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    Post by Mikko on Thu Jan 21, 2010 3:19 pm

    The doctors were quick to get Mikko into the back, they cut her cloths off of her body, put in an IV and guided a breathing tube down her throat. The nurses and doctors buzzed around her like a bees in a disturbed hive. EKGs, X-rays and MRIs were quickly done to determine her injuries. Her heart had been pierced, as had one of her lungs, which was filling quickly with fluid, threatening to drown her.She was bleeding badly, the bed, floor and doctors were soaked in the thick crimson. The head surgeon barked orders, hooking her up to IVs. giving her medicine, blood, and soon she was being cut open. her rib caged broken in two in order to get to her damaged heart. Luckily the knife had only pierced the very edge of her heart, but it was enough damage to put her heart through enough stress to beat wildly and uncontrollably.

    Ever since Mikko had dropped off Travis at the apartment and told Kendall that Spike had that Gabriel... Justin guy, Daisy had been on pins and needles. It was torment, waiting to hear something else. She hoped he was okay, and that Mikko was too. She was frightened, and had tried to sooth herself by nuzzling into Kendall's lap, waiting anxiously for the phone to ring. And finally, it did just that. He eyes slid open and she glanced at Kendall, struggling to find her footing to free him, to enable him to reach the phone in time.

    It was hours that Mikko was in surgery. The damage to her heart was mild and the doctors were easily able to patch her up, they were more worried about her collapsed lung and the other filling with fluid. They stitched her chest up as other stitched up her less serious wounds. Her broken nose was reset and bandage, she was given blood and finally she rolled out of the OR. and into her own room. She would be closely monitored for a few days, and the tube in her throat would have to stay in her till her lungs were working again. She laid in the bed, black and blue, broken, swollen and sleeping, lucky to be alive.

    Lexi struggled against the nurses, her screams and cries reverberating throughout the hallways, earning the attention of doctors and patients. She didn't care about the audience that she had drawn, too broken inside to see past her heartache. She kept making attempts to push up from the wheelchair, but each time, strong hands would pull her back, ordering her to stay put. But it was obvious that she was too emotional to heed their warning, and one of the male nurses scooped her up, and started towards one of the rooms. "Private room." One of the cops instructed in a quiet tone. "She's something of a celebrity. I want to avoid the media until I can question her about the incident." The nurse nodded, not recognizing the woman due to her state, and the tears and blood that stained her once-perfect face. He did as he was told, taking her into one of the private rooms where he was accompanied by more staff, and a doctor to access the severity of her gunshot wound. Luckily it was just a graze,and would only require some cleaning up, and stitches. But her mental state was definitely a cause for concern.

    Once again, they had been left with the baby. And Kendall couldn't say that it went any smoother than the last time. But he, at least, was better prepared for the fussy child. Finally after Travis had calmed down and fell asleep, Kendall put him in his little bed so he had some alone time with Daisy. He just sat there quietly with Daisy in his lap, nearly ready to drift off when he heard the phone ring and felt Daisy scrambling to get off his lap. Kendall was also up in an instant to both allow Daisy a place to sit right away and to grab the phone. Once he quickly made sure Daisy was settled again, Kendall hurried to go answer the phone and picked up. "Yeah?"

    Daisy tried to keep her balance, but eventually had to take a seat on the edge of the sofa bed. She watched Kendall as he answered the phone, almost holding her breath.

    Dice was quiet for a moment, not sure of how to break the news. He wasn't good at things like this, and sparing people's emotions were certainly out of his league. Actually, his action tonight had surprised even him, but it didn't seem right to just let Spike kill the girl. Just spit it out, he thought. "S'up. Listen, I know you don't know me, and I'll spare of you needless introductions. I'm just calling to let you know there was an.. accident. Spike attacked ..." And he had to pause long enough to think of the girl's name. .."Mikko. She was stabbed several times, and I brought her to the The Metropolitan. She's in pretty rough shape, so you might wanna get up here."

    Kendall tried digesting all this information, tightening his grip on the phone every second the guy on the phone was talking. "WHAT?!" he shouted, then immediately regretted it and lowered his tone. "We're on our way. Anything else I need to know?" He shot Daisy a worried glance, hoping she understood. He would tell her as soon as he got off the phone.

    "No, that's it." Dice replied. "I gotta jet. The place is swarmin' with cops. The media's beginnin' to pour in, too." He informed, and slid shut the phone, shoving it back into his pocket. Obviously he had no way of knowing just how risky it would be for his contact to be here, not knowing that the man was an escaped convict. But he'd done his part. His conscious was clear. Well, almost. It was time to get the hell out of dodge.

    Hearing the urgency in Kendall's tone, Daisy was becoming more frantic. She tried to push herself up, to go to his side, and finally did so after several failed tries. She gently gripped his arm, both supporting herself and making eye contact with him. "What... what's wrong? Is Mikko okay?"

    The doctor's gave Lexi a sedative to help relax her, since she was running the risk of hurting herself, or the staff that was trying to help her. It helped to calm her enough for the doctor to clean and stitch the wound, then place a clean dressing over the fresh line of black stitches. Her eyes were fluttering as she struggled to remain sitting upright. Her body still convulsed with her quieting sobs. She had exhausted herself, but refused to give into the pull of sleep. "I want to keep you overnight to monitor your condition." The doctor informed her. Sure, the wound was not life threatening, but he was still concerned about her mental state, and the dangers that possibly still lurked outside for her. "You should get some rest." He instructed, and gave her shoulder a gentle pat. Lexi shook her head in disapproval. She couldn't stay here. She felt so alone here, and really needed to be with someone right now. She needed her rock, now more than ever. "I want.. to see Gabe." She whispered in a choked tone. The doctor frowned deeply, and once again squeezed her shoulder. "I'm afraid that isn't possible right now. Just rest..." But before he could finish his sentence, another doctor stepped in, accompanied by two cops..

    Mikko's eyes fluttered open. she didn't know where she was, but felt the tube down her throat. Feeling like she was being strangled again, she panicked and started pulling at the one thing helping her get oxygen. She tried to sit up, but the heavy drugs she was given made it imposable to do so. She managed to rip the leads off that lead to her heart monitor casing it to go off, echoing through the hospital, sending nurses rushing to her room. She struggled with the nurses, still trying to get the tube and IVs out of her, as the nurses held her down, trying not to injure her more then she was. "WE NEED SOME STRAPS IN HERE!" One of them yelled out the door.

    Kendall was aware of Daisy's presence before she even got to him. When she finally made it, he held onto her with one arm and was still gripping the phone tightly with his other. When the man on the other end hung up, Kendall sighed and did the same. Then he turned to Daisy, shaking his head. "No. We have to go now, babe. Mikko's at the hospital." He knew how worried Daisy was for Mikko but he didn't want to worry her too much yet. He himself didn't know the details of Mikko's condition. "Wait here," he commanded and helped her back over to her seat. "We have to get Travis before we go." And without another word he went to do just that. Soon he had Travis safely in his arms and laid him down next to Daisy gently. "Let's get your chair down first, then you, then the baby, alright?"

    Lexi's dazed gaze shifted towards the newcomers, knowing exactly why they were here. She rubbed a shaky hand across her blood-stained face, trying to will her eyes to remain focused. The female doctor, who had seen Gabriel, took a seat beside her on the bed. She placed a hand on her back, gently rubbing in an attempt to soothe. "I know how extremely difficult this must be for you, Ms. Davis. But I need to ask you a few questions about your boyfriend." The doctor assumed that was his relation to her, but Lexi was just too drained to set it straight. "I need his name, and the names of his immediate family." She requested in a quiet and gentle tone. More tears rolled down Lexi's cheek as she tried to find her voice. "Gabriel Juvanni." She answered hoarsely. "He doesn't have anyone." She choked. "I'm all... he has left." She tried to get herself under control, but found it nearly impossible. "I can sign.. the death certificate. And make.. funeral arrangements... just give me a few days to pull myself together." She had to pause to catch her breath. "I'll pay for everything, so don't think money's an option. He'll be taken care of."

    Fearing the worst, Daisy began crying. She nodded in response to Kendall, and waited while he went to grab her chair. She was once again cursing herself for being handicapped, they could've moved a lot faster without having to lug that chair around.

    Soon Mikko was being strapped to the bed, but not before clawing at one of the nurses face, causing deep scratches. She ran out holding her face and swearing. Mikko struggled against the bonds. The pain that she felt in her body being ignored, she just wanted to get out and get away. What if Spike came after her to finish her off? She was here, unable to talk and now she couldn't move! She kicked and pulled at the bed. The nurses that came in to sedate her were forcefully kicked at. "Someone get some security in here. or something!"

    The doctor scribbled down the information, and gave a nod of understanding to her request. Still, she would have to search his files and see if there was any other family, since it was protocol. If there were parents to be found, they would have to be contacted. She gave Lexi's shoulder a light squeeze, then gently pushed up from the bed. "Thank you for your time, Ms. Davis." With that, she ducked back out of the door and handed the information to one of the nurses, instructing her to look up the young man's parents. Now, the cops were free to get on with their questions. Lexi sighed deeply, wishing she could disappear. "I know this isn't a good time.." The officer began, clutching firmly to his pen and notebook. "But I need you to tell me what happened. Try to remember everything." He encouraged, but Lexi was threatening to lose that small shred of composure that she had managed to grasp.

    Mikko was quickly tiring out, two men came into her room and held her legs down while the nurse gave Mikko her shot. She glared at the nurse, but it didn't take long for her body to relax, though she fought to stay awake.

    Kendall hurried and carried her chair downstairs and was soon returning to Daisy's side. He frowned when he saw her crying. "Aw, babe..." He tried reassuring her that everything was okay, but truthfully, he wasn't sure himself. But the sooner they got to Mikko, the better. He carefully picked up Daisy and carried her down the stairs, hoping he wouldn't have to do this much longer. Not that carrying Daisy was so hard, but juggling Travis sure complicated things. Soon all of them were heading for the SUV.

    Daisy tried to get herself under control, but it was nearly impossible. First Chris.. then Gabe.. and now Mikko. Who was next? She would be damned if she would let anything happen to her Kendall! Soon they were all loaded inside the SUV, and on their way to the hospital. Daisy stayed unusually quiet, too worried to talk much during their trip. She held to Travis, gently caressing his tiny cheek.

    Kendall made it as fast as he could to the hospital. He was deeply concerned about Daisy--and their unborn child. As much stress as Daisy had been under lately, it would be a MIRACLE if it didn't effect the baby somehow. After arriving at the hospital, he threw on the rest of his disguise and quickly loaded Daisy and Travis into the chair and to the front desk inside the building.
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    Re: Aftermath

    Post by Lexi on Fri Jan 22, 2010 2:23 pm

    It took every ounce of her strength and will power, but Lexi forced herself to relive the vivid horror as she verbally documented it for the cops, careful not to leave out any detail. She informed them that Mikko had been the one to contact them, asking for help. She had to pause several times to gather herself, and wipe away the tears that continued to fall. Losing her friend Sally to a drive-by had been the hardest thing she had ever gone through, but this was even worse. She had watched Gabriel die, and had been powerless to get to him in time. She felt alone, and briefly considered leaving the city, as she had done after Sally's death. And she almost immediately regretted even considering that. It had solved nothing the first time, only hurting the person she had given her heart to. She briefly thought of Raph. She couldn't put him through a repeat of what she'd done to Gabriel. No. As much as this city was hurting her, she wouldn't repeat her mistakes. She wouldn't run. Not this time.

    An hour had passed, and the cops had gathered all the information they would need. "I can't believe it. Fucking Timothy Black.. again." One of the officers scuffed in distaste as they left the room, closing the door behind them. "All I have to say is, if I catch that dog.. he won't need an execution date." His friend only nodded in agreement. All of the officers were waiting for their chance to bring justice to the city, and it baffled them how this one man could continue evading them.

    Once the officers had left the room, Lexi curled up on the bed, trying to get herself under control. She felt nauseated and the room was beginning to spin. Now, she was left alone with her thoughts and memories. The grief was tearing her apart. She wanted nothing more than to go home.. to be with Raph. She needed support.. foundation, but she could hardly walk at the moment. She sobbed into her pillow, finding no need to compose herself right now. No strength or support. The pain was overwhelming, and she soon found herself screaming in torment, her cries sounding so unfamiliar to her. She had always been the strong one, and now she was a total stranger to herself.

    The opening of the door managed to grab her attention, but she didn't look up. She couldn't find the strength. "Ms. Davis?" She heard an unfamiliar voice address her. Still, she couldn't find the strength to sit upright. She buried her face deeper into her pillow, and listened without concern as the footsteps entered the room, figuring it was a doctor or a nurse that had stopped in to check on her. But the snap of a camera registered somewhere within the deep haze of grief. She forced herself upright, but was blinded by another flash. She squinted her eyes, trying to find their focus.

