No Good Deed goes Unpunished!


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    No Good Deed goes Unpunished!

    Post by Michelangelo on Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:34 pm

    Raphael had made it back through the Lair entrance. He removed his hat and coat and hung it on the nearby coat hanger. His mind was still on what had happened earlier that day. He grumbled as he made his way to the training and went straight for his punching bag. Donatello was in his room, resting lightly, when he heard commotion coming from the main room. He got up and went to go see what it was all about. He poked his head outside and saw Raph punching away on his bag.

    Mike was in the den, giving his fingers their nightly workout at the mind rotting video games. He was almost too focused on the screen to even notice as Raph finally arrived back home. But unfortunately for Raph, he eventually noticed his return, and was quick to place the game on pause. The hot head should consider himself lucky, since few things could distract him from his beloved games.. but this would be good! Raph had been naughty... and he was dying to find out WHY! Not that her seriously expected to get an answer, but the quest should be fun, anyway.

    Don stepped out of his room and went over to Raph, standing nearby with his arms folded. He wanted answers. Raph paid no attention to him as he jabbed the bag with his right arm, and then kicking it with his left leg. Mike peeped in, watching his brother as he pummeled the poor punching bag, but seeing Donnie was already there, he bravely bounced inside. At least if Raph lost his cool, there would be someone to hide behind. "Hey Raph!" Mike greeted his brother's return.

    Don stood there shaking his head. "What were you thinking, Raph? Do you realize how much trouble you can get into from that little stunt you pulled?"

    "Like, ginormous stunt!" Mike added.

    Raph didn't stop punching but glanced at Don. He had no idea that they knew what he had done. "Oh yea. an' whut stunt would that be?!"

    "The one that should soon be all over the news? What STUNT?! The one where you broke the law by breaking someone out of a mental hospital! Just WHAT was going through your head at the time?!" Replied Don.

    Raph suddenly stopped as the bag swung towards him. He stopped it dead in its tracks without so much as wincing. "Ya been spyin' on meh again?!" He seethed as he glared at Don.

    ..and it in fact WAS all over the news. Mikko was sitting on the couch surfing through channels but stopped when her face appeared on the screen. "Well...this is not good." Though she expected it. now going out was going to be even more dangerous, and she would only leave if she had to. Mikko lit a cig and put the remote down, wanting to hear more about her story, she was still blissfully unaware that Gabe stole Casey's mask.

    Don wasn't a bit phased by Raph's anger. He stood his ground, although inside he was terrified of Raph's temper. But his own anger was winning the battle. "YES...we did!" He all but shouted. "And it's a good thing we did too!"

    Mike nodded in agreement with everything that Donnie was saying. "..heh.. you need to work on your stealth, bro!"

    Raph was equally unfazed. Don did raise his voice once in a long while, but Raph had no reason to fear it. He took a step towards Don, getting in his face. "So now yer' both doin' this stupid shit,.. lot a' good it did ya!" He couldn't believe they would stoop that low and was very upset by it more so of the fact that he hadn't noticed.

    Mike gave Raph a look, as if he'd suddenly grown an extra head. "Wow.. let's back up, dude. You're the one that helped her escape.. and WE'RE the stupid ones? Leo's gonna be sooooo mad!"

    "What's stupid, Raph! We were trying to make sure you stayed out of trouble!" This was going nowhere fast. But Don wasn't backing down--not this time.

    "You'll be doing back flips until you're thirty!! And scrubbing the bathroom with your toothbrush! Heh.. stinks to be you." Mike half scolded, half razzed his bro.

    *The fact that Mikey mentioned Leo sparked a whole other rage. He glared at him. "Like I give 'a damn! Go ahead Mikey, tell the one that's been sick as a fuckin' dog 'bout this! I dare ya!" He tried to lay on a guilt trip. It was true though poor Leo hadn't been out of bed in what felt like weeks. He ignored Don altogether.

    Don took a deep breath and tried again. "Raphael!!! LOOK AT ME!!!" He was still trying to keep his temper in check. He hadn't quite lost it yet. Raph slowly turned away from Mikey and looked at Don, he wasn't a bit surprised. He folded his arms across his plastron, and waited for Don to speak. Not that anything he said mattered to him at the moment. When Raph looked right at him, Don lost a little bit of his nerve. He's not one to give the lectures to his hotheaded brother. But still, he had to say what was on his mind. "Raph..." He began in a much calmer voice. " Why did you do it?"

    "Non of yer' business! I got it all under control." Raph lied.

