First Kiss

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    First Kiss

    Post by Lexi on Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:06 am

    Raph kept up his quick pace as they headed into the apartment building, thoughts about what just happened was still going through his mind. As they made it to her floor he waited impatiently for her to open it.

    Lexi was still a little shaken over the night's happenings, but despite her concern for Raph, she decided to keep quiet for now. She could see he was still reeling, and wanted to give him time to compose himself. She unlocked the apartment, pushing the door open for him to enter first.

    He entered quickly while taking a deep breath,. He waited for her to enter and close the door before he took off his fedora.

    Once he was safely inside, Lexi closed the door and locked it. Now, she turned to him and slowly approached. "I take it you've had run ins with her before." She commented quietly, as she placed her bag on the coffee table.

    He slightly nodded at her comment although he wasn't proud of it and dropped his hat on the coffee table. He then slumped hard onto the couch with his elbows leaning against his knees. "It's my fault." He said in a low tone thinking about that young girl Daisy.

    Lexi sat beside him on the couch. She gave him a look of confusion and concern as she placed a hand on his knee, giving a comforting squeeze. "What's your fault?"

    He sighed not wanting to really tell her about it, especially since she seemed to dislike her as much as he did." Dat' she got out an' now she's got dat girl Daisy wit' er'. Damn I really fucked up!" He was frustrated and wondered why he had to be the one to run into her again.

    Lexi gave him another light squeeze. She didn't know the whole story, but knew he was taking blame that wasn't rightfully his. "Your fault she got out?" She would leave that open. If he wanted to talk about it, she was there to listen, but she wouldn't press.

    He nodded." Yea da' nuthouse, I snuck in ta see 'er an' she fliped out wanted meh ta take 'er wit ' meh. I told 'er no an' she threatened ta make a' scene ta get meh caught. So I got 'er out an' got Casey ta let 'er stay fer' a while cause she was pregant but after a' few days she got some bullshit idea dat he was gonna kill er'! Den she beat 'em upside da head wit' a' bat an' I kicked 'er ass out!" He talked as if he was trying hard to fit the story together. He was horrible at details, but he seemed to feel comfortable enough to tell her all this maybe it was because she confided so much in him a few days ago. He shifted his weight on his knee's and was again feeling uncomfortable in his street clothes and was debating taking them off.

    Lexi was doing her best to take it all in. She listened attentively, but so many questions remained. She didn't want to pry, but now that he had revealed that much to her, she couldn't help but ask. "How did you meet her?"

    He sat resting his back against the couch. "Last Halloween she got in ta some kinda fight outside of a' store. Da guy ran off but not before shootin' er' in da arm, she had a' pink teddy bear an' was mumblin' 'bout givin' it ta 'er boyfriend 'er some shit like dat." He was tring hard to remember it was a little fuzzy. " I had one hell of va' time gettin' 'er ta go ta' da hospital." He then suffled around a bit before looking over at Lexi. "Mind if I take dis shit off?"

    "She's not a very good person, Raph." Lexi sighed deeply, and reached over to give his hand a gentle squeeze. "It's just unfortunate that you had to find this out the hard way. His request earned a small, cheeky grin. "Go for it, babe."

    He grinned back at her it was the first time he had done that in a while. He stood up slippin off his trench coat and layed it on the arm of the couch, his sais where in the inside pockets. He then kicked off his shoes and took off his pants along with the gloves. He felt a little better as he sat back down on the couch resting on arm over the top of it. Now it was his turn to ask her a question. "Wha' 'bout you? Ya two seemed protective over dis 'Zeke' guy?" He asked causually he wasn't expecting an essay anwser but was just a little curious.

    Lexi watched as Raph peeled out of his clothes. The more time she spent with him, the less differences she saw in him. He was as much human as anyone else she knew. Though, his honor and personality definitely set him out from the rest. She once again found herself taking him in, her eyes traveling over those toned muscles of his. She oh so wanted to run her fingers over his skin, but was brought back to her senses as he inquired about Ezekiel. Though it was a simple question, the mere name caused her heart to ache. "Yeah, I don't have many true friends, but I'm generally a very protective person, over those I care about." She couldn't help but frown. "He was my boyfriend. And 'her' sworn brother."

    "Oh.."Now it was starting to make a little more sence,he must be with the purple dragons same as Mikko. From what he overheard from that man that came to visit her that one day. He shook the thought from his head though it wasn't any of his business. He saw that it was upseting her and decided to drop it.

