the building, scanning their surroundings* Any sign of him, Mikey?
    Michelangelo.: *Raph was almost outside of his line of vision, but he soon detected the movement, way off in the distance* Over there! *He pointed*
    Donatello.: He looked in the direction that Mike was pointing, but he was very confused on what Raph was doing* What is he doing down there?*He was asking himself that more than Mike*

    Raphael.: *He pulled his bike into an alley of a nearby building and left it there. As he walked near the building he noticed the cameras around the front door and fire escapes..*
    Raphael.: *He thought it was kind of silly burglars were normally trying to break out not in!*

    Raphael.: *He tried quickly to think of another way in..Until he saw that all the windows were covered in bars..he figured it would make it easier to climb to the roof and being a ninja made it even better.*
    Raphael.: *He kept to the shadows not making a sound as he found a window to start with..*
    Raphael.: *He griped the bars firmly and started to pull himself up..*

    Raphael.: *Places like this always gave him the creeps, ever since they were kids Mikey would tease him about being put in the loony bin..*

    Michelangelo.: *Mike blinked, and shrugged his shoulders* I dunno, but I think we should move closer! *He sprinted across the rooftop, leaping from one to the next with skilled agility*
    Michelangelo.: *but was mindful to keep a slight distance, not wanting to give him and Donnie away*
    Michelangelo.: *As they drew closer, it was pretty obvious to see exactly where Raph was going.. and doing..*
    Donatello.: *Once again, he follows his brother, being very quiet as to not give away there position. As they moved in, he could see what Raph's intentions were...and he didn't like where this was headed*

    Raphael.: *It took a bit longer then he thought but he finally made it to the roof but he was in pretty good shape and it didn't bother him much*
    Raphael.: *The roof was big with one light shinning above a single door, unfortunately this door had a camera above it..*
    Raphael.: *"Shit.." He thought he had to think of a way around although there wasn't any. He finally resorted to using a chipped piece of the roof to break the light without going near it.*

    Michelangelo.: *As soon as they were close enough to keep a watchful eye on their brother, Mike came to a stop, and gave Donnie a concerned look*.. .this can't be good.

    Raphael.: *With the darkness now taking over the roof he sprinted for the door and lucky for him it was actually unlocked! He sighed inwardly as he made his way down the stairs*
    Raphael.: *Now for the hard part..actually finding where she being held..The hallways were mostly dimmed due to it being bedtime for the patients..*
    Raphael.: *But there were still cameras throughout each hallway. "Damn this place has more cameras den the fuckin' FBI!" He thought and scaled the walls in hopes of keeping in the cameras blind spots.*

    Mikko_: *mikko was suppose to be sleeping, but, as every night, she couldn't. She sat on the rough springy mattress, rocking back and forth, the shadows playing tricks on her*

    Raphael.: *The rooms were all closed and locked, he heard weird muttering through the halls that would make his hair stand straight up if he had any that is..*

    Donatello.: *He returned the look with one of his own, shaking his head* It's not. *He couldn't believe Raph was doing this* We really have to find a way to keep an eye on him...without giving ourselves away in the process.*

    Raphael.: *He decided the only way to find her was to look through the windows in the doors, how hard could it be to find a purple haired women anyway..*
    Raphael.: *She wasn't on this floor! He found he had to sneak past a nurses desk to get there..the young nurse sat reading a book with what looked to be head phones on. "To easy!" He smirked
    Raphael.: as he snuck right past her to the next hall.*

    Mikko_: *mikko's room was the second door on the right, close to the nurse incase of any...accident.*

    Donatello.: *Of all the stupid things Raph has done before, this was one of the worst! Don knew that all of them would get reprimanded by Leo and Splinter when they got home. But he had to make sure they MADE it home first*

    Raphael.: *Finally he stopped at a door and saw the women he was looking for..* "Mikko.." *he whispered and looked back at the desk to make sure the nurse wasn't looking*
    Raphael.: *He tapped the thick glass*

    Mikko_: *Mikko snapped her head in the direction of the voice, it didn't sound like any of the doctors, and they wouldn't have bothered whispering*
    Mikko_: *for a very brief moment...she thought Spike had gotten out* Spike? *she whispered back*

    Michelangelo.: ..he must seriously be crushin' on her. *Mike quietly commented to his bro, and took a seat at the building's ledge* I guess we just wait.. and hope nothing bad happens..