    Don wasn't buying it. " Or really, Raph? Why not?" He sighed heavily. "Look, Raph. We don't want to see you get into trouble over this. We just want to know why." He knew that he didn't WANT to see Raph get in trouble. But it was a little too late for that now. He would get in SERIOUS trouble. Just hopefully not with the law itself.

    "Pffft." Raph rolled his eyes. As far as he was concerned, he owed no one an explanation especially, not to his younger brothers! "Its complicated an' I ain't gettin' in ta this right now!"

    "Okay. If you won't tell me WHY, then will you tell me HOW? How did you get past all the security cameras that had to be around there?"

    Mike certainly didn't want to see Raph get into THAT much trouble, either. And certainly had no intentions of being the one to tell Leo.. well, not intentionally anyway.


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    Re: No Good Deed goes Unpunished!

    Post by Michelangelo on Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:36 pm

    This worried Don greatly. He could bet that Raph had gotten around that somehow. At least...he hoped so. If not, then Raph was in more trouble than he could ever DREAM about. Raph was done with this, he turned around and stomped out of the training room, Don should already know how he got around, they were raised as ninjas after all, but that's not saying that he was careful on the way out..He went towards the kitchen for some water. He needed to get away from them.

    Don took some deep breaths, trying to calm down, when Raph walked out of the room. He was at a loss of what to do now. He shot Mike a worried glance. This had not gone the way he had hoped. It looked like the next step would be to talk to Leo or Master Splinter about this. *Mike returned Donnie's look, and shrugged. He knew Raph wasn't going to be an easy nut to crack about this, and they seemed to have gained no insight on WHY Raph had risked so much. He turned, destined for the den to resume his games.. but unfortunately Klunk had hit the power button. Now, the news was on, and the escaped girl's face plastered on the tube.

    "Urm....that's SOOOO not good... RAPH!!! Your handy work is on the Telly!" Mike shouted.

    Raph had gotten a glass of water and was gulping it down when he heard Mikey. His heart sank when he saw the picture on the news. Don rushed over and looked at the TV. "Oh, no..." His eyes widened as he continued watching the broadcast. "Raphie, you really got trouble now!"

    Mikko grinned as she watched, they said she was probably armed and dangerous. "Damn straight" She said to herself, the picture they showed was not flattering. She definitely looked more then a little crazy. the news cast mentioned her attacks within the nuthouse, and that the police should be called if she is spotted. Mikko leaned back and lit another cig with a grin on her face. "Well ain't this nice."

    "Maybe Raph will stop by." Mikko thought to herself, getting up and heading to the kitchen. She turned the TV off once the story was over and looked around for something to do. It was pretty boring there, and she wanted more company. Lucky for everyone Casey had decided to turn in early and was in his room.

    Mike's jaw dropped as he watched and listened on. Raph surely had no idea...right?!
    "Fuck fuck FUCK!!!" was all he could repeat in Raph's head. He hoped to god that Casey wasn't watching this right now. Don stood there just shaking his head. "This is NOT good..."

    Donatello shot Mike a very worried glance this time.Just what have you done, Raph? he thought, just shaking his head. Mike shot Don an equally worried look, and glanced over the couch, towards where Raph was standing.

    Well at least they didn't know who busted her out, Raph thought to himself, but that was the least of his worries. The news report was not good at all! She was now one of the most wanted people in the city. He stood there almost in disbelief, he had seen it coming.He sat down heavily on the couch, with his head down.

    Don was still standing there in shock at what he had just heard on the news. He looked down at Raph. "Raph. Please tell us what happened." He was no longer angry...he was scared for Raph.

    Raph sighed deeply now that they had already heard it from the news, he figured it was no use hiding it anymore. He needed help anyway although he wouldn't admit it. "She tricked meh."

    "She...tricked you? How?" Don sat down next to him. Ready to give him his support. Not because of what he had done, but for comfort for what he was going through now. For once, Mike was silent. He could totally sympathize with his brother, since he'd been down this road, only a few months before. His good intentions had backfired horribly. It just proved that despite their mutation, beneath the reptilian scales.. they were very much 'human'. They weren't immune to mistakes.

    "Well.." Raph began, unable to believe he was saying this. "See I jus' wanted ta talk to 'er ya know but when I got 'en there..she... uh went on 'bout how she was abused an'.." He gulped, "..pregnant an' then before I knew it she ran into da hall and threatened ta make a scene ta get meh caught. I didn't want ta break 'er out!!"He said with his eyes still downcast.