    "I first met her on Christmas." Lexi informed. He seemed willing to let it drop, but it was nice to have someone to talk to. "She dropped by Zekie's when he and I were still seeing each other." She gave a small shrug. "She never liked me. I've never done anything to her, but I'm kinda used to being hated." Lexi finally reached over, allowing her fingertips to slide along the contours of his muscles. "But after she nearly got my boys killed, I had every reason to dislike her. But still, I tried to help her, because Gabe asked me to. He's too foolish to see that she's just using him." She frowned deeply. "I just don't understand. He's usually really guarded, but she seems to have him wrapped around her little finger. Even though she's nearly killed him, twice."

    He took a small breath as her finger tips ran over his arm, and he really wanted to return the guesture but didn't want to make her uncomfortable, he just leaned into her touch."Damn! Yea she's one crazy bitch guess he'll never learn." He didn't think to connect Gabe with the man that had met Mikko in Caseys apartment months earlier.

    Lexi couldn't suppress a grin as she noticed him leaning into her touch. She allowed her fingers to roam, gliding lightly over his reptilian skin. "Yeah. If only Zekie was around, maybe he could beat some sense into him, before it's too late." She knew Ezekiel certainly wouldn't approve of his little brother's involvements with Mikko. "So. I'm guessing the infamous Nightwatcher has had many encounters with Purple Dragons?"

    He nodded."Yea but there small fry compared ta da Foot." He was enjoying her touch and counldn't help but feel as if she were teasing him again. He grinned at her. "So wha' happen's when Zekie come's back?" He just felt the need to know for odvious reasons.

    That was definitely a loaded question, and something she seriously needed to answer to herself, too. What would happen when he came back. A small frown tugged at the corners of her lips. "We'll remain friends, hopefully. I'll never stop caring about him." She replied quietly, her fingers still tracing those sculpted arms of his, and appetizer for her craving for some form of contact. "But I don't think he's ready to move on. His heart still belongs to Sal." Her fingers finally changed course, now tracing along the scoots of his plastron. She gave him a questioning look. "Can you feel that?"

    That answer was what he was hopeing for, he noticed she was touching him more and watched as her fingers traced his arms then his plastron. He smiled at her curiousity."Yea, it ain't as sensitive as my skin though." His breathing was getting a little more shallow as an almost overwhelming feeling near the bottom of his plastron.

    Lexi's curiosity was certainly growing. She allowed her fingers to travel along the crevasse of his plastron, venturing dangerously close to the area between his thoughts, but quickly changed route. Now, she gently caressed his muscular thigh. She was seriously wondering what he was packing 'down there', and just how was he equipped? So many questions that seemed too intimate in nature, and she wasn't sure if he was comfortable enough to answer that, just yet. "So.." She flashed him a sweet smile. "You know my dirt. What about you? Ever been in love?"

    He took a deep breath as he allowed her to wander around his body and nearly lost it when she came a little to close to the sensitative area between his thighs. He grabed her hand pressing it firmly against his outter thigh. He wasn't sure how much more teasing he could take from her. He chuckled at her question. "Meh? Naw never knew any women."

    Lexi was certainly enjoying teasing him. She gently bit on her bottom lip, seeing his reaction. So he'd never been in love? She thought that was a little sad. "Then you've been spared the heartbreak." Because she was seriously beginning to believe that's all love was. "But you're probably still young, too." And now, she realized she didn't even know his age. "How old are you? 19? 20?"

    "Hmm.." It was funny that he never really thought about age before now, nor was he used to being asked. "19, how 'bout you?"

    19. That seemed so young. But he seemed way more mature than his age. "Yeah, you're still young. I'm sure you'll taste love's pain someday." Her fingers continued along his leg, slowly edging towards his inner thigh, but careful of her boundaries. "24." Never in her life had that seemed so old before.

    24 didn't seem bad to him although there was a good 5 year difference between them. He saw himself as a man from the age 18 and would hope she would think of it that way."Maybe." He replied to her love's pain comment.. He smirked as she started moving her hand again. "24 ain't bad, still young. Yer' a' real tease ya know." He said as he grabed her hand again but this time he rubbed the back of it with his thumb.

    Lexi definitely saw him as a man. He was certainly more of a man than some of the human males she had dated. She gave him a devious look as he rubbed her hand, enjoying the feel of his seemingly harmless gesture. Her free hand reached up to caress his cheek. She leaned closer, her lips hovering dangerously close to him. She was torn. But her curiosity to feel those lips of his finally won out. Finally, she pressed a light kiss against his lips.

