The Unwanted Guest


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    The Unwanted Guest

    Post by Michelangelo on Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:00 pm

    Raphael lowered himself and Mikko down from the building. It took longer then before. He then bent over so Mikko could let go. Mikko hoped off of Raph's back and rubbed her cold shoulders. "I think now would be a good time to find cloths."

    Clothes was something that Raph didn't think of. "I'll think of somethin' but we gotta get outta 'ere first." He was still using a low voice, as he grabbed her hand. "This way.." He started sprinting again, not wanting to take anymore chances.

    Mikko ran with him, her bare feet scraping on the pavement. "Wait up man."

    Donatello was still in utter disbelief that Raphael had done that. He stood there just shaking his head, trying to piece together this puzzle. 'What was he thinking?!" He thought as he watched his brother and Mikko climb down the side of the building. Mike looked at Don, hoping he would know what to do.

    "Urm... should we like, tell Leo? Or just follow him.."

    Donatello sighed and turned to Mikey. "I think we should follow them...for now." Oh, yes. He was going to tell Leo. He HAD to. This was just not okay. This was a criminal that Raph just let out! That was DEFINITELY not okay.

    Mike shook his head, brows knotting in slight sympathy of the punishment that would surely meet his hotheaded brother. "He's soooo gonna get it when Leo finds out! We're talking.. scrubbing the bathroom with his own toothbrush kinda punishment! And back flips galore!"

    Raphael was getting a little frustrated, he knew it wouldn't be long before they discover that she wasn't in her room. "Its not far, hurry up!"

    "Fine fine." Mikko ran still trying to keep up. "Where are we going?"

    "To my bike...then I'll figure it out." Replied Raph.

    "Oooh a bike. now ya talking."

    Raphael hoped she wouldn't freeze to death on his bike in this weather. But he had nothing to offer her at the moment. He led her across the street to an alley.Mkko kept following, the cold air began to burn in her lungs. She was praying that they were almost to the bike, she didn't even think about how cold she would be on the thing.

    Raphael paused for a moment. "Wait 'ere." He said before disappearing. Mikko bent over, hands on her knees catching her breath as she waited. Raph managed to find is bike the way he left it, and started it up. Vroooooom Vroooooom... Was all that could be heard echoing down the alley. Mikko looked up when she heard the noise. Still she waited for him, shivering. Raph then drove up to Mikko with a quick stop. "Get on!"

    With out hesitation, Mikko hoped on the back of the bike and wraped her arms around him. "Go man!"

    It would be nearly impossible to keep up with Raph on that bike of his, on foot. So once again, the van would be used until they were close enough to know where their brother was headed. Mike really hoped it wasn't back to the liar, for Raph's sake. Leo would surely have a heart attack. Donatello hurried back down the fire escape and ran back over to the van. He climbed in the passenger seat and buckled in, waiting for Mike.

    Mike quickly took up his spot behind the driver's seat, totally prepared for a high speed chase... well, sorta. He would be keeping a distance from his bro. The van soon roared to life, and they were once again following their 'crazed' brother, to wherever it was he was headed. "Heh... maybe we can stop by Taco Bell on the way back?"

    Don prepared himself as the van took off. He knew that Mike was going to be a bit reckless with his driving, but they had to catch up with Raph. So he held on for dear life as they tracked their hot-headed brother down.

    Raphael slammed on the accelerator which caused the bike to skid before taking off at high speed. Mikko gripped him tighter and closed her eyes. "Try and not getting us killed ok?"

    Raph had a hard time hearing what she was saying so he just yelled. "OK!" So many things were going through his mind right now, He HAD a mental pregnant patient...and had no idea where to take her or where he was headed. This wasn't a good night for him. Mikko was freezing and hoped that he got to were ever he was going soon. She needed clothes, baggy clothes, something in the hoodie apartment to hide herself with....then she needed weapons.

    Raph thought frantically about where to get her clothes, but he couldn't think of anywhere else besides the Lair, and he couldn't take her with everyone home. He figured he had no choice the least he could do is run in, there were some of Aprils clothes that were left in the Lair by accident. He just hoped they were the same size.