    Donatello listened as Raph explained the situation to him. He was starting to feel really sorry for forcing it out of Raph earlier. But he was very glad Raph was talking about it with them now. Don put a hand on Raph's shoulder. "I believe you, Raph. But how did you get in and out of there without being seen? There had to be camera's everywhere!"

    Raph rolled his shoulder to get Don to let go, he hated to be touched. "I jus' snuck around the blind spots, what else was I suppose ta do!?"

    "We gotta warn Casey!!!" Mike suddenly interrupted, obviously fearful that their friend could suffer a horrible fate.

    Don took the hint and dropped his arm back to his side. He had to hand it to Raph. He did do a great job with not being seen. Not that what he did was okay. He turned to Mike. "Yes...we do." He gave Raph an apologetic look. "Sorry, Raph. But Casey could be in trouble! We have to warn him." He remembered Casey and Raph's dispute the other night. He really didn't want to see their friendship ruined because of this. But--if Casey's life was on the line, that came first.

    "Hold it!!Ya can't tell 'em!" Raph's voice started to raise a bit. "We jus' need ta find 'er another place ta stay!"

    "But Raph, what if she comes back to his apartment to finish the job? She knows where he lives now."

    "Yeah Raph, he needs to know!" Mike agreed.

    "She'll be the one in danger if he finds out..Damn it!" Raph hated explaining himself. "She' the Purple Dragons." He finally confessed.

    That caught Don by surprise. "A Purple Dragon? Raph? What were you thinking?! Did you know this the whole time?!"

    "Hell no!! I jus' found out a few hours ago!" Raph stood up and tossed one of Mikey's games across the room. "I don't know what ta do 'bout it. He'll fuckin' lose it if he finds out!!"

    Mike whimpered as Raph tossed his beloved game across the room, and watched helplessly as it smashed against the wall. He quickly rushed over and tried to salvage it... but it seemed Don would have something to fix... later. Despite his devastation over his loss, he maintained the ability to see outside this trivial grief. A broken Casey wouldn't be so easily fixed. He turned to look at his brothers, allowing the damaged goods to at his feet. "We should go.. now!"

    Don stood up, trying to calm Raph down. " Raph, I understand that. But if he doesn't find out, it may be too late. You don't want anything to happen to him do you?"

    Raph did understand but honestly believed Mikko wouldn't do anything to Casey. "He'll be fine. He can take care of himself, she won't say anythin'... the Dragons are out ta get 'er!"

    "Do you REALLY believe that Raph? Can you honestly say that Casey can handle her? If she could trick you, then why couldn't she trick Casey too? Do you really want to take that chance?" If something DID happen to Casey, Don could bet that Raph would never be able to forgive himself. He really didn't want it to come to that.

    "If it'll make ya feel better I can take ya ta go meet 'er! Then you'll see she ain't that bad." Raph offered.

    "Okay, Raph. But we better get over there as soon as possible."

    "Ready when ya are." Raph said as he waited for his brother to lead the way. Don nodded and turned to Mike. "You coming, Mikey?"

    Mike quickly grabbed his chucks, then sprinted off towards the entrance. "Totally!"
    Raph followed, grabbing his hat and coat before walking out the door. Don smiled and held out the keys. "You want to drive?" Mike may not be the safest driver, but timing was everything and they needed to get there as soon as possible. Mike flashed Don a huge grin as he grabbed the keys, and headed off for the van. Once they reached the garage, he wasted no time climbing into the driver's seat, and waited for his bros. Don climbed in and buckled up, bracing himself for the ride. He was hoping he wasn't going to regret the decision to let Mike drive.

    Raphael had put on his trench coat and place his hat on his head as he climbed in. "I can't believe ya guys dive in this thing." He commented as he sat down in the back.
    Don sighed heavily. "I can't believe I'm saying this: But punch it, Mikey!" And Mike did so, tearing out and onto the street like a crazed bat outta hell. Still, doing his best NOT to draw too much attention to them.. as he ran traffic lights and stop signs..


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    Re: No Good Deed goes Unpunished!

    Post by Michelangelo on Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:37 pm

    Mikko started to go through Casey's things, looking in cabinets and closets. She spotted a golf caddy, inside were bats and hockey sticks, speckled with blood. She didn't know much about sports but knew that there was not this much blood involved. She plucked a bat from it's holder and looked at it more closely. She was definitely going to be asking Casey about this...This man must be nuts. Mikko started to think that it was about time to get rid of Casey.

    She spun the bat in her hand, and walked back to the couch. "CASEY!"