    Raphael.: * "Ohh hell, she didn't jus' call meh that!" He thought silently before answering in a quiet voice.* "No its Raphael..* He knew she wouldn't have noticed him with the helmet he was wearing*
    Mikko_: *she thought for a moment, the name sounded familiar. she walked to the door* The turtle?
    Raphael.: *He nodded but still kept his voice down and his eye on the distracted nurse* Yea..can I come in 'fer a minute..?*

    Mikko_: No..i mean..yeah..can you unlock the door?
    Raphael.: *At least she still remembered him it would make it easier..*
    Raphael.: *With that he lifted the latch as silently as he could. It creaked but the nurses headphones kept her from catching him. 'Phew'*
    Raphael.: *He then opened the door and made his way in*
    Raphael.: *Closing it partway behind him*

    Donatello.: No kidding... *He answered Mike. This was getting bad. There was no way that they could get close enough to see what was happening. And that's what worried him the most. Not only was Raph in there in the first place. But also the fact he was seeing a woman that was a high class murderer*

    Mikko_: *she backed up and sat back on the bed* How did you get in here...did you come to get me out? *she asked hopeful.

    Raphael.: * He rolled his eyes.* No I didn't, I jus' wanna know why ya did what 'cha did?! *He said trying to keep in control, his helmet still firmly on his head*

    Mikko_: *Mikko looked up at him and cocked her head to the side* Why you wearing that thing? *she asked ignoring his question.*
    Raphael.: *He was slightly confused for a moment before he pointed to his head.* Ya mean this?
    Mikko_: *she nodded* Yeah.... *a shadow caught her attention and she quickly looked to the side then back at Raph still nodding*

    Raphael.: *He noticed her strange glance and followed seeing nothing..* I gotta wear it so I don't get seen.
    Mikko_: But..I'm the only one here and i already saw you...plus..it's kinda freaking me out.
    Raphael.: * He sighed and lifted the helmet off his head and tucking it under his arm* Better?

    Mikko_: *She smiled and nodded* Yes, much. *Mikko patted the bed next to her* Sit...
    Raphael.: *He did as he was told and looked sternly at her.* Now will ya answer meh?!
    Mikko_: *Her smile quickly faded* What else was i suppose to do?

    Raphael.: Shit I dunno leave 'em alone, not help 'em get outta the damn court house! *He had to force himself to lower his voice as he noticed he was starting to yell again..*
    Mikko_: *She moved away from him, fearing that he was going to strike her.* I couldn't just let him go to prison...

    Raphael.: *He took a deep breath, he instantly noticed her moving away and tried to re assure her.* I ain't 'ere ta hurt ya..
    Raphael.: An' hell yea let 'em go ta prison. * He said in a much but forced calmer tone*

    Mikko_: *she calmed and moved back to where she was, she looked at him* I care about him...I don't know...
    Mikko_: and..they are going to kill him...*She was clearly upset over this, she looked away from him and at the tile floor.*

    Raphael.: Why the hell is it dat women always go 'fer a guy who doesn't give a flying fuck 'bout them!? *It was something he saw in a lot of the women he had saved over the years. He looked down at the floor*

    Mikko_: I'm not sure....*She looked over to him* but...he was the first guy i ever actually cared about...maybe the only, *she sighed deeply* You sure you don't wanna get me out of here?

    Raphael.: heh, look 'yer obviously 'ere 'fer help an' it ain't helpin' ya if I bust ya out.
    Raphael.: *He felt he had already gotten his answer although he didn't like it*
    Mikko_: *She sat up straight and grabbed his hands* Get me out of here. I'm not crazy. and i don't wanna have a baby in the nuthouse.

