Personal Demons

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    Personal Demons

    Post by Jigsaw on Tue Feb 16, 2010 12:59 pm

    ((Summary: After undergoing countless hours of surgery, Mikko is given the word to visit Jigsaw at the vet. She tries to face her own personal demons, and the grieving and injured pit bull will not make this trial an easy one.))

    Continuation from: Aftermath - Page 2

    Mikko smiled at Chris and shook her head. "Nah, I got him, thanks though." She tossed the diaper bag over her shoulder and cradled Travis close to her, then left the house and locked up.

    Kendall grinned back at her. "Yep. Just hope they can get along." He knew things would probably be rough for a while. But he was confident that everyone would get over this with time. Because even Kendall could feel the tension all the recent events had caused everyone.

    Chris nodded, even though he didn't like the idea. But he would be sure to stay as close to her as he could--just to make sure she had help if she needed it.

    Mikko made it down the stairs without any problems and was soon in the van. She curled up in her seat with little Travis still sleeping in her arms. "I really hope the dog doesn't try and eat me."

    Chris smiled and joined her in the van, sitting next to her. "I'm sure everything will be fine," he tried reassuring her. He was hoping Mikko would stay calm though while around him. Dogs were known to pick up on feelings of people around them--whether they openly displayed them or not. He buckled in and wrapped an arm around Mikko. "Just stay calm, babe, and everything WILL be fine." He leaned over and kissed her cheek.

    "Ok lets get this over with." Mikko said out loud as they headed to the vet. She gave Kendall the directions that Ryuu had given her. It was pretty close by so very little time to think about what she was doing. Not that she ever really thought about what she was doing anyway. She smiled at Chris. "If you say so."

    Daisy sat closely beside Kendall as he drove, excited, but also feeling a little nervous. That dog hadn't been too friendly back at Gabe's place. Still, she was happy the dog would be coming to live with them, and was almost certain that he and Mojo would bond and become best buds. Being the optimist that she was.. everything would be okay.

    It didn't take long for Kendall to drive everyone to their destination...the veterinary clinic. He pulled into the parking lot, parked, and cut the engine.

    As soon as they were parked, Mikko got out of the van and headed inside with Travis, not waiting for the others. She couldn't hesitate. she just had to do it. Once inside she walked to the desk. "My dog, Jigsaw was brought in here last night. can I see him?"

    As soon as Mikko jumped out, Chris followed right behind her. She would need all the support she could get. Especially with what she was doing now. He stopped right next to her while she was talking to the person behind the front desk of the clinic.

    The woman at the front desk nodded at the purple-haired girl, peeking over the rim of her glasses at the crowd she had brought with her. "This way." She informed, and let the alleged owner, and her followers back to the CCU wing of the hospital. She found Dr. Brom and led Mikko to the man. "This is the pit bull's owner." She told him, and excused herself to return to the lobby.

    Mikko looked over her shoulder at everyone then followed the woman. Ryuu was still back there with Jigs as well. She smiled to him then looked at the doctor. "So he's ok?"

    Ryuu waved to Mikko then patted her on the shoulder. "Good luck." Was all he said before leaving the vet's office to go home for some much needed sleep.

    The vet met mikko's gaze, and lightly shrugged his shoulders. "It's too soon to tell." He explained, and informed her of all he'd told Ryuu about the extent of the dog's injuries. "He's not responding well to our staff. I was hoping maybe your presence would calm him down." He led mikko over to the cage where the pit bull lay resting. The dog's head lifted just enough to lock eyes with Mikko. His jaws pulled back against his sharp teeth, a low, warning growl emitting from the depths of his throat.

    With the help of Kendall, Daisy followed closely behind Mikko, keeping enough distance so that her sister could have a degree of privacy with the dog. She was still nervous, but if something went wrong, Kendall was there to protect her.

    Mikko handed Chris the baby and followed the doctor. She walked up to the cage but backed off a little when the dog started growling. She had to do this though, she had promised Gabe. "Jigs. Shhhhhh. It's just me." She said softly, slowly making her way back to the cage. "It's ok boy."

    Chris continued closely following behind Mikko. When they made it back to the room Jigs was in, Chris took Mikko's free hand giving her small squeezes to comfort her. When the dog started growling at her, he held his breath, hoping it wouldn't be enough to scare her away. He took Travis from Mikko and stood back, knowing that he needed to keep the baby safe as well. But he really wished he was right there with take away her fear.

    But her words did little to comfort the pit bull. He recognized that smell. That face he'd always associated with the fear she felt towards him. His growl became more intense and he tried to stand, but his weak legs buckled beneath him. His murderous gaze was still locked with the purple-haired girl, disregarding the others that had accompanied her. The vet frowned at this. It wasn't the reunion he'd hoped for. "Perhaps he doesn't recognize you. Considering the extent of his injuries, he's probably still disoriented." He tried to reassure, having no idea that she wasn't the actual owner.

    Mikko nodded at the vets words. "Maybe..." She didn't back down though even though she felt like she was going to pass out. "Jigs! Behave!" She told the dog in a strong assertive voice. Maybe she just had to show the dog who was boss.

    And Kendall of course would do anything he had to do protect Daisy, if need be. He'd never forgive himself if something happened to this small young lady whom had stolen his heart. He held her close and looked on from a distance on what was going on between Mikko and the dog. "Everything will be fine," he repeated her words from earlier.

