Bar: A.J.'s Bar (Lexi/Turks/Spike/Nobody) [Mar. 19. 08]


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    Bar: A.J.'s Bar (Lexi/Turks/Spike/Nobody) [Mar. 19. 08]

    Post by Rogue on Mon Sep 07, 2009 1:06 pm


    The loud chatter of the mostly male audience leaked through the thin walls of the bar's interior structure. A petite brunette stood backstage, locked inside the small dressing room that would serve as her temporary sanctuary, her only space away from the testosterone and raging hormones of the awaiting crowd.

    They all knew her name. Some fantasized and obsessed over her, while others were simply here to see a pair of tits.

    It was frightening in a way. Lexi was accustomed to men gawking at her nearly naked form on the covers of adult magazines, but being so close to a pack of uncontrolled hormones was undeniably unnerving.

    "We'll have several bouncers on site. You'll be safe, I promise." The manager assured her.

    Lexi took a deep, calming breath as she struggled to force down the nervousness. She would've called the whole thing off, if it wasn't for a good cause. The money raised tonight would be donated to help homeless children, keeping them from the streets and a life of crime. She felt compelled to help, considering her ex-fiance was cast onto the streets when he was a child. She'd witnessed the impact that could have on a young life, leaving emotional scars and leading to a life and damage that was irreversible.

    If she could help prevent one life from heading down that same destructive path... it would all be worth it.

    A loud knock at her dressing room door shattered the young woman's thoughts.

    "Lexi, you're on in 60 seconds.."

    This was it. Time to put those countless hours of dance classes to the test, and pray she wouldn't screw up too horribly. With a trembling hand, she ran her slender fingers through her long, black hair, then slowly peeled off the dark housecoat. Her toned, bronzed body glistened with sweet scented body oils, glittering within the dim lighting.

    Black,high-heels laced up to just below her knees. Her black sequined thongs and matching bikini top left little to the imagination.

    Lexi swallowed down the lump in her throat, gathering up her confidence and stepped through the curtain of beads, walking sexily along the long catwalk. A loud roar of applause, vulgar screams and whistles greeted the young beauty, but on the surface, she seemed unfazed.

    Nine Inch Nail's 'Closer' blasted from the huge speakers, shaking the walls and to a degree, muffling out the sounds of horny men. The strobe and stage lights were nearly blinding, but she tried to remain professional, keeping her cool air of sexiness as she approached and serenaded the pole..


    A pair of predatory eyes watched the young woman from his spot near the corner, sipping casually on his third glass of alcohol. Yes, he knew the woman's name, but he wasn't a member of her fan-base. But after catching wind that the infamous small town celebrity would be performing here tonight, he couldn't resist.

    The rumors were everywhere among the gang circles. She was the former fiance of his gang's sworn enemy, Gabriel. While that fact certainly didn't concern him much, this was all part of the bigger picture. Their newest recruit Spike, and the Turk gang leader, Kodiak had cooked up a plan. A plan to help each other in their quest for vengeance.

    Surely Spike would be happy with knowing the whereabouts of Gabriel's old fling.

    Apollo shifted in his seat, reaching for the small cell phone tucked away inside his back pocket.

    A small, sinister smile spread across his lips as he dialed Spike's number, heading outside so he could hear over the loud music and shouts of the horny crowd.

    Leaning against the building, he waited for the former Dragon to answer...


    Spike wrote:

    "This better be good!" He rudely shouted into the phone..

    Apollo pursed his lips, furrowing his brows in annoyance. He wasn't some lowly ranking thug to be pushed around. In fact, he was Kodiak's most trusted member, his right hand man. Spike would be wise to learn his place within the fold.

    "I wouldn't be callin' yer cracka ass if the shit wasn't good, motha'fucka'." He huffed into the phone.

    "Thought you'd like ta know, that bitch Lexi is performin' at A.J.'s tonight." He informed, casting a glance back towards the bar.

    "She should be an easy target, considerin' she's alone. Security's shit too, dawg."


    Finally, her performance was over.. and not a moment too soon. Even as she headed backstage, she could still feel their eyes, stripping her of what little clothing, and dignity she had left. Their sexist shouts and whistles could still be heard through the wall's thin barriers, and despite her attempts to ignore the comments and keep up her professional act, she couldn't deny-- it bothered her.