    "I can't feel my nose." Mikko said more to herself then to Raph*

    Michelangelo ran over a curb.. that sorta just jumped out in front of him, but luckily no-one was injured. Mike just gave a sheepish shrug, and turned the radio up. "Ooooh! I kissed a girl.. so groovy!"

    When they had hit that bump, Don just looked over at Mike, saying nothing. So many thoughts were going through his head about the little stunt Raph had pulled. He really didn't want to be the one to tell Leo, because he really wasn't sure how Leo was going to take it. Of course, he would be mad. Probably even furious! But he put those thoughts aside and focused on keeping Raph in their sight.

    Raphael made a sudden turn, he'd be heading for one of their secret garage entrances. Mikko let out a gasp and held on, this guy;s driving was worse then hers...or Spikes...combined! "Are we there yet?"

    It took about 10 minutes to get there but he finally made it. It looked like a regular alley but it really wasn't. He pulled over with a sudden stop and put the kickstand down. "Wait 'ere I'll be back."

    "Umm...can't I go with you?"

    "No! I'm sorry but I'll be back wit' clothes. I half ta take ya somewhere else!" Replied Raph. Mikko shrugged. " problem, babe.

    "Ruh row.. rorge! Looky where he's going.." Mike pointed out to his brother. Don's eyes widened. "He isn' he?" Okay, this had gone far enough. He HAD to tell Leo and he had to tell him now! He whipped out his phone and dialed Leo's number. Mike parked the van closeby, in one of the darkened alleyways.. just waiting. He really hopped that Raph hadn't taken her in.. and if he had... well, he seriously didn't want to be around when all shell broke loose.

    Don waited for Leo to answer. Then Leo's voicemail kicked in and he left a quick message. After he had hung up, he gave Mike a worried glance. Mike matched Donnie's glance with a look of his own. "Yeah.. I know, right? I wonder what he wants on his tombstone?"


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    Re: The Unwanted Guest

    Post by Michelangelo on Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:55 pm

    Donatello sighed. " I just can't believe he would do this! Helping a criminal? That doesn't sound like him...does it?"

    Mike nodded at his brother. "Yeah, he must know something that we don't.. or either he's touched in the head!"

    Don sighed. No doubt about it. This was way over their heads. But the fact that this was their BROTHER that they was talking about, what the most unsettling.

    With that Raph instantly went behind one of the trash cans and pulled a switch opening up a large door. He ran inside quickly and shut it behind him. He hoped to god no one was around. Mikko watched him disappear then looked the bike over. She could probably hot wire the thing and be gone. and was seriously considering do just that. She hoped off the bike and started to check out the wiring.

    Raph quickly scanned the Lair. "Nobody home..? Good!" He then went into one of the storage rooms and looked through the drawers

    "Who the hell built this thing!?!" Mikko muttered to herself. She soon gave up on trying to figure out the complicated mechanics of the bike and started to search for weapons. Pipe, chains...useless. "Damn it."

    Raph suddenly found some black sweat pants and a turtle neck was wrinkled and smelled funny but it was better then nothing. Then he ran out of the Lair as quickly as he came in. He pulled another switch in the garage which opened the large door to the alley. He then handed Mikko the clothes.

    "So now we wait. And then what? We follow him to who knows where?" Don sighed again. "We really need to get in touch with Leo."

    Then he ran out of the Lair as quickly as he came in. He pulled another switch in the garage which opened the large door to the alley. He then handed Mikko the clothes. Mikko stood up quickly and turned to Raph. "Thanks!" She undressed and changed into the clothes, so warm and..not screaming crazy woman.

    Raphael turned around as she changed and waited til she told him to look. Mikko gave him a quick peck on the helmet and hoped back on the bike. "Now were to?"

    Raphael shrugged off the peck, and thought for a moment. "Uhh..give meh a sec."

    "Oooookay...but i kinda gotta pee." Mikko wined.

    Obviously he hadn't noticed the little spies, he was only thinking about what he needed to do next. "Well I don't have a bathroom out 'ere.."