    "Get the fuck out!" She screamed angrily at the two paparazzi that had managed to slip into her room, but they weren't listening to her firm command. They continued to take pictures, causing Lexi to force herself up from her bed. Her legs threatened to buckle beneath her, too weak to support her own weight as she walked, but she forced herself out of the room.

    "Ms. Davis, this will only take a moment of your time... you seem to have a connection to the underworld and gangs. Is this true? Can you please comment on your boyfriend? You were there when he died, is that correct?"

    The questions were only picking at her wounds. Lexi quickly spun, her angered gaze meeting their eyes. She flipped them off, the tears and blood still staining her features. "Fuck you!" She screamed, the words reverberating throughout the hallway, catching the attention of even more crazed scandalmongers...

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    Re: Aftermath

    Post by Mikko on Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:29 pm

    Daisy held protectively to Travis as Kendall wheeled them inside, and approached the front desk. A middle aged woman set behind the desk, flipping idly through a large novel. She seemed unfazed by all the chaos the hospital had been hit with. All Gang related. Some fool kids getting themselves shot up and stabbed. She had seen it all a dozen times. The book was more entertaining than the constant repeat of events.

    After getting the information from the woman about Mikko's location, Kendall pushed Daisy and Travis into the elevator. Once in, he pressed the button for the correct floor and the door closed. The silence in the elevator was driving him crazy. Ever since he got that phone call from that mysterious source, Kendall had been worrying non-stop. He really didn't know how bad things were and that bothered him. Although he tried to be strong around Daisy since she didn't need the added stress. Soon the elevator reached Mikko's floor and Kendall wheeled the two of them towards the room.

    Daisy wasn't sure what to expect. Her stomach was churning, the stress starting to catch up with her. She felt sick, but was struggling to keep it together. The hospital seemed to be buzzing. The News crew and press were there, and seemed to be searching for something.. or someone. Daisy grew increasingly nervous, fearing for Kendall's safety, but thankfully he paparazzi were headed in the opposite direction. Daisy flashed a worried look over her shoulder as they finally reached the door. She was dying to see Mikko, but part of her was afraid.

    Mikko laid quietly in her bed, arms strapped down, and the heart monitor and IVs hooked back up to her. She was sickly pale which only showed off her bruises, cuts and stabs wounds that much more.

    Kendall had paid no mind to the paparazzi because his own mind was elsewhere. Once they finally reached Mikko's room, Kendall was almost sickened by the sight that greeted him. He saw Mikko in very bad shape and restrained--that had to be for her own safety. And god only knows what actually transpired after she left her son with them. Swallowing thickly he glanced down at Daisy and gave her a saddened look. He wasn't entirely sure if Daisy would WANT to see Mikko when she was in that condition. And he really didn't know what he could say to her to comfort her.

    Daisy was NOT prepared for the sight that greeted them. Her gaze fixated on Mikko's mangled form, the tears once again falling down her cheeks. Without thinking of her own condition, she pushed herself up from the chair and made her way over to Mikko's bed, carefully sitting at the edge. She gently placed Travis beside Mikko on the bed and reached out, carefully caressing Mikko's cheek before planting a light kiss there. "Love you."

    Mikko's eyes slowly opened. She pulled at her restraints and looked at Daisy. It took a moment but she finally recognized the girl, again she attempted to move her arm, becoming frustrated with her situation.

    The scene in front of him was absolutely heartbreaking! His heart really went out to Daisy, and little Travis. Slowly, Kendall approached the bed and first laid a hand on Daisy's shoulder then the other one on Mikko's forehead. Then Mikko awoke! "Welcome back," he greeted her and gently took her hand in his. "It's okay, babe, don't go hurting yourself anymore," he told Mikko soothingly. Hopefully she would settle down and stop struggling to get up. That could only end badly for her in her condition. Not to mention her son was so close to her and she might accidentally hurt him in the process.

    Daisy's eyes widened when Mikko's finally opened. But it startled her when Mikko began struggling with her restraints. She spared a worried glance at Kendall, and was grateful that he was there. Honestly, she wouldn't know what to do in a situation like this. "It's okay.." She mirrored Kendall's words as she gently took hold of her opposite hand, and tried to thread her fingers through hers. "Just rest, okay?" She sniffled. "We're gonna take care of Travis for you until you get better... so don't worry about him." She leaned in to press a kiss against Mikko's forehead.

    Mikko struggled again. Tears streaming down her face. She wanted to talk, to communicate in some way! Finally she made a motion indicating that she wanted to write something, she was still unaware of where Travis was.

    Kendall frowned deeply--especially when Mikko started crying. It must be so hard not being able to communicate with anyone. And he wasn't entirely sure what she wanted them to do. Her gestures were a bit confusing due to her limited movement. "What is it, Mikko?" he asked gently.

    Mikko again pulled at her restraints and kicked her legs. Why weren't they helping her!? They were against her too. She couldn't trust anyone. The thought bought more tears to her eyes. She had no one. Gabe was gone and now she was all alone.

    Daisy couldn't understand when Mikko didn't listen to them. It seemed she was more upset now. She frowned deeply, not knowing what to do. "Mikko.. calm down, okay?" She debated undoing the restraints, but one of the nurses had noticed Mikko's distress, and rushed into the room.

    Mikko pulled as hard as she could, glaring at everyone in the room. She still didn't know that her baby was so close to her as she kicked and twisted herself, only managing to pull on her stitches causing her to start bleeding. She wanted out of there!

    Daisy watched in horror, not knowing what to do. She quickly scooped up little Travis, not wanting the poor baby to get squished as Mikko squirmed. Meanwhile, the nurse was preparing to give Mikko another sedative to calm her. Otherwise, the woman was seriously going to hurt herself.

    But Mikko wasn't about to go down with out a fight, she managed to slip one of her hands free and clawed at the nurse. The nurse backed away and shooked her head. "I don't get paid enough for this. Do I have to get the cops that are outside?" She fussed, looking at Mikko disapprovingly. That certainly got her attention and Mikko quieted down, but she would be damned if she let this woman tie her hand up again
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    Re: Aftermath

    Post by Kendall on Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:02 pm

    Things were just going from bad to worse and the biggest concern came from Mikko's struggling. He was relieved when Daisy picked up the baby to keep him safe from his mother's deranged state. This was not going well and even worse when the nurse came in. Kendall quickly moved out of the way so the nurse could tend to Mikko. But Kendall's paranoia was kicking in and he moved closer to Daisy for comfort. She always had that effect on him. When the nurse mentioned the word, "cops", he nearly came unglued. He just COULDN'T be recognized. Not with a daughter on the way. Who would take care of his family then? Daisy didn't really have anyone else.

    Daisy's heart was breaking into a million pieces as she witnessed Mikko's wild thrashing. She wished there was something she could do to comfort her, but honestly, she herself was frightened. Not only for Mikko, but for Kendall as well. The place was overran with cops, and the thought of him being caught was nearly suffocating. But there was no way in hell she would let anything happen to him. As he moved closer, Daisy's fingers interlocked with his, and she gave a small squeeze. She could sense his tension and was trying to soothe him, giving her more incentive to hold it together. He didn't need for her to come unglued, when he too was almost at that point. "It's okay, babe." But she was thinking it might be a good idea to get him out of here, especially with Mikko drawing so much attention. She spared a teary-eyed glance at Mikko.. not wanting to leave her, but not sure how to help her, either. It seemed that her sister didn't even recognize them, and their presence here was doing more harm than good.

    Mikko's blood shot eyes looked over at the couple, glaring angrily at them as the nurse tighten the straps on her wrist. Her tears had stopped, the sadness she felt was gone, all that was left was anger and pain. She paid no attention to her crying baby. It was as if she didn't even recognize him as hers. One thing was for sure though, when she got out of here, everyone was going to fuckin die.

    Kendall was debating whether it was a good idea or not to listen to Daisy. Her touch was soothing him and he squeezed her hand back. However, with the murderous look Mikko gave them, he made his mind up. "Yeah, we better go and let these nurses do their job." It was really more of an excuse to get out of there before the police came. But while they were there, they might as well check on how Chris was doing. So as quickly as he could, he brought Daisy's chair over to her and helped her into it. Then he, Travis, and Daisy left the room. Once outside and out of the chaos, he whispered to her. "Wanna go see how Chris is doing while we're here?"

    Daisy left the room in a fit of tears, finding it difficult to leave Mikko, even though she'd given them that look as if she wanted to kill them. She wanted to stay with her, but not at the expense of making her worse. Plus, Kendall's freedom was in jeopardy. Holding Travis in one arm, she wiped at her tears and gave a small nod in response to Kendall's question.

    Mikko followed the two with her eyes, she watched as they left her alone there. They left her tied to a bed. unable to move. they didn't help her! She kicked at the nurse when she got to close to Mikko's feet, giving the poor woman a bloody nose. The nurse quickly left to tend to her injury.

    Without another word, he pushed Daisy towards Chris' room that was on the same floor as Mikko. It killed him inside to see Daisy so upset, but they needed to leave for a few different reasons. Right before he pushed her inside the room, he leaned down and gave her a small kiss on the cheek.

    Chris had woken up a few times during the night and had been grateful that Mikko was still with him. But the last time he woke up, she wasn't there. He figured maybe she had to use the bathroom or change Travis' diaper or something. He would just wait for her to return. So he laid there awake for awhile but she never came back. Then he began to worry. She promised him that she would stay the night with him. It wasn't that he thought she lied to him about it, but was worried that something bad had happened while he was out. After this latest thought, Chris couldn't get back to sleep. He still wasn't all that mobile yet so he just laid there quietly, staring at the wall, hoping he was wrong in his suspicions. He looked over to the door again and saw Daisy, Kendall and Travis come in and gave them a friendly wave. It was nice to have company again. He really hated hospitals now.
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    Re: Aftermath

    Post by Christopher on Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:22 am

    As Kendall wheeled her towards Chris' room, Daisy struggled to compose herself, not wanting to upset him with her show of emotion. She wiped at her eyes, and forced a weak grin as they entered the room.

    Kendall pushed Daisy over to Chris' bed. "Hey," he greeted him. The room was kind of dark, but Kendall spotted something on the floor next to the bed. "Hey, what's that?" He went over to it and picked it up. Since he couldn't see it too well at the moment, he went over to the door, using the light in the hallway to read it.

    Chris noticed the sadness in Daisy's eyes and was itching to know what was wrong. He could sense something was off and seeing Travis in her arms confirmed his suspicions. "Where's Mikko?" He saw Kendall pick something up off the floor, but couldn't tell what it was. Hopefully Kendall would share the news on whatever that paper said.

    Hearing Chris' question, Daisy became too emotional to answer. She cuddled little Travis, trying to soothe him as he cried. She looked at Kendall, equally curious to know what the piece of paper was.

    Kendall frowned deeply as he read the note. After seeing what Spike had done to Chris, if Gabe was in trouble, it couldn't have ended well. Especially considering Mikko's current emotional state. He sighed deeply and turned back to the group. "It was from Mikko," he told Chris. "She left a note saying that she needed to rescue Gabe," he explained with a heavy sigh. Obviously Chris hadn't seen the note otherwise he wouldn't have asked about Mikko's whereabouts. "And to answer your question: she's here." He paused, swallowing thickly. "But not in good condition.

    Chris' jaw dropped in horror after hearing the news. "What happened, man?" He too swallowed thickly on the verge of panicking. He had to get to her.

    Daisy tried to listen on through Travis' sobs, coupled by her own. The child wouldn't seem to hush, which was grating on her already frayed nerves. So she had understood Mikko correctly? Spike had gotten Gabriel? Was he dead now? If Mikko had been so severely injured, that must be the case, right? But wasn't Mikko for Spike? And if so, how could things end so horribly for her? None of it made any sense to her. "Is.. JT dead?" She asked after finding her shaky voice.

    The nurse had ran out without giving Mikko her drugs. The pain was starting to hit her, and her fingers were becoming numb. She twist and turned her hand trying to get out of the straps. She moved around the bed, kicking and struggling. She ignored the pain in her chest, more concerned with being free. Being tied to the bed not only brought back horrible memories of her childhood, but she also felt defenseless against people who she once though of as allies.

    Kendall know this wasn't going to be easy. He didn't exactly know the outcome, but with Mikko's state, SOMETHING major had to have gone wrong. He looked at Daisy and shook his head. "I don't know, babe." Although he wished he did. And all he could tell Chris was the absolute 'mess' Mikko was right now. "She's very pissed at...don't know exactly who the hell it is. But she's not herself right now. Best to just let her be for now." This was really hard to tell Chris. He knew how much he loved her.

    All the uncertainties, and Mikko was crazed. And this child would not stop screaming. Daisy continued to pat him, but to no avail. She glanced at Chris, offering him the child. Surely he would know how to soothe him, since he'd spent more time with him.