    'Just stay calm...' he repeated over and over again in his head. This was not going well and Chris knew it. There had to be something that would calm Jigs down. For her sake as well as everyone that would come in contact with him. He could tell Mikko was absolutely terrified now and he could do nothing to help her. He watched on with a widened gaze on Mikko while he bounced Travis nervously.

    But her strong words only made it worse. The pit bull made another attempt to stand, to throw himself against the metal bars of his cage. His weak jars locked onto the bars, tugging in an attempt to escape. To attack. To flee this place and find Gabe. He had to. But his strength soon gave out and he once again fell, staggering to right himself.

    This wasn't working, and the dogs action only made Mikko's weakened heart beat wildly in her chest. she started to feel dizzy and stumbled back a bit. She had thought to call Lexi, but she would only take Jigs away from her. But how safe was the dog going to be around the kids, around the other animals. She got her heart beat under control and looked at the others. "Should we....Should we call Lex?" She asked, though she still wasn't ready to just give up the dog, she wanted him to calm down so that he could get better, then she would go from there.

    Daisy watched on in fear as Mikko tried to connect with the dog, only to be met with his weak threats. Still, in his weakness, the dog was intimidating. She gasped and slid behind Kendall as the pit bull locked onto the bars, and collapsed from his efforts. Hearing Mikko's question, she glanced up at Kendall, unsure of what to suggest. Though, a part of her was hopeful to see Lexi again. Maybe there would be free ice-cream in the deal. She had no way of knowing of the connection between Lexi and Mikko's brother. Or why Mikko would be reluctant to ask for the woman's help.

    Kendall held her protectively against him. At Mikko's question and Daisy looking to him, he considered it. Lexi WAS the one to pull Jigs off Mikko the time they were all at Gabe's place. And the dog also seemed to obey her. So based on those facts, he thought it might be best, after all. "Probably should," he replied to Mikko. Although he had no way of knowing the possible consequences of that decision.

    "damnit!" Mikko cursed and grabbed her phone. She would just have to make sure any all papers were signed saying the dog belonged to her before Lexi got there. She found Lexi' number and dialed it. She looked at the doc while the phone rang. "Do I need to sign anything?"

    Lexi gently pushed him back to lay on the bed, then snuggled close to him. She had no desire to move just yet, and was content to stay here, with him. She nearly jumped when her cell phone began to ring, and she cast a tired look in the night-stand's direction. She wanted to ignore it, but slowly reached for the phone, and answered weakly. "Hello?"

    The vet gave a small nod. "Yes, and we'll need you to make a deposit on the bill. The rest will be due when you pick him up." He disappeared to retrieve the documents.

    "It's Mikko I need you to come to the vets office by my house. See if you can calm Jigs down." Mikko paused for a moment. "And don't get any funny ideas. I signed the papers already." Though her eyes widen at the mention of payment. crap. "The dog's mine. So don't come down here thinking you can just take him. got it. He's my dog now."

    Raphael allowed her to push him back and he layed there on his side. He closed his eyes for a moment but the loud ringing caught him off guard. He groaned as Lexi sat up to answer it and he wondered who would be calling her at this hour.

    Lexi was caught off guard by the voice on the other end. Anger quickly filled her, but she was taken aback by Mikko's words. She had Jigs? He was alive? She felt a small tinge of hope in that instant, and Mikko quickly scuffed it from her with her claim. It took her a moment to catch her breath. "You... killed him. He needed you and you held us back." She managed through quiet sobs. "You're cruel. You're heartless to call here, trying to trick me into thinking you have the last piece of him."

    "What the hell are you talking about. the dog is right here. I'm just saying that you can't keep him. Get a hold of yourself woman!" Mikko snapped. "You coming or not? look want proof?" She quickly used her cell's camera and took a picture of the dog then sent it to her. "There. I sent you a picture."

    Lexi didn't want to believe it. It was less painful to think that Jigs had accompanied Gabriel in death, rather than being in the care of the girl that had killed his master. The girl that feared him. But the picture was proof. She wanted to block it out. Why the hell did Mikko have to call? She wasn't strong enough for this right now. To have that last shred of hope taken from her, dangled in front of her by the girl who'd taken everything from her. But the picture was proof. And as much as she wanted to turn away, to refuse to go down there in order to be hurt again. This was Jigs. He was no doubt scared and in the possession of a person that didn't love or understand him. "I'm on my way." With that, she closed the phone and looked at Raph. "I have to go. Mikko has Jigs." Of course, she wouldn't mind his company and support, but knew how dangerous public settings could be for him. And she was sure to cause a scene.

    The vet soon returned with the bill, the only link to tie Mikko to the ownership of this dog. "We'll need at least half now." He pointed to the underlined amount. $700. The procedures had been costly.

    "Good." Mikko hung up and looked at everyone. "Lexi is on her much money do we have?" She asked and slipped out of her coat. Once the doctor came back, she signed everything, she didn't know how this was going to work, and in all honesty Jigs would be better off with someone he trusted. But she just couldn't let him go.