    "Yes...I can see that, So lets go somewhere." Mikko folded her arms, if only stupid Spike didn't burn down that other house, she could just head there.

    Raph finally had it! His good ol' friend Casey would help him out! He always did before he just hoped he could convince him. "Ok I got it, hop on!" Raph ran to close the garage before hopping on his bike.

    "I'm already on tiger! Let go!" Mikko patted the seat in front of her. Raph smirked. "Finally speeding up I see." He got on and started the engine. "Hold on tight!"

    Mikko held onto him tightly like before, feeling warmer she did have a little more spunk, but was dying for a cig and a beer....and a bathroom. And with that they were off again! This time he had to take the busy streets.

    Great...why didn't he have another helmet for her. Mikko felt like everyone was watching her, the paranoia was kicking in.

    "I could really use an ice cream right about now." Mike mumbled, as he played with the radio. Sure, he was worried about what they should be doing.. but with fearless currently unreachable. He really didn't know what to do.. except follow Raph to wherever it was he was going. And hope that hothead didn't see them spying.

    Don turned and looked at his brother incredulously. "Ice cream? How can you think of food at a time like this? Our brother is a criminal!" In truth, he was hungry too. But food was the furthest thing from his mind.

    "Soooo, Taco Bell, and ice cream on the way home?" Mike shot his brother a wide grin.

    "We have to focus on our brother, Mike. And what makes you think we'll be going home anytime soon? We don't even knew where he's going!" Don shouted. '"his just gets better and better." He thought, sarcastically.

    "Take a breather, Don-san." Mike teased, and watched as Raph and company finally emerged from the garage. He quickly fired up the engine, and once again they were on their way to only god knows where. "Heh.. what if we ended up in California or something.. that'd be awesome!"


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    Re: The Unwanted Guest

    Post by Michelangelo on Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:17 pm

    Donatello took a deep breath and tried to calm down. One didn't do it, but a few more did. By then they were on the road again following Raph to DESTINATION: UNKNOWN.
    He was both angry and worried for Raph. He hoped that Raph wasn't heading for even more trouble down the to speak.

    They came to a stop light, it was crowded for being so late, but it was the city that never sleeps, after all. Raph looked around through his helmet trying to remember which way to turn. As the light turned green he took a wild guess and hoped for the best. Mikko laid her head down on his back, it wasn't the most comfty thing in the world, but she was starting to feel a little tired...and hungry...and she still needed that smoke, drink and bathroom.

    It was late but that didn't mean Casey was in bed. After much channel surfing he found an episode of "How its Made : Gumball Machines." He settled on it before getting up to grab a beer.

    Mike suddenly started humming along with Bob Marley's Three little Birds.. since it seemed so appropriate. "Don't worry about a thing! Cause every little thing, is gonna be alright!!"

    Don smiled at his brother. He really had to admire Mike on how he dealt with a crisis. No matter how bad things seemed Mike could always find a way to lighten the mood...for everyone. He has proven that time and time again. Oh, how Don WISHED he could do that. But his brain never seemed to shut off...always thinking. So he sat there trying to relax and listened to Mike sing along with the radio.

    Mike flashed a wide grin at his brother, as he continued to sing along. "Rise up this mornin', Smiled with the risin' sun, Three little birds, pitch by my doorstep.. Singin' sweet songs Of melodies.. pure and true, Sayin', "This is my message to you-ou-ou:"..

    "Come on Donnie, Sing with me!"

    Don smiled at him, and started singing along with Mike. Timid at first, but stronger as he got more into it. Then, the next thing he knew, he was belting it out right along with him. It did make him feel better. They traveled down the road, enjoying the time they spent together while they continued following Raph.

    Raphael was worried til he started seeing familiar restaurants and stores. "Phew" He thought now all that was left to do was to talk Casey into letting her stay for a while. Mikko looked up. "Oh! a taco bell!! can we stop?"

    "Sorry babe don't have any cash on meh!" He yelled to her, they were going a lot slower then before.

    "Awwww..poop." She laid her head back down.