    More squirming and twisting and Mikko's hand started to slip from the restraints. She glanced at the door then pulled and tugged. Finally her hand slipped free, but not without injury, she sprained her thumb and her pinky shouldn't have bent that way, but she was out. She reached over and un strapped her other hand. She rested for only a moment. tears forming in her eyes from the pain her body was in. She looked over at her injured hand and moved her little finger back into place, causing more pain to shoot through her body. Again she had to rest. Next, this tube had to come out...

    Just let her be? That didn't sit well with Chris. Injured or not, Mikko needed him. He slowly sat up and grabbed one of the blankets to put around his shoulders to hide his...bare backside. He swung his 'feeling-as-heavy-as-lead' legs over the edge, scooting up to put his feet on the floor. About that time, Daisy handed the crying baby over to him and he took the child in his arms, rocking him gently and speaking soothingly. Then he looked up at Daisy. "When was the last time he was fed or changed?" All thoughts of going to Mikko were put on hold until he had Travis under control.

    Daisy sniffled, once again trying to find her voice to answer. "Before.. we got the call." She answered in a choked voice, though babies ate a lot, so he was probably due for another meal and a diaper change, all of which had not been on the forefront of her thoughts before they left the house in a panic. Maybe Kendall had remembered to grab the diaper bag, though she wasn't sure.

    Mikko reached up she wasn't thinking about the damage she could do to herself, she wasn't thinking that this one plastic device was probably the only thing keeping her breathing. She just wanted the foreign thing out of her. She pulled the tape off of her mouth then closing her eyes tightly, pulled the tube out of her throat, gagging and coughing. She tossed it on the ground and took some large gasps for air.

    Kendall had once again taken his place behind Daisy's chair and put a comforting hand on her shoulder. He indeed did have the bag. He had it slung on his shoulder until he noticed the paper lying on the floor. Now it was right next to his feet and he crouched behind the chair and pulled out an already prepared bottle and a burp-rag. Then handed the items to Chris. "Here. Hope this helps."

    Chris leaned back on the bed and got comfortable again. Travis was still fussing, but not as much as before. He took the items from Kendall and laid the rag across his shoulder and situated Travis into a more 'friendly feeding' position. Then he lowered the bottle to Travis's lips, which the baby took right away. By now, his crying had completely stopped but little sniffles were still coming from him. "That's a good boy," Chris praised the child as he ate.

    Mikko started tearing the other things that were hooked to her, of course this sent alarms off. Nurses rushed in as Mikko struggled to sit up. They pushed her back down but she fought against them. her screams traveled out her room and down the halls. They tried to get her under control but it seemed the girl was not going to cooperate. Finally one of the officers came in and cuffed her to the bed, tightly. He recognized mikko as the girl that was always around Spike, though he didn't remember her name. Mikko spat and bit at the nurses and the officer. "LET ME GO! GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!" She gasped for air after each sentence.

    Daisy could only watch on in discouragement as Chris worked his magic with Travis. It did little for her parenting ego, and for a fleeting second, she questioned how good she would be with her own. But she tried to snap herself from those thoughts as Kendall was at her side, trying to comfort her. And then she recalled the root of her agony. Witnessing Mikko's crazed expression, as if she wanted to kill them. The unknowing and fear. If Spike had mangled Mikko so badly, he was probably still at large? What if he came here, looking for them? And then, she heard the racket echoing throughout the halls. Alarms, and Mikko's screams, as crazed as her glares had been. She glanced at the boys, the tears once again forming at the corners of her eyes. Would this nightmare ever end?

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    Re: Aftermath

    Post by Mikko on Wed Jan 27, 2010 2:04 pm

    Soon Travis had finished his bottle and Chris started burping him. While he was waiting for a sound from the baby, he was distracted by another sound that came from somewhere outside his room. He froze and looked over at his door. What the hell? He couldn't be sure, but it sounded like Mikko's screams. That made him remember about his earlier intentions of going to see her. Now it looked like she needed someone more than ever. Holding Travis in one arm and reaching for the blanket with his other hand, he slowly stood up from the bed. He was about to hand the baby off to Daisy again, but she didn't look like she was in any condition to take care of him at the moment. Securing the blanket around both Travis and him, he started heading for the door.

    And Daisy could only watch with tear filled eyes as he went, sparing a glance over at Kendall.

    Kendall looked at Daisy and frowned. He REALLY hated seeing her this upset, but there wasn't much he could do right now. He had his hand resting lightly on her shoulder again, giving it little squeezes every once in a while. When Mikko's screams echoed through the halls, Kendall's first instinct was to hold tightly to Daisy. More for comforting reasons for her. Then he saw Chris getting up. Apparently Kendall's earlier instructions to leave Mikko alone for now was lost on Chris. But he made no move to stop him. He watched as Chris and Travis headed out of the room.

    The police had come into Mikko's room, She glared at them all, letting the nurse put an oxygen mask on her. They waited for the nurse to leave then the four of them surrounded the bed. "We know you know where he his." They started, expecting her to simply tell them what they wanted to know. Instead she flipped them off. "Fuck you! I don't know nothing!" The four guys looked at each other and shook their heads. They told her what Lexi had said, this only angered Mikko more. "I don't know what ya talking about. I don't know a Lexi." She lied flatly. They didn't buy it, and informed her that if she didn't help them, they could bring her in for helping an escaped convict. Really they had nothing on her and was simply trying to scare her. But Mikko didn't scare easily. "I told you. I. Don't. Know. Nothing!" It wasn't that she didn't think Spike deserved what ever he got. But Spike was a Turk, she wanted to be a Turk, and turning in a gang member would not look good for her.

    Daisy clung to Kendall, sobbing into his shoulder. But the distant sounds soon earned her attention. She looked up just in time to see the cops pass by the door, no doubt heading in Mikko's direction. She glanced at Kendall, her paranoia beginning to rise. She didn't want to leave Mikko, but it felt that her sister didn't want them here... and it was becoming too dangerous for Kendall. Her eyes were questioning, wondering if he was thinking what she was feeling.

    Chris was both surprised and relieved that no one tried to stop him from leaving his room. But as soon as he had left the comfort of his room, he was nearly run over by the cops as they rushed to Mikko's room. Chris kept Travis well protected as he followed the men in that direction. At least he knew where Mikko was now.

    They continued to question Mikko, the questions were not about her own condition. "Can you tell us what happen to you? Who did this?" One of them asked, pulling out a pen and note pad. Mikko was quite for a while then finally looked over at the questioning officer. "Dunno. Didn't see who it was." And that's all they were going to get out of her, two of them pressed her for more info, but Mikko just stared ahead, not moving, talking or even glancing at the cops around her.
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    Re: Aftermath

    Post by Lexi on Thu Jan 28, 2010 11:27 am

    The Media moved in like scavengers closing in to pick the flesh from a victim's remains. Lexi was surrounded, and despite her violent screams for them to leave her alone, they continued to press her for answers, the flashes of multiple cameras leaving her dazed and blinded. There were no bodyguards to hide behind.. to protect her from their cruelty. Not even a single person to take her side, to give her the strength to endure this.

    "Is it true that Timothy Black, also known as Spike, is the person behind this?" One man questioned in obvious indifference to Lexi's fragile state. The young woman turned her back to him, only to have another camera's unforgiving flash go off in her face. "Timothy Black is the man who raped you, isn't that correct?"

    The body wrenching sobs drown out any plea she tried to muster.

    Timothy Black... Timothy Black...Timothy Black.. Their questions continued to revolve around the name that cut like razor blades. She felt dizzy as the numerous faces took on demonic features, images conjured up by her fragile state of mind. She tried to breathe, but her lungs were constricting. Her legs finally buckled and she crumpled to the floor. The media became a frenzy around her, but she couldn't find the will to move. What was the point? There was no escaping their merciless taunting, and the photos would no doubt make the front page of the tabloid, with an accompanying story that would ruin her. She was already defeated.

    The torment went on much longer than she could endure, but finally two cops came to her rescue. It took stern and physical intervention, but the two men finally managed to clear the halls of the media frenzy, ushering them out the hospital doors. Lexi was still balled up on the floor, knees hugged to her chest and sobbing against them. One of the cops knelt beside her, placing a comforting hand against her shoulder, causing Lexi to jerk away.

    "Our apologies, Ms. Davis. Someone should've been watching your room. I assure you this won't happen again." He tried to reassure. She finally glanced up at him, the pain reflected within her gaze was enough to earn his genuine sympathy. He offered her a hand to help her to her feet. "Let's get you back to your room, okay? You need some rest..." But before the man could finish his sentence, something in the distance caught Lexi's attention.

    A vaguely familiar form was being escorted down the halls by the female doctor. Though Lexi had only seen the woman once, she knew who she was. That bleach blonde hair and crack-whore features was unmistakable....

    ..Gabriel's mother.

    "Oh, HELL NO!" Lexi screamed after them, now disregarding the police that was trying to help her to her feet. She forced herself onto wobbly legs and darted towards the woman. The bewildered cops spared each other a quick glance before chasing after her, fearing that a fight was about to break out. And they were right to think that. The blonde woman turned just in time to receive a forceful right hook to the cheek. It took her a moment to recover, and by that time the police had Lexi restrained.

    "Fucking let me go!" She hissed, but her fiery gaze was still burning into Gabriel's mother's. "You!" She seethed, still struggling against her human restraints. "You have a lot of fucking nerve being here!" She managed to free one of her arms and lashed wildly at the blonde, but her arm was pinned before she could inflict further damage.

    "You were never his mother!" She choked out, a mixture of anger and the pain leaking from her words. "You never loved him!" She screamed, her voice strained from the anguish. "You let his sorry excuse for a father abuse and beat him!!! You just stood by and watched it all, you fucking spineless bitch!!!"

    Even in the woman's intoxicated state, the words of truth were hitting home. She struggled with her tears, her lips quivering as her gaze held that of the angry young woman's. But Lexi was far from finished. "What kind of woman lets her husband throw her son onto the streets to fend for himself? Your baby! He was only twelve!!" She paused long enough to catch her breath, and force down the sob that threatened to shake her. "This is all your fault. He's dead because of the life your actions forced him into.."

    "That's enough, Ms. Davis. Now please, allow us to escort you back to your room..." One of the officers interrupted, but Lexi ignored him. Her burning glare was still fixated on the sorry excuse for a mother. The addict's head turned away, finding the words, and the sight of Lexi's blood-covered face hard to bear.

    "No, you fucking look at me, you fucking cunt!" She demanded, and almost out of reflex, the woman did so. "Get a good look. I'm covered in your son's blood because I was there for him when you weren't! I loved him when you didn't!" She struggled frantically as the cops began to pull her away, back towards her room. A few members of the media had managed to return, and snapped shots for their juicy story. But Lexi's full attention was still on the woman she loathed.

    "You have no right to see him now, when it's too late! What gives you the right to make his final arrangements? To put him to rest, huh? You did nothing for him in life, don't fucking bother to start in death.." Her screams soon faded around the corner, leaving a confused audience of patients glancing between each other, and the blonde who was now in a deserved fit of tears. She allowed the doctor to lead her towards their destination, away from the prying eyes of the hospital's occupants.
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    Re: Aftermath

    Post by Christopher on Thu Jan 28, 2010 2:25 pm

    Chris continued following the police towards Mikko's room. But getting into the actual room proved to be more difficult. At least Mikko wasn't yelling anymore. But at the same time, it wasn't very comforting to Chris. He couldn't see her and the police weren't about to let him through--even with his pleas to need to get to her. He even told them he was her boyfriend and that had no effect. Not even with Travis in his arms. But Chris wasn't about to give up just yet. He just needed to figure a way to get around them. With a baby, it wouldn't be easy.

    Still they pressed her for information about Spike. and Still she refused to answer. When she heard Chris's voice she turned to him, but couldn't see him. It took her a bit to relies that she had been unhand cuffed. But as soon as she did she was quick to act. Jumping from the bed and slipping one of the cops guns out of it's holster. The other three pulled out their pistols. She backed out the room glancing over at Chris and the baby. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion, she wasn't even fully realizing what she was doing. Nothing seemed real. Her injuries were bleeding through her gown, her breathing was heavy and her vision was blurred. Still she pushed all the pain and nausea aside and made her way out the room.

    And now Chris could see her. But he was not prepared at all for her appearance. She looked terrible! Not that he would ever admit that out loud and he was extremely worried about her. Travis had started becoming a little fussy again and Chris tried to soothe the baby by rubbing his back and bouncing him a little. But he never took his eyes off Mikko. He was already aware or how unstable she was mentally, and if he was really honest with himself, her crazed appearance scared him a little. Still...very cautiously, he moved in her direction, being as quiet as he possibly could to keep the cops from seeing her escape. If they hadn't already noticed her, that is.

    And they definitely noticed. They followed mikko out the room wile trying to talk her into calming down. The dizziness and sickness was starting to hit her hard, not to mention her bleeding had gotten worse. She stumbled a bit and held herself up by leaning on the walls. She made it passed a few rooms, but stopped when she caught a glance a Lexi in one of the rooms. "Lexi..." She choked out. "G..Gabe's...Gabe's here?" She blinked a few times trying to clear her vision.

