Final Embrace


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    Final Embrace

    Post by Mikko on Fri Feb 19, 2010 4:17 pm

    Continuation from: Personal Demons

    ((Spike and Ryuu give Jencko the details of the Gabriel's death, Mikko is called in and Jencko gives her her task in order to join the Turks.))

    After finally getting some much needed rest, Ryuu decided to head back to the Turk headquarters. He didn't know everything that had happen between Mikko and Spike after they left the docks, but from what Mikko told him it was bad. The phone conversation was quick, but he knew that Spike tried to kill her and failed. He severed the very edge of her heart and all things considering she was doing really well. Part of him wanted to rub it in Spike's face that he couldn't get rid of Mikko, ok, a LARGE part of him wanted to rub it in Spike's face. Either the man was losing his touch or Mikko was one really tough bitch. Finally reaching the headquarters he walked inside and headed straight for the fridge. He grabbed a beer then plopped down on the tattered couch. He didn't see the mad man anywhere, shame, he was looking forward to taunting him.

    Spike's blood-shot gaze stared at his reflection in the blood-splattered mirror. His blood-crusted fingers trailed over the thick line of black stitches that adorned his face, closing the massive wound that would leave him with a permanent grimace. The wounds to his abdomen and chest had also been stitched and covered by thick, bloodstained gauze. 'Fuckin' Gabriel.. shoulda made him suffer more for this..' He cursed to himself, and wished he would have the opportunity to inflict more pain and torment. But it put a satisfied smile on his face to know that he was responsible for Gabriel's death. Victory was his. Spike hoped he would have the opportunity to taunt Ezekiel, and rub his brother's murder into his face. Now, he had taken two people away from him. And it wouldn't stop there. Oh no. Lexi was next on his list. But first, he would teach the woman a lesson. How dare her to ever reject him. Spike pulled himself from his sinister thoughts and reached for the clean shirt that was draped over the towel rail. He pulled it over his bruised shoulders, then stepped over the corpse of a young woman; the nurse he'd stalked from the hospital, and followed home last night. Spike had forced her to treat his numerous wounds. Once she had served her purpose, the mad-man had raped, then murdered her. "Thanks, bitch." He said to the lifeless body, before heading out of the small house. Her husband would come home to the grizzly sight, and that thought put a broad smile on Spike's face. The simple action was painful, and he once again cursed the one responsible. And the one who'd tried to save him. If not for Mikko, Spike would've been spared of the disfiguring scar.She would pay for her actions, he would be sure of that. He rummaged through the woman's purse, pocketing what cash she had on her, then headed out the door. Though he was still weak from the ordeal, his injuries treated, and it was time to report back to Jencko.

    Ryuu sipped on his beer and watched the TV. It was only when the doors open and Spike walked in that he looked away. A cheeky grin grew across his face. But dropped a bit when he saw how bad Spike looked. "Damn man. You look like hell." He commented and took another sip of his beer. "Maybe it'll make ya feel better to know that yer woman is just fine and out the hospital." Of course it wouldn't make Spike feel better. But oh Ryuu just couldn't help himself to rub it in.

    And Jencko had been waiting, very impatiently for Spike to report in. Dice had informed him of everything. Seven were involved in the task of taking down Juvanni. Two of his men had been killed, and several injured. To make matters worse, the body had not been properly disposed of. Sure, the task itself had been followed out. Gabriel was dead, but the methods had been sloppy. Spike had definitely gotten off to a bad start with Jencko, and he had much explaining to do. Now, the gang-lord indulged in the fruits of his men's labors, sniffing the purest cocaine, and smoking the finest weed. His every need was catered to by the beautiful women who willingly served him, and willingly fulfilled any other 'needs' he may have.

    Spike's glare gravitated in Ryuu's direction. His fists clinched in anger, blood pressure rising to dangerous levels. Without thinking out the consequences of his actions, Spike lunged towards him, grasping for his throat.

    Ryuu was ready for Spike to come at him. He was already getting ready to jump over the couch, which he did just as Spike lunged for him. "Woh I thought you be happy that Mikko was ok. We all know how much you loooove her." He snickered then quickly moved out the way to get distance between him and Spike.

    Spike was still too weak to chase the little pip-squeak, which only frustrated him. He reached for a near-by beer bottle, chunking it full force at the big-mouth. "Shut the fuck up or I'mma slit yer fuckin' throat!"

    The bottle nearly hit Ryuu as he ducked. it hit the wall behind him and shattered. But Ryuu wasn't done yet. "Don't worry Spike. I'm sure she'll still fuck you...if you put a bag over yer head or something." He chimed and tossed him a paper bag.

    Oh, that did it! Spike quickly pulled his knife and once again lunged at Ryuu, slashing and stabbing at the man. "You fuckin' faggot! I'm gonna fuckin' kill you.. bitch!" He shouted, drawing the attention of anyone nearby to hear. The crowd began to gather, growing loud in excitement..