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    Re: Personal Demons

    Post by Mikko on Wed Feb 17, 2010 4:21 pm

    Hearing Mikko's question, Daisy dug through her pockets, unearthing two wadded dollar bills. It wasn't much, but she handed it to Mikko. "Here.. maybe that'll help?"

    Mikko sat on the chair and took Daisy's money. She signed all the papers then dug in her own pockets, pulling out twenty bucks. She looked at the doctor. "Ummm can you just...send me the bill?"

    Chris reached into his own pockets and pulled out a ten-dollar bill. Then he looked up at Mikko. "Sorry, babe." Without another word, he gave Mikko the money then stood back. He knew how much Mikko wanted to do this, but financially, it was nearly impossible.

    Kendall was how much everyone was contributing to the cause. He had the most money of everyone since he he'd been saving for the baby things they would need to get. Unfortunately, that was the only money they could use towards little Zoe. So he decided to stay silent but he did pull out a couple bucks as well and handed them to Mikko. He would keep the rest for its intended purpose.

    "You should stay here, babe. I'll... I'll be okay." Lexi tried to assure Raph, even as she was breaking inside. Indeed, it had been a relief that at least Jigs was alive. But how bad was he? And she was certain Mikko wouldn't relinquish her claim on him. But why Mikko would want something that she hated and feared, it made no sense to her. But Lexi suspected she had one motive in mind. To keep her from having him. She was honestly too emotionally weak for this. But she owed it to Jigsaw, to Gabriel. If she could give the dog even a small amount of comfort, how could she deny him of that? Even if it took every ounce of her will to get out of bed. Her legs threatened to buckle as she stood and reached for a pair of jogging pants and a tee-shirt, tugging them on with much difficulty. She didn't bother to wash the blood from her body, having forgotten in the midst of her fatigue. "I'll.. be back soon." She whispered to Raph as she leaned in, pressing a kiss against his cheek. After grabbing her purse, she headed out the door.

    Mikko took everyone's money and counted it. This wasn't enough...Keeping Jigs was seeming more and more imposable. She looked at Jigs then back at the doctor. "what happens if I can't pay right now?"

    The Vet frowned at Mikko's question. "I'm sorry, but we need at least half right now." Because it was a business, after all. He was sympathetic, but unfortunately even he had rules to go by. At her next question, his frown grew grim. "We can hold him for a week, but after that.. if payment isn't made, he'll be considered an abandoned pet, and will have to be euthanized."

    Mikko frowned deeply at that. She wasn't sure if she could get that much money in a week. She looked back over at jigs. Maybe it was best that she let Lexi have him...She could afford him better and he would feel safer with her. She didn't know what to do and laid her head in her hands and started to cry.

    Chris frowned and moved forward again, standing next to Mikko. He hated seeing her upset like this. Especially after everything that had happened. He stood next to her and pulled her to him with his free arm. The only comforting gesture he could offer her at the moment.

    Kendall felt really bad for hoarding the money. But evenif he gave her all that he had, it still wouldn't be anywhere near enough to cover half of the payment. Even with all their money combined. It definitely seemed hopeless that Mikko would end up with him in end.

    It didn't take her long to arrive at the small clinic. She walked inside the small building, the sunglasses hiding her blood-shot eyes. But they did little to disguise just how unwell she appeared. Her color had paled, hair pulled back into a messy pony-tail. The lady at the front desk watched on in shock as the young woman moved towards her, noticing the dried blood. "May.. I help you?" She asked, trying to mask her surprise. "Jigsaw?" Was all she could choke out. With a small nod, the woman quickly moved from behind the desk, and led her back to the area where the pit bull was being kept.

    Mikko still sat on the chair in front of the dog's cage, crying into her hands. She couldn't keep him, she didn't want to give him up. Gabe asked her to take care of Jigs, and she promised that she would, now it seemed imposable.

    Daisy moved closer to Mikko, giving her a small pat on the shoulder. She couldn't understand just how much money it was, so it didn't seem impossible for her. They could raise it somehow, right? But her thoughts were distracted when she saw a familiar face enter. She flashed a small grin and a wave in the woman's direction, but it soon melted away seeing just how terrible Lexi looked.

    The vet was also taken aback by the woman's appearance. "Can I help you, Miss?" He asked, half-wondering if the woman had mistaken the place for an actual hospital. She certainly looked as if she could use one.

    Lexi didn't even look at him. Her gaze was drawn to the large cage where Jigsaw was trying to push himself up in order to throw himself against the bars. He was just too weak, but his intentions and determination were reflected in those deep chocolate eyes. "Jigs.." She whispered in a mixture of relief and heartbreak. He looked horrible. She was too overwhelmed by the pit bull to even acknowledge Mikko at the moment. She knelt down and reached to open the cage, ignoring the vet's concerned warnings. "I wouldn't do that ma'am.. "

    Mikko looked up when she heard Lexi. She wiped her eyes and stood up. "It doesn't matter Lexi...I'm sorry...If I can't come up with some money in a week they're gonna put him down." it didn't seem fair, and part of really hopped that Lexi would volunteer to pay for the bills. But Lexi looked horrible and she didn't want the woman there if there wasn't any point.