    Lexi had foolishly thought that it wouldn't be much different than posing for a photo shoot. But what she'd failed to realize, the real crowd wasn't her usual audience of paid professional photographers who were accustomed to being around beautiful, naked women.

    After a quick stop inside her dressing room to pull on her mini skirt, skin tight shirt and leather jacket, the young woman continued her way towards A.J's office, counting the waded bills that had littered the stage. At least, the crowd paid well. At least some good would come of this. Unfortunately she had been too trusting of A.J., falling for his tale of false charity.

    As she neared the office door, the sounds of the man's deep voice paused her in her tracks. From the sounds of it, he was engaged in conversation.

    "What the fuck ever, dawg. I ain't runnin' a motha'fuckin' charity here." He informed whoever he was chatting with.

    Lexi pressed her ear against the office door.

    "If the whore's too stupid to realize that, she deserves to be screwed! I'm jus' ridin' the cash cow for all that bitch's worth, this joint needs the business, and the money.."

    The young woman's jaw slightly dropped, disbelieving the words coming from the 'kind and gentle' A.J.'s mouth. He'd.. tricked her? She felt sick, not to mention stupid and foolish for being so naive.

    Anger soon flooded her. Without warning, she burst through the door, totally disregarding the bouncers that had been 'hired' to protect her. Her eyes glared daggers at the dumbfounded A.J.

    "You asshole! I can't believe you would just .. use me like that! You lied to me!"

    Through the anger, she was suppressing tears. Her small hands formed into fists, clinching onto the funds. But obviously, she was oblivious that she was still holding onto the money, too distracted by her anger.

    A.J. tried to deny everything. "Lexi.. baby! You know me better than that! I'd never cheat you, doll... I.."

    He was interrupted by a chair that suddenly came flying at him full force. Unfortunately for him, he was unable to dodge the hard object. It slammed hard into his face.

    Lexi stormed out, leaving the guards to tend to the injured man.

    She was too upset and angry to consider her own safety as she pushed out the back exit, completely alone an vulnerable to the 'predators' of New York. Now, free from the scrutinizing and degrading eyes of those who 'adored' her, she allowed the tears to fall, blending with the weather that seemed to match her mood. Her heart was furious like the thunder that ripped through the darkened sky... Weeping like the falling rain..


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    Mar. 24. 08

    Post by Rogue on Mon Sep 07, 2009 1:12 pm


    ..and she was in fact being watched. Spike's cruel gaze watched her from the shadows of the alleyway, a sinister grin spreading across his malicious lips. He didn't seem to mind the rain... nothing would stop him from getting his revenge. He gave Apollo a nudge and gestured to the left.

    [size=75]"You sneak in behind her..."[/size] He ordered the man, as if he held the status of a gang leader.

    Apollo shot him a glare, warning him to mind his place within the gang, but now was not the time to argue. However, Spike would definitely be hearing about it later.

    [size=75]"I'm gonna confront her.."[/size] He shot the man a twisted grin.[size=75]"It's always fun ta make'em scream."[/size]

    His reluctant 'assistant' didn't wait around to hear any more. This was simply a task for him, nothing personal. The quicker this was over, the better. Little did he know that Spike had other things in mind.

    Without a word, Apollo disappeared around the building, slowly slipping up behind Lexi, but keeping a distance for now. His switch blade was held at the ready, anticipating the kill.

    Spike stepped from the shadows, blocking the young woman's path.

    "Well well well, if it isn't Miss home town celebrity whore." He seethed venomously as he roughly grabbed her wrist.The intent reflected clearly in his gaze. "Tsk tsk, and all alone. Stupid bitch.."


    The tears continued to fall as she made her way deeper into the darkness of the alley. Her gaze remained downcast as she walked through the downpour, uncaring of her melting cosmetics, and the long dark strands that stuck to her face.

    Returning had been a mistake. Even with all the fame that embraced her nowadays, when it was all said and done, she found herself alone.

    And suddenly, she was faced with the irony of her thought.

    Lexi gasped as she felt Spike's firm grip around her wrist. He'd came out of nowhere, or so it seemed. Her look of surprise soon gave way to anger, but she certainly wasn't afraid.