    Casey was snoring away and put the pillow over his head when he heard Mikko's voice. Whatever she wanted could wait. Mikko waited for a moment and got no answer. She bounced into his room with the bat and loomed over him. Casey noticed as she entered but kept the pillow over his face. "What the hell do ya want I'm sleepin' 'ere!?" He growled.

    "I just wanted to know who you been beating up with bats and hockey sticks." She asked cheerfully. She suddenly caught his attention. "What are ya talkin' about?!" He asked as he sat up, still groggy.

    "Bat.Sticks.Blood. ring a bell?" She folded her arms, still holding on to the bloody bat. "You some kinda nut job?"

    Casey rubbed his eyes trying to buy time to think of an answer. "So I play a lil' rough, don' see what the big deal is."

    "A little? Sweet heart, this looks more then a little..."

    "So I play a lot an' blood is hard ta get off wood so what. Can I go back ta sleep now doll?!"

    "You sure can, Puddin." With that she swung the bat as hard as she could at Casey's head. This guy was lying to her. And she was NOT going to be stuck with some lest not THIS loon. better him then her. The blow was a complete surprise and hit him hard, causing him to fall back down on the bed. He was conscious but stunned for the moment. "Damn." She thought to herself, she was hoping that the hit would have knocked him out. She raised the bat over her head before slamming it down towards his head.

    Casey was a little slow but managed to crawl to the floor before the bat met with the mattress. "Ya psycho bitch!!!" He was still struggling. "ME you're the one with blood all over everything! I ain't gonna sit back and let ya kill me!" she swung again .Casey avoided it again luckily she didn't seem to be that good at using the bat as a weapon. He then tackled her. Mikko dropped the bat and landed on her back. "HEY! Baby on bored, remember, ass hole!?"

    "HEY YA FUCKIN' HIT MEH WIT' A BAT YA STUPID BITCH!!WHAT THE HELL IS DA MATTER WIT' YOU!!!" He screamed angrily in her face as he pinned her down. She wasn't fazed by the screaming she just stared at him. "THERE WAS BLOOD ON THE FUCKIN BAT! I AIN"T JUST GONNA LET YOU DO ME IN?" Mikko struggled to get free, wiggling and biting at Casey's arm.

    "Arggghh..!!!!" Casey screamed as her teeth sank in his arm causing him to move. He gritted his teeth. "That has nothin' ta do wit' 'cha!! Why the hell would I wanna kill ya for!!!" He glared with rage in his eyes. Mikko sat up and moved away from him. "I don't know! There are LOTS of crazy's out there, that kill for no reason! How I know you ain't one of them?"

    "Well shit 'fer one 'yer Raph's friend an' two I don't have anythin' against ya!! uhh." His head was still pounding as he stumbled when he stood up. Mikko stood up, unsure now. "Ok..then....who do you have something against?"

    Casey stood up again this time stumbling into the dresser. "Ouff..! It ..don't concern..ya!" He said slurring his words."Fine..." Mikko walked past him back to the kitchen, this time she was going to arm herself with weapons. "So you in some kinda gang?!" She called from the kitchen tucking knives into the back of her pants. Casey could barely here her voice over the ringing in his head. His vision was getting blurry.

    Mikko walked back to his room. "You don't look so good..." She grinned. maybe she wouldn't have to worry about him after all. Casey tried to swing at her to make her go away but lost his balance. "Ooooh..." She watched him fall then walked out the room and back to the living room, she took the knives out of her pants and sat down to light another cig.


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    Re: No Good Deed goes Unpunished!

    Post by Michelangelo on Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:38 pm

    And soon, they were there. Mike parked the van within the shadows of the nearest darkened alleyway, and hopped out of the van. Raph had to hold his hat so it didn't fall off. "This ain't a' fuckin' race Mikey!!" He growled. Don had had his eyes shut the entire ride. When the van finally came to a stop, he opened them slowly. Then he released his firm grip on the dash and unbuckled himself. Stepping out of the van, he gave Mike a nod. They had to get in there as carefully as they could. Without drawing too much attention to themselves in the process.

    Raph climbed out of the van and followed his brothers into the building. Don turned around and glanced at Raph. "Why don't you lead? But stay very quiet. We don't want to announce ourselves yet." He whispered. Raph shrugged thinking Don was being way to cautious but did as he told. He led the way up the stairs. Don followed him up the stairs. He was hoping that he was just being over-cautious. But he had to make sure. For both Casey AND Raph's sake.

    Raphael finally made it up to room 304 and turned the knob. "It's locked." He whispered. Don had his hand on his bo just incase they ran into trouble. He sighed heavily. "Can you find anything to pick it with?" This was not how he wanted to check things out, but they were here already. So why not? He mentally cursed himself for not bringing his bag with him. In all the haste, it had gotten left behind.