    Lexi wasn't listening to the vet's warnings. She had known this dog most of his life. She wasn't afraid of him. And it was clear the pit-bull recognized her, too. Instead of the ferocious growls that had greeted everyone else, he gave a low whine, his tail thumping weakly against the back of the metal cage. "Shh. It's okay, baby." She whispered quietly to him, unable to suppress the tears. She shifted him just enough to sit in the large cage with him, resting his head against her lap.

    The dog continued to whimper, as if he was trying to tell her of all he'd been through, and share his own heartache. The loss that he couldn't understand. Where was his master? He had to find him, and it frustrated him that his body was too broken to move properly.

    Lexi stroked his massive head, and buried her face against his fur, releasing the tears that couldn't be stopped. But she heard Mikko's words. Still, she couldn't look up.. nor could she form the question that was burning at the back of her throat. "How.. how much.." She finally managed to choke out, still unable to pull her focus from the dog.. the last link to Gabriel.

    The vet had been watching on in confusion. The dog seemed to know this woman, and was responding positively to her. But the purple-haired girl had claimed him. "I'm sorry, that's confidential." He told the grieving woman, glancing at Mikko. The price was her business, and it was against policy to give out that kind of information to someone that wasn't the owner.

    Mikko was relieved. she was going to take care of the bill. She looked over at the vet. "It's ok, she'll take care of the bills." Mikko said then looked back at Lexi. She wiped her face off again, almost breaking down in tears again.

    Chris once again stood beside Mikko, ready to offer her comfort. It was a relief that Lexi would probably take care of the bill. But he was worried about what would happen next. Who would take custody of the dog? He knew that Lexi and Mikko didn't get along very well, but hopefully the two girls come come up with some sort of agreement and possibly they could share custody of Jigs. A long shot, but clearly both girls cared about him.

    Of course she would take care of the bills. That's what she was good for. Her money. And she briefly wondered if that was the sole reason for being called down here, but that didn't matter right now. Jigs' well-being was her prime focus.

    The vet glanced at Mikko at her comment, then back at Lexi. "Ma'am, is this your dog?" He had to ask, because it wasn't adding up. She wasn't concerned about the amount, and the pit bull was at ease with her.

    Once again Lexi struggled to find her voice. She wanted to lie, to claim him, but what trouble would that cause? If Mikko also tried to claim him, it would surely turn into a court case, and Jigs would be boarded at a shelter until it was settled. She knew, he wouldn't survive that. She couldn't be that selfish. "He.. belonged to.. my fiance." She managed to reply between quiet sobs. "He's dead."

    The vet frowned at that, and decided not to pry. It was obviously a painful subject. "It's $1,400. We'll need at least half now." He answered her previous question.

    "Fiance? He wasn't your fiancé. You up and abandon him!" Of course that was a long time ago, and she didn't know all of the details behind her leaving. But it didn't matter. "The dog's mine! My brother told me to take care of Jigs and that's what I'm going to do!" She snapped. "But she'll take care of the bills."

    Chris mentally winced at the harsh tone coming from Mikko. Not that he could blame her, but yelling at Lexi, while both of them were in such a vunerable state, probably wasn't the best idea. Why can't they just get along over this?

    The words certainly hit their mark. It stung. She had never gotten over what she had done to Gabriel, and now that he was gone, it was an unrelenting dagger in her chest. She couldn't deal with this right now. She gently shifted Jigs' head from her lap and quickly stood, staggering as she did so. She closed the cage, unable to look back as the dog started crying for her. "You want him so badly. You pay for it." She choked out. She wanted to help the dog, but she couldn't take this treatment. It broke her heart to leave him, but she made her way towards the door.

    "You left Gabe, Now you leave his dog to die! fine!" Mikko turned around and looked at Jigs. "Sorry boy..."

    Lexi spun around, glaring daggers at Mikko. "Oh, don't you fucking DARE! YOU killed him! He needed you, and you let Spike kill him! They burnt his house down, because YOU told Spike where he lived! He's dead because of you! " She huffed, shaking from the anger and heartache. "Jigs will grieve himself with you. He doesn't trust you.. but you don't care about that!" She wasn't taking any more of this treatment. She once again turned, and headed for the door.

    "I didn't kill anyone!" Mikko yelled back, turning to face Lexi, but she was gone. She looked at the vet. "Give me some time to get the money." She then looked over at the others. "Lets get out of here."

    The vet didn't say anything. Hearing the heated argument between the two, it was obvious that something serious was going on here. The dog belonged to neither. The owner was dead. This was obviously a case for the police to settle.

    Chris sighed and shook his head. This is exactly the worst-case scenario that played out. But he wasn't about to get in between the two girls. They were both adults so they should have been more mature about this. They both had strong arguments on why each should take Jigs. There should have been a solution worked out between them. Too late now... He followed Mikko out of the room.

    Daisy had disappeared behind Kendall as the two began screaming at each other. She felt sorry for the poor dog, who continued to cry for Lexi, long after she was gone. She watched through tear-filled eyes as he began chewing at the bars, grinding his teeth against metal in a desperate attempt to escape. With a sad nod, she spared one last glance at Jigs before taking Kendall's hand, preparing to leave.

    Mikko looked back at the dog and sighed deeply. She couldn't do this. She, unlike Lexi, couldn't just leave Jigs. "Wait..." She stopped and went back to the dog then quickly called Lexi again.