    Finally, the old apartment building came into view. It wasn't exactly in the best neighborhood. Raph slowed down and drove into another alley. He couldn't trust his sweet ride to be on the street for long. Mikko looked around the place. "This is...nice...I think."

    "Got more space then 'yer cell anyway."

    Mikko had been in worse. "Good point."

    Raphael stopped the bike letting her get off first. She got off the bike. "So where are we?"

    "My friend Casey's. he's real cool I'm hopin' he'll let 'cha stay 'fer a lil' while." Raph got off his bike and looked at her. "But let meh do the talkin'!"

    "Fiiiiine...Do what ya want Mr. pushy."

    "Hey 'yer the reason we're 'ere ain't we!" Raph sounded a little frustrated. He then opened one of the fire escape doors. "Ladies First." He said sarcastically. Mikko glared at him then walked through the door.

    "Who's she callin' pushy?! She's the pushy one!!" He thought as he followed her in closing the door after them. The apartment was run down to say the least, you could here yelling and babies crying through the doors in the hall. They had to walk up a couple flights of stares before getting to room #304.

    Mike cracked a wide grin as Don joined in. It was fun, and he almost forgot about what a huge predicament that Raph had gotten himself into. And it was soon obvious where Raph was taking the run away girl. "Bingo!" He exclaimed, as he hid the van into one of the surrounding alleys, and began unbuckling his belt. "..Heh.. looks like Casey's getting some unexpected company.."

    Unbuckling his own seatbelt, Don turned to Mike. " looks like it." The easy-going feeling was gone, replaced by an uncertainty of what the next course of action was. " So...what else can we do now? We know where he is, but should we risk him spotting us?"

    As much as Mike wanted to go bouncing into Casey's pad, he knew that probably wasn't the best course of action.. since Raph would surely pummel them both. "Hmm... hang on the roof? Who knows.. maybe we'll hear something?" Mike shot his brother a questioning look. "Got any of those fancy gadgets of yours?"

    Don smiled at his brother. " Yes, matter of fact, I do." His smile dropped slightly. "But placing it is going to be the problem. See, we have to get to an open window or something for it to work. It can pick up sounds from a ways, but there can't be any obstructions. I'm working on another design to eliminate that problem."

    "Ooooh... open window, huh?" Mike was already eyeing a likely candidate. It appeared to be the apartment of an old lady, who was too busy watching tv to be aware of the world around her. Mike pointed in the window's direction, smiling brightly at his brother. "I can place it!!!" Because the oreos that was visible on her table were just screaming his name!

    Don looked in the direction Mike was pointing in. "Excellent! That should work." He smiled and handed the apparatus to Mike. He held it up showing Mike what to do. "Here. You just stick this outside the window and flip the little switch on the this." He flipped it and flipped it back, showing him what to do. "I'll wait here and hook up the rest. Be careful, Mike."

    Mike took the device, and gave his brother a salute, before sprinting off towards the window to place and activate the thing. He crouched inside the window, following his brother's instructions, despite the many distractions. Oreos.. and was that Sponge Bob on the tv??! He stared at the tube, not even considering how odd it seemed, that an old woman was enjoying the show. He finally blinked back into his senses, and placed the device. But instead of turning and heading back to where Donnie was, he slipped silently into the old woman's apartment, and snagged the cookies from the kitchen table.

    Don went into the back of the van and set up the rest of the gadget, placing a headset over his ears. Now all he had to do was wait for Mike to turn it on. Seconds later, Mike rejoined his brother, smiling mischievously as he popped a cookie into his mouth, and offered one to Don. "Oreo?"

    Don was picking up a lot of static from outside interferences but he could still pick up most of the conversation. He saw Mike return with a couple cookies. He gave him a sidelong glance and took the cookie from Mike. He mouthed a "thanks" then turned his attention back to the conversation going on in the apartment. He would eat the cookie later.

    "This place feels just like home." Mikko said with a grin. "So ya friend, he a reptile too?"

    Casey sat there with his legs spread out on the coffee table with a beer in his hand, the gumball machines were very fascinating to this hour anyway.

    Raphael chuckled. "No, he's a human."