    Raphael.: *His eyes widened..........*
    Raphael.: Ohh hell no! * He stood up waving his arms as he backed into the wall* Now see there, that's exactly why ya need ta be 'ere..*He gulped*

    Mikko_: I...need to be here because i'm pregnant? *she looked at him confused*
    Raphael.: *He put his fingers on his temples* No see ya ain't gettin' it, ya need ta be 'ere so ya can get better ta raise 'yer lil'...whatever..
    Mikko_: I am better...i'm not crazy...*Mikko stood up and walked closer to him, her eyes pleading with him* please...help me.

    Raphael.: *He found himself trapped there against the wall, he knew it was a bad idea god did he know it was!* How do I know yer' not crazy after all the shit ya jus' did?!
    Mikko_: *she thought about that* Well...maybe, i was..maybe that guy just brought the worst out of me...but, i haven't done anything since. and...the doctors are not nice here.
    Mikko_: *Of course she wasn't going to tell him about the crayon or letter opener innocent, nor that the docs were really nice. her next course of action...crying*

    Raphael.: *He really wasn't all that convinced just that slight eye movement from earlier had put him on guard.* Look 'ere babe how's 'bout I go think 'bout 'fer a while?*He said as he nudged his way back to the bed to get his helmet.*

    Mikko_: *She grabbed his arm. and cried.* please...ain't you some kinda hero?..i'm asking for ya help.
    Raphael.: *Geeze he made her cry..last thing he wanted to do. He never knew what to do when women cried, even April makes him uncomfortable when she dose it..*
    Raphael.: There, There..*He said while awkwardly patting her back.*

    Mikko_: *She hugged him tight and close. Still begging him to help her out.* You saved me once...i need saving again. *She cried to his shoulder*

    Raphael.: *He knew he had to get out of there though, maybe he could make a deal with her..* How's 'bout I come an' visit 'cha so often a' week 'er somethin'?
    Raphael.: I could bring ya food 'er somethin'..

    Mikko_: *she looked into his eyes, tears rolling frown her cheeks, she need to come up with something, this man was hard to manipulate..*
    Mikko_: But, how will that stop the beatings? and the abuse?

    Raphael.: *Should of seen it coming..* What are ya talkin' bout ya look fine ta meh.
    Mikko_: *she ignored the question and instead bolted for the door, making her way on the other side. She looked over the nurse was still unaware that anything was going on*
    Mikko_: *she waved to Raph to hurry and get out the room*

    Raphael.: Son of a' bitch!! *He muttered as he followed her out of the room.* Are ya crazy !? Yer' gonna get us both caught!
    Mikko_: *She put her hand over his mouth* shhhh..you wanna get us caught? *She whispered* Lets get the hell out of here.

    Raphael.: Ohh no ya don't..* He whispered as he grabbed her by the waist.* Now get back in there..*He tried to lift her over his shoulder*
    Mikko_: I wouldn't do that. *she said trying to wiggle away from him.* I can cause quite the scene.

    Raphael.: Ya do an' yer' screwed anyway sweetheart! *He muttered to her.* At least this way ya don't go ta solitary..
    Mikko_: *She shrugged* been there a few times. I get three days then I'm out. What about you? You know how fast I can have the nurses here?
    Mikko_: Lets go...sweetheart.

    Raphael.: *Ooo she sure talks a good game..he had to think fast this was starting to get bad.* Why the hell won't ya jus' listening' ta meh?! They'll let 'cha out when yer' normal!*He said in a hushed tone he
    Raphael.: knew it wouldn't be long til the nurse noticed them*

    Mikko_: I AM normal. *she kept her voice low* don't ya get it..i'm fine, fixed, cured..I need to get out of here....Now, lets go before we are seen.


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    Re: Raph, the reluctant 'rescuer'.

    Post by Michelangelo on Thu Feb 19, 2009 12:08 am

    Raphael.: *Just then the nurse turned in there direction, he thought fast and pushed Mikko and himself against a dark wall..*
    Mikko_: *she gasped sharply at the sudden push, but stood still. She leaned close to him and whispered very low* We.Need.To.Go.

    Raphael.: *He thought for sure he could just run off without her. Get out and have her caught again and was tempted to do so..* On the count of three..

