Consult and Comfort


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    Consult and Comfort

    Post by Donatello on Tue Feb 16, 2010 1:11 pm

    Continuation from: The Waiting Game

    And as soon as they were out the door, Mike's concerned gaze fixated on Don. "You okay, bro?"

    Donatello looked at his brother and nodded. "I'm okay, Mikey. It's just been an eventful day," he replied. Which was the truth and part of the reason for him being so down. Then he carefully studied Mikey's face. "Are you?"

    Mike was sure there was more to it than just the night's dreadful events.But he understood, and wouldn't press. "Yeah, I'm okay." He replied, managing a small grin. In truth, he was feeling much the same as Don, but couldn't voice it. Afraid of the tears the subject would bring. "You know. Nights like this really make you realize just how lucky we are." He added quietly, the smile slightly faltering. "At least we have each other. It's too bad that guy didn't have any bros to stick up for him." He added grimly. "I wonder what kind of trouble he was into.. I mean, gosh. They must have really hated him."

    Donatello nodded. "Yeah. I feel so bad for Lexi. She's done nothing to deserve this sort of heartache." He sighed heavily. "I hope Raph has the patience to help her through this." His brother could be unpredictable at times, but he was still loyal to people he cared about. So Don wasn't too concerned about that.

    Mike frowned, nodding in agreement with Don's comment. Poor Lexi. And he really hoped that Raph could be patient with her, but he was almost certain his softer side would surface during these times. As they drew closer to the manhole cover, the youngest turtle caught sight of a flyer for a missing chihuahua and was reminded of his earlier idea. "I think it would really cheer her up some if we could find that dog." He looked at Don, hopeful that he wouldn't object to the idea. "Maybe we could make flyers.. we could ask her if she has any pictures of the dog. Or, I could draw it!"

    Even with the thickness of sorrow that seemed to be following them everywhere, Don had to smile at Mike's enthusiasm. It did sound like a good idea. And if Mike was wanting to make this sort of effort, who was he to stop him? "I think that might be a good idea, Mikey," he said, nodding in approval. It was worth a shot, anyway.

    Mike smiled at his brother, grateful that he didn't object. "Awesome! After we tell Leo what's going on, we'll whip up a bunch of flyers and go dog hunting!"

    Donatello blinked. 'We? When did this turn into "we"? I have work to do...' he thought wearily, sighing. But Mike was right. They should all do what they could to help her. Raph was already doing his part, Don knew. Mike was wanting to help find the dog...even if the situation was next to hopeless. Then what could Don do? Mike's job could possibly take more than one person. Not to mention, things would get done quicker if had more help on this task. With a resigned sigh, he nodded. "Alright, Mikey. Let's do this." And with that, he removed the manhole cover and jumped down into the sewers.

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    Re: Consult and Comfort

    Post by Michelangelo on Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:04 pm

    ((Summary: Mike and Don return home to inform Leo of what's been going on. The two younger brothers are in for a loooong night of questioning.

    Ahuge thanks to Kitty for puppeting Leo for the scene, and logging/editing the post.))

    Leonardo was in the dojo, working on his katas. He was slowly getting back into shape after his major illness. Which was a good thing too, since he was going crazy being bedridden for so long. Now that things were heating up with their enemies, they all would have to be on top of their game...especially Leo. True, during his absences and his sickness, his brothers had stepped up to the plate and did what they had to do, but Leo still was the leader. Everyone looked up to him. It was a heavy burden, but completely necessary to keep his family safe.

    Mike was ecstatic that Don was willing to help. He flashed his brother a wide grin, and descended into the dark and humid sewers, closely behind his brother. "Maybe Leo would wanna help, too." He suggested. True, Leo had never even met Lexi, but surely he would be willing to help since the lady was their brother's girlfriend. They trudged through the sewers. making their way towards home. They still had the heavy task of informing Leo of all that had been happening. Poor Leo was so out of the loop these days.

    Would Leo be so willing to help? Don wasn't so sure. Just like he wasn't sure how accepting their eldest brother would be of Raph's relationship with Lexi. Sure, they've made plenty of human friends over the years, but they also had to be really careful with who they revealed their secret to. Along with the fact that Leo had enough to worry about with ensuring the safety of all of them. "I don't know, Mikey...I think he has enough things to worry about right now. We still don't know exactly what our enemies are up to," he explained. Of course, Don would do what he could to help that cause, too. He already had made major improvements to the lair in the wake of the rise in crime. Still, it would be wise to explain things THOROUGHLY to Leo in small doses. Most important facts first, of course.

    Mike frowned, but gave a small nod in understanding. It was best not to overwhelm their poor brother. He briefly wondered if Leo even knew that Raph had a girlfriend. "Yeah. I just hope he's home.." He voiced his concern as they neared the lair. "So, do you think this gang war is over now?"