    Kendall had taken Daisy protectively in his arms while the shouting match was going on between Mikko and Lexi. He could tell how much it was upsetting Daisy and wanted to be there for her. He was half tempted to take her out of that room while the girls argued. Daisy didn't need any more pain to deal with. Even if it wasn't directly linked to her. But the tension radiating off the two young women was very much apparent. After the storm had passed...without any real solution, he lead Daisy out of the room.

    Lexi was already in her car, trying to get the tears under control enough to see the road. It broke her heart to leave the dog, but she couldn't do this. She couldn't take Mikko's cruel assaults when all she was trying to do was help. The cell began to ring, and upon seeing Mikko's number, she wanted to ignore it. Surely she was calling to wound her some more. She wiped at the tears, her trembling hand reaching for the phone. "Go ahead. Tear into me, make yourself feel better. Everyone else has. Get it off your chest, then leave me alone!"

    Mikko waited till Lexi was done yelling, then swallowed thickly. "I can't do it Lex." She began to sob. "I..I can't take him...I just can't..Yo..You have..Come back...Take him..I promised Gabe that..I'd make sure Jigs was alright...But...He..He's not going to be alright with me...We both know that..."

    Lexi was inwardly cursing herself for ever leaving the house. This had turned into a big mess, with no positive outcome. She wasn't expecting Mikko's words, and had a hard time believing them. It was all a ruse to get her back inside, so she could lash out at her again. She was silent, her voice completely robbed by her quiet sobs. Sliding the phone closed, she forced herself out of the car and headed back into the clinic. As she entered, the woman at the front desk rushed to get the vet, fearing that the two women would get into a fight. But Lexi was too spent to even head into the back. She collapsed into one of the lobby chairs, trying to get herself under control.

    Dr. Brom came out, his gaze shifting between Lexi, who had her face buried into her hands, and back where Mikko was. "Am I going to have to call the police?"

    Mikko walked out to the lobby and herd the vets question. "No Lexi is going to take the dog. I thought I could care for him but obviously it's better he be with her. I promised my brother I would take care of his dog...So that's what I'm going to do." She looked over at Lexi. "He's all yours."

    Mikko was trying to do the right thing. It took Lexi a moment to realize that it wasn't some cruel trick. Fighting the overwhelming nausea that had settled in, Lexi slowly pulled her face from her trembling hands, but was unable to find the words. If Mikko had been the cruel and heartless monster she thought she was only moments before, she would've been unrelenting, uncaring of the dog's well-being. But apparently she was following through with some promise she had given Gabriel. She sniffled quietly, trying to get herself under control. "Gabe really loved you, you know." She whispered quietly, no malice in her words. Even if it would've pained her to voice it, it was the truth. Despite her personal feelings of the girl, she was keeping a promise, and for that.. she deserved to hear it.

    "I know...I really loved him to. He was my world, my angel." With those words Mikko turned around and lifted the back of her shirt to show Lexi the tattoo. "I'll miss him..."

    Lexi's chest became tight, seeing the beautiful tribute that adorned most of Mikko's back. She broke once again, unable to hold back the tears. She pushed her sunglasses up to wipe at her eyes, struggling hard to compose herself. "It's beautiful.." She managed to whisper, struggling to find her voice. "Me too, with every breath."

    Mikko pushed her shirt down and turned to face lexi. She really wasn't sure what to do now. "Thanks." She said and took a step closer to the woman. "Well...I guess we'll go now..You'll be ok?"

    "Someday. Maybe." Because she had so many regrets and demons and grief to live with, it was slowly eating her up. She sighed deeply, trying to suck up what little pride she had left, which wasn't much. "He would've appreciated what you did for Jigs." She managed to say in the same choked tone. It was the closest to a 'thank you' as she could manage at the moment. But she was trying.

    Mikko nodded. "Yeah..." With that Mikko walked out the vets office and sat on the curb in a fit of tears.

    Chris had hung back when Mikko went back to the dog's cage. Then he left the room and joined the others in the lobby while the girls tried settling this. Then happened. But poor Mikko. When Mikko left the vet's office, he joined her at the curb, rubbing her shoulder with the hand that was free. "You did the right thing, babe," he tried consoling her.

    Mikko nodded and leaned to Chris. "Doing the right thing sucks." she looked up at him then at Travis. "Lets just go home..."

    Chris nodded and took Mikko's hand, helping her to her feet. Then he wrapped an arm around her and walked back to the SUV.

    Lexi struggled to compose herself, to find the strength to push up onto her wobbly legs. It took everything she had, but she was motivated by Jig's weak whining coming from the other room. The vet offered his support, assisting her back to the pit bull's cage. Lexi once again took up her previous position, allowing the dog to rest his head atop her lap. The tears continued to streak her cheeks as she tried to comfort him, his whimpering breaking her heart. She knew what he wanted. The one thing she couldn't give him. "I miss him, too." She whispered against the dog's ear, and pressed a kiss against his temple. "He would want you to get better.. so you have to do that for him. You have to be strong."

    Mikko walked back with him, glancing back at the office once more before getting into the van. Once she sat down she reached out to take Travis.

    Daisy walked quietly alongside Kendall, giving his hand a small squeeze. She hated to see Mikko so upset, and was a little saddened that Jigs wouldn't be coming home with them. She glanced up at Kendall, a thoughtful look on her face. "Maybe.. we can get her a puppy?"