    Mikko_: *She held on to him and stared him down* Don't you leave me behind, Raphael. *She took his hand* on the count of three....
    Raphael.: *Damn she had a strong grip!* 1
    Mikko_: *she waited, her body tensed up in anticipation*

    Raphael.: 2...*The nurse was almost turned around..He would be heading back the way he came*
    Mikko_: *she held on to his hand tight, ready to run*
    Raphael.: 3!
    Raphael.: *With that he sprinted silently as possible up the hallway, with the much unwanted company..*

    Mikko_: *she followed him, never letting him go, She was not chancing him just leaving her behind.*
    Raphael.: *He then stopped to look around the next coner.* lil' slow ain't 'cha?!
    Raphael.: *He smirked*

    Mikko_: *She found herself amused by the remark and gave him a twisted grin in return* I can keep up..don't worry.
    Raphael.: *He couldn't believe he was doing this but it seemed she had him, with all this security around it'd be to difficult for him to get out if she made a scene now..*
    Raphael.: Clear..*He whispered as he sprinted toward the stairway to the roof.*

    Mikko_: *Mikko gave a quick nod and sprinted with him, she was getting short of breath, but she still managed to keep up.*

    Raphael.: *He led her up the stairway to the roof, the air was cold and the sounds of the city seemed loud.*
    Raphael.: *He tried to get her to let him go again.*

    Mikko_: *She took a deep breath once she was outside, she closed her eyes enjoying the coldness and the sounds. finally she didn't have to see*
    Mikko_: *the world through bars. She looked at Raph* Thank you.
    Mikko_: *Mikko still wasn't sure if she wanted to let him go or not...but figured she got what she wanted, she let his hand go*

    Raphael.: *He appreciated the feeling in his hand again. although he could very well leave her on the roof but for some reason he didn't back away..*
    Raphael.: *He knew the feeling of being trapped from the world and in a way felt sorry for her.*
    Raphael.: What now?

    Donatello.: *Don was lost in thought until he saw Raph emerge from the building again. He breathed a sigh of relief. Until he saw who was with Raph. He frowned* You gotta be kidding me...

    Mikko_: *She walked to the edge of the building and looked down* I don't know..I need to get away from this building though.

    Michelangelo.: *Mike blinked.. rubbed his eyes.. and blinked again* What the... am I really seeing this??!

    Raphael.: *He sighed* Ya don't even have a' place ta go, do ya?
    Mikko_: *Mikko shook her head* No..no one wants me, and I can't blame them...
    Raphael.: If ya stay 'ere ya might have a' real chance at makin' it..I can always come back ta let 'cha out ya know? *He teased knowing she wouldn't go for it*

    Mikko_: *She looked up and flashed him a smile* that's nice..but no...I just want to get off of this building and away..far away.

    Donatello.: *He shook his head and looked back at Mike* I wish I could say you weren't. But your eyes aren't playing tricks on you this time. *He frowned even deeper if that was possible*
    Michelangelo.: What are we going to do? *He looked to Donnie, hoping he would have answer. He seriously didn't know what Raph was thinking, and seriously feared that the purple haired girl would make
    Michelangelo.: an attempt to bust her boyfriend outta prison*

    Raphael.: *He rubbed the back of his neck, maybe all she needed was a little break, she could always come back..* Why don' 'cha come wit' meh 'fer a while til ya figure that out. *He reached out his hand*

    Mikko_: *she looked at him, trying to get a feel if he was trying to trick her, slowly she took his hand, this time without the death grip.* I would like that...
    Raphael.: Better hold on.*He turned his back to her to let her climb on* It's a ' hell ofa long way down.
    Mikko_: Right...*She was So not ok with this, but climbed on his back wrapping her arms around his neck* ok...

    Donatello.: *He sighed and scratched the back of his head* That's a very good question, Mikey. *He was at a loss too. He never expected Raph to do this. And he was seriously dreading the repercussions of this decision*

    Raphael.: *He lowered himself to the first window trying to shift his weight so they wouldn't fall*
    Mikko_: *Mikko closed her eyes tightly* Man, I hate heights.

    Michelangelo.: ..surely he's not taking her back to the lair, right??! *Even he knew that was a big nono!* Leo's gonna flip!!

    Donatello.: No, Mikey. I really don't think he is. *At least he hopes not. Considering Raph's track record lately, he didn't put anything past him anymore*


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