    Lexi continued to scream and lash out at the cops as the dragged her into her room. Her screams continued to hold the attention of curious patients who watched the events unfold. It wasn't every day they got to see a celebrity, and this one was living up to the standards. Drawing attention wherever they went, even when it was unwanted. The media followed, taking advantage of the security's distraction to snap more photos. Lexi had finally snapped, and this story would sell millions of copies of the global tabloid. A nurse rushed towards them with a needle in hand, trying to get access of Lexi's arm. "Now now dear, this will make it all go away.." She tried to soothe, but the celebrity continued to fight. The nurse made her move, pushing the needle into Lexi's arm, and she instinctively withdraw as the sting made itself known. The forceful action caused the needle to snap from the syringe, embedding into Lexi's flesh. She clawed madly at the nurse as she continued to struggle for her freedom, but the sedative was beginning to take effect. But she was still alert enough to register Mikko's voice, and flashed a desperate glance in her direction. Almost pleading as she fought to free herself from the cops relentless hold. But Mikko's appearance had taken her by surprise. Mikko hadn't been hurt that severely back at the docks, had she? She had no way of knowing that Spike had attacked her afterwards. She slowly registered her question, giving a weak nod in reply. "Morgue.." She managed to choke out. "They.. won't let me.. see him.."

    Mikko's breathing became more ragged as she made her way to lexi, still pointing her pistol at everyone. She reached out and grabbed Lexi's hand. "Let...go.." She gasped. She wanted to see Gabe one last time, and Lexi seemed to know where he was. But Mikko wasn't doing good. and more cops had shown up.

    Lexi struggled to remain standing, blinking frantically against the weight of her eyelids. She made a few more weak shoves at the cops as Mikko took hold of her hand, but her 'restraints' weren't giving up so easily. One of the cops continued to support her, knowing it was simply a matter of time until the drugs pulled her under. He refused to release her to this crazed woman, even as he pulled his pistol. His partner was quick to do the same. "Drop the weapon!" One of them ordered. More security was closing in, approaching Mikko from behind.

    Mikko whipped around, trying to take aim at everyone at once. But her weak heart had finally gave up under all the stress. The pistol dropped from her fingers as she fell to the floor. Eyes closed and unmoving. Her breathing slowed and finally came to a stop.

    Chris had been hanging back aways...really wanting to help her, but wasn't sure what he could do. He held Travis tightly against him as he fought his way past the police. He saw Lexi up ahead and saw what a mess she was also. Then he saw Mikko collapse to the floor and HIS heart nearly stopped. 'Oh no...' People around or not, he finally pushed himself around everyone and hurried to her side, crying out her name. With Travis still in one arm, he held Mikko's with his other hand, whispering to her. "Please, babe. Don't leave me..."

    Lexi's vision was becoming blurred. Obscured by the tears and sedative that was slowly pulling her under. She was alert to witness Mikko crumble to the ground. Despite how much a part of her blamed Mikko for Gabe's death, the girl's show of compassion towards the end had alleviated some of that. As much as she wanted to hate Mikko for this, that couldn't extinguish her concern for the girl now. She tried to push herself towards Mikko, but the cops continued their hold on her. She tried to struggle, but her strength was leaving. Her eyes fluttered as she was guided onto the bed, her arms protesting the command to push herself up. Despite her attempts and will to remain awake, the drugs finally pulled her under.

    The nurse that was in the room with Lexi quickly rushed to Mikko's side. She called in for more nurses who also rushed in the room, past the cops, and pushing Chris out of the way. Mikko was lifted on to another gurney and hooked up to more machines. They started to pump air into her lungs and after what seemed like an eternity she started breathing again, her heart coming back to life. She opened her eyes and tiredly looked over at Chris reaching out a hand out to him as she wheeled away.

    Chris was trying so hard to remain strong in front of Mikko, but it was a losing battle. After he was pushed away from her, he couldn't hold his tears back anymore. He watched anxiously as they worked to get her breathing again, every second looking more hopeless than the last. But however it was possible, she finally responded! He saw her reach out for him and he briefly did touch her hand before she was pushed away on the gurney. This time, Chris did follow her. He wasn't going to lose her again, he swore by it. Even if he couldn't go back with her to...wherever they were taking her, he wouldn't leave her for anything!

    Mikko was taken back into the OR, one of the nurses stopped Chris and sat him on a chair outside of the room. "She'll be fine. Are you family?"

    Chris could only nod in response. It wasn't a total lie. HE may not be family YET, but Travis definitely was. He took a few calming breaths to regain control of his emotions. "Where are they taking her?" he asked, his voice shaky, still heavy with supressed emotions.

    The nurse sat next to Chris. "She's in surgery right now. She pulled out her stitches and her heart is under a lot of stress. But, she's going to be fine." At lest she hopped so. Really she wasn't sure, but the girl was breathing and responsive so it was looking good, and there was no need to tell this man anything different.

    Chris nodded and bounced Travis a little to alleviate some of his nervousness. The baby was fussing a bit again. Unfortunately, Chris hadn't brought any of Travis' things so hopefully things wouldn't take long then he could tend to Mikko's son again.

    The nurse gave Chris's shoulder a comforting squeeze then went into the room with the others. a few hours passed and finally Mikko was rolled back out. She was sleeping and this time very securely, her arms and legs were strapped to the bed. The nurse that had talked to Chris earlier motioned for him to follow as they brought her back to her room.

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    Re: Aftermath

    Post by Mikko on Fri Jan 29, 2010 1:45 pm

    Chris followed the nurse anxiously back to Mikko's room. After entering, he went straight to her bedside. He was saddened by the fact she was restrained again, but knew it was for her own good. Still holding Travis in one arm, he took Mikko's hand in his free one. "Mikko?" he whispered softly, gently kneading her hand with his thumb.

    Mikko wrapped her fingers around Chris' hand and slowly opened her eyes. She didn't have the tube in her throat this time, but did have a large breathing mask on. She turned her head and looked at Chris. "hi.."

    Chris gently squeezed her hand back and smiled. "Hi, babe." Then he looked at Travis. "Look who I brought to see you," he said, holding the baby up so both Travis and Mikko could see each other. "It's mommy..." he told the little one as he looked at Mikko again and smiled warmly.

    Mikko smiled at Travis and tried to lift her arm up to him. When she couldn't she became very upset. "Why can't I move? I wanna hold my baby!"

    Chris understood why they restrained her as they did, but he felt horrible that she was unable to hold her own child. He gently squeezed Mikko's hand again. "Shhh...easy. I'll go see if I can find someone to help, okay? Be right back, babe." Surely SOMEONE would let her arms free so she could at least hold her son. Although he understood she would have to be watched at all times. He kissed her forehead quickly and went to go find a kind nurse that would allow this reunion to happen.

    Mikko watched him leave, and weakly fought against the restraints but quickly gave up. She was just to tired and on to many drugs. She closed her eyes but tried not to go to sleep. the nurse outside her door met up with Chris. "Is everything ok?" She asked him, heading in the room with more medication.

    Chris stopped when he nearly collided with the nurse."Oh, jeez!" he exclaimed, holding his heart with his free hand. He had been in such a hurry that he didn't see her around the corner. After regrouping again he nodded. "But I have a question. She's kinda upset right now because she can't move her arms. Would there be any way you could let her hold her son for a few minutes? I'll stay right by her to make sure she doesn't try anything." He also knew that at least one of the personnel would also have to keep an eye on her.

    The nurse shook her head at Chris. "I'm sorry, we can't risk that she would hurt herself...or others." The nurse gave Mikko her shot and walked out the room. Mikko opened her eyes when she felt the needle and looked over at Chris sadly.

    Chris nodded sadly and kept that gaze when he turned back to Mikko. "I'm so sorry, babe...I tried." He went to her side again. Restraints or not, he was going to let Mikko at least TOUCH her baby. Getting as close as he could, he took Travis and held him right next to Mikko's head. It was the best he could do for now, but at least it was some sort of contact.

    Mikko tugged at her restraints again. but it looked like she would have to settle with what Chris could give her. She couldn't remember what had happen before she passed out, and had no idea why she was tied to the bed. She looked over at Chris. "Un tie me, babe."

    Chris shook his head slowly after moving Travis safely back in his arms. "Can't do that. It's for your own good. You went crazy earlier, babe," he explained, holding back powerful emotions. Deep down, though, he really, REALLY wanted to comply to her request and screw what the nurses said.

    Mikko looked away from him trying to hide her tears. "Gabe's dead...Spike tried to kill me...and I can't even hold my baby..."

    Now Chris felt really bad. This just wasn't fair to her! Swallowing thickly, he nodded. "Okay. I'll see what I can do to free your arms. But you gotta promise me you won't try to escape, alright?" he whispered the last part.but everything was softly enough that no one outside the room could hear him.

    Mikko looked at him again and slowly nodded. "promise." Though she was a little confused as to why they would think she would try and escape. where was she going to go? It wasn't like she was in any condition to get up and run out.

    Chris smiled slightly and kissed her forehead again. "Okay." He gently laid Travis down next to her and quickly unbuckled the straps on her arms. Then he picked up Travis again so Mikko could shift into a better position before he gave her her son to hold.

    Mikko rubbed her wrist then moved over to get in a better position. She held her arms out for Travis and smiled. "Come here my big boy."

    Chris smiled back and finally was able to properly reunite mother and child. "Here you go..." He put Travis directly in Mikko's arms. Once he had the baby out of his arms, he quickly grabbed the blanket around his shoulders and pulled it tighter around him again. He was still only clad in that hospital gown and the blanket was the only thing that prevented him from mooning anyone that walked behind him. Not to mention it was much warmer without having that kind of exposure.

    Mikko cradled little Travis in her arms. She rubbed his little cheek and smiled at him. But she still couldn't suppress the sadness that she felt. "I'm sorry your father is such a jerk, little guy. Hopefully you don't follow in his footsteps." She looked over at Chris and smiled a little. "Lest you'll have a good male role model."

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    Re: Aftermath

    Post by Mikko on Mon Feb 01, 2010 3:13 pm

    Chris smiled at Mikko, happy to hear that Mikko thought he would be a good role model for Travis. He would certainly do his best. But a small part of him was pissed off that she JUST realized Spike was a 'jerk'. And that was putting it politely as it was. If it wasn't for him, neither of them would even be in this situation in the first place! At least they HOPEFULLY wouldn't have to deal with him anymore. Chris still had the wounds--and soon to be scars--from 'her man's' handiwork. Trying to push those angered thoughts out of his mind, he gently laid a hand on Mikko's shoulder, watching her and Travis together at last.

    Mikko kissed the babies cheek then looked over at Chris. "I'm not sure what to do next time I see him. I'm going to have to at some point..." She looked back at Travis. She knew that she would sooner or later run into Spike again. She just hoped that she wasn't alone when it happen. Not that that stopped him from her attacking her in the first place. but the way Spike looked at her,she had a feeling that he wasn't just going to give up. He wanted her dead and he would make sure that happen. She sighed heavily. "I'm trying to join the Turks..."

    Chris frowned at that. She was right, of course. He would probably be back. His frown deepened even more when she mentioned joining the Turks. You sure that's wise, babe? Bouncing between gangs did NOT seem like a good idea.

    "well...I was kicked out the Dragons and they're out to kill me, so I figured that joining the Turks would be a way to get protection, plus. It's all I know, I don't think I could survive without being in a gang. But...Spike also just joined the Turks..." Mikko closed her eyes and held Travis close. "I just want to go home." She opened her eyes and looked over at Chris. "Take me home, babe."

    Okay, that settled it. Going to the Turks was NOT a good idea. However, he wasn't sure what she could do for an alternative either. But enough worrying about that now. They just had to get out of there. Easier said than done, though. Chris was sure the doctors wouldn't release Mikko yet. He took one of Mikko's hands in his and gave it a gentle squeeze. "As soon as we can, babe. Why don't you just rest for now, okay?" He sat on the edge of the bed and now had her free hand laying across his lap. "Everything's gonna be alright."

    Mikko rolled her eyes. "No it's not. And I'm fine, just take me home." Mikko was feeling tired and she was in a lot of pain. But she would rather be in pain and tired in the comfort of her own bed. Plus she needed to call Ryuu about Jigs.

    Chris sighed and shook his head. "Not a good idea. Neither of us have been released yet and I can't get around all that well yet anyway. What's the harm of waiting a few more hours, babe?" He rubbed her hand with his thumb, trying to soothe her. "I'll stay right here with you."

    Mikko looked away from him, cradling her baby in her arms. "Whatever. I don't need you to stay with me." She told him coldly. "i don't need anything from anyone."

    That...pissed Chris off. Did she WANT them to get caught while trying to escape? And what would happen then? It was looking like maybe Mikko was still too influenced with whatever drugs they gave her. With a huff, he stood up, letting go of her hand. "Whatever..." he grumbled and made himself comfortable in a chair against the wall.