    "I got nothin' on meh." Raph looked at Mikey.

    Mike searched himself, but finding nothing.. he shrugged. "I can go in through the window and let you guys in! I'll see ya on the other side!" With that, he disappeared. Raph watched him leave and waited impatiently.

    Mike would soon reappear at the window that Casey normally kept unlocked for them, which led into the kitchen. He was mindful to be cautious as he stepped in, but one of the old floor boards creaked a little too loudly beneath his foot. Dang it, Casey! It's time for a new apartment!.

    Don watched him leave waited anxiously. Mikko looked up and grabbed her knives, she quickly made her way to the kitchen, cigarette pressed tightly between her lips. She waited in a shadowy corner. For who ever was there to come out..IF anyone was there, she was become paranoid. Mike detected her movement. He could hardly see her, thanks to the shadowy corner she had tucked herself in. But he knew she was there. His eyes remained fixated in her direction, as he took another cautious step. "CASEY!!" He called out, hoping the psycho hadn't mangled him already.

    Mikko saw she had been spotted and rushed out from her hiding place at Mikey."Who the FUCK are you!?" She asked holding a knife out at him.

    Casey heard Mikey's voice and tried to move again. "Mikey.."

    Mike was quick to pull his chucks, ready to defend himself if need be. ".. Where's Casey?"

    Come on, Mikey! Don thought as he waited for Mike to open the door for them. A couple different scenarios were running through his head...reasons for causing Mikey's delay. Raph wasn't liking what he was hearing on the other side and started banging on the door.

    "That maniac is laying in bed. it was self defense." Mikko said anger in her eyes, mixed with a little bit of crazy. The knocking caught her attention and she turned her head to the door. "Raph with you?"

    "OPEN IT NOW MIKKO!" Raph yelled through the door. He was getting fed up with this little game. As Mikko turned her attention towards the door, Mike was quick to disarm her of the knife, and then sprinted towards the door to unlock it. His gaze remained fixated on the psycho, watching her every move.

    Don stared at Raph in shock. He sighed. So much for being inconspicuous. When the door finally opened, he rushed in, taking his bo out. "What's going on, Mike?"

    Raph quickly pushed his way though the door seeing what was going on. "What the hell happened?!" He seethed looking around. "Where's? Casey?!!"

    Mikko ran to Raph. "Thank god! did you know ya friend has been killing people with bats!?" She asked frantically. Though she didn't really know if that was true of not.

    "What!?" Raph gave her a questioning look. Don's gaze then fell on Mikko, and he got in a fighting stance. He wasn't going to let Mike take this crazed woman on by himself.
    "I found bats and hockey sticks with blood on them...he was gonna KILL ME!" Mikko explained frantically.

    "Where is he Mikko?!" Raph asked sternly while griping her wrist so she would stand back. "I left him in the bedroom." She said, finally realizing that she was pretty much surrounded.

    "Mikey go get 'em!!" Raph ordered.

    Mike looked at Don, and made a circling motion around his temple, signaling that she was definitely crazy. And at Raph's request, he sprinted off to Casey's bedroom, hoping to God that they hadn't arrived too late. "CASEY!!"

    A faint rattling could be heard in the corner of the room. "M..ik.ey.."

    Mike shook him frantically, and attempted to pull him up. "You okay, dude?"
    Casey got a sudden head rush being straight up again. "Whu..What happened?" He asked while trying to keep his balance. Mike pulled Casey's arm around his shoulder, helping him balance. "Easy.. looks like you got a bump on your melon! Heh.. good thing you're thick-skulled like Raph!"

    Casey tried to walk with Mikeys help.

    "As 'fer you!" Raph glared at her with rage clearly in his eyes. "He would never try an' kill ya!!"

    "How was I suppose to know that?" Was Mikko's reply.Don watched Mike go and then turned his attention back to Mikko.

    "he fact that he didn't attack ya shoulda been yer' first clue!!!" Raph squeezed her wrist hard without noticing, causing Mikko to wince and try to pull away. "Raph. ya hurting me."

    Casey suddenly remembered now. "Ya that crazy..bitch ..hit meh..wit' a'..bat I think..uhh"
    Mike winced at that, mentally kicking himself for being too late. But it could've been a lot worse. At least Casey was still alive. "Can you walk? We need to get Donnie to take a look at that looks pretty bad.".."Donnie!" He called out. "I think she broke Casey's melon!"