    It wasn't unexpected but he was still nervous, he returned her kiss as best as he could with his wide mouth. He took his hand off of hers and reached for the small of her back 'bout damn time!' he thought as he tryed to make the kiss last longer.

    It was certainly different, but his lips felt nice against hers. She allowed it to linger, eyes sliding closed as she felt his hand against her back, a complete sign of trust. Her fingers continued caressing his cheeks as she kissed him. After a moment, her eyes finally slid open, and she pressed a grin against those wide lips of his. "Mmm.. not bad." She winked.

    He almost let out a smal groan as he felt her hot breath against his face. His lower body started fidgiting she was driving him wild. He began to rub her back firmly craving more. "Not ta bad yer' self." He teased in a low tone.
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    Re: First Kiss

    Post by Lexi on Sat Aug 15, 2009 4:21 pm

    Lexi masked a cheeky grin, fully aware of just how wild she was driving him. He betrayed in his features, and the firm ministration against her back. Part of her was curious, wanting to take this further. But while she wanted to explore and experience every inch of him, her mind was racing. He was a different species, after all. It felt wrong, but right all at the same time. But it all came back to how she felt about him. He wasn't that different at all. But deep down, her heart wasn't quite ready to take that next step. She planted a teasing kiss against his lips, and gave his thigh a gentle squeeze. Maybe she wasn't ready to go any further with him just yet, but teasing was her specialty.

    Raphael grinned as she kissed him and the gentle squeeze on his thigh made him think that she would be willing to go a little further. In truth he hadn't known her for very long at all but felt a strong attraction to her, perhaps it was just his many boyish fantasies that he had had while looking through them playboys over the years but there was a slight chance that it may be more. Either way he thought he wouldn't regret going all the way. He finally mustered up enough guts to kiss her lips as his hand slipped under the back of her shirt.

    Lexi tensed slightly as she felt his hand slip beneath her shirt. It made her uneasy, but she couldn't deny how wonderful his reptilian fingers felt against her soft skin. She returned his kiss, still fighting the battle within. She wanted to protest, to pull away, but body was certainly winning over mind in this instant. She soon relaxed beneath his touch, her lips still exploring his. Her fingers continued their soft motions against his thighs, caressing the outer realm before slowly venturing inward..

    A burst of excitement rushed over him as she didn't pull away and the pressure between his thighs began to tingle in anticipation of her touch. His hand moved slowly across her back admiring the softness of her skin his hand moved further up as each kiss he gave her became more passionate.

    Lexi was struggling to find her reserve, but he was making that extremely difficult. His hands were like heaven against her skin. How could this be so wrong when it felt so good? Still, the slight aching in her heart managed to penetrate the haze of his intoxicating influence on her. But she couldn't keep holding onto something that was never really hers. Her free hand reached up to caress his cheek as she returned his passionate kisses. Her fingers ventured dangerously close to the edge of his lower plastron, curious to explore that part of his anatomy too..

    Raph's breathing became faster as her hand was now dangerously close, the throbbing under his shell was beginning to be more then he could stand. He could smell her sex was so intoxicating to him and was something he had never experienced before. His hand had made it to her bra strap as he tried to unhook with little luck he brought his other free hand to help.

    As he struggled with her bra, she removed her shirt, tossing it aside before reaching back, giving him a hand. Oh God, what was she doing! She knew she should stop this, but her need to feel wanted again was muddling her defenses.She allowed the straps to slide down her slender arms, exposing her perfect breasts. Her tongue lightly flicked across his lips as her fingers made brief contact with what resided beneath that shell of his. Her free hand took his, pressing it against her breasts, an invitation to explore her..

    Raph couldn't believe this was really happening but hell why question it. His eyes widened as he briefly broke their kiss to look down at her gorgeous breasts. Then his attention was drawn elsewhere as her fingers made contact with the bottom ridge of his shell a low groan escaped his lips as she grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast. He squeezed and kneaded it with his fingers while quickly moving his thumb over her nipple. Her tongue was met with his as he opened his mouth.*

    Lexi's eyes slid closed, savoring the exquisite feel of him kneading her breast. She emitted a soft moan, still teasing what she assumed was his 'package'. She was curious to see just what he was hiding under there, but decided to let him set the pace. A surge of excitement coursed through her, imagining just how talented that wide tongue could be. She kissed him deeply, massaging his tongue with hers..