    Mikko tried to turn on her side but her legs were still strapped to the bed. With a lot of trouble and painful movements. she sat up and freed her legs. After she promptly fell back on the bed with a groan then turned over, her back to Chris and Travis laying on the bed against her chest. It wasn't like she was some prisoner, a hospital couldn't force you to stay. She closed her eyes. Fine. whatever, she didn't need his help. she didn't need any ones help! Fuck them all. She'd get some rest, but when she woke she fully planed on leaving.

    With Mikko's unpredictable nature, Chris wasn't going to let her out of his sight for even one second. He was already nervous when she freed herself from her restraints completely, but said nothing. Couldn't she see that he was doing this for her own good? Apparently not. Whatever. He wasn't about to let her get into trouble again if he could help it. It scared him to death the first time...
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    Re: Aftermath

    Post by Christopher on Thu Feb 04, 2010 1:38 pm

    Mikko laid there, unable to sleep.She glanced over her shoulder at Chris then turned back around. "That chair can't be to comfty."

    The chair indeed wasn't the most comfortable thing in the room, but considering he and Mikko were once again at odds, he really didn't feel like pissing her off anymore. Not to mention he was already pissed at her. When she looked at him then turned around again he answered flatly, "It's not. But I'm fine," he added with conviction. He highly doubted Mikko would offer him anything more than that and he was fine with it. He sat there in the chair with his arms crossed over his chest, his expression nearly a glare sent her direction. But at the back of his mind he thought maybe her attitude came from still being under the influence of those meds she was on.

    "Yer mad at me..." Mikko said, still having her back to Chris. "Why don't you slap me around a seems to help most guys when they're pissed." She pulled the covers up a little over little Travis.

    What the fuck? She was in a fuckin' HOSPITAL and she wanted him to use physical abuse...on HER?! Absolutely not! He wouldn't do that to her anyway--even outside the hospital. He just wasn't that type of guy. Now sex was a different story. But he would never hit a girl in anger. He stood up, shaking his head. "I'll be back in awhile," he told her, pulling the blanket tighter around him and left the room. He just needed to cool off a little and also needed to go back to his room to pull on some real clothes anyway. The hospital was about to release him soon.

    Mikko heard him get up and closed her eyes tight, bracing herself for the hit. She just hoped that Travis didn't wake up. But then, he left. She looked up watching him leave. Wow...He knew just how to get to her. Hitting she was came to expect and honestly didn't mind it so long as she wasn't getting beat down. But leaving her,abandonment. that was a whole new level of pain. He had left her. He was the only thing that was holding her together and he left her. With tears in her eyes she pulled the covers off of her and started to get out of bed.

    Chris took the time to walk back to his room to get his thoughts in order. He was far from abandoning her, he just needed some time to think. Finally, he made it to his room and quickly got dressed in his street clothes, smoothed his hair down as much as he could, then gathered the rest of his things and left his room again, to head back to hers.

    Mikko didn't have any cloths to change into. So she wrapped some covers around her and bundled up Travis. She started to take the machines off of her, along with the Ivs.

    With a much clearer head, Chris made it back to her room in time to see Mikko really upset and starting to disconnect things. His eyes widened and he rushed to her side, holding her. "Whoa, whoa, babe. What do you think you're doing?" He tried to keep his voice gentle, but it was still laced with a trace of panic. "I'm right here, Mikko. Shhhhh...just relax." His voice faded to a whisper as he was trying to soothe her.

    Mikko hadn't gotten much off of her when Chris came in. She turned to him with tears in her eyes. He came back? She didn't know why he would. She was a mess. But when Chris took her into his arms and collapsed to the bed in a fit of tears. "You came...back..."

    He sat next to her on her bed, hold her close, to reassure her that he hadn't left her. "Of course I did. You thought I would leave you? No, I just had to do something quick." He gave her a gentle squeeze. "You can't get rid of me that easily, babe," he added with a gentle smile on his face.

    Mikko curled up in Chris' arms, cradling Travis close to her. "Thanks." She closed her eyes and laid her head on his chest.

    "Welcome," he said, smiling, brushing some hair out of her face.

    Mikko pushed herself away from him and carefully laid back down, she placed Travis on her stomach and covered them both up. "I think there's enough room here for you too." She said patting the spot beside her.

    Chris was about to decline but then thought about a few minutes earlier. He didn't want to upset her like that again. Slowly and carefully, he laid down next to her, wrapping an arm around her. "Comfy, babe?"

    Mikko waited for him to lay down, and once he did she quickly snuggled close to him. "yeah. are you?"

    "Yup." He gently took his other hand and laid it gently down on Travis, rubbing the baby's back lightly.

    Mikko closed her eyes and slowly fell asleep, finally feeling secure and safe enough to do so. Even id Chris couldn't actually protect her. She was still comforted by his presence.

    From all the sleeping he did under the influence of those drugs, Chris wasn't a bit sleepy anymore. He just laid there quietly, keeping close contact with Mikko. He felt comforted by the fact she could finally sleep with him so close to her. Things were a little snug in that bed with the three of them, but he wouldn't move for anything. He was completely content to stay where he was.
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    Re: Aftermath

    Post by Daisy on Mon Feb 08, 2010 12:30 pm

    Mikko slept peacefully for a good two or three hours. It was Travis' movements that woke her. She opened her eyes and looked over at Chris, then looked up at her baby. It was time to leave. "Lets go babe. they can't keep me here." She said then pulled herself away from Chris and started to get out of the bed, still cradling Travis close.

    Chris shifted in his sleep when Mikko moved. Then he became immediately aware and sat up quickly, thinking something was wrong. "You alright, babe?" he asked concerned. As quickly as he could, he scrambled out the other side of the bed to assist her.

    "Yeah I just wanna get out of here." Mikko let Chris help her and started to pull the IV out of her and started pulling the other things off of her.

    The ride back to the apartment was a quiet one. Once settled inside their room again, Kendall tried to take a nap. It had been a long day and sleep, even though it was there, still wasn't easy to get to. He was very worried about Daisy. He wanted to be there for her, but he was powerless to make all her pain go away.

    Daisy on the other hand didn't seem to have a problem finding sleep. The night's stresses, coupled with her pregnancy and hours of crying had tired her out. Once they had returned home, she snuggled closely to Kendall on the bed, comforted by his warmth and closeness. And soon, she drifted off into a light slumber.

    Chris saw her start to disconnect wires and such from her body. "Are you sure you're well enough to not need this stuff?" He didn't think this was a good idea.

    "Yes" And as before, the nurses rushed in to make sure Mikko was ok. Seeing that she was out of bed one of the nurse ran to get a male to help. Mikko looked at them and wrapped a blanket around herself. "I'm leaving." She said and forcefully pushed herself passed the nurses, nurses who were to nervous of her reaction to try and stop her. "I need a phone."

    Once sleep finally did take him, he slept soundly right next to Daisy, an arm protectively around her. If she would need anything during the night, he would take care of it. Luckily he slept straight through and woke up the next morning, feeling much better. Slowly opening his eyes, he looked over at Daisy and leaned up, kissing her cheek. "Good morning, babe," he said in a whisper--a simple smile on his face.

    Not wanting to argue with her, he helped her get ready to leave, shooting the nurses apologetic glances as they headed out.

    "Phone bitches! I need a pho..." She saw the phone on the wall and went to it. "Money. I need money!" But now Mikko had a small group of people staring at her, she turned to them. "You got a few quarters?"

    Chris didn't like all this attention drawn to them, but Mikko certainly didn't seem to mind. He glanced around at the spectators nervously.

    Someone finally gave Mikko money for the phone. she took it and quickly called the shop. She didn't remember Kendall or Daisy being at the hospital. Or how she looked at him. She just hoped that they were home. Soon the apartments phone began to ring.

    Daisy's eyes flickered open, adjusting on the sight that greeted her. For the moment, last night's troubles were forgotten. Erased by that smile of his. It was certainly contagious. She smiled back as she leaned up to meet his lips. "Morning sexy.." She blinked. "It is morning.. isn't it?" She really hoped so. She prayed that that horrific night was behind them.

    Kendall's smile broadened then it dropped when he heard the phone ring. The last time the phone rang, it was bad news. Kendall really didn't need to hear anymore bad news for a long time. With a sigh, he detangled himself from Daisy and stood up to go answer the phone. "Stay here, princess. I'll be right back," he called out to her as he picked up the phone, holding his breath. "Yeah?"

    "I need you to come get us." Mikko said once Kendall picked up the phone. "We're at the hospital. I don't wanna talk about I just wanna go home. How soon can you get here?"

    Daisy's grin slowly melted as she heard the phone, also fearing the worst. She was really beginning to hate phones. They did nothing but deliver bad news, she thought. She gave a quiet nod at Kendall and stayed in bed, pulling the covers tightly around her.

    Kendall was relieved to hear Mikko on the other line. Considering the last time he saw her, she looked like she wanted to kill them. He thought quickly about her question and answered, "Half-hour tops."

    Mikko was hoping he could get there faster but that would have to do. "Fine. see you then, and hurry up I need to get out of this place," With that she hung up and headed out the door.

    "'Kay, bye." Then he hung up. Mikko's pleading tone was a bit unsettling, though. He could understand her being anxious to get home, but there was something else there too with her urgency. Not that he had the time to ask her. But now he had to tell Daisy the great news. He headed back into the bedroom. "Hey babe, you'll never guess who that was..."

    Daisy was quiet for a moment, really not knowing. "I don't know.. the grim reaper maybe? Did someone else die?"

    Kendall's smile was back. "It was Mikko. She wants to come home. How soon can you get ready, because we gotta go get her." He was already getting ready to leave.

    Now Daisy was really confused. Mikko? She slowly pushed herself to the edge of the bed and reached for one of her stretchy sun dresses. "Does she still hate us?"

    Kendall looked over at Daisy then sat on the edge of the bed, wrapping his arm around her. "I don't think so, babe. She just sounded like she really wanted to go home. Not that I can blame her..." He rubbed her back gently. " What do you need me to do for you?"

    Daisy couldn't suppress a devious little grin, her mind plummeting to the deepest depths of the gutter. "Oh, I can think of a few things." She said, wiggling her brows in a suggestive manner. "But since you probably didn't mean..that...I guess I'm good for now." She winked and pushed herself up onto her feet. Her muscles were sore, it was time to start walking. She would just have to be extra careful. "I'm ready when you are, handsome."

    "You still need your chair, darlin?" he asked as he supported her while she stood there. He was still nervous about letting her walk around...especially without anyone to hold her. But then again, maybe he was just being over-cautious...another fault of his when it could come to the point of just plain pissing people off. But hey, at least he cared.

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    Re: Aftermath

    Post by Mikko on Mon Feb 08, 2010 2:23 pm

    "Nah. No chair. I think I got this." Though, she wasn't protesting his support, either. That was fine, but that darn chair made her feel so helpless. Plus, it was too much trouble.

    Kendall gave her a small smile and nodded. "Okay." But he would still stay by her side. And he would still carry her down the stairs because he was sure she wasn't ready to tackle any steps yet. He carefully lead her out of the apartment and stopped at the top of the steps. "I'm gonna carry you down these, okay?" And without giving her room to protest, he picked her up, carefully heading down the stairs with her safely in his arms.

    Mikko waited for Kendall outside the hospital. her blanket wrapped tightly around her and Travis held close to her chest. He was getting a little fussy and she didn't have anything to give him. She didn't even know how the baby got to the hospital. Though, it was only now that she realized this. She sat bundled up on a bench and waited for her ride.

    After Mikko had hung up, Chris followed closely behind her and stood next to her, wrapping an arm around her. It wasn't good for her to be exposed to the cold like this and without a second thought, he took off his jacket and put it around her shoulders. "Here. Hope this helps..." Sadly, he didn't have anything to put around Travis, but he did have Travis' bag slung over his shoulder. He moved it in front of him and rummaged through it and found another small blanket and pulled it out, handing it to Mikko. Then a pacifier for him and inserted it in Travis' mouth. Hopefully they would be going home soon and the baby could get taken care of properly.

    And how could she protest being swept off her feet.. literally? He always managed to do that, in every sense of the phrase. She wrapped an arm around his shoulders as he descended the stairs,wondering just how far he planned on carrying her. "I know I have to be getting heavy." She commented quietly as she caressed her growing belly.

    Mikko leaned against Chris and quietly thanked him for the jacket. When handed the little blanket she wrapped Travis up in it and then tucked him under her own blanket to keep him warm. She was desperately trying to hold her emotions back, but thinking back on the night before she lost it again. Crying uncontrollably against Chris.

    Kendall couldn't help but grin at that. "Nah...I don't mind. And you're a lot lighter without the TWO babies..." he replied with a wink. Of course, he was referring to when Daisy was carrying Travis as well. "Besides...I can bench press more than two times your weight anyways." Once at the bottom of the stairs, he took her outside before setting her down again...very gently. Then he helped her over to the vehicle.