    "Ooooh...good, well i seriously need to use the bathroom..soooo can we go in now?"

    "Shhh!" Raph said to her before knocking on the door. Mikko glared at Raph again..fucken turtle who does he think he is, telling her to shhh? Casey's attention quickly went to the door "Who the hell could that be?!" He thought as he forced himself off the couch with beer in hand. He yelled through the door. "What do ya want!?"

    A grin spread across his face. "Raphie boy is that you?!" He asked as he opened the door, he saw Raph in his Night Watcher outfit and quickly noticed his lady friend. He then put the beer behind his back.

    "Open up Case it's meh!" Raph called back.

    Mikko smiled to the man. "Can I PLEASE use ya bathroom...pleaaaaseeeeee?"

    "Hey Case, this is uhh.. Mikko. Can we come in?"

    Casey took a step back. "Sure, come on in."

    Raph stepped in first. Mikko followed. "bathroom?"

    "Uhh.. yea its down the hall on the left." Casey replied.

    "THANK GOD!" She quickly sprinted to Casey's bathroom.

    Casey watched her as she ran. He was very surprised to see Raph with a girl. "Who is she?" Raph took off his helmet before answering. "I told ya Mikko, I kinda need ta talk to ya about that.."

    Casey wasn't liking the way Raph was acting, he took another swig of his beer before leaning back against the couch. "Shoot!"

    Mikko walked back out to the boys. "Ahhhh much better," She noticed the beer. " got anymore beer?"

    Raph took a deep breath. "She needs a' place ta stay jus' for a while an'.."

    "Hold it right there! Ya know I can't have anyone living 'ere, besides why can't she jus' go home?!" Casey interrupted. Mikko shrugged when she got no answer and walked to the kitchen to help herself.

    "I wouldn't be askin' ya if she had a home! She's not doing to well right now." How to put this. "See she's pregnant."

    Mikko grabbed a beer and walked back to the others. "So..what's your name?" She asked Casey."

    Casey's eye's widened. "Holy shit Raph! I thought ya guys ya know..couldn't have kids! I mean damn I'm sorry bro. " He patted Raph on the shoulder. Mikko raised a brow and shook her head. "Ew no! No my baby's daddy is in jail...hoping he gets out on..good behavior."

    Mikko took a swig from her beer. " have a name?"

    Raph put his head down he couldn't believe she just came out and said that! He then noticed she had a beer and grabbed it away from her. "Hey!! Yer' pregnant are did ya forget!?"

    Casey was totally awe struck by this, to him it was a match made in hell. He' had always pictured Raph's girl to be this.

    Mikko took it back. "Fuck you, don't you know it's rude to take things from people!"

    She was really pushing it now, Raph's temper was beginning to raise. She was really screwing this up!! He grabbed it again. "Know how fucked up yer kids gonna be if ya keep drinkin' this shit!?"


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    Re: The Unwanted Guest

    Post by Michelangelo on Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:18 pm

    "Hold on 'ere Raph I told ya I can't have anyone livin' 'ere, so why don't you an' lil' miss sunshine jus' leave." Casey couldn't deal with this kind of crap right now he had to work early.

    Mikko snapped her head over to Casey. "What did you just call me?'

    "Miss 'sunshine'." He said as he crossed his arms, meeting her look.

    "Oh shit 'ere it goes" Raph thought.

    Oh! you so betta...." Mikko caught a glimpse of his mask. "Getting ready for Halloween?"

    Casey had had his hockey mask sitting on one of the living room tables, he was really getting tired of this. "I play hockey!" He said as if it were none of her business.

    Mikko grinned. "Love hockey! who's ya favorite team?"

    Raph wasn't expecting for her mood to change so quickly, atleast she liked hockey.

    "New York Rangers." Casey said flatly. "What team do you root 'fer?"

    "The Devils!"

    Raph facepalmed. Mikko smiled at Casey and sat down on the couch. "So...roomy...what are the house rules?" Not that she would follow them.

    The sudden change of conversation caught Casey off guard. "Wait, I never said ya could stay 'ere doll."

    "I know... So. rules?" Mikko stretched her feet out making herself at home.