    Chris gave Travis to Mikko before climbing in the vehicle himself. Then he buckled in and rested a hand comfortingly on Mikko's thigh, giving her a reassuring smile.

    Kendall returned the squeeze as the made it back to the SUV. "Maybe she should get used to Mojo first, babe," he whispered as he helped her into the vehicle. "Then we'll see how it goes." Because Mojo still had some growing to do.

    Mikko rocked little Travis in her arms and leaned over, giving Chris a kiss on his cheek. Then she leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes.

    In response to Mikko's small kiss, he squeezed her thigh gently, giving her an equally gentle smile. Hopefully soon things would settle back down into routine for everyone. They've all had enough drama within the last few days to last a lifetime.

    Daisy gave a nod, and climbed into the vehicle. She would certainly be glad when things got back to normal. The past few days had been trying for everyone, but especially for poor Mikko.

    Mikko leaned over, laying her head in Chris' lap. She placed Travis on top her stomach and snuggled against Chris. "Mmmmm..."

    After Daisy was settled, Kendall climbed into the driver's seat. He would be glad to be back at the apartment. It seemed like no matter where they went in this vehicle it always lead to somewhere that was emotionally draining. Again, Daisy really didn't need all this stress. It wasn't good for the baby. So for her sake, he hoped everything was behind them now. After starting the engine, he backed out of the parking space and left the lot...once again heading for 'home'.

    Chris smiled at Mikko and moved his hand to her head, lightly stroking her cheek.
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    Re: Personal Demons

    Post by Kendall on Fri Feb 19, 2010 3:14 pm

    Mikko reached up and grabbed Chris' hand, she moved it close to her lips and planted a kiss on his knuckles.

    Chris smiled at down at her. She needed something really special and when they got back to the apartment, he would put it into action.

    Kendall was silent on the drive back home. Once behind the building, he parked and cut the engine. Then he turned to Daisy. "Ready, darlin'?" He gave her a bright smile, hoping to cheer her up.

    Once the car was parked by their apartment Mikko sat up and hopped out of the van. This time she waited for Chris to get out with her before heading inside.

    Chris followed her as soon as she got out of the vehicle. Then he took her free hand and led her inside--a simple smile on his face.

    Daisy had been lost in thought, but was pulled back when Kendall spoke. She looked over at him, managing a tired smile. All of this emotional stuff was exhausting. "Yeah.." She answered, and slowly crawled out of the car.

    Mikko held onto Chris' hand and walked up the stairs with him. Once inside she laid her baby down in the playpen, then turned back to Chris and wrapped her arms around him, pushing him back on the bed and falling on top of him. There was some pain in her chest but it wasn't anything that she couldn't push away. Her back stung a bit as well, but once her shirt came off that would solve that problem.

    Kendall hurried to the other side of the SUV and helped Daisy out of the car and inside. Then he picked her up wordlessly and carried her up the stairs. Mikko and Chris were already inside and getting a bit intimate, so he took Daisy directly to their room and laid her down on the bed. Then he sat down next to her, smiling. "You wanna continue what we started earlier, babe?"

    This time, a much brighter, more genuine smile tugged across her lips. Did he even have to ask? She had no time to answer. Her lips were drawn to him like metal to a magnate's pull. She kissed him deeply, with meaning, as her fingers stroked his cheeks, sliding down to tug anxiously at his shirt.

    Chris rested his hands on Mikko's hips when she pushed him down onto the bed. He wasn't quite sure where all this came from all of the sudden, but he wasn't complaining a bit. He smiled at her and kissed her deeply while he ran his hands slowly up the back of her shirt, lightly brushing his fingers over her new tattoo.

    This is just what Mikko needed. To forget everything that has happen, and enjoy herself. And Chris was just the person to help her do that. She kissed him back, her tongue sliding passed his lips. Her body shivered at his light touches on her back. Then she sat up and slipped her shirt over her head, tossing it on the floor before leaning back down to kiss him again.

    Kendall kissed her back passionately and rested his hands on top of hers that were working on undoing his shirt. He helped her a little then tugged on her own shirt.

    Now with the shirt out of the way, Chris let his hands roam higher on her back, then let them slowly descend to her tattoo again. He broke the kiss and whispered, "Does it hurt?" He wasn't wanting to really hurt her while they were together this time. She'd been through too much pain lately...

    Mikko nuzzled his neck once Chris broke the kiss, she planted soft kisses along his neck and shoulder. "A little..." She whispered back. "But it's ok." She reached down between them and started working on getting his pants off.

    Chris moaned as she worked on removing his pants. He reached between them and fondled her breasts with one hand, finding one of her nipples and squeezed it gently, playing with the ring that hung from it. Then he reached for the fastenings on her pants.

    Daisy's eager fingers helped him with her shirt, clumsily tugging it over her head, and slinging it aimlessly across the room. Her fingers traveled along his torso as she ravaged his mouth, then trailed her lips along his jaw line, and down the length of his neck. She nuzzled and gently nipped him as she caressed the bulge in his jeans, sliding upwards to unbutton him..