    Chris wrapped his arm further around her when she leaned against him, rubbing her back up and down gently. When she broke down, he carefully sat down next to her, pulling her to him. "Oh babe...I'm so sorry."

    Mikko tried to gather herself. pulling away from Chris slowly and wiping her face off. "I just...I can't believe he's...gone..."

    Chris may not have known Gabe that well, but he knew that Mikko really cared about him. "I know, babe. I wish there was something I could do," he whispered, pulling her to him again, rocking her gently from side to side in his hold.

    "It's...It's all my..fault!" Mikko sobbed "I killed him!"

    "Mmm.. I know you can.." Daisy winked at him as she playfully squeezed his toned arms. Once outside, and once again on her own two feet, she allowed him to assist her to the car, and slid into the passenger seat. The nervousness once again overtook her. What if Mikko reacted the same way as she had last night? Did she really hate them? She certainly looked like it!

    Chris only held her tighter, trying to comfort her the best he could. He couldn't imagine that Mikko would have actually killed him, but he knew that Mikko wasn't in any condition to talk about this right now. And she had every right to grieve now. He just whispered small assurances into her ear, letting her express her emotions-- which he was sure she needed to do. Sometimes crying did help.

    Mikko gathered herself again. "I wonder...What's going on with the dog..." She said, her voice no more then a whisper. She clung to Chris, her other arm holding on to Travis. What was taking Kendall? She wanted to go home now!

    After getting Daisy situated in the passenger seat, he hurried over to the driver's side and hopped in, closing the door and buckling in. Then he looked over at Daisy, sensing her apprehension. "Everything okay, princess?" He started the vehicle and made his way down the street, enroute for the hospital.

    The dog she was referring to, he didn't really know much about the whole chaos thing at Gabe's cabin. But he did know how much she hated dogs...that dog in particular. More so SCARED of him. So it was a bit of a surprise that Mikko mentioned anything about Jigs. "I dunno, Mikko," he responded, still holding onto Mikko tightly.

    "I just... hope Mikko doesn't really hate us.." Came Daisy's quiet reply. She couldn't understand what they'd done to earn that look from her. She didn't understand the effects the drugs had on Mikko. "I hope she's in a better mood."

    "Ryuu was suppose to help Jigs" Mikko looked up sadly at Chris. "If...If he's ok...he's gonna stay with us, ok?"

    Chris managed a genuine smile. "I don't mind that at all, babe." Which he really didn't. He loved dogs! He just never expressed that fact since he knew Mikko didn't.

    The truth was, Kendall wasn't sure about that either. From the phone conversation, he couldn't tell if Mikko still had those murderous thoughts or not. But he would be right there to protect Daisy if things got ugly. Hopefully it wouldn't come to that... "I'm sure she is," he reassured her.

    Mikko nodded her thanks and laid her head on Chris' chest closing her eyes. All the crying had exhausted her, and the painful emotions that she was feeling of Gabe's death and Spike's attack on her, made her even more tired. She wasn't use to dealing with these kind of emotions and it was draining.

    Daisy found comfort in that, despite her own doubts. She knew he would be there to protect her if Mikko went crazy on her. She spared him a small smile before gazing out the window. The hospital was coming into view, and with its presence came the dreadful butterflies. They were about to find out first hand just what kind of mood Mikko was in.

    Chris continued sitting with Mikko, holding her close for both warmth and comfort when the black SUV was pulling into the lot, heading right for them. Chris could tell it was THEIR SUV and tried to get Mikko's attention. "Look who's here..." He carefully helped Mikko stand up and walked with her to the edge of the walk and by then Kendall had pulled up to the curb. Chris opened the back door open for Mikko and helped her in, before climbing in himself, resuming the same position as he did on the bench. Allowing her to rest her head on his shoulder if she wanted to.

    Mikko looked up in time to see the van pulling up. She let Chris help her to her feet and then help her in the van. Once they were both seated she laid her head on his shoulder again, trying to hid her face and tearful eyes from the others there. She didn't need everyone knowing that she was so upset

    Kendall gave both of them a small wave but remained in his seat as Chris loaded both of them into the vehicle. He could see both of them in the rear-view mirror and saw that Mikko was very upset, but didn't say anything. All he asked was, "Is everyone buckled in?"

    Daisy lowered in her seat as Chris and Mikko climbed into the back. She feared being yelled at for reasons she couldn't understand. Or slapped. She braced herself for whatever was to come, but when all of her expectations went unanswered, she braved a shy look in the rearview mirror, also noticing how upset Mikko appeared, just by her body posture. She frowned deeply, completely sympathizing with her. Mikko had many reasons to be upset. Her big bro was dead. And she was seriously injured by he man that she'd given her heart to. "I'm.. sorry, Mikko." She managed to whisper, her own voice wavering beneath the weight of emotion.

    Hearing Daisy, Mikko nodded her face still hidden against Chris. "I just wanna go home." She said, trying to steady her voice but couldn't stop it from breaking. She just needed a good nap. a beer and some good narcotics. It wouldn't be a long term fix, but it would help a little at lest.

    In response to Kendall's question, Chris looked up and met Kendall's eyes in the rear-view mirror and nodded. He still held Mikko protectively in his arms.

    Kendall nodded back and pulled away from the curb, heading out of the lot again. Soon they were all on their way back to the apartment.

    Daisy wished there was something she could say to comfort her. But she knew words didn't possess the ability to ease such pain. She was still confused about everything that happened, but was smart enough to know that this was not the time to answer questions. She was silent for the remainder of the trip, her teary gaze fixated out the window.
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    Re: Aftermath

    Post by Kendall on Wed Feb 10, 2010 12:08 pm

    Kendall was also silent for the trip home. He was happy to have his little 'family' whole again, but the silence in the vehicle was an intense one. Soon the apartment came into view and he parked around back like usual.

    Once they were parked Mikko looked up and out the window. She was so happy to be home, and couldn't wait to lay in her own bed. She reached for the door handled and open the door stumbling onto the ground. She caught her balance, still holding on to Travis and slowly made her way to the steps of the apartment.

    Chris followed right behind Mikko and held his breath when she stumbled a little. He couldn't get there in time if she did fall but soon caught up with her and wrapped his arm around her to hold her steady as they made their way inside. "You want me to take the little guy while you climb the stairs?" he whispered.

    Mikko leaned into Chris she started to walk up the stairs when Chris offered to take the baby. She thought about that for a moment, not really wanting to let him go. No...She couldn't let him go, she had lost so much in such a short amount of time, she couldn't give her baby to Chris, even though she did trust him. The thought of him leaving her arms was to much at the moment. "No. I'm good..." She slowly walked up the stairs, letting Chris help her.

    Daisy slowly climbed from the car, still careful not to bear weight on her injured leg. She gasped when Mikko stumbled, but luckily Chris was right by her side. She hung back, waiting for Kendall while the others headed for the shop.

    After everyone was out, Kendall brought up the rear, but he was quick to get to Daisy's side, helping her inside the building. And, just like before, he picked up Daisy and carried her up the stairs. Once at the top, carried her into the apartment and over to the kitchen area, setting her down in a chair while he disappeared into their bedroom to get her wheelchair so Daisy would have a more comfortable seat for her to sit in while outside the bedroom. The choice of seating in that place was very limited as it was. He pushed the chair over to Daisy so she could hop into it.

    Chris let it go, even though he thought she would be better off giving him the baby...only until she got into the apartment. He was only thinking of both of their safeties. But he did what he could to help Mikko up the stairs anyway. Once at the top, he helped her inside and lead her over to their bed.

    Daisy frowned at the sight of that dreaded chair, but seats were limited. Plus, as much as she hated to admit it, it would make mobility a lot easier. She managed an appreciative smile as she slowly scooted into the chair. Mojo came running out of the bedroom, yapping excitedly as she raced throughout the house. The little dog hated being left alone for any length of time and was happy to have company again.

    Once Mikko got inside, she laid Travis on the bed, then laid down beside him. She rolled over and reached down for her back pack. once she had it, she dug out some of her drugs and started to inject herself with the heavy narcotics. This would help her sleep and take away any pain that she was in. After her nap she planed on talking to her boss about a tattoo...

    Chris almost said something about Mikko taking those drugs but knew it wouldn't do any good. So he only frowned. He would have to keep a close eye on her to make sure she stayed out of trouble while in this delicate condition. He sat down next to her like he did in the hospital and gently rubbed her hip. "Need anything else, babe?"

    Kendall couldn't help but grin as the little 'yapper' came out to greet them. He bent down and scratched the tiny dog behind the ear before picking her up in his arms and setting her in Daisy's lap. "Someone's here to see you..."

    Mikko put everything away and laid down, her eyes closed as the drug ran through her blood stream. She pulled the covers over her and snuggled in the bed. "No...I just need sleep.."

    Chris nodded and patted her hip. "Okay." He stood up and went into the kitchen area and pulled a beer out of the fridge.

    Mikko looked up a little as Chris went into the kitchen. She watched him grab a beer and that was seeming like a very good idea. "On second please."

    Daisy grinned as Kendall placed little Mojo in her lap. "Daw, I'm sorry we left you all alone!" She apologized to the little dog as she stroked her tiny head. She glanced up at Kendall, smiling sweetly. "Maybe I can get her one of those little purses like Paris Hilton had, and take her everywhere.."

    Chris looked over at Mikko and grinned. "Sure." He went back over to her and handed her his unopened bottle. "Here you go."

    Mikko sat up and took the bottle. "Thanks." She opened it and quickly started to down her drink.

    Kendall couldn't help but chuckle at that. "Sure. Anything you want, babe. Let's just make sure we get other things we need first...for our little one," he finished with a wink.

    Chris moved back over to the fridge and pulled out another beer for himself and made himself comfortable next to her in the bed. He crossed his legs at the ankles and opened his bottle, taking a long drink.

    Mikko finished her drink and set the empty bottle down beside the bed. She laid back down, again pulling the covers over her and pulling Travis away from the edge of the bed. She looked over at Daisy and Kendall and wondered if they knew what had gone on. "So...You guys know the story?" She asked them sadly.

    Daisy smiled up at Kendall, but her attention was soon drawn to Mikko as she spoke. Her features mirrored hers. She really hated seeing Mikko so sad. But she had every reason to be. She shook her head. "No. not really.."

    Mikko took a deep,painful breath. She really didn't know how to tell Daisy the news."Gabe...He's dead. Spike slit his throat." She said slowly doing her best to not break down in front of them. Luckily the drugs had kicked in and were helping. "I called for help...that turtle..but they were to late..Then, Spike..He found out I called...He tried to kill me." And the thinking about Spike stabbing her like that brought tears into her eyes. "He just kept...stabbing me..over and over and over!" She gasped for air as her voice broke and the tears came faster.

    Chris frowned as she told the horrible tale and held Mikko as close as he could against him. He wished he could just take away all her pain. He just spoke soothing words to her while he held her.

    Daisy's own tears began to fall as Mikko informed them of what had happened. So Gabriel was dead, and Spike had viciously attacked Mikko for calling for help. As carefully as she could, Daisy moved over to here Mikko was resting. She took a seat on the edge of the bed and leaned in, giving her a gentle hug. "I'm.. so sorry.."

    Mikko pulled Daisy in for a tighter hug. "I..I could have done more! We were right by the van. I could have...I could have drove him away. I could have done more but I didn't! I killed him!"

    Daisy gently tightened the embrace, trying to be careful of Mikko's injuries. She cried right along with Mikko, feeling a degree of her heartache. Still, she couldn't even imagine what her sister had gone through, witnessing him die like that. And being attacked. "You.. you didn't kill him." She tried to comfort her. "He's okay now." She whispered gently. "The angels are taking care of him."

    And Mikko felt that there was some truth in Daisy's words. Gabe wouldn't have to live in this world anymore. He wouldn't have to deal with heartache, he didn't have to worry about people out to kill him, out to torture him. He could finally find peace. She nodded and slowly let Daisy go. "We...we might have to move."

    Daisy met Mikko's gaze, confused.. but in that same instant, she understood. Still, she found herself asking.. "Why?"

    Kendall frowned deeply at that. He had forgotten that bastard knew exactly where they lived. And he would be DAMNED if he would let that son-of-a-bitch anywhere NEAR Daisy. He knew that Spike would break her if he got the chance. His fists clenched in anger at the thought.

    "Because Spike knows where we live. And he's gonna make sure that he finishes me off. and who knows what he'll do to you. and I have to protect Travis." knowing Spike. Mikko knew that he would go after the others first, hurt as much as he could before he finally finished her off. She wouldn't be surprise if he burnt the hold damn apartment down. "He's hurt pretty bad right now..So..I don't think we have to worry about him just yet...I hope.."