    Michelangelo.: *Luckily it was a biiiig, family pack of cookies.. since it seemed they would be here most of the night. Mike plopped down onto the roof, munching happily as he listened to the conversation, via Donnie's genius ingenuity. "Heh.. this could be better than Jerry Springer..."

    Don sat there just listening to the conversation. He snorted in amusement. "Should've known they were going to talk about hockey..."

    Miike chuckled at that, as he slowly twisted an oreo apart, and licked the delicious cream from the center, savoring the sweet taste. Now, he wondered if the old lady had milk in that fridge of hers. "We need milk."

    Donatello looked over at Mike. "Yeah? So how are you going to pull that one off?" He knew Mike shouldn't have taken the cookies either. But it seems like the person didn't even notice. If they did, he would have known about it.

    Raph rolled his eyes. He knew this wasn't going to be easy. "Come on Case', it'll only be til she finds someplace else. A' night er two 'er three ain't gonna do any harm."

    Casey was not amused by Mikko's disregard with everything he said. "If ya think I'm gonna put up with.." Points at Mikko. "..that then yer outta yer mind!!"

    "What the fuck!? did you just call me a THAT!?" She stood up.

    "Don't see why 'that' should bother ya, ya come into my home expecting me ta put you up 'fer a few days, and act like a total bitch!!"

    Mike shot a devious grin at his brother. "I'll just know, sneak in and get it! I'll repay her later, with cake!" But the heated argument now had his full attention, distracting him of his need for milk.

    Don was listening intently too. He didn't think Casey would take too kindly to having that girl stay there. Even though Casey didn't know Raph had broken her out of a mental hospital. He continued listening.

    Mikko was getting pissed. "Oh...Fuck you ass hole!"

    Raph had to agree with Casey but he couldn't just leave her in the streets, she was a little mental and could very well get herself killed. He had to do something but was running low on ideas.

    "From you, no thanks!" Casey shot back.

    Mikko had had it with this guy. She swung a punch at his face.

    "Cut the bullshit Mikko!" Raph yelled as he intervened, standing between the two, holding Mikkos wrist firmly.

    "That's it Raph get the hell out an take 'er wit' ya!"

    "I Can't believe that you brought me to this guys place! I rather be on the streets!"

    Don's eyes widened. Things were getting intense. He didn't expect things to get that out of hand. He shot Mike a worried glance. Mike returned Don's look, equally worried. It seemed things had gone from bad to worse, if that was even possible.

    Raph had almost had enough of her and cursed himself for even getting into this situation! He pulled her in close to him and tried not to do so too harshly. "Now you listen 'ere, you'll die out there an ya know it! Can't ya listen ta someone else besides yer' self?! If ya can't then atleast think a' that kid of 'yers! Its only temporary so stop acttin' like this!!"

    Mikko took a few breaths and pulled away from Raph, she straightened out her clothes and nodded. "Alright.." She looked at Casey. "I'm.............sorry...I guess..."

    Don listened again. Not only was Raph getting in trouble with his family. But it appeared his best friend turned him away too. He started to feel really sorry for Raph... But he knew that Raph had to pay for the consequences for his decision. He just hoped that when this was all over, Raph didn't suffer too much from the effects.

    Casey watched as the two went at it and saw just how passionate Raph was about this, but could he really put up with her. "Only temporary right? An' ya owe me big time Raph!"

    Raph was so relieved that Casey agreed. "Yea of course, an' thanks man." He held out his hand. Casey grabbed Raph's hand and pulled him in for a moment patting his shell. "Don' make me regret this!" He said before letting him go. "So..Mikko is it?"


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    Re: The Unwanted Guest

    Post by Michelangelo on Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:58 pm

    Mikko smiled brightly at Casey and nodded. "Yep that's me!"

    Mike was greatly relieved when it seemed that things had calmed inside Casey's apartment. As much as he wanted to spring in and noogie Casey across his noggin, he certainly didn't want to be caught in the crossfires of whatever heat was going on. He offered Donnie another Oreo, oblivious to the fact that his brother hadn't eaten the first.