    Ryuu's laughter was replaced by a high pitched girly scream. He dodged and blocked Spike's attacks the best he could, but he was getting cut up pretty badly, Ryuu was never good at physical confrontations. As soon as he found an exit he took it, running for his life away from Spike.

    Enraged, Spike started to chase him, but he suddenly found himself yanked backwards and shoved hard against the wall. On instinct, he lashed out at his unseen 'attacker', But Jencko jerked away just in time to avoid a nasty gash to his face. Spike lost his grip as he realized who it was, his knife clashing to the ground.

    "Enough!" He hissed at the punk, and roughly released him from his grasp. "Yer late." He added, scanning him over. Despite the man's distaste, a small, amused grin tugged across his lips. "Juvanni fucked you up good." He scuffed, rubbing it in. "His reputation is justified." He added, chuckling to himself, more out of cruel intent than humor.

    "Yeah, well.. who's still alive!" Spike reminded him, reaching for his knife. It was the same blade he had used to take Gabriel's life, there was no way he was going to lose it now. He tucked it back into his belt.

    Jencko's mock amusement quickly melted from his features. "We have much to discuss." He reminded Spike, and turned to head to his office, gesturing for Spike to follow.

    As soon as Spike was stopped, Ryuu stropped running and headed back to the couch. he grabbed his beer and relaxed going back to his TV watching.

    Jencko turned and spared a glance over to where Ryuu had seated himself. He was well aware that the youth was partly responsible for the scuffle just moments before. Perhaps it was time to have him contribute, since he'd been there last night. "Ryuu. My office. Now."

    Ryuu looked over at Jencko and inwardly cringed. He nodded and quickly finished off his beer before getting up and heading into the office. He kept his distance from Spike and waited to see what Jencko wanted with him.

    Spike sure as hell wasn't happy that Ryuu would be accompanying them. He shot the man a murderous glare, which Jencko had noticed. "We will be conducting this in a civil manner." He hissed at the two, and took a seat behind his desk. There were two chairs, both on opposite corners of the room. He gestured for the two to sit. "Now, I'm sure Hun allows his followers to behave like a pack of baboons, but here-- I run a tight ship." He said, as he sniffed a line from a small mirror, then wiped the residue from his nose. Dice was already in the dimly lit room, sitting a few feet behind Jencko. A thick blunt wedged between his lips. It was clear to see that his was Jencko's right-hand man, and informant. He had already brought the gang-lord up to speed, but now it was time to hear their sides of it. Jencko's gaze shifted and fixated on Ryuu. "Okay, kid. I want you to tell me everythin'. And I mean everythin'. Don't leave anythin' out. If you do... I'll know." Spike shifted in disbelief. Why the fuck did the little fag get to go first!

    Ryuu looked back at Spike but his attention was quickly brought back to Jencko, he took a seat and shifted nervously. Then Jencko told him to speak first. Why him? He didn't really know much, he wasn't there the whole time. With a deep breath he started to tell his side of things. "Well. Mikko told us were Gabriel lived and where to get him. Which we did, obviously. Killed the dog then took Gabriel to the docks. I figured that it would be a quick job, in and out. But no. Spike called up Mikko so she could watch, then he let her say her good byes to Gabriel in privet." Thank god he talked to Mikko and knew about what had went down. "Then she pulled away and there was a fight between Spike and Gabriel. Then...I'm not a hundred percent on what happen, I had to leave, it was an emergency. But from what I herd from Mikko. Some other people showed up, there was a fight and Mikko drove everyone away. Then Spike tried to kill her." He looked over a Spike. "But she's fine and out the hospital now." Finishing his story he stood quiet. Hopefully Jencko wouldn't ask to many questions.

    Jencko listened on as Ryuu retold the story from his standpoint. He glanced at Spike when Ryuu mentioned that Mikko had been called upon to watch. "So, you decided to make a spectacle of this, did you?" Obviously, he wasn't too pleased with that bit of information.

    Spike shot a glare at Ryuu, conveying his silent threats. "I did it to torture him. Cuz that fag cared about her.. I wanted him to die, knowin' she didn't give a fuck about him.." Spike tried to explain, but was cut off by a gesture of Jencko's hand.

    "And durin' this.. torture session, Juvanni somehow managed to get free, inflicting those wounds on your face, is this correct?" Jencko asked in accusation, meeting the mad-man's gaze.

    "Yeah.. she freed him, and he somehow managed to grab a broken beer bottle.."

    Once again, he was cut off. "So, she attempted to assist him, is this correct?"

    Spike responded with a nod. "Yeah, she's a fuckin' traitor!"

    Jencko shook his head in disapproval. "So, in all yer foolishness, you invited a traitor to assist in a job, that should've been your alone? And not only did you enlist the assistance of an outsider, but seven men!" His voice was becoming raised. "How do you justify that?" But he didn't give him time to answer. "For ONE fuckin' Dragon! Was he THAT impossible to kill?!"

    Spike was growing frustrated with being cut off. "You tell me! Yer gang's been tryin' to fuckin' kill him for twelve years! I did the job, he'll never draw another fuckin' breath. It doesn't matter how many men were there. It was ME that slit his fuckin' throat!"

    Jencko was growing angrier by the second. "Tell me. Did you or did you not dispose of his remains?"

    .."No...because his crazy-ass ex-girlfriend showed up with.." He wanted to mention the green freaks, but didn't want to come off as sounding crazy.."Two guys.. and the cops showed up, so we had to bail..."

    Once again, he was cut off. "And how did this 'crazy-ass' ex know where to find him?"

    .."Mikko" Spike answered.

    Jencko shook his head in disapproval. "So, this all comes back to you, calling this girl to watch, and she threw a monkey wrench in yer plans. Tsk.. what a fuckin' fool you are.." And Jencko's attention returned to Ryuu. "You said that you had to attend an emergency. Care to explain?"

    "I would prefer not to explain if it's all the same to you." ryuu answered. Oh and Mikko can explain why she called the ex. Also I happen to know that she didn't let The man go free." He lied, trying to get Mikko out of any trouble that she might be in.

    "Because you fuckin' shit yer pants.." Spike hissed, and became angrier by Ryuu's lie. "Yes she did! He was too messed up to get out of those binds by himself!"

    "He got a hold of a broken bottle! He could have cut himself free! Maybe if you let her talk instead of trying to kill her you would have known that!" Ryuu snapped back at him.

    "Silence!' Jencko commanded, slamming his fist against the desk. His attention once again returned to Ryuu. "I want you to contact Mikko, bring her to my office."

    Not what Ryuu wanted, he really didn't want to drag Mikko into this, but she always seemed to get herself involved in some way. He pulled out his phone and dialed Mikko's number.

    Mikko had finally fallen asleep when her phone started ringing. She reached over and answered it. "Yeah?"

    Ryuu looked at Jencko and took a deep breath. "Mikko, It's Ryuu. Jencko needs you here at his office now."

    Mikko sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes. "Yeah...Give me five minuets." With that they both hung up.

    Ryuu looked at Jencko. "She said she'll be here in five minuets,"

    Mikko leaned over and gave Chris a soft kiss, then quickly got dressed and armed herself. She then tugged her back pack over her shoulders and went over to Travis, giving him a light kiss on his forehead. "Mommy will be back soon sweetie." She cooed then left a note for Chris telling him that she would be back, and headed out the door.

    Spike's blood ran hot at that bit of information. great. Another opportunity to kill her. This would be perfect.

    Jencko gave a simple nod, and returned his attention to his drugs as he waited. He had more questions, but that could wait until Mikko arrived.

    Mikko headed out onto the street and snagged a motorbike that was near by. Bikes were starting to become her prefer choice of transportation. She drove quickly to the Turn's hideout and parked the bike. She was really nervous about going in there. She was certain that Spike was going to be there and she wasn't sure if she was ready to face him just yet. Slowly she made her way inside and heading for the office, trying not to make eye contact with anyone. Finally she made it to the office door and with a shaky hand, lightly knocked.

    Jencko's gaze shifted to Ryuu as Mikko knocked. "Don't just sit there. Be a gentleman and let the lady in."

    Ryuu got up and opened the door. He moved aside and gestured to the seat that he was just in. He would stand. With any luck he wouldn't have to be here much longer.

    Mikko walked in and quickly scanned the room, taking in her environment and noting all possible exits. She locked eyes with Spike only for a moment before turning away and sitting in the seat that Ryuu pointed to. She waited quietly. Trying to avoide Spike's gaze.

    Spike's glare fixated on Mikko as she entered, and he reached for his knife, fingers twisting around the hilt.

    But Jencko countered his action by drawing one of his own. The blade was bigger, the serrated teeth glistening in the dimly lit room. "Don't even think about it." He warned Spike. "I assure you my blade is bigger than yers.. and unlike you, I don't need seven men to kill a bitch." He spoke cooly, but his warning was unquestionable. He stabbed the knife into his desk. gaze still burning into Spike's. "Interrupt me, and you will leave this room in a body bag." His attention now shifted to Mikko. "I hear you had quite a night." He commented, as he shoved a joint between his thick lips. "I wanna hear yer side of things."

    Jencko's action toward Spike managed to calm Mikko greatly. She put her bag down on the floor next to her and flipped her hair back, crossing her legs. "Well. I got a phone