It's all Raph's fault! Pt. 2


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    It's all Raph's fault! Pt. 2

    Post by Michelangelo on Fri Mar 13, 2009 4:01 pm

    [summary: After leaving the lair, Don, Mike and Leo head to Casey's to pick up the rest of the crew. Lectures ensue, and the mysteries of human underwear is revealed. Razz))

    Log edited by the almighty Mikko. Thanks much!

    Soon after leaving the lair, they finally arrived at Casey's. Deep down, Mike kinda felt bad for poor Raph, who would surely be getting another lecture. Then again, it should be amusing..Raph had been up since it all happened, Casey had only woken up a few times and had not talked much.He seemed to out of it still..

    Leo grew quieter as the trip progressed, save for a smothered cough here and there. His dark, brooding eyes on the road, as he pulled into a spot by Casey's place. Donatello was deep in thought. He knew that Leo was certain to give Raph the third degree. But he hoped that Leo wouldn't be too hard on the poor guy. And he sincerely hoped Raph wouldn't be too upset at him for telling Leo.

    Casey was still sleeping on the couch and muttered in his sleep and seemed to be having a nightmare.Raph was in the kitchen looking for something to wake him up, he wouldn't even mind coffee at this point. He was relived to finally find a coke in the fridge.

    Leo shuts down the engine, and sighs, checking the streets out.

    He popped opened the cap before chugging down half the can. It wasn't til then that he heard a small commotion coming from where Casey was resting.His dream was very vivid and he started jerking his body back and forth.Raph ran quickly to the living room and was a little panicked at the sight of Casey almost falling off the couch. He kneeled down by his side while trying to stop him from hurting himself.

    Don unbuckled his seatbelt and looked over at Leo. "Are you okay, Leo?" he asked in concern as he put a hand on his shoulder. Leo still didn't look very well, and he just wanted to make sure. Leo looked up a little too sharply at the touch to his shoulder, but then smirks thinly and nods* Yeah...yeah, I'm ok. Thanks, Donnie. *sighs* Let's get this over with..

    Casey did not recognize the grip, instead he thought it was Mikko trying to kill him again. He started yelling.* Get offa meh ya fuckin' bitch!! Raph yelled back and shook him* Snap outta it Casey it's meh Raph!!

    Donatello nodded and climbed out of the van. He waited for the others.Leo alights from the van as well, and heads for the building.He looked over at Mike and knocked on the window of the front passenger door. "Are you coming, Mikey?" he shouted through the glass.Don sighed and shook he head when he didn't get an answer. He decided that Mike could catch up if he wanted to and followed Leo inside the building.

    Casey finally opened his eyes and looked up. *Raph...? Whu whut happened?! *He said as he tried to sit up quickly. Raph leaned back while still kneeling on the floor, he didn't know what to say and tried his best just to calm Casey for now.* Ya got hit, an' meh an' my bro's are gonna take ya outta 'er for a' while." He had an immediate head rush as he sat up and leaned over putting his head in his hands.Thoughts from last night were slowly coming back to him now.

    Mike was quick to join his brothers, and wrapped his bandanna tails firmly around his head, as if he was trying to muffle out the lecture, long before it had started.he steps up to the door...and knocks...before trying the handle.Raph's attention was suddenly aimed towards the door. He quickly jumped up, and looked through the peep hole to see who it was.

    and there's Leo...looking dower, serious...with a nasty case of craniorectal insertion brewing. 'Just stay calm, Leo' he thought as he waited for someone to answer the door. All this stress couldn't be good for Leo's health either. So if things worked out right, both would remain calm... 'Yeah, right'. But one could hope right? Mike spared a quick glance at Donnie* ..big boom?

    A deep frown spread across Raphs face as he noticed it was Leo. Damn it! He was really hoping he was in a comma by now or lest til all this was over that is.

    Don looked at Mike and nodded.Raph slowly unlocked the door and walked away from it thinking that they would get the hint to let themselves in.As much as he wanted this to go well, he highly doubted that would be the case. Both could be extremely stubborn.

    Casey was still sitting up on the couch and tried hard not to fall asleep again, he was getting very confused. Leo heard the lock go...must be Raph. And that thought, much less dismissive action just made his jaw clench that much harder. He opened the door and strode in, taking stock of the place.or rather...taking stock of Casey and Raph more than the apartment itself*Don followed him in, but stayed back. He didn't want to be in the way when the bomb hit. And it was sure to do so...and soon.

    Raph walked back to Casey's side."Ya ok man?" Casey tried to look up.* Shit..! The hell if I know.I'll go get 'cha some water. * Raph said calmly as he walked past his brothers to the kitchen. Barely acknowledging they were there. He turned his head and looked at Mike and shrugged. Raph's reaction was to be expected.

    Don could feel the tension in the room. Now all that was left to do, was brace for impact! Mikey peeped out from behind Donnie, content to keep a low profile until the big boom hit, and smoothed down. He turned his head and looked at Mike and shrugged. Raph's reaction was to be expected. Don took this time to go over to Casey. "Casey, how are you feeling?"