    Don had forgotten about the oreo. Too wrapped up in the conversation/argument going on in the apartment. He was extremely relieved that things seemed to calm down again. He continued to listen. So, it looked like that girl was staying the night, after all. But what he didn't know was if Raph was staying also. If he was, then they would have to decide whether they were staying too. An all night stake-out wasn't on the top of his list of things to do. But with Raph involved, they may not have a choice.

    "Ok one big rule..don't touch my beer!' Answered Casey.

    Mikko pouted her lip out, but nodded.

    "That's all I ask an' hope ya don't mind the mess to much." He looked around for a moment noticing used dishes, wrappers, and even some cans were scattered about the place. "The mess doesn't bother me, I have been in worse."Mikko sat back down, her stomach rumbling. " have food? That's eatable?"

    Raph decided to take a seat, he was exhausted after all that stress! "Yea Case' got any pizza 'er somethin'?"

    Casey rolled his eye's, he was doing Raph a huge favor and he also wanted food..! "A Frozen one I think, go make it if ya want it." He sighed as he sat on the couch only to catch the last 5 minutes. Mikko stood up and made her way back to the kitchen, she found the pizza and popped it into the oven. "So what CAN I drink..and I can smoke right?"

    "Come on babe smoken jus' gonna hurt the baby, plus it's bad 'fer ya to!" Raph yelled from the couch.

    "Hey! I quite the drugs." Mikko called back. Casey really didn't care at this point. Few days she'll be gone. "Eh, anythin' but the beer is fine!"

    "Not all of 'em if yer still lightin' them cancer sticks!" Raph yelled. Mikko poked her head out the kitchen and stuck her tongue out at Raph. He paid no attention to her and looked back at the T.V. "I hate chicks." He muttered.

    "Why do ya think I'm still single!" Casey joked, and took another sip.

    Since the conversation had lost it's edge, Mike was starting to grow bored. Not to mention, the rough roof was hard on his backside. He groaned in discomfort, and gave Don a look. "Soooo, we spending the night here, on this roof?"

    Don glanced at Mike and shrugged. "I don't know, Mikey. We should see if Raph intends to stay the night, first." From the way the conversation was going, it looked like that's exactly what Raph was intending to do.

    Mikko went back in the kitchen, digging around for...found them. She plucked the long knife from the draw. Raph hadn't exactly planned what he was going to do for the night but was most likely staying til he ate and Mikko was comfortable. He didn't want to make his brothers suspicious. In case they caught the news later that is. Mikko slid the blade back where it was, she knew it would be stupid to walk around with it on her, but she just wanted to know where all the weapons where just in case. "PIZZA IS DONE!" she chimed walking into the living room.

    "Damn. that was fast!" Replied Raph.

    Mike listened in. "Mmmm.. they're having Pizza.... man, I really envy them right about now." Pfft, how messed up was that! Raph was off doing bad things, and his reward was pizza!Hearing all this talk about food was making Don hungry, too. His stomach growled loudly. He then glanced down and saw the cookie Mike gave him earlier. He picked it up and started eating it. Since the action was at a low now, he could focus on other things.Mike was oh so tempted to sneak in and steal that pie right out from under them! Heck! They deserved it, dangit!

    Mikko sat the pizza in front of them on the coffee table, and even handed them each a beer. "Enjoy boys."

    Raph sat up waiting for the pizza.

    "Hey could ya grab me a slice to?" Casey asked lazily.

    Mikko grabbed herself a slice and sat on a chair across from them. "It's right in front of you man..damn."

    "Yea but its all the way there." Casey said trying hard to reach it without getting up all the way. Mikko smiled, damn he was...cute..kinda..and amusing. Mikko got up and laid a slice on Casey's stomach. Raph rolled his eyes and grabbed a slice taking a big bite, as if he hadn't eaten in a week. Casey was slightly amused as he picked it up and bit into it. "Thanks."

    "No problem." She sat on the floor and ate. Raph tried to eat as fast as he could, it was extremely late and there was no doubt in his mind that someone was waiting up for him.

    "Geeze every tried chewin' yer food?!" Casey teased.