    Don sighed heavily, shrugging. "I have no idea. Just because we haven't heard anything recently, doesn't mean that everything has been settled between them." Soon they reached the lair and headed inside.

    Mike gave a nod at that, and followed his brother inside. His eyes scanned the den area, searching for any sign of their brother. "Leo?" He called out, hoping for a response. "You home?"

    With his eyes closed, Leo was in deep concentration when Mike's voice filtered into his subconsciousness. Sighing and opening one eye, he looked over at the door of the dojo before giving up on the kata and heading for said door, poking his head out. "What is it, Mikey?" his calm voice asked, even if he was slightly annoyed that his brother had interrupted something he deemed very important. On the other hand, it would be nice to get caught up with his brothers since they seemed so distant with him lately. He had plenty of things on his mind at the time to keep his focus on training.

    A huge grin erupted across his lips at Leo's reply, despite the heavy news they had to share. At least his brother was home, that was certainly something worth smiling about. "Hi!" He greeted as he drew closer to the dojo. Gah, there was so much to tell, and he hardly knew where to begin. "Um.. Raph's at his girlfriend's.. there's been an .." Accident? That hardly seemed like the appropriate word. He glanced at Don, figuring he could better word it.. or give it to him in small doses..

    Leonardo frowned deeply with Mike's explanation, fearing the worst. He had barely wrapped his mind around the first thing when Mike mentioned Raph's girlfriend. Instead it immediately zoned in to the negative events. 'An Raph alright?' were the first questions he was dying to ask but settled for the vague, "What happened?" He also glanced at Don, hoping he would be able to explain things in more detail. And he wasn't worried about getting too much information at once. He was demanding an explanation--no matter how intense the situation was.

    Don was right behind Mike and caught his small glance then looked up at Leo who was also looking right at him. He had prepared a little on the way on how to talk to Leo about this, but with all eyes on him, he became extremely nervous. 'Nothing like being put in the spotlight when there's a crisis...' he thought wryly and took a deep breath before launching into his explanation. "We were caught up in one of the gang disputes but we're fine," Don reassured his older brother. "There were...some complications with someone we hadn't seen or heard from in a while. Raph had invited us to come over to a friend of his and have a little party. So we went. Things were going fine until Raph received a call from this person I mentioned earlier. We followed, but we were too late to save this person Lexi wanted to rescue..."

    Even with Don's explanation, it only raised more questions. But the first one that came to mind was: "Who's Lexi?" Being mixed up in the gangs NEVER ended well and Leo was still wanting to know more about the situation. Since he had been sick, many things weren't clear for him anymore. Sure, he saw some news reports every now and then, but it never really registered on who this person was Don was talking about. If they were in the news at all...

    Mike listened on as Don filled Leo in about the recent events. He felt bad for both of his brothers. Don, for being the bearer of bad news.. and Leo. Gah, poor Leo. How he must feel to be so out of the loop about almost everything! It must have been frustrating for him, to have no control. "Raph's girlfriend.." Mike informed, stating the obvious. But he soon realized that his brother probably wanted a more in depth answer. "She's some playboy model that Raph saved..."

    Leo was trying so hard to digest this new information. "Raph...has a girlfriend? Since when?" More questions again. He was beginning to think he'd never find out everything. But he sure as heck would try. Even if it was one question at a time. It was important to him to know ALL the facts, no matter how long it took. As long as another crisis didn't come up in the meantime. "Why don't we all sit down in the living room and discuss this? And I mean EVERYTHING..." he stated with finality, leaving no room for argument.

    Don sighed and nodded to Leo. They already opened a can of turning back. Now Leo wouldn't rest until he squeezed every little fact out of both of them. 'May as well get it over with,' he thought, making his way over to the couch, removing his headgear from his disguise as he sat down.

    "Since like, three months ago?" Mike answered his brother, and gave a small nod at his request. Oh boy, this would be a loooong night! He followed his brothers into the den, and flopped down on the couch. But suddenly a thought struck him and he sprung up from the couch. "I'll be right back!" With that, he disappeared in the direction of his room, returning moments later with a magazine. It was tucked safely inside one of his clear plastic comic sleeves. Indeed, it would've appeared that he'd grabbed one of his comics to get him through the long night of questions that awaited them, but it was anything but. "Here.." Mike flashed a grin at his brother, and shoved the magazine towards him. On the cover, a barely dressed Lexi, her golden autograph adorning the upper corner. "That's her!"

    Leonardo's first guess when Mike came back with the magazine WAS that he indeed grabbed one of his many comic books to keep him occupied. In fact, he was getting ready to scold him until he saw what was actually on the cover. He looked carefully at the picture, but only on her face. "That's her, huh?" Two thoughts sprang to his mind after seeing what she looked like. If she was on a magazine, didn't that mean she was famous? And if so, what was to stop her from spreading the news about...well, Raph for sure. "Has she actually seen him in his true form yet, Mikey?" And even if she wasn't the type to spread gossip, her being famous could be a danger for Raph. With celebrities came publicity...and cameras. Raph wouldn't be able to see her in public at all. It was just too risky.