    "Mmmmm..." Mikko nibbled his shoulder and finally got his pants undone, she stood up and grabbed the ends of his pants legs and pulled them off of him, then stepped out of her own jeans. She laid back on top of him, kissing his stomach, chest, back to his lips.

    Kendall once again rested his hand on top of her, helping to unfasten his jeans. He really wanted this...badly. Once he was only left in his boxers, he helped Daisy out of the rest of her clothes then laid her gently down on the bed again, climbing on top of her.

    Chris kissed her back and allowed her to finish removing his pants. Now clad only in his boxers, he wrapped his arms around her neck, kissing her hotly.

    Mikko kissed him back her hands sliding over his body. She was quick to get him out of his boxers then started to kiss down his body, looking up at him with her large gray eyes. She grinned against his skin as she made her way further down his body.

    A surge of excitement rushed through her as the warmth of his body brushed her skin, sending waves of ecstasy crashing against her every senses. Her fingers trailed along the contours of his muscular sides, up to his shoulders, and back down his chest. She whimpered against his lips as she caught them in another deep and passionate kiss, anticipating his next move..

    Kendall smiled lovingly down at her and kissed her deeply, sliding his hand down her body. His finger dipped between her legs and Kendall broke the kiss, grinning down at her. "You're that ready for me, huh?" he asked her, referring to how soaked she was. Without another thought, he removed his boxers and straddled her waist--being careful not to put all his weight on her. He leaned down and captured her lips once more.

    Chris grinned and propped himself up on his elbows, watching her every move. His breath caught as she got closer and closer to his most sensitive parts. And he was very much anticipating feeling of her mouth enclosing over it.

    Chris wouldn't have to wait long. Mikko soon reached his member and took him in her mouth, her warm lips pressed tightly around him. She moaned softly against him as she started to suck and lick.

    Chris moaned and fell flat against the bed again, trying to resist the urge to buck his hips up to her. But oh, it felt so good! And it was definitely worth the wait. He closed his eyes and took steady breaths.

    Mikko continued, twirling her tongue around him and over the tip of his member. She slipped him deep in her throat and looked up at him, wanting to see his reaction.

    Daisy's hips bucked as she felt his fingers brush between her folds. A soft moan pressed between her lips, and she bit her bottom lip deviously. "Mmhmm...I've been ready for you all day.." She admitted in a seductive whisper, flicking her tongue across his lips, then capturing them in another deep kiss. Her hand reached down to stroke his growing member, teasing the head with gentle fingers..

    Chris did his best to open his eyes and somewhat succeeded. He looked down at her and gave her a huge grin. "Mmm babe...that feels sooooo good."

    "Mmmmm." Mikko slowly pulled away from him, then straddled him. She grinned widely and leaned down kissing him deeply. "Want me?" She asked in a whisper against his lips.

    A low moan escaped Kendall's lips when she stroked him. He was more than ready for her but he didn't want to go too fast either. They both really deserved this time together. He kissed her back with everything he had. God, he loved her...

    Chris kissed her back and nodded. "Yeah. I really do, babe." He was too focused on the pleasure to realize an important thing he was forgetting--condoms.
    And that's what Mikko wanted to hear. He wanted her. Someone wanted her. She smiled and lowered herself down on him. She moaned loudly as she felt him stretching her walls. She too didn't think of protection, to caught up in the moment, in her needs. "Mmmm...You feel good." She gasped the words and started slowly riding him.

    Chris placed his hands on her hips, aiding her in her movements. Oh, it was like heaven. Maybe even better than that. "Mmmm so do you..." he said as his breath quickened, laden with love and lust.

    Mikko placed her hands on his chest to help herself move. She laid her head back, her motions quickening as was her breathing. She grabbed one of Chris' hands and placed it on her breast. "Oooooh!"

    His pleasure was music to her ears, as it always had been. She smiled lovingly at him as she continued to stroke him, building a slow and steady rhythm. Her lips moved along his neck, kissing and gently nuzzling against him. She moaned quietly, her own need growing to unbearable measures..

    Chris gave her breast a firm squeeze and occasionally bucked his hips up to her while she rode him.

    Mikko leaned over, kissing him deeply as she moved faster and harder. Her tongue slipped past his lips moaning against his lips.

    Daisy teasing his cock was driving him crazy. He needed! Without another word, he lifted himself off her and spread her legs, getting in between them. The head of his membe nestled lightly between her lips before slowly pushing in emitting a low groan.

    Chris once again kissed her back, moaning between their lips. He reached up with his other hand and squeezed that breast...hard. Then he settled into a rhythm with squeezing each of them on her downstrokes on his cock.

    Mikkos moans became louder, she kissed and nit every inch of him that she could, her movements becoming faster as she got close to her climax.

    Daisy arched in pleasure as the heavenly sensations enveloped her, feeling his girth slowly sliding inside of her. "Mmmm.. .babe.." She moaned against his lips, her breath hitching as she took him in. Her fingers gently dug into his shoulders as her walls accommodated to him. "You feel like.. heaven.."

    Chris' moans matched Mikko, also getting close. He could tell Mikko was getting close and gasped out, "Cum...for me, babe. Ohhh, I...wanna h-hear you..."

    Kendall grinned broadly and began moving slowly. "I love you..." he gasped out between thrusts that were becoming faster and deeper by the second.