    Casey rubbed his eyes and tried to look around again, this time he noticed the guys were there* Mikey..? He said warily trying to make sure his mind wasn't playing tricks on him again.Mikey finally stepped out from behind Donnie, as Casey called his name* Hey, Case! How's your owie? Good his mind seemed to be working fine enough* Like I got thrown off the empire state buildin'..*He replied tiredly."Whu the hell's goin' on...where are we goin'?!"

    Leo turns to follow Raph "Raph..".Raph huffed as he grabbed a glass from the cabinet and turned on the foccet.Leo SIGHED and grabbed Raph's shoulder "I'm talking to you!"

    "An' I'm ignorin' ya!" He seethed back, he wasn't in the mood for this..atleast not now."What ELSE is new? Raph, why the hell would you pull such a boneheaded stunt??"

    We're going to Noho! Mikey replied cheerfully "Want me to pack for you?"

    Casey sighed and leaned back on the couch "An' why are we goin' ta that old relic?" Don nodded to Casey. " Here, can I check your head? I just want to see how it's healing." He could hear the argument escalating in the kitchen. He sighed and shook his head. Casey let Donnie examine him it wouldn't be the first time. It still hurt like hell and he still felt disoriented.

    Raph rolled his eyes at him and nudged his way past him with a full glass of water.* Don't have time 'fer this!

    Because you've got an owie!" Mikey reminded Casey* ..I'll be sure to pack that big snuggly teddy bear ..

    Don tried to focus on his task in examining Casey's injury. It was looking better. He smiled and looked at Casey. "It's doing well. I'll keep checking it every day, but it looks like you'll completely recover.

    he sighed with exasperation and follows his brother* Right. I just want to know what's going on in that thick skull of yours to release a mental patient, then bring her HERE of all places..Raph continued to stomp forward and back to the couch, he was really starting to piss him off He handed the water to Don.

    He sighed in relief. "So tell me. Besides feeling like you were thrown off the Empire State Building, how do you feel? Any lingering problems at all?" Don took the water and offered it to Casey.

    Leo crossed his arms, but says nothing more, since Casey's lying right there and obviously in rough shape...concern for his friend overshadowing anger at his bullheaded brother.

    Don't worry, I'm a wiz at packing!! *Mike assured Casey, and lightly patpatted his shoulder, before disappearing into Casey's bedroom to pack.Casey took the water and started sipping it, he hadn't realized how thirsty he really was..He looked over at Don and replied in a low voice* I jus'feel funny, like the room still kinda spins ya know.Donatello nodded. "Yeah, that's normal with a concussion. It should fully pass in a few days. You should probably be careful when doing your activities, though. There's no telling when you might receive a dizzy spell."

    Casey wasn't the type to sit around, he moved his legs to the floor and looked down at the ground* I wanna know why we're leavin'!" Raph crossed his arms and sighed. "It's the safest thing to do, Casey" Said Leo. "Just take it easy, Casey. No sudden movements. You're going to have to have someone help you get around a little longer." Don told Casey.

    Casey tried to look up but felt dizzy so his eyes fell back to the floor..* Whu cuz of that girl?! She caught meh off guard I can take 'er! I don't need ta run from that crazy bitch!"

    Yo Casey! When's the last time you washed your undies? *Mike called out from the bedroom* Cuz they are majorly stinky!" Casey didn't hear Mikey. "But Casey, think about it. She knows where you live. Can you really relax with her on the loose?"Asked Don.

    ....humor me." Said Leo choosing not to react to the underwear sniffer in the other room.Humor ya?! *He shot a glance at Leo.

    She don' scare meh...! Yelled Casey. Don sighed and shook his head. Why did he have to be stuck with all this stubborn people? And all the yelling was giving HIM a headache. He rubbed his forehead tiredly.

    Leo doesn't bother looking at Raph, though he feels his eyes on him* Maybe she doesn't, but you still need to heal from what she did do, and you can't do that if she does come back here.

    Mike finally emerged from the bedroom with Casey's luggage, though he'd packed much lighter for the vigilante.* Why, oh why do humans even wear underwear?! *He looked at Don, since his brother knew everything.Don shot him a grin. "Do you really want to know the answer to that, Mikey?" He asked. "yeah!" Said Mikey.

    Casey was wanting to continue this argument but was starting to fell very sleepy again..* fine..*He muttered forcefully* But it ain't gonna be fer' long..! *He promised*" Sure, Case..." Said Leo.

    Raph was actually pretty relived that Casey agreed to go and just kept his mouth shut. Casey had been in such a fog that he had barely heard any of Mikeys remarks.

    Don still had that amused look on his face and walked over to Mike and whispered the reason in his ear. He pulled away and looked at Mike with that amused grin firmly in place. Watching his reaction. Mike just blinked, and stared wide eyed at his brother* Dude.. no way!