    Don watched the exchange between Raph and Mikko. He knew Raph was steaming now. He was standing by, on guard, if things got out of hand. But he knew Raph had to deal with this on his own. Raph was almost blinded he was so angry at her right now, for ever meeting her, or trying to help her out in the first place. He wished he could do it over take it all back. Mikko tried again to pull away from him. "Raph, let me go!"

    Raph pushed her back. "What the hell is wrong wit' you!!"

    Mikko stumbled back and fell. "I didn't know! I thought I was in danger!" She looked up at him. "I do ya a favor an' ya try an' kill my best friend!!" Raph seethed, almost shaking with rage.

    Hearing his younger brother's cries, Don chanced a glance in Mike and Casey's direction. He glanced between Raph and Mikko again, then looked back at Mike and Casey. Finally making up his mind, he went over to Mike and Casey* "Casey! What happened?" He asked him, checking out Casey's wound.

    "Bloody bats in his closet isn't normal, Raph! Maybe you don't know this friend as well as you think you do!" Mikko replied."I know 'em better then ya think!" Raph flashed one of his sais that were in his trench coat at her. Mikko wasn't sure if she should take that as a threat or not. She stood up. "It was self defense."

    " hit." Casey replied to Don, as the purple clad turtle kneeled down and instructed Mike to lay Casey down on the floor, somewhat upright so he could inspect Casey's wound further. He REALLY wished he had brought his bag with him now.

    Mike did as Don instructed, helping Casey down so that his brother could better examine the injury. He gave Don a worried look, know having every reason to believe that this girl was a serious danger.

    Donatello looked at Casey's injury, and shook his head. " Oh, Casey..." He said sadly, as he continued his work. He did what he could to dress his wound. He looked at Mike. " We need to get him on the couch. Can you help me?"

    Casey tried to help them as much as he could, but couldn't shake the overwhelming sleeping feeling. Mike gave a nod at Don, and once again pulled Casey's arm over his shoulder, and gave him a gentle tug up. "Don't go to sleep, Case.."

    As he was helping Mike to get Casey to the couch, Don saw Casey try to nod off. "You can't sleep yet, Casey." Casey tried hard not to nod off but it was getting harder.

    Raphael saw her stand up and noticed her defensive stance, he thought she may take it that way.. He Put his Sai back out of sight. "Whu, ya gonna fight meh now?! Tell meh what happened!!" Raph ordered, not buying the self defense story.

    Mikko relaxed a bit, oddly she did feel safe with the guy. "Ok look, I was bored so I started to snoop around, I looked in this closet and there is bloody bats in there... SO i go to Casey to ask him about it, there are LOTS of gangs that use weapons like that ya know, and gangs are after me..So I wanted to know. And he lied about it so I hit him...Then i walked out his room and that's when you guys came in."..."How was i suppose to know he wasn't going to use those things on me?"

    Raph had to physically try an stop him from striking her across the face. "It ain't self defense if ya hit 'em first!!"

    "I got him before he got me. self defense." Mikko replied. "Can I just stay with you?" She asked, not wanting to be around Casey a moment longer. Raph's eyes widened. He couldn't believe she had the guts to ask such a thing at a time like this. "I would never leave ya wit' a gang member!! Ya shoulda trusted meh! Now get the hell out. I got nothin' more ta say ta ya!" Raph turned his back to her.

    Mikko looked down, then walked over to the phone, She would call Gabe...she knew she couldn't stay with him..but maybe he knew of a place she could go. She picked up the phone and dialed his number, hoping that he would pick up.

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    Re: No Good Deed goes Unpunished!

    Post by Gabriel on Sun Mar 01, 2009 7:29 pm

    Hours had passed, and Gabe had returned home with the tattered hockey mask, and the nagging headache that wouldn't ease up. Assuming he was home for the night, he returned to the comforts of his bed, and once again drifted off to sleep.. but that was soon disrupted by the damn cell phone. Wincing in annoyance and pain, he pulled the pillow over his head, and tried to ignore it, but soon gave into it's persistency. He grumbled beneath his breath as he reached, and answered a bit angrily.

    "Whut?!" He had no idea who was calling, but was obviously irritated and tired.

    Mikko was very freaked out and her voice was nothing more then a low whisper. "Gabe.....that guy, Casey....I think he was gonna kill me,"She took a few breaths and looked over at the others. "He had a closet full of bats and hockey sticks...with blood!".."And now his friends are all here"

    Gabe sighed deeply, hearing that familiar voice... the same voice that had interrupted his rest only hours before. "You again..." He rubbed tiredly at his eyes, trying to will away the fatigue and sooth the irritation. "Sure yer not just bein' ..paranoid?"