    Chris knew she was right. He had the soon-to-be scars to prove it. But if he had to give his life to protect Mikko and Travis he would do it without a moment's hesitation. He was that protective of them. Of course, he didn't have the courage to say that out loud. But he made it his silent vow.

    Daisy felt her heart sink at that. She didn't want to move. This place wasn't much, and they had only been here for a short amount of time.. but it was home. But home could be wherever her loved ones are. She gave a small nod of understanding and tried to wipe away some of her tears. "If he's hurt.. maybe he'll just die." She whispered quietly. "I hope Justin.. I mean.. Gabriel kicked his ass good."

    Mikko managed a small smile at Daisy's words. though part of her still hoped that Spike was ok. A larger part of her agreed with Daisy. She reached up and ruffled Daisy's hair. "Yeah Gabe fucked him up pretty good."

    Daisy was relieved to see that small smile grace Mikko's lips. She placed Mojo down onto the bed beside Mikko, hoping he tiny dog could lift her spirits some. But as much as she wished to stray away from the painful subject, she couldn't help asking. "Did Spike have a gang or something? I just don't see how Spike could've done that alone. I think Gabe would've won if it was a fair fight."

    Mikko patted the little dogs head and nodded. "Yeah he had a gang with him." She looked down a little not wanting to meet any of their eyes. "the Turks...The gang that I'm trying to get in...we're in their territory." Then she looked up at Daisy with a crooked smile. "You remebered his name."

    Daisy was a bit confused by that, not to mention concerned. "But, why would you want to join them? They killed your big bro." She frowned. "You don't need a gang.. you have us." And she gave a small nod at Mikko's comment, managing a faint grin. "I did, didn't I?" But surely she would be calling him something else, tomorrow.

    "Yeah but, this was something I decided before all of this. I already talked to Jencko...I've just been waiting for his call. And it was one of the Turks that rushed me to the hospital. He saved my life." Mikko curled up under the covers and yawned loudly.

    Daisy was grateful to whoever had saved Mikko's life, but she was still upset by the thought of her sister being with that gang. The ones responsible for all this. "But, why do you need a gang?"

    "protection, a family unit, lots of reasons to join a gang. Don't worry about it, Daisy." Mikko said tiredly. "I need a nap..."

    "But, we'll protect you." She replied, still not understanding. She didn't want Mikko involved in a gang. Especially not that one. They had caused so much heartache and pain. She gave a small nod in response to Mikko's last comment, and slowly slid from the bed. Maybe a nap was a good idea. Her own emotions had left her drained.

    "MmmIknow..." Mikko mumbled as she started to drift to sleep. A short nap, that's all she needed to recharge herself. She reached behind her looking for Chris.When she found him she grabbed his shirt and pulled him to her.

    Chris had finished his beer and was just listening to the girls talk. It seemed like things were sort of getting back to normal. And right now, they didn't need to worry about things. They were all together once more and they would watch out for each other. He smiled when Mikko pulled him towards her, once again wrapping his arm around her.

    Mikko snuggled against Chris pulling Travis close to her. "Chris...did you...quite those meds?" She asked as she interlocked her fingers with his.

    In all the chaos, he hadn't been keeping up with his meds. But he wasn't being effected by not taking the due to his exhaustion. He looked at Mikko and nodded. "Yup," he whispered, kissing her forehead. He may not have officially quit taking them, but he didn't seem to have any negative effects yet either. So maybe he could forget about them after all.

    Mikko smiled at that. "Good" She snuggled close to him and slowly drifted to sleep.

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    Re: Aftermath

    Post by Mikko on Wed Feb 10, 2010 2:59 pm

    A few hours had went by by the time Mikko woke up. She pulled herself away from Chris and scooped up Travis. The baby was sleeping peacefully so she put him in his play pen. Her body was still pretty achy but there was something that she need to do. So, she took some more pain killers, got dressed and grabbed her sketch book. She sat on the side of the bed and started to quickly sketch out what was about to be her new tattoo.

    Chris had ended up dozing off next to Mikko but awoke when Mikko got up. He sat up and was ready to jump up to assist her but it looked like she didn't need his help after all. When she returned to the bed, he sat close to her and watched her drawing. "What's that for?" he asked in a quiet voice, never taking his eyes off her sketchbook.

    "Memorial tattoo, for Gabe." Mikko answered Chris while sketching. She had a picture of Gabriel that she was using, drawing him as an angel with large out spread wings. and placing herself safely within his arms. "It's going to cover my back."

    Kendall had wheeled Daisy back into their room to give the other two or three some privacy. He had gone back into the kitchen to get something to eat for the two of them since neither of them had had any breakfast yet.

    Chris found that really touching. And a very good idea as a remembrance for this very good friend of hers. Chris was wishing that he knew this guy better than he did. But of what he did know about him, he earned the highest respect with him. Chris smiled at Mikko and kissed her cheek when she took a break from her drawing so he didn't distract her. "That's really nice. Fitting too, babe. I know he would appreciate it."

    Daisy had been so much of a nervous wreck that her body had forgotten just how hungry she was. It wasn't until Kendall returned with the food that her stomach reminded her of its neglect. She spared him an appreciative smile as she moved over to the bed, making herself comfortable. "Mmm.. a delayed breakfast in bed, huh? What are we having?"

    Kendall revealed the mystery meal to Daisy, grinning. "Nothin' special," he replied modestly. "Just eggs, toast, and bacon." He handed Daisy her plate. "I made some for the others too if they wanted. They'd just have to warm it up first." He sat down next to Daisy on the bed and dug into his eggs.

    Mikko smiled at Chris and nodded. "Yeah I sure he would." She finished up the sketch then looked it over. "Ok that should be enough for Ted. he's really good at realistic stuff." She kissed Chris' forehead then got up. "Going to get a tattoo guys, I'll be downstairs if you need me."

    Chris smiled and nodded. "You sure you got the stairs, babe?"

    "yep I'm good." Mikko tucked her sketch pad under her arm and headed out the door

    "Daw, but it is special... because you made it." Daisy leaned in to press a kiss against his cheek before digging into her own food. It felt good to have food in her stomach once again. She glanced in the door's direction as she heard Mikko call out. She was curious to see what she was getting, but was finding it difficult to pry herself away from her breakfast just yet. "Okay.. when you get back, I wanna see!" She called out.

    Chris nodded again and watched her go. By the time Mikko had closed the door, Travis started fussing and Chris got up and went over to the playpen. "I'm sure you gotta be hungry, Travis," he murmured to the baby. "Just hang in there and I'll get a bottle for you." And with that, he went into the kitchen area to make Travis a bottle. He saw the breakfast Kendall made and it made him realize how long it had been since he'd eaten too. But Travis came first. He hurried and fixed a bottle for him then scooped the baby up in his arms and carried him over to the bed, sitting down on the edge to feed him.

    Mikko headed down the stairs and went into the shop. There was two other guys there getting tatted. But her artist was behind the counter looking very bored. "Got work for ya." She said and slapped her drawing on the counter. "On my back and want the whole thing done today." Ted looked the sketch over and nodded. "All of this at one time uh? This might take a while sure yer up for it?" He asked as he lead her to his chair. "Yep." She took her shirt and bra off not caring about the other guys in the shop. She laid her shirt over her breast and let ted draw her design on her back. "Here's the picture of the guy I want you to use for the angel." She said handing him Gabriel's picture. "The woman is me" Ted nodded again. "will do."

    Kendall was grinning from ear to ear at Daisy's praise. He heard Mikko's announcement and waved his hand out the door, not wanting to get up from the bed with the plate in his lap. Then he picked up his fork again and resumed eating.

    Daisy made short work of her breakfast. She placed the plate on the nightstand and curled up on the bed beside Kendall. "Thanks, babe. I think that made Zoe happy, too." She smiled at him as she stroked her bulge of a tummy. "I wonder what kind of tattoo Mikko's gonna get?"

    Mikko closed her eyes and laid her forehead on her arms as she waited for her tattoo to be drawn out. The feel of the marker gliding along her skin was cold and soothing. Ted drew up the tattoo perfectly. Underneath the two figures was Gabe's name in beautiful script. The words 'My guardian angel, watch over me' written above the two

    Travis was quick to finish his bottle. Luckily, Chris had his diaper-bag right next to him on the floor. Juggling Travis in one arm and fishing around inside the bag with his other hand, he found what he was looking for. He pulled out Travis' burp-rag and laid it down on his shoulder, then situated Travis to lean against that shoulder. Then Chris started burping him.

    Kendall smiled down at Daisy as he finished his own breakfast. Then he put his plate on top of hers and slipped his arm around her, pulling her close. "Don't know, babe, but we should find out soon."

    Daisy melted into his arms, snuggling against his side. "Maybe we can go down and check it out?"

    Kendall squeezed her gently. "Don't see why not."

    Daisy was comfortable here, but her curiosity was getting the better of her. She reluctantly untangled herself from Kendall's arms and slowly pushed herself up, scooting off the bed. "Ready when you are!"

    Kendall stood up with her, holding her steady as they both headed out of the room. He glanced over at Chris who was taking care of the baby. "We're gonna go down and see how Mikko's doing. Wanna come?"

    Chris looked up at the two of them as the came out of the room. He considered the offer carefully then shook his head. "No thanks. I've got this little guy to take care of first. Tell her I'll be down as soon as I can for me, okay?" He was still patting and rubbing Travis' back to get a few burps out of him.

    "Will do!" Daisy replied to Chris as they made their way towards the door.

    The sketch finally done, Ted started tattooing. Mikko took a few deep breaths and tried to tune out the stinging.

    When they made it to the stairs, Kendall swiftly picked her up and carried her down. Once at the bottom, he set her down again so they could walk over to Mikko--still holding onto her to keep her steady.

    He nodded and waved to them as they left. "Thanks."

    Once inside the shop, Daisy smiled as she spotted Mikko, who was currently being worked on. She moved closer, watching as the man tattooed her. Seeing the outline brought tears to Daisy's eyes. "That's.. going to be beautiful.."

    Mikko opened her eyes when she heard Daisy and smiled. "How's it looking back there?" She asked, though she had pretty much already gotten the answer with Daisy's comment.

    Daisy wiped at the tears as she watched the tattoo gun glide across Mikko's skin. "It's breathtaking." She answered. "It's a fitting tribute, Mikko." She added. The young girl may have not known Gabriel that well, be she understood the bond that Mikko and Gabe shared. "It's beautiful."

    "Thanks." Mikko smiled wider and laid her head back down. Even Ted managed a small. it was always nice to hear when people liked your work. He stopped for a moment and pulled a chair up for Daisy to sit in and watch. "there ya go sunshine. have a seat."

    "Aw, thank you!" Daisy smiled at the man's thoughtfulness. She glanced over at Kendall, gesturing him towards the seat. She could always sit in his lap, if he wanted to sit too.
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    Re: Aftermath

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    Kendall couldn't help but agree with that and nodded. When Daisy took a seat in the chair she was offered, Kendall stood behind the chair and rubbed Daisy's shoulders while they watched. Daisy offered him a seat and he shook his head. "I'm fine, babe. You just relax," he said, continuing his small massage.

    Daisy's eyes slid closed for a brief second as Kendall's fingers made contact with her shoulders, and began working their magic. "Mmmm.. babe.. that feels sooo good!" She complimented him on his skills. She was enjoying every minute of this! She finally willed her eyes to open, and watched on as the artist continued the tattoo, all the while enjoying her heavenly massage.

    Ted carefully shaded the large angel wings, and put in the detail in Gabriel and Mikko's faces. It was almost life like, how the two just jumped off her back. Getting this large tattoo was probably not the best idea to do now, she couldn't lay on her chest, and now she wouldn't be able to lay on her back. But Mikko couldn't wait. Ted paused for a bit to rest his hand and clean up Mikko's back a little. "It's looking good, Knives. Just a little bit longer and we'll be all done."

    With Travis fed, changed, and completely happy again, it was time to head downstairs to see how Mikko was doing. Travis was tucked safely in his arms as he left the apartment and headed down the steps. Once at the bottom he saw the others and joined them, seeing just how beautiful that tattoo looked on her. He had a simple smile on his face as he watched.

    Kendall grinned broadly as he continued the massage, making sure to get every possible knot out of this beautiful young lady's back, neck and shoulders. He saw Chris walk up behind them and shot him a small smile as well, then he looked back down at Daisy. "You were kinda tense, babe," he whispered.

    After his brief rest, Ted went back to work. Mikko was really starting to feel the sting now. But she bared the pain. She was just thankful that this was almost over. She looked over at the others and smiled. "Looks like I gathered quite the crowd."

    Daisy was melting with every touch, every knead. "Mmm.. yeah, like.. reeeally tense." A devious little smile crossed her lips. "You know.. there's something else that's reeeeally good for that!" She wiggled her brows playfully. She spared a small wave in Chris' direction, and perked up at hearing Mikko's nickname. "Knives, huh? How'd you get that?"