    Leo glances over to Don and Mike, arching his brows. He couldn't help it. That look on Mike's face was just priceless. He laughed out loud and put an arm around Mike's shoulder. "It's true." He gave his brother's shoulders a firm squeeze, then let go.


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    Re: It's all Raph's fault! Pt. 2

    Post by Michelangelo on Fri Mar 13, 2009 4:02 pm

    and he now glanced over at Casey, deciding that he NEVER wanted to see him naked!* April, however....Well, he'd keep those thoughts to himself.

    Leo shakes his head, looking back to Casey* Let's get moving. Mike slung one of the bags over his shoulder, and glanced over at Casey* Dude.. you need me to toss you over my shoulder, too?" Casey straggle for a moment while standing up and stumbled a bit.Don rushed over to Casey and helped him steady himself.

    Raph almost gasped but kept his distance as Don caught him. He then looked at Mikey* Ya parked out back?" Don put his arm around him and walked with him slowly. "Just take it one step at a time, Casey. No need to rush."

    Normally Casey wouldn't except the help but did due to how he felt. He leaned into Don and tried to balance.

    Yeah.. *and Mikey tried to collect the rest of the bags, and the oversized teddy, since Donnie was helping Casey.* But I got shotgun!! Leo reached out at seeing the stumble, but since Don's there...he gets the door. Raph nodded and headed towards the door.

    Don continued helping Casey towards the door. He threw Casey's arm over his shoulders to keep Casey upright as they walked. Raph grabbed his hat and coat and pushed right pass Leo and headed down the stairs. Casey followed Don out the door and to the stairs. Leo bristled at Raph, but followed his brothers.

    Now stairs were going to be difficult. He looked over at Casey and debated on his next move. He settled on holding onto Casey with both arms, with Casey's arm still around his shoulders. Then they made their way slowly down the stairs.He tennced up as they came to the stairs, and slowly followed Donnies lead. He was tring hard not to trip, He couldn't believe this he was supposed to be a bad ass vigulanty and here he was being escorted out down the stairs because of a PMS'ing pregnant woman.

    After making it down about halfway, he turned to Casey. "How are you holding up, Casey?" He grunted* I'm fine..!

    Raph followed in behind hos brothers, nearly tripping over his own two feet as he headed down the stairs.. but luckily caught himself. This was no easy task. For one thing, Casey was taller than him, so he had to compensate for that without losing his own balance. He was, once again, very grateful for his ninja training. Only a few more to go... He was breathing heavily in exhaustion from do this.

    Saddly Raph didn't have the keys and waited near the door impatiently. Casey just wanted all this over with as soon as possible. He continued leaning against Don for support as he made his way down the rest of the stairs.

    Leo inches past them once they finally hit ground level, and heads to the van, shooting an angry glare at Raph, but unlocking the doors.First Mike's bag and now this? Though Casey seemed way lighter than that bag. Well...maybe not. But it couldn't be too far off. Finally, they made it to the last step, and were on solid ground again.Now all they had to do was make it to the van

    Raph returned the glare while crossing his arms. Shotgun, I call shotgun! Mikey reminded, everyone within earshot.. and beyond. Casey almost chuckled as he heard Mikeys voice.Atleast he was in a better mood then he was.

    Don grunted in effort. "Yes, we know that, Mikey!" he stated extremely annoyed. ...yeah, Spice Girls, MIke! *pauses* ...or boy bands for that matter. "Awww, No Justin?" Mikey asked Leo.

    "I'm bringin' Sexy back!"

    Don was glad that Leo spoke up about Mike's choice in music. If he didn't then Don certainly would! Leo grumbles and rubs a temple...that headache that had been brewing since seeing Raph has started spiking.

    "Shud up Mikey!" Raph seethed as he climbed in the back seat.Leo shakes his head and gets in the driver's seat, starting up the engine.Mikey tugged Raph's tail as his brother climbed into the back, then quickly hopped into the front.. and reached for the radio.

    Raph tried to swip back but oddly wasn't quick enough, it was a small space after all. He just grunted loudly as he sat as far back as possible. They made it to the van and Don helped Casey into his original seat--since that was the easiest one for Casey to get in and out of. Don took the one next to him. Casey pulled himself with Donnies help, into the seat and slowly buckled his seatbelt. He then leaned the seat far back to lay down..

    Raph's expression grew softer as Casey climbed in the van..he really felt like shit now..He pulled his hat down over his eyes and scooted behind Donnies seat so he would have more room for his legs.

    Leo pulled out once everyone was settled...bound for out of the city. Don settled in and buckled his seatbelt. He shot Casey a quick glance as they headed out.Casey laid back and closed his eyes.

    Don sighed and stretched out the best he could. But he still had Mike's damn bag in his way. He leaned over and tried pushing it over so he had room to stretch his legs out. He was somewhat successful and leaned back--preparing for the long ride.

    and Mikey finally found a song, grinning brightly as he settled on the station* Love me love me... saaaay that you love me!" This was going to be a loooong ride thought Raph. 'Oh no...' Don groaned and slapped his hand on his forehead


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