    "You." She attempted to pull herself free.

    She knew Spike. He was one of the 'boys'. The punk was never on good terms with her ex-boyfriend, but she saw no reason to fear him. He was under the oath, so she had no reason to assume anything other than horseplay.

    "Call me a whore one more time, asshole, and I'll do future generations a favor by castrating you." She threatened. Unfortunately, she was oblivious to the fact that Spike was no-longer a Purple Dragon.

    "Stop fucking around, Spike." Again, she tried to pull herself free...


    Spike's sinister grin grew wider and he sank his nails into the back of her wrist, gripping it tightly.

    "Tsk tsk tsk..."

    He pulled her closer to his body and locked her within his forceful embrace. With his hand still gripped around her skinny wrist, his other hand quickly pulled her arm against her shapely back.

    She was trapped.

    He could feel his heart beating faster in excitement. The thrill. It was the only thing that kept him coming back for more.

    Spike rested his cheek against hers, and started nibbling on her ear. He inhaled her sweet scent, and could very well sense her fear.

    [size=84]"I couldn't be here soon enough to watch you on stage."[/size]

    He licked her cheek. Slowly, as he craved for her.

    [size=84]"I demand an encore..."[/size]


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    Post by Rogue on Mon Sep 07, 2009 1:16 pm


    She quickly realized that Spike had ill intentions in mind.

    "Let me go!" She angrily demanded, wincing as his dirty nails dug into her skin.

    Lexi desperately struggled to free herself, completely unaware of the Spike's accomplice that lurked a few feet behind.

    She was trapped.

    The young woman's tearfilled eyes reflected the fear that she tried to mask. She fought to pull away as he nibbled and licked her. Her struggles were rewarded by a piercing pain in her restrained arms.

    "Eze and Gabe will kill you... LET ME GO!!!"


    "I SAID...I wanted an ENCORE, bitch!"

    Still restraining her, he pushed the woman against the hard wall and shoved his pierced tongue into her mouth.

    The perverted thug roughly groped her breasts and he ripped off her skirt. He turned her around forcefully against the wall, ignoring her cries of pain.

    He knew his "assistant" was watching, but that didn't stop him from doing what he was about to do.

    Spike took out his chain and tied her hands together behind her back.


    He started unzipping his pants...and before he commited his unforgivable act, he leaned closer and cackled near her face.

    "I wanna fuck you like an animal..." he sang.

    "You're the pornstar, now show me what you got!"


    Lexi struggled and fought against the chains that bound her wrists, bruising and cutting into her once flawless skin. She cried out in pain, and screamed for help, but it seemed her desperate cries would go unanswered.

    "LET ME GO!!" She managed to scream out again, voice broken by uncontrollable sobs.

    Soon, his voice was in her ear, cackling and singing the lyrics that she'd just been dancing to only ten minutes before...

    "Please... don't do this to me..." She finally broke, pleading for her release.. for her life. Despite how hopeless the situation seemed, she continued to struggle against him and against the odds...

    ..but in the end, she was just another victim, another soul broken by the sin that plagued the heartless city.



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    Re: Bar: A.J.'s Bar (Lexi/Turks/Spike/Nobody) [Mar. 19. 08]

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    The unforgivable deed was done.

    A menacing Spike towered over the crumpled form of his latest victim, the heavy rain diluting her blood that smeared his face and hands. A sinister grin curled on his bloodied lips as he reached down, planting his fingers roughly around her bruised and bleeding neck. His dirty fingernails dug into the bite wounds as he violently pulled her to her feet, and putting every ounce of his power into his action, he slammed her back against the wall.

    "Fuckin' whore..." He seethed venomously. "You know you liked it.." And he spat the lingering taste of her blood, directly into her face.

    Spike's free hand moved up, pushing away the wet strands of hair that clung to her bruised face.

    "Tsk tsk... where's that faggot boyfriend of yours, huh?" His fingers dug into her cheeks.. "Or where's that motha'fuckin' Ezekiel?" His eyes narrowed into menacing slits as his hand constricted tightly around her throat, making it difficult for her to breathe.

    "Where's yer fuckin' hero, bitch?!"