    "Ahhhhhhhhh! Chris!" She yelled out cumming hard on him. Her body twitched around him, as she tried to catch her breath."Oh...Damn...That was..Great"

    "Mmm.. I love.. you too babe..." Daisy managed to say between sensual moans and labored breaths. Her hands cupped his cheeks as her lips continued to lavish him with her undying affection. Her tongue caressed his as she kissed him with deep passion, her hands moving down to caress his shoulders, and sliding down the length of his sides. "You're so.. beautiful.." She moaned quietly.. "I'm so lucky.."

    Mikko's climax triggered his own, spilling deep up into her. He had once again forgotten about the condoms and it still hadn't occurred to him yet. He was just basking in the afterglow of the outstanding love-making session that just took place. There was only her...and him. Nothing else mattered. He pulled her down for a deep kiss, pouring the rest of his love into it.

    Mikko kissed him back, sliding off of him and laying beside him. She kissed him again then nuzzled his neck. She smiled and wrapped an arm around his chest. "Mmmm...That was just want I needed."

    Kendall continued kissing her as his thrusts kept increasing in both tempo and intensity. He was getting close, but was determined to let his lover go first. He needed her to go release all that pent up energy and emotion that's been radiating off her the past few days.

    Chris smiled and cuddled her. "I thought you might." It was true...he thought she would, but he wasn't sure she was ready yet. He was glad to be proven wrong. "Feel better now?" he asked, kissing her cheek.

    As he became faster and harder, Daisy was drawing close. She moaned loudly, enjoying the sensational feel and pleasure that was distinctly him. This was certainly what she needed, to wind down from the stresses that had been pulling her down. "Mmm.. you're good therapy.." She smiled lovingly at him, her body moving in time with his. "Good for the soul.." She continued, and lavished him with kisses, her warm breath caressing his beautiful skin. Her breathing hitched as the sensations intensified, meeting her intense climax. She moaned loudly as she came, screaming his name for all the world to hear..

    "Much." Mikko answered, pulling the covers over them and snuggling close. But as soon as she was rested beside him, eyes closed and ready to get some much needed rest, Daisy's scream was heard throughout the house, and in the next instant the baby's cries could be heard. She Sighed deeply and pulled herself away from Chris to get Travis.

    And Kendall wasn't far behind her, his climax was almost instantaneous after hers. He had no words to speak, so he let all his actions tell her how he felt as his movements came to a stop, but he didn't withdraw from her. He really didn't want to, ever again. He was exactly where he wanted to be, with the person he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. She may be young, but age was just a number. It was the person inside that mattered. And she was it... As carefully as he could, he laid down next to her, still staying buried within her, holding her close.

    Chris wrapped his arms tightly around Mikko and was prepared for a nice nap when he heard Daisy scream with was followed soon by Travis' cries. His reactions mirrored Mikko's exactly when she had to give up her warmth to tend to the baby. He slowly sat up and looked at Mikko. "Anything I can do?" he offered, ready to reach for his boxers in an instant if she gave the word.

    Mikko picked up Travis and got back in bed. "Nah, I think she just scared him." She rocked the baby gently, singing softly to him. It calmed Travis down. "See..He was just startled." She laid down, placing the baby between them, lightly rubbing his little stomach. "He's so cute..."

    Chris nodded and watched them, laying back down under the covers. He smiled at the two of them when Mikko laid the baby down between them and nodded again. "He sure is..." He gently ran a finger over little Travis' cheek.

    Daisy tried to catch up with her breath, smiling a huge smile, something she hadn't done in days.Not to this extent, anyway. All of the gloom and drama had washed away, there was nothing but him, and her. And the love that radiated around them. Her legs remained wrapped around his hips, as she rested beside him. She didn't want him to withdraw from her. Not yet. The connection felt too good. She wanted to bask in it, forever. "Mmm.. thank you." She whispered against his lips, once again kissing him with a passion that was unquestionable. "I feel so much better now." She smiled. "You're my addiction."

    Mikko closed her eyes but was carful not to go to sleep, she didn't want to squish the poor baby. She would wait till Travis went back to sleep then put him back to bed. It still didn't occur to her that she and Chris hadn't used protection, but she probably wouldn't have cared anyway. "I think it's time for a long nap."

    Kendall nearly melted at the huge smile Daisy presented him. How he had missed that. He kissed her back with just as much passion as she showed him. Everything was just...perfect. He smiled his own very broad grin at her remark. "Yeah? You too babe. I can never get enough of you." He found one of her hands and interwined his fingers with hers.

    Chris agreed whole-heartedly to that statement and nodded. "Yeah." She really deserved it. Not that he didn't. But she REALLY deserved it. She had done the right thing with giving the dog to Lexi...she should be rewarded for that. Even if she couldn't see it now, it would be so much less stressful for her in the long run.

    Finally Travis fell back to sleep, carefully, Mikko picked him up and placed him back in his play pen. She then slipped back under the covers with Chris. "We really need to get him a bed." She comment laying her head on his chest. "Put him in his own room."

    Daisy felt content and happy, surrounded by his loving embrace. She never wanted this moment to end. She kneaded his hand, nuzzling gently against his neck. "Mmm.. likewise." She breathed. " I don't think there's anything better than this.. than you.." She smiled at him.

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