    He closed his eyes as he tried to put his tongue in her mouth, but it was a little awkward due to the size of it. He continued to knead her breast as he put his free hand on her hip tugging her to sit on his lap.

    Lexi's hand slowly slid from between his thighs, and she slowly straddled him. Despite her best effort to remain in control, her need for him was souring out of her control, made evident in her scent. She gently grinded against him, trying to satisfy the yearning between her thighs. She moaned quietly against his lips, and continued to kiss him..

    "mmm..!" Raph moaned as she rubbed herself against him her scent was getting stronger. He couldn't hold it any longer as his package slipped out of his shell, he took his hand and grabbed a hold of his cock to ease the strain. He then began to kiss and lick down her jaw and to her neck, he wanted to rip her pants off. He took his hand off her breast and placed it down the back of her pants through her panties. He grabbed her ass hard as his breathing got heavier, he would need to relieve himself soon..*

    Lexi watched on in amusement as he finally released himself. Her small fingers gently grasped around his shaft, giving him a gentle stroke as she moaned against his lips. She pressed a cheeky grin against his lips when he made the bold move to slip his hands down her pants, giving her ass a good squeeze. "Mmm.. naughty boy.." She whispered seductively against his lips, still grinding against his lap. The kiss lingered for a moment before she finally forced herself to break, flashing him a cheeky grin as she slid from his lap. Now standing in front of him, she slowly and teasingly slid out of her jogging pants, exposing the sexy g-string underneath. She flashed him a wink before sitting in his lap, her back now facing him. She reached an arm back to caress the back of his neck as she gave him a lap dance, hoping to add to his anticipation..

    He chuckled at her comment and watched her as she stood up, his eyes examined her beautiful curves as his grin widened as she backed up onto his lap.* "Oh..hell yea..!" *He breathed into her ear, this is what he had been wanting all day and was very satisfied with himself. His hands wandered and started pulling at the strings around her hips, his hips tensed up as his cock rubbed against her skin begging for her warmth..

    Lexi continued teasing him, rubbing her ass against his lap, intentionally making contact with his needy member. Her shoulders rubbed against his plastron as her hand continued to caress the back of his neck. She craned her head back, breathing heavily against his lips as she kissed him. Her free hand reached around to take his, slowly guiding it in between her thighs..

    He kissed her back deeply as she guided his hand between her thighs, he got the idea about what it was she was wanting. He smirked as an almost primal urge came over him and instead of doing what she wanted he pushed her to her feet,turning her to face him with his ninja like speed. He then stood picking her up with ease with both her legs on either side of his hips. He kissed her passionately as he carried her to the hallway pinning her hard against the wall.* "bedroom..?!" * He asked with his heated breath against her ear. He obviously wanted more room to play..

    Lexi was amazed by his speed and strength. She wrapped her slender legs around his bulky 'waist', her arms slipping around his neck. She returned the kiss with equal passion, but that nagging feeling was once again rearing its ugly head. Still, she tried to remind herself that Ezekiel didn't want her. Or, at least that's how she was left feeling. She gently nuzzled against his neck, nipping lightly at his skin. "Mmhmm..."

    Raph kissed her one more time before going down the hallway, the bedroom was a little difficult for him to find but he managed. He tossed her on the big roomy bed climbing on top of her, it was his first time being in her room though he didn't take the time to look around. He grabbed her g-string, pulling it down as quick as he could and tossed it somewhere on the floor. Her smell was overwhelming and he wanted to take her there and now but instead he tried to slow himself down but was failing at it. He quickly kissed her lips then down her neck til he got to her breast, he took it in his hand as he placed his mouth over her nipple sucking hard.*

    Lexi allowed him to remove her underwear, finding his confidence and control highly arousing. She returned his kiss with equal passion, finding her self craving him as his lips traveled along her skin. Her breathing hitched as he drew her nipple in between his lips, feeling his hard suction. Her back arched, fingers digging into the expensive silk sheets. "Oh god.." Her sensual moans complimented his actions, urging him on. Any will she had was lost in that moment, overtaken by the mass amount of pleasure he was producing.
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    Re: First Kiss

    Post by Lexi on Mon Aug 17, 2009 2:11 pm

    (Huge thanks to Kitty for logging! *hugs*)

    He was very pleased by her cries of pleasure and felt it was okay to continue exploring her lower region. One shakey hand traveled down between her thighs as he started feeling the hot wet liquid that he was most certainly causing. He wasn't exactly a master at this sorta thing about the only thing he had to go on were some old porno's he'd watched and he hoped he wouldn't screw this up. His sucking slowly stopped as he lightly kissed around her chest..