    Spike's lips now hovered beside her ear, his warm breath still reeling from his sinful lust. "The angels heard you cryin', but guess what... they don't give a fuck about a piece of trash like you! You're gonna die here tonight, and no-one's gonna give a fuck.."


    Apollo was stunned. He held on tighter to his weapon but couldn't will himself to move. He snarled, but gave way to a look of disgust as Spike forced himself on the helpless woman.

    He stepped back, turning his head to the side, and as much as his heart was wrenching at the woman's scream for help, he did nothing.

    "Are you done, yet?!?" he growled at Spike, who seemed too carried away with his demonic deed.

    Then, the sound of the police siren grew closer. They had come to stop the fight that was going on at the bar. Apollo shifted nervously, getting ready to bolt.

    He wasn't sure if anyone had heard the stripper's screaming. All he cared was himself.

    "YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED! I'm getting myself the fuck out of here, man. With or without you!"

    Before Spike could answer, he left the scene...


    Despite the sheer exhaustion and overwhelming pain, Lexi weakly continued the struggle against the chains. Her energy was draining, and soon the sense of hopelessness began to set in. Her trembling legs threatened to buckle beneath her, but Spike's merciless grip held her pinned against the wall.

    Spike's hand tightened around her throat, depriving her of oxygen. She gasped for air, gagging on the taste of her own blood.

    ..and his words were like a stab to the heart. No one would come for her... even if they heard her desperate cries for help. No one cared.

    Soon, she could hear the voice of someone nearby. But it wasn't her savior. However, despite her vague acknowledgement that the unseen man was accompanying her attacker, her helpless and fading gaze drifted in his direction... seeing nothing. She tried to speak, to plead with the person who was long gone, her voice wouldn't come, but her trembling lips mouthed the words even as Spike's grip became tighter...

    The strong fire that once burned within was slowly fading, her spirit slipping through the fingers of Spike's merciless grasp.


    Detective Alex Martinez had been following the whereabouts of the Turks since he knew about their dealings with dangerous weaponry - the sort of weapons that were too exclusive and 'hi-tech' for a bunch of uneducated street thugs. He needed to find more clues to get to the source.

    That night, he mingled amongst the drunken crowd in the bar - ignoring the calls of naked women on stage. His face was hidden beneath the bill of his cap, while he scanned the place, in search of any suspicious behaviour. Surely, a few Turk members were in. They seemed to be growing in numbers. And it worried him.

    With strong hands cupping the sides of his tall beer mug, he narrowed his eyes and watched as one of the perverts tried to grope the pole-dancing stripper. The stripper got defensive and scratched his face. Soon, the whole performance turned ugly and everyone was caught in a mindless, inebriated fight fest.

    He moved from his seat, believing the police would arrive to take care of the matter soon...

    Then, there was a face he recognised. Apollo. That piece of shit was Jencko's "sidekick". As he was about to follow, a random customer punched him in the face, forcing him to join the fight fest. As soon as he got up, he found himself surrounded by a few more assholes.

    He wiped the blood from the side of his mouth, and hissed.

    "You asked for it, shitface."

    Highly-trained than any of those shit-faced perverts in the bar, Martinez got rid of them with ease. Several punches and kicks later, all of them were lying helplessly on the floor, curled up in pain. Some were unconscious while the rest were whining like puppies. By then, he had lost sight of Apollo, but was certain that the thug had used the backdoor exit.

    Like he expected, the police came to stop the fightfest. Martinez escaped the scene, went through the backdoor and out to the alley.

    Once outside, he heard a woman screaming for help, and the voice of a man shouting at her to shut up. He turned immediately to the direction of the voices.

    And that's when he saw her...

    If he hadn't been stopped by those shit-faced punks, he would have intervened before the cruelty fell upon the trapped young woman in the alley.

    He felt his heart dropped, but soon, the shock was overcome by rage. It was obvious the man had been forcing himself on her.

    Without any hesitation, he pulled the punk off the woman and threw him hard against the wall...


    Spike ignored Apollo's warning, the primal thirst pulsating in his veins. The rush was indescribable. The feel of dominance and power was intoxicating, and the fear that still reflected in his victim's dying gaze only added to his excitement.