    After finishing his cookie, Don turned to Mike. " Isn't that ironic? "

    Mike slid a couple more oreos towards his brother. "..heh.. I'll say. This stinks.. why does he get pizza!!!"

    Donatello sighed, frustrated. " Because, dear brother, Casey apparently doesn't know about the girl's background, or the fact that Raph broke her out of a mental hospital." He then smiled as Mike gave him a couple more cookies. "Thanks." Taking one and eating it. He was going to save the other one for later. It was going to be a LONG night.

    "Where do I sleep?" Mikko asked looking at Casey. He didn't wait for Raph to answer. " Good question..I guess right 'ere." He patted the place where he was sitting. Mikko finished eating. "Sounds good."

    Raph ignored Casey and kept on eating, he was getting pretty full now. He stood up from the couch. "I better get goin'." He wiped his beak with the back of his hand. Mikko got up and sat on the couch. "Night Raph, thanks for..the help."

    Casey also got up and stretched. "Yeeep..I gotta get ta sleep anyway, got work in the mornin'"

    "Got blankets or a pillow?" Asked Mikko.

    Raph looked down at the coffee table for something to write on. He found an old sheet of paper and began writing, he then handed it to Mikko. ""eres my number if ya need me k?" Mikko took it from him and tucked it away in her pocket. "k. thanks."

    "Yea sure I'll get 'cha somethin'" Before Casey went down the hall he turned to Raph. "Night bro, don't forget!" Raph nodded at Mikko then talked at Casey* I won't!"

    Mikko whispered to Raph. "You promise me this guy is safe right?"

    "Huh, yea I wouldn't trust anybody else. He's a good guy just has a short fuse."

    "Alright then.." She laid down. "See you later."

    Then Don heard the unexpected turn of events. He turned to Mike again. " Guess what, bro? It looks like our dear older brother isn't staying the night after all. We better go follow him."

    "Woot! About time!" Mike quickly sprung to his feet, greatly relieved that they wouldn't be spending the night on that uncomfortable roof! He grabbed up the rest of the oreos and offered Donnie the van keys. "Heh.. you can drive if you want to.. I got cookies!"

    "Wait, Mikey! We have to grab out spy gear first!"

    "Oh yeah!"

    Raph watched her as she sat down.* K later. I'll stop by tomorrow. *With that he put on his helmet and walked out the door. Mikko closed her eyes and began to fall asleep while waiting for Casey to return. Casey came back with two pillows and a quilt. "'ere ya go. Hope its enough."

    Mikko took them from him, covering up and placing the pillows under her head. "Perfect, thanks babe."

    Casey yawned tiredly. "Night doll. See ya in the morning'."


    Casey then disappeared into his room for the night.

    Michelangelo was already making his way towards the window to retrieve the nifty piece of equipment.. and after much internal debate, he once again snuck inside, and snagged the half gallon of milk from the fridge. He would definitely replay her... later, and be sure to bring her extra goodie! He certainly wouldn't have taken the stuff if the lady wasn't well stocked. Obviously, quite a few people lived here.

    Don took the keys and headed back to the van. Taking the driver's seat he buckled in and took of the headset laying it down between the seats. He waited for Mike. With goodies and gadget in hand, Mike quickly rejoined Donnie, taking the passenger's seat so he could enjoy the fruit of his labor.

    It didn't take long for Mikko to fall asleep, this was so much better then the beds in the hospital. Raph found his bike untouched in the alley, he was so tired all he wanted to do was go to bed. He hoped he wouldn't be getting the 3rd degree tonight.

    Don shook his head when he saw Mike return with the goodies. But timing was of the essence and he started the van, creeping out of the parking space. He was waiting for Raph to take off. Raph was in no hurry now and took his time starting up his motorcycle. It looked as if the sun were coming up. He then drove out of the alley and set off for home. The hard part was if Raph was going back home, how Don was going to come up with a convincing story for Raph as to why they were out of the lair in the first place. It would look mighty suspicious for them to come in right after Raph got home. But he would worry about that later. He pulled out and started following Raph home.


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