    Mikko grinned at Daisy. "I carry them around with me. and it's what I use to kill people that annoy me with. Soooo Knives. I've been called knives for years."

    "Makes sense." She smiled. "Kinda like Blade.. though, he carries everything!"

    "Kinda." Mikko closed her eyes and squinted her face when Ted hit a tender area. "You guys here to get a tat too?"

    Kendall's grin widened. Of course he knew what she was talking about, but it was hardly the place or time to discuss this matter. "I'm sure there is," he whispered seductively as he continued his massage, moving down her arms.

    "Nooo.. just watching!" Daisy beamed. Though, she was oh so tempted to get those stars on her tummy. But maybe it was a good idea to wait until after little Zoe was born. She grinned at Kendall's seductive tone, gently biting her lower lip. This might not be the time nor place, but her mind was free to wander.

    "Not right now," he replied to the man as he continued kneading Daisy's stiff muscles. Well, maybe they weren't as stiff anymore since he'd been working on them.

    Chris looked at the man that addressed all of them and just shook his head. Travis had fallen back to sleep again and was resting against Chris' shoulder while he shifted his weight from foot to foot, rocking him.

    Ted started to work on the lettering, using long smooth strokes. He then added in the extra detail work and turned off the tattoo gun. "All done. what you guys think?" Ted asked the small group.

    Daisy's eyes fixated on the finished product, and once again she was moved to tears. "It's... wow." She gasped, and brushed away a tear that managed to roll down her cheek. "It's sooo beautiful!"

    Chris smiled and nodded in approval. It looked even more beautiful than he imagined. Mikko should be very happy with it. And Gabe would have also loved it. It was so bittersweet for what it stood for, but artistically, it couldn't be better.

    Mikko got up and, keeping her shirt around her breast, looked at the tattoo in the mirror and smiled. "Gabe always did have my back." She smiled at the others then raised a brow at Daisy. "Are you crying? There's no crying in tattoo shops....actually there is....never mind." She said and ruffled Daisy's hair.

    Daisy continued to wipe at her tears, and flashed a small grin at Mikko. "Uhh.. just a ..little." But who was she kidding. She was a mush. Her smile broadened as Mikko ruffled her hair. "I'm sure plenty of people have cried in here.. though.. for different reasons." She was certain that many grown men have cried in that chair, while getting inked.

    Mikko let Ted bandage her back up then she slipped her shirt back on. "Yeah there are some wimpy guys out there. Bet Spike wept like little girl when he got his." That earned a few snickers from others in the shop. She grinned at them then turned back to her group. "Ready to head back upstairs?"

    Kendall stopped his massage and came around to the front of the chair, offering Daisy some support if she needed it.

    "Yeah, lets go home." With Kendall's support, she stood from the chair, giving her stiff legs a moment to strengthen.

    Mikko thanked Ted and waved to the others there, then wrapped an arm around Chris and headed out the shop. "I'm going to be so sore in the morning."

    Chris smiled and wrapped his free arm around her as they headed back to the stairs. "Yeah? I'd think so. How're you feeling now, babe?"

    "I think I'm due for some more pain killers." Mikko answered laying her head on Chris' shoulder. She looked over at Travis and rubbed his little cheek.

    Kendall slowly helped Daisy out of the shop and to the stairs, pausing to pick her up once more and carry her up the steps. He still didn't mind doing it. He'd do it all the time if he could--her being hurt, or not. Once back into the apartment, he carefully set her down again. "Where to, princess?"

    Chris nodded and walked right by her side, up the steps. "Does anything else hurt besides what you just got done?"

    "Everything is sore." Mikko sat down on the bed and grabbed her meds. "I think I might be sore for a few weeks." She set everything up then injected herself with the drug. "But I got a lot of this stuff." She said with a smile, closing her eyes as she enjoyed the warmth of the drug.

    Daisy flashed him a small, suggestive grin. "Hmmm.. bedroom?" She winked. "You know.. I could reeeally use some more de-stressing.."

    "Okay..." Chris said, unsure. He still didn't like her taking those drugs, but if she didn't overdo it, then he guessed that would be okay...for now. Chris took the sleeping baby back over to his crib and laid him down gently, then covered him up. Then he went back to Mikko's side and sat down next to her.

    Mikko smiled at Chris when he sat next to her. She leaned close to him and laid a hand on his cheek, turning his face to her. Then laid a light kiss on his lips. "Mmmm.."

    Chris gently returned the kiss. It felt good to feel that affection from her again. It had been so long since they shared a kiss. He gently laid a hand on her cheek, the other one on her thigh.

    Mikko closed her eyes and deepened the kiss, gently pulling him closer to her. She needed the contact, she needed to feel some assurance that everything was going to be alright. And this, here with Chris. It made her feel less alone. "Thanks for sticking with me." She whispered against his lips then kissed him again.

    "No, thank YOU," he replied between kisses. "I couldn't leave you, you know? Especially after everything that's happened."

    Mikko continued planting kisses on his lips. "It's not going to get any know, sure you're up for it?" She informed. talking about her choice of social life. She ran her fingers through his hair and kissed him deeply.

    Chris nodded and returned the kiss. There was more than just them to worry about. He made a commitment to her and planned to keep it. He had to be there...for her...and for Travis.

    Mikko pulled away a little and smiled. "How about a beer and snuggling together by the..." She looked around a bit and saw a flower vase. "The vase."

    Chris chuckled and nodded. "Okay. Wherever you wanna go. I just want to stay by you." He smiled brightly and stood up. "Want me to bring the vase over here or you over to it," he joked, offering his hand to her. "You get situated and I'll get the beers."

    Mikko chuckled and got herself comfty on the bed. She leaned back carefully on the pillows and waited for Chris.

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    Re: Aftermath

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    Ryuu had got the dog to the vet without him dyeing on him in the car. He was still uneasy about being so close to the animal that he was sure would try to eat him if it was in better shape. And he still didn't know why Mikko cared about the dog, she hated this dog and had threaten it's life more then once. but he had been sitting in the waiting room all night. He fell asleep in the chair and woke only when one of the vet techs asked him if he was ok.

    The night had been a long and daunting one for the staff at the small animal hospital. The veterinarian, Dr Brom had been tied up in surgery for most of the night, repairing damage to a pit bull that he felt was better off being euthanized. The damage was severe. Numerous arteries had been severed from gun shots and what appeared to be stab wounds. One of the bullets had passed completely through the animal's chest, causing damage to the lungs, heart and spine. It was one of the most intense surgeries ever performed in veterinary medicine in the city of New York, but the vet's expertise and dedication paid off. An hour had passed since the last stitches were sawn into place, and the dog was now waking from the anesthesia. Only time would tell if the pit bull would ever walk again, or if he would recover from all he had been through. For now, he rested on thick blankets in the clinic's Critical Care Ward, heat lamps and pads serving to regulate his body temperature. The vet still held his doubts, but for now, all he could do was talk to the dog's owner. Prepare him for the long recovery ahead. The swinging door finally came open and the vet stepped through, adorned in his lab coat, pen and notes in hand. He took a seat beside the 'owner' and prepared himself to give the news. "Jigs made it through his surgery," He began, meeting the man's gaze. "And he's just now waking up from the anesthesia. Aside from repairing the damage to his lung, heart and spine, we had to give several blood transfusions." He paused for a moment, allowing the young owner to absorb all this. "It's still too early to tell if he'll recover. In all my years, I've never seen anything this severe. Not alive, anyway." He wore a grim look on his features. "He's still not out of the woods. It's going to be a long road ahead for him, and you both." He finally stood up from his chair. "Would you like to see him?"

    Ryuu hung on the doctors every word. He nodded in understanding, honestly he didn't think that the dog would survive and was surprised that jigs made it this far. "Ok...Um, His owner is my...sister, they were both in the wrong place at the wrong time. So I'll let her know how he is." He paused for a moment. "When can he go home, I'm sure she would want her boy home as soon as possible." He wanted to get all the info for when he called Mikko. He was wondering how she planed to pay for all of this...

    "Your.. sister?" The vet asked in confusion, but assumed the woman had been hurt also, judging by the man's statement. "It's hard to say. He'll need to be monitored closely for the next 24 hours. If he's eating on his own, and shows a will to live, we may be able to release him in a few days. I think he would do better in surroundings that he's familiar with.." The man was suddenly cut off by a loud scream emitting from the back. One of the technicians had leaned a little too close inside the pit bulls cage, intruding in his space. She was rewarded with a nasty bite to her forearm. "If you'll excuse me for one second.."

    Ryuu nodded. "yes. My sister, I can give you all her information if you need it." He informed then looked over towards the back when he heard the scream. He nodded to the vet again and had to wonder if the scream was caused by the pit bull. He sat on the chair and called Mikko.

    Mikko was still making out with Chris when she heard her phone ring, she thought about ignoring it but thinking that it might be Jencko, or even Spike she pulled herself away from Chris' arms and reached over answering the phone. "Hello?" She asked in an almost shaky voice. She breathed a huge sigh of relief when she heard Ryuu on the end. She listened to him and smiled when he told her that Jigs was alive, and that she could see him. She was a little worried though, the vet thought that she was the owner. So when she went there, she couldn't act scared..."Yeah we'll be right over." With that she hung up and smiled at Chris. "Jigs is alive! You guys wanna go see Jigs!?" She called out, figuring that at lest Daisy would want to visit the dog.

    The dog was so weak that his jaws had to be pried off the tech's arm, as if all his strength had gone into that warning. He growled as the onlookers came too close, and they took the warning seriously, backing away from the cage. Jigsaw's glassy gaze shifted from one face from the other, the sounds and smells so unfamiliar and frightening. It was all he could do to lift his head, willing his faltering eyes to search the room for his 'dad'. More fear. He was nowhere to be seen. Despite the near fatal injuries, he tried to stand up,running the risk of ripping the IV's from him. "Just lie down, boy.." The vet tried to encourage, but obviously the dog was not listening. He needed to find Gabriel. The vet closed the cage door, and sent a tech to retrieve Ryuu. The man may not be the dog's owner, but he was a familiar face. Perhaps he could calm the dog down.

    Ryuu hung up the phone and again quietly waited for the vet to return. He was so glad that Mikko was on her way. He had no idea what else to do and really wanted to get home and go to bed. He tapped on the chair's arm rest and glanced at the clock. 'hope everything is ok back there.' he mumbled to himself.

    Daisy wanted nothing more than to seduce Kendall. She wanted him... baaaad! But hearing Mikko's question, a huge smile spread across her lips and she looked at Kendall. "You wanna go?" Of course, she was kind of scared of the dog, but figured since he would be living with them soon, he would magically start liking them. One could hope, right?

    "Sir?" The nervous tech addressed the young man. "I need you to come with me, please."

    Ryuu looked up a little confused. This couldn't be good. He stood from his chair and walked to the back with the man. "Everything alright?"

    Chris waited patiently while Mikko was on the phone. He smiled brightly when she mentioned that Jigs was okay. And that she was happy about it herself. He nodded at her question. "Sure, babe." Making out could definitely wait...

    Kendall's feelings mirrored hers but he nodded. If Daisy wanted to go, then of course he would go with her. "Sounds good." Luckily they didn't have to hastily dressed before leaving this time. Another trip down the damn stairs, though.

    "Your dog is upset. we thought that maybe you could calm him. We really don't want to use a sedative, since he's just awoken from anesthesia.. it could be risky." He explained as he let Ryuu behind the doors, and towards the cage. Jigs had collapsed once more, but his glassy gaze had fixated on Ryuu. He recognized the man from the scuffle. He was one of the bad ones. A weak growl emitted from his massive jaws. If only he had the strength, he would've lunged at the man.

    Ryuu swallowed thickly and looked at the man. "Actually, Jig's never been to fond of me. Oh! but I got in touch with Mikko, his owner. and she's on her way. So she can help out."

    Mikko smiled at Chris and planted another kiss against his lips. "Maybe when we come back, we can continue this." She said as she nipped the side of his neck then placed a kiss there before getting up and slipping her shoes on.

    The vet frowned as he witnessed the dog's reaction to the man. If this man was family, and a face he was familiar with, then the dog was obviously aggressive. He gave a nod and stepped away from the cage, hoping the animal would be more at ease if he wasn't in such close proximity.

    Once down the stairs, they waited for the others to get ready. "Heh.. maybe he can play with Mojo! I think they'll be bestest friends!" Daisy was certainly looking at this in a positive light. They would have a new doggie soon!

    Ryuu shrugged at the vet. "He's just really particular with people and probably worried about Mikko." He suggested. "But like I said, she's on her way."

    After getting her shoes on, mikko scooped up Travis and got him ready to go. "Ok all set. Ready to go?" She asked Chris.

    Chris kissed her back and grinned. "You bet..." He got up and joined Mikko with Travis. "Want me to carry him this time?" He imagined going up the stairs weakly with a baby had to be hard enough. Going down...even worse.

    To be continued here: Personal Demons

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    Re: Aftermath

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