    "I'm sure! Gabe, blood. on. bats. you don't think he could be that guy do you?" She had never ran into the masked man before but had heard talk around the streets. Gabriel certainly had reasons to suspect that Mikko's new 'friend' was indeed the infamous vigilante. He sighed again, and reluctantly pushed himself up "Did he attack you?"

    ", But I asked him about it and he wouldn't give me a straight I kinda..knocked him out."

    Maybe it was because he was sleep deprived, but that slightly confused him. His brows furrowed at her words. "You called to tell me that you think he's tryin' to kill you.. but you attacked him first?"

    "Yes!" It didn't seem that unreasonable to her. "I find a closet full of bloody bats and sticks. I felt threatened. And not only that, but his friend, kept telling me to not let him know that I was in a gang. but wouldn't tell me why it was so important."

    That was enough to confirm Gabe's suspicions about the man. Though, he would still be doing more in depth 'investigation' of his own. "Then get out of there, Mickey. Go back to rehab."

    "I...." She was going to agree with him up until that point. "I can't go back...just, tell they guys you know where that masked guy lives and get rid of him. Got to go...i think i'm going to get out the city."

    "You need help." Gabe knew that she wouldn't listen to him, but he tried anyway. Probably just wasting his breath. "You keep runnin', an' when they finally catch you, they're gonna take that kid away from you. Do yerself a favor, go back."

    Mikko whimpered a little trying to hold back tears. "I can't..."

    "So you'd rather live on the streets? You know it's only a matter of time before they catch you.. and you'll lose everything" He let that hang in the air. He knew that baby was her hope for the future, or at least that's how it seemed. Hopefully she wouldn't want to risk losing that.

    Mikko was silent for a bit then nodded. "Yeah...I need to...I need to just think."

    "Just get outta there. Go someplace and think... Salvation Army or somethin'.. but do the right thing." He briefly considered someone that could help, but wondered if he should drag his ex into this. It didn't seem wise.

    "Ok...thanks Gabe. I just, I feel so alone...and I don't know what to do...I'm just..lost.." She sighed and wiped her face. "I'm going to go. bye Gabe."

    Gabrie seriously wished there was more that he could do. Despite all the hell she had put him through. But he was honestly stuck, and his trust for her had almost dwindled completely. "Lemme talk to someone.. and I'll get in touch wit'chu tomorrow." He sighed deeply. "Keep yerself safe."

    "I will, thanks." She hung up the phone and grabbed a few bucks that were on the counter, and a knife before heading out the door.

    Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." - Bob Marley

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    Re: No Good Deed goes Unpunished!

    Post by Michelangelo on Tue Mar 03, 2009 10:20 pm

    Donatello had pulled up a chair next to the couch to monitor Casey carefully. He watched as Casey was, hopefully, resting comfortably. So many things were going through his mind at the moment, that he had paid no attention to the phone conversation. He had seen this coming. If only he could have gotten Raph moving a little faster. Casey may have been able to be saved from the beating he had received earlier. Mike stayed close by, and pulled a blanket snuggly over Casey, tucking him in.

    "Should I read you a bed time story?" He asked, hoping Casey could hear him. He certainly wouldn't mind the protesting at the moment. But Casey was having problems hearing much of anything, he was just so tired. He slightly moved his head which caused a surge of pain. "Uooff..!"

    Don saw him stir and kneeled down on the floor next to Casey. "Don't try to move Casey. Just rest." He whispered.

    Casey did as he was told and let himself drift closer to sleep. When he saw Casey relax from his words, Don smiled and stood up again, returning to his seat. He watched as Casey drifted off to sleep. He sighed as his thoughts returned to their scenario earlier. What could have been done differently. It wasn't ALL Raph's fault, he knew. There were other ways this could have been handled. How he wished Leo was here.

    Mike wondered if they should call Leo, to tell him where they were. But he knew that would only make him worry. Besides, Leo was sick. He needed his rest. They could handle it, right? "Soooo, I guess we're crashing here tonight, huh?" He really wished Casey's playstation worked.. dangit. Boredom would soon set in with a vengeance.

    Raph nodded. "Yep." He kept his hat and coat on as he found a stool in the kitchen to sit on. Don turned to Mike and nodded. "Yeah, I have to monitor Casey's progress throughout the night. Just to make sure everything goes okay."