    Mike gave a nod in reply to his brother's question. "You mean, in his birthday suit? Mmhmm.." He briefly remembered what Raph had told him, about being.. 'intimate' .. though Raph had used a more explicit word. But sharing that info hardly seemed relative at the moment. And a part of him was still convinced that Raph was just gloating. "She's seen all of us.. well, except you.." That probably wasn't the best thing to tell poor Leo, but true to form- Mike talked first, thought later...

    Leo's eyes widened in alarm. "She saw all of you?" Then he frantically looked over at Don. "Is this true?" Sure, they met April on a whim but they really had no choice. Now apparently Raph had done the same with this Lexi. However, his brother could be brash at times and not think things through. Especially when emotions got in the way. Something Raph specialized in.

    Don looked at Leo and nodded, but not before shooting Mike a small glare. "Yes..." Unfortunately, he figured Leo would be going over the age-old lecture about not being careful enough with their true 'identities'. "But before you give us the same lecture again, please hear us out."

    Leo wasn't liking this one bit but he nodded, folding his arms over his chest and waited PATIENTLY for them to continue. But he was giving both of them stern looks. "Yes...?"

    It was only after hearing Leo's reaction, and catching that glare from his brother that Mike realized his slip. He mentally face-palmed, and sent a sheepish look in Don's direction, before glancing at Leo. "It's okay, Leo. She would never put us in danger!" He informed with confidence, then looked at his brother. If Leo wanted to hear them out.. maybe it was best for Don to do the talking. Mike wanted to avoid digging their grave any deeper..

    Don was really hating that look Leo was giving them. It made him feel like he did something really wrong. Yes, he was older than Mikey and should have known better, but this was well after Raph had exposed himself to Lexi...even more than Don knew himself. Even HE didn't even know all the details on how far they were in the relationship and didn't ask either. It wasn't really his business anyway. All he knew was that Lexi seemed very real and could be yet another ally for them. But how to tell Leo that and make it sound convincing enough was the tough part. "I...don't know how intimate those two have gotten, Leo, but you know I have a good judge of character. And to an extent, Mikey does as well," Don began, trying to defuse Leo's cross expression.

    Mike nodded in agreement with that. "Yeah, usually my turtle senses start tingling when someone's a danger, but it's all good!" He tried to assure.

    Unfortunately for Don, his glare was still going going strong, a frown going along with it. It was true that Don had a good judge of character, but the problem was, Leo was so out of the loop he wasn't sure what was going on anymore. The sense of not-knowing anything was overwhelming Leo and his need to find out everything was overloading all his other feelings. Under different circumstances, maybe he would even be happy for Raph that he found someone special. Unfortunately, his mind only zoned in on all things that concerned their own safety. Realizing maybe he was making his brothers a little nervous with the glare, he let it soften. He still completely meant business and WOULD find out the truth, Maybe they would feel more comfortable if he backed off a bit and just let them explain the events. There were still plenty of holes to fill in that department. "Go on..." he said in a much more gentle tone.

    Don tried again, rolling his eyes at Mikey's comment. "So anyway, we were just going over there to meet her and the meeting was going FAIRLY well." He didn't feel the need to mention how he had to keep a lid on Mike's antics around Lexi. "Then Raph received a call from this girl who had been all over the news about a friend of hers that was in deep trouble. So Raph went to go help and Lexi followed. Turns out she knew this person too. So I tagged along to make sure Raph stayed out of trouble and to lend an extra hand to him if he needed it. By the time we got there, her friend had been killed and she and this other girl got into a gunfight. I was so worried about Raph, but he thankfully came out unscathed...even though we were both in the thick of things. After the gunfight had ended, Raph took off after Lexi and of course I followed again. Then the other girl ordered her men to shoot at us and again, we were lucky to come out of that without injury. Lexi went to her fallen friend and Raph and I took out the murderer as he came closer to Lexi to kill her..." He paused, to get ready to tell the next segment.

    Mike listened closely as Don explained in detail what had happened at the docks. This was the part he'd missed out on, but had gotten the quick version from his brothers. At least Leo was listening instead of lecturing.. that was good.

    Leo listened intently as Don described the events. His frown returned and deepened hearing about the gunfight two of his brothers were involved in. Maybe not directly, but enough that they could have easily been injured...or worse. Despite all the bad things that happened, he was happy that his brothers did some good by bringing order to the city...even if it was just with one person. He looked between the two brothers. "I see..." Truthfully, he was awfully speechless right now. He was glad to see his brothers standing before him, but he couldn't ignore what they went through. And it still felt like there was more to tell him and he glanced at Don again. "And...what happened next?" he dared to ask, dreading the answer.


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