    Lexi arched her back, feeling his hand between her thighs. Her hand slipped down, pressing his fingers against his sex as a gesture of invite, willing him to continue. It was all she could do to keep from bucking her hips in anticipation. It felt so good. Too good to be bothered with just how wrong it was. As much as she wanted to take control, it was his first time.. she would let him explore her, and set the pace.

    He got up on his knees to get a look at what he was doing, he grinned down at her as she gestured him to enter her. He took several deep breaths as he slipped his thick finger inside of her feeling the wet tightness around his finger made him moan slightly. He continued to look down at her sex as he pulled his finger in and out quickly..

    "Mmmm.." She moaned softly, fingers digging into the sheets as she felt his bulky finger enter her, gliding in and out in a quick motion. She marveled at the girth of his fingers, it felt absolutely divine. "Mmmm.. babe.. that feels so good.." She managed to compliment through labored breaths, spreading her thighs a little wider to give him better access. Her sex was dripping at this point, coating his fingers in her warm wetness.

    His heart began to pound as her comment made it skip a beat, her smell now completely overwhelmed him. He pulled his finger out, it was now drenched out of curiousity he brought it to his mouth to taste it. The taste was sweet and sticky and only added to his urgency. At that moment he couldn't take it anymore his erection was starting to hurt from not relieving it right away. He positioned himself between her legs gripping each arm around each of her legs to hold her up for better access. His throbbing dick slowly entered her but not all the way. "Ya.. want dis?!" He smirked between labored breaths.

    "Mmmmm.." She moaned loudly, feeling the head of his cock push inside her. This was driving her over the edge, craving his full thickness inside her. She arched her hips, giving him better access. She knew what she wanted, and gazed at him with lust-filled eyes. "You know what I want.." She whispered seductively, her chest rose and fell with each labored breath. "Fuck me.."

    He did as he was told pressing his whole dick inside her with one big thrust. Problem was that he had to move his whole torso due to his shell which caused him to fuck her with hard long strokes. Once he got used to the movement he went a little fast as he watched her breasts bounce around on her chest with each thrust. Her body clamped hard around him causing his breathing to quicken. She felt so damn good! His body had never felt so satisfied before..

    She winced slightly as he entered her a little too eagerly, but that discomfort was soon lost within the depths of intense pleasure. Her walls finally accommodated to him, her toes gently rubbing and caressing his leg as he pounded her. A sensual moan emitted with each eager thrust, but she craved his closeness. She gazed at his with longing eyes, reaching down to take his hand. She wanted to taste those lips of his, to feel his massive hands against her breasts. She was too lost in her lust to realize how difficult that position would be for him..

    He looked down in her eyes as she grabbed his hand, and although he knew she wanted him to interact with her more he couldn't. It took most of his strength and willpower to fuck her, if he were to move his arm he'd surely drop her and have to stop all together. He was way to close to losing it to stop now, but he did grip her hand though as if to comfort her. He continued his thrusts until he went over the edge with one final movement he came inside her. He groaned loudly..

    Lexi was a little disappointed when he didn't become more intimate with her. She couldn't understand, but she accepted his small gesture, and savored the exquisite sensations he was producing. And suddenly, his orgasm took hold and she felt the unmistakable warmth fill her. She emitted a small gasp, her eyes widening in realization of what had just happened.

    With one last deep breath he pulled out completely satisfied with himself and thought that Lexi felt equally so. He put her down gently before slumping over next to her, he then reached for her odviously not noticing something was wrong..

    Naturally she was fearful of the consequences of their actions. Her mind was racing. She could NOT get pregnant! That would certainly cost her her occupation. And what about the kid? The unknowing scared her to no end. Now, he was reaching for her and she nearly pulled away, confused by his actions. Just a few seconds ago, he was denying her intimate physical contact. And now? To add assault to injury, the guilt was beginning to settle in her heart. She felt overwhelmed. But despite that muddled mixture of feelings, she eventually rested beside him, slowly cuddling closer. There was a distant look in her eyes, the tears threatening to come. What had she done! She had always been a very sensual person, but despite her occupation as an adult model, she only slept with men out of love. She had strong feeling for Raph, sure. But things had moved much faster than she had planned. She swallowed thickly, trying to push that all aside for now. The deed was done, and the guilt would be hers to bear alone. She nuzzled against his neck, trying to distract her mind. "Mmm.. that was great, babe.." She planted a light kiss against his neck. "But I really hope you're sterile.."