    "We may need ta get 'em outta 'ere fer' a while, she's so paranoid that she may be back." Raph suggested, obviously worried about her possible return. Don turned to Raph. He was right, of course. This was what Don's warning was about to begin with. "Yeah. But should we take him back to the lair? I really don't know where else we can go."

    "He ain't gonna like dat'." Raph replied to his brother.

    Donatello knew deep down, Raph blamed himself for Casey's predicament. But Don wasn't going to play the blame game with him right now. They had to figure out their next move, first. He sighed. "So do YOU have any better ideas, Raph?" He was making this up as he went along. This was why they needed Leo. He could only do so much. And leading his brothers wasn't one of them.

    "I dunno." Raph said, a little frustrated. "April's, da' farm house..somethin'." He knew Casey wasn't found of being underground, especially with him. With the current situation that is.

    "We haven't talked to April for a long time. Do we even know where she is anymore?" Although...the farm COULD possibly work.

    "Not sure , thought ya might of've. Yer' the one always keepin' in touch." Raph said flatly. Don shook his head. "No, I haven't either."

    "Oooh! So we're going to the farm that time forgot?" Mike suddenly perked up.

    "We could, Mikey." Don replied.

    Well, Mike had mixed feelings about that. Sure, it was always fun to visit the old farm, and it was great to walk around out in the open.. but it could get boring at times. Still, he was definitely up for it. That old crazy neighbor made killer apple pies!

    Come to think of it no one has been to the farm house for a long time and God only knew what condition it was in now. "Might need a' lil' fixin' up." Raph reminded.

    "Right. And we could do that. If you guys are up for it." Don replied.

    "I'm up for it." Raph said. He couldn't say no anyway, it was his fault after all. "But we'll half ta wait til daylight."

    "Right. Because Casey shouldn't be moved until then, anyway." Donatello turned to both of his brothers. "So why don't you two try and get some sleep? I'll keep watch on Casey." He was really tired, but he was the one that had to keep an eye on Casey. If Don could make it through the night, he could sleep when they were on the road tomorrow morning.

    As if on que, Mike yawned tiredly. There was no games anyway, might as well sleep. "Yeah.. good idea!" He blinked. "But.... I don't have my kitty to snuggle with!" He gave Raph a sad look. "Could you go get Klunk??" He batted his eyes sweetly. "Plllease?"

    Raph wasn't in the mood and just grunted angrily at Mikey. Don shook his head at Mike. "Mikey, you can make it one night without Klunk."

    Michelangelo pouted sadly, but knew it probably wouldn't get him anywhere. "Aw, okay." Besides, he was probably keeping poor sickly Leo company, anyway.

    "It's late enough as it is. We have to get an early start tomorrow morning." Don smiled at Mike, reassuringly. "You'll be fine."

    Mike would certainly miss his kitty.. but Don was right. He would survive.. maybe. After finding a comfy blanket, and an oversized teddy bear to snuggle with, he curled up on the floor and soon drifted off to sleep.

    Raph wasn't wanting to sleep, he felt like he wouldn't be able to. "I'll stay up. You sleep."He said at Don.

    Don turned to Raph wearily. "No, Raph. You need your sleep. Unless you want to take turns. I'd be okay with that. Just let me take the first watch." He really wanted to take turns anyway. He highly doubted he could make it the entire night. He got so little sleep the night before.

    Raph got up and hung his hat and coat near the door, while making sure it was locked. "Ya go head but I ain't sleepin'."

    "Why not, Raph? This is just a precaution. We're pretty much out of the woods now. Casey should be fine."

    Raph knew that already. "Cause I don' feel like it!" He growled at Donnie.

    Don sighed tiredly and shook his head at his older brother's stubbornness. "Okay, Raph. Fine." He gave in. He was way too tired to argue with him anymore. "So did you want to take first watch instead?"

    Raph walked over to the couch and looked down at Casey, then back at Donnie. "Yea." He said, sitting in the seat Mikey had previously had.

    Don nodded to him and stood up from the chair. "Okay. I'll rest for a little while. Don't hesitate to call me if something happens. Goodnight, Raph. He turned to head into the bedroom.

    "Night." Raph said in a low voice as he watched him leave the room. He then looked back at Casey. "Sorry man." He whispered as he leaned down, resting his arms on his knees.

    Donatello entered the bedroom and walked over to the bed, climbing in it. He pulled the covers over him and settled in. His mind was still filled with worry. He hoped Raph would come and get him later so Raph would be able to get some much needed sleep. He knew for a fact that Raph hadn't gotten much sleep the last few days. With that last thought he drifted into an uneasy sleep.


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    Re: No Good Deed goes Unpunished!

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