Home: Deserted apartment (Mikko/ Ezekiel) [Mar. 18. 08]


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    Home: Deserted apartment (Mikko/ Ezekiel) [Mar. 18. 08]

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    (( Mikko's home, fourth floor))

    The apartment building had been deserted for years, Rats, Roaches as well as other vermin called it home now. dust filled the dank room where mikko rested, the stench from mildew rose throughout the air. Fourth floor, second room to the left. That was home. It was not much, nevertheless it had been better then the streets.

    Mikko shuddered under her thin covers as the humidity dispensed into the room, rain had come in through a cracked window that she had been meaning to repair.

    She groaned noisily as she turned over and reached for some old pizza left over from the night before, she made a disguised face as she wiped the ravenous insects away. She sat up and shivered again as she ate.

    After much stretching and cursing at the rain and cold she puts on some dry cloths and tossed on her trench coat. "what a beautiful day" she mumbled to herself as she checked her phone for messages and looked for something to wash the stale pizza down with. She was still unsure if she was really going to go out or not.but if she was out of booze she would have to face the weather..unless she could get someone to bring her something.

    The female dragon decided she was going to stay in, she grabbed what was left of a large bottle of water and lit her final cigaret, eventuality she was going to have to go out no mater what the weather was like.


    It seemed like forever since he hid himself at home, drowning away his sorrows with alcohol. It had been almost a month. Although he knew Hun wasn't happy, he just couldn't give a fuck. Until his daughter forced him out of bed, begging for him to take a bath and take her to the playground. He couldn't say no to his daughter. And, he couldn't say no to Hun.

    He was at the office, enduring Hun's endless accusations and demoralising lecture. Now, he was out, to gather his little group of men to capture Spike. That asshole. Ezekiel wondered. Why was it so difficult to track him down? He suspected the coward must have sought for help. But from who? Who would ever wanted to help that worthless piece of shit.

    After leaving Hun's office, he was obviously not in a very good mood. He ignored the friendly greetings from his fellow brothers who were resting near the crates. Ezekiel randomly tossed his cigarette stub before making his way out of the Headquarter's warehouse.

    He was assigned to find Spike, and his assignment was long overdue. The bastard was still on the loose.

    The first person he thought about was his brother, Gabriel. He knew his brother was busy with his new woman. Ezekiel wouldn't want to ruin his night. And if he had to power, he wouldn't want Gabriel to be involved with the mess at all! It was his responsibility to kill Spike. Why would he need his gang to be involved? It was a personal mission. Hun knew it. Spike and Ezekiel were sworn enemies within the brotherhood.

    However, he couldn't deny that he needed back-up.

    He drove around the city. Not knowing where else to go. Then, he thought of Mikko. The girl had been quiet and it was starting to worry him. He made a detour, destined for Mikko's place.

    Minutes later, he arrived. He winced in utter disgust, wondering why Mikko had chosen to live in a such a place. He looked around, sensing an eerie feeling. He quickly made his way up to the fourth floor and knocked on her door...


    Mikko was startled by the knock on her door. never does she have company just drop by.

    probably just some bum she thought to her self, they came to her alot to ask for food and beer.She never knew why, it's not like she actually gave them anything.


    Mikko stood and listen to hear if who ever was behind her door was moveing away.


    He stopped knocking, the moment he heard Mikko's shouting voice. "Mick, it's me..." he finally said, with a monotonous voice. "Open up, will you?"

    He stood back with his hands tucked deep in the pockets of his trench coat, letting himself to be visible through the peeping hole for the purple-haired occupant.

    He waited quietly for Mikko to open her door...


    She walked to the door and looked throught the greesy peep hole.

    She quickly opend the door. " Why didn't you say it was you? come in, make ya self at home."


    He gave her a tight-lipped smile, and entered her den, with a obvious look of disgust on his face...

    He blinked and looked at Mikko.

    "I'm dragging you back to my place...you're not staying in this shithole..."

    Ezekiel was there to talk about Spike...but the place was just too....distracting.

    The girl deserved a much better place, he thought.


    She was embarrassed of her so called home, but tried not to show it as she hurried about trying to clean as best she could.

    "Sorry about the mess..." She mumbled as she saw he look of disgust on his face, and couldn't help but show a bit of relief at his mention of going to his place.

    "your place?...sounds good to me."

    It would be nice to have a change of scenery, not to mention be some where warm. She thought to her self as she threw her coat on.

    Mikko collected her water bottle and lighter. She quickly scaned the room then turned back to him smileing.

    "Ready when you are."


    "Superb..." he said with a tired smile. The sooner they left place, the better. Ezekiel felt much safer being at home, and he couldn't wait to have some late-night supper at home.

    "And there's something important I wanna talk about..." he informed her as he stepped out of Mikko's dodgy apartment.

    "We'll talk about it when we're on the road..."

    He wrapped the blazer around him tightly, and gestured for Mikko to follow him back to his car...


    "Awwwwww, and here I am thinking you just wanted my company."

    Mikko shiverd as the cold wind hit her face.

    She made her way to Ezekiel's car with her eyes half closed.

    ((Mikko and Eze has left the building))


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