    Her subtle actions hadn't gone unnoticed to him and now he was begining to get a lump in his chest. He nuzzled her back putting an arm around her. He grinned at her compliment but her next comment wiped that away. 'shit!' he thought to himself he never even thought about kids, well hell he never thought he'd get this far either. His thoughts did go back to what he heard Donnie saying about them being reptiles and not being able to have children with mammals, so wouldn't that mean he was safe? He decided to trust that fact. "Babe I'm a' reptile I can't have kids wit' cha'.." A long pause passed before he spoke again. "wha's da matter?" He asked he knew he'd fucked up again..literally.

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    Re: First Kiss

    Post by Raphael on Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:56 pm

    Hearing that was somewhat of a relief, but just how much of him was reptilian? His physique was so similar to a human. In fact, she didn't see a big turtle when she looked at him, but a man. One that was easy to talk to, and one she found herself drawn to. Hence, her current situation. She found comfort in his gestures, and melted into his arms, but that couldn't sooth the guilt she felt eating away inside. This had been too fast, and she only had herself to blame. She had initiated it with her curiosity and teasing, and had become too caught up in her lust to stop it. Perhaps it was her fascination with him that had led her here. She had always had enough reserve to control herself with other men. But he was intoxicating, and the fact that she couldn't trust herself with him was a little scary. Hearing his question, she decided to spare him of her internal conflict, and just squeezed him tightly, nuzzling his neck. "You don't... think I'm a whore, do you?" She found herself asking, her voice quiet and sad. Being in her industry, she was used to people thinking that of her, and it didn't matter. But strangely enough, it mattered what he thought of her.

    Her question caught him by surprise, was that what she thought he was thinking? He knew she was serious about it though and he had no problem telling her what he thought.* " Naw babe I'd never think that of ya, yer' very sexy!" He grinned giving her a squeeze.

    Lexi managed a faint grin at that. It was a relief to know, but it didn't help her conscience much. Her finger traced along the contour of his plastron, venturing over to the bridge of his shell. "Mmm. I think you are, too." She winked at him, and planted a soft kiss against his neck. "I usually don't do this.." She quietly commented, referring to their current situation. But she cringed at her own words. Didn't every girl say that? "But there's just something about you that drives me crazy." She whispered against his skin.

    His grin softened as she still tried to convince him that she didn't sleep around. He found it a little amusing that she didn't believe him and wasn't sure why she didn't But still he tried to reassure her. "I believe ya babe, can't say it's a' regular thing fer' meh either." He was getting tired and had no idea that sex took that much energy. He ran his hand over her chest feeling that she was getting cold he then looked around and noticed they were laying on a bed after all. He sat up pulling the already messed up blanket down to cover her.

    Lexi closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of his fingers as they moved across her chest. His touches were soothing, and his kind gesture definitely hadn't gone unnoticed. She grinned at him, running her fingers over those strong muscles of his. "You really are the perfect gentleman, aren't you." She commented quietly. She was also getting tired. The day had been very eventful, and she could only wonder where this would all lead them to. What were his intentions? Was this a one time thing, or was he hoping for something more?

    Raph chuckled at that, if only she knew of his explosive temper and harsh sarcasm. He had been on his best behavior around her though..well if you don't count the sex part that is. He wondered how she would react to the normal him and if she'd even like him afterward. But these things would take time to answer but for now he took it upon himself to be her protector. He was also wondering if this meant any changes in their relationship, but he will again leave it up to her and felt he had no right to ask her such a thing. he obviously liked her a lot to let her touch him the way that she did. He got under the blanket beside her and laid on his side facing her.* "Sometime's." He replied to her comment* "So ya workin' ta'morrow?"

    Lexi once again snuggled against him, and allowed her eyes to close. True, she had yet to see that other side of him. It seemed they both had a lot to learn about each other, and she was certainly looking forward to that. "Yeah. I have another signing." She nuzzled against him. "So I guess that means I'll be seeing you tonight, too?"

    Raph grinned at that and again put his arm around her and yawned.* "Guess so.." *He then closed his eyes.

    Lexi smiled at that. It felt good to actually have something to look forward to again. She felt so secure in his arms, a feeling she had definitely missed. It didn't take long for her to drift into a peaceful slumber.

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    Re: First Kiss

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