    His merciless grip became even tighter as she sputtered, and silently called to Apollo for help..

    "Ain't no-one gonna save you, bitch! Yer fuckin' dead!!"

    As he spat the words, he reached for the switch blade that rest hidden in his pocket. With a single flick of his wrist, the blade, stained in his last victim's blood, was soon pressed against the woman's throat, digging into her flesh. He held it there, enjoying every second of terror that seemed permanently etched into Lexi's once beautiful features.

    ..and suddenly, something came out of nowhere, knocking him to the ground. The action briefly knocked the wind from his lungs, but the stunned punk was quick to gather himself. He quickly sprung to his feet, pulling a gun from the waistline of his pants.

    His eyes narrowed to menacing slits as he grabbed Lexi with his free hand, pulling her closely against him. He pressed the barrel against her temple, finger resting on the trigger.

    "What, you think you some kinda motherfucking hero, asshole? How you gonna save her now, bitch? You come any closer, and I'll splatter her fucking brains all over this motherfucking alley!"


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    Despite her will to survive this, her body was giving up on her. As Spike was pushed off her, she crumpled to the ground, only to be violently snatched up again. She struggled to remain conscious, her fading gaze fixating on the shadowy figure.

    Her tear filled eyes silently pleaded with the man, as she struggled to keep them open. But it soon became too much for her. Her weak legs could no longer support her almost dead weight. Her cloudy eyes flickered, lids finally closing, despite her efforts, and her battered form went lip within Spike's heartless grip.


    Martinez could see the physical damage the punk had inflicted on the woman. There was blood running down her naked form from her neck. And he turned his eyes away for now, focusing on the monster that threatened to kill her.

    He clenched his fists tighter as he glared at the punk from beneath his cap. His face remained hidden and as the punk continued with his threats, his eyes scanned the surroundings, and noticed the neon-lit signage that was just above the shit-faced coward. Immediately, he fired his grappling line from the holster wrapped around his wrist, and yanked the glowing naked devil-woman off the acrylic signage.

    It swung downward and hit the punk against the side of his face.

    And while the punk was being poked in the face with the devil woman's pointy foot, he fired his grappling line around the punk's wrist forcing him to move the gun away from his victim.

    With his grappling line, he dragged the punk closer to him...


    "SHIIIIIT!!!" He screamed as the devil woman fell from the sky, slicing open his cheek. The force and weight of the sign knocked him to the ground, causing him to drop the gun, and his hold on the unconscious woman.

    He screamed as the vigilante drug him across the pavement, skinning his exposed palms as he fought to grip hold of anything he could.

    "You ain't gettin' me.. you fucker!!"

    He managed to grab the knife, and began trying to cut himself free...


    "Stupid punk!" growled Martinez. "You should be in prison. WHERE YOU BELONG!"

    He pulled the punk even closer with his strong grappling line.

    "And don't you DARE think of escaping, punk. You are not going anywhere!"

    He yanked the thug against the brick wall, and handcuffed him to the sewage pipe...


    "I ain't goin' to jail!!!" He spat angrily, as he struggled against the cuffs. The switchblade sliced violently through the air, as he attempted to slit the person responsible for his humiliation.


    He jerked and tugged his wrist, uncaring of the damage the actions would inflict upon himself...

    "When I get loose, I'm gonna kill you!!"


    The merciless knife only managed to graze Martinez's arm.

    "Shut up."

    Before the thug could do anymore damage, Martinez punched him in the face, attempting to silence him...


    A loud yelp emitted from the punk, and silence soon followed as he went limp, knocked unconscious and dangling from the pipe, hanging from his cuffed wrist...


    Seeing the thug was out cold, he stood up and immediately approached the woman that was lying unconscious on the dirty ground of the alley. He took off his jacket and wrapped it around her naked and unconscious form.

    He picked her up and carried her protectively. He would inform the officers to arrest the unconscious thug he left at the alley later. Now, the woman's life was far more important.

    Martinez approached the paramedics that were waiting outside the bar. It seemed the woman wasn't the only one who was badly injured. The fightfest had caused a handful to be seriously injured and according to one officer, two customers had been shot to death.

    Martinez unloaded the woman onto the stretch-bed, leaving her to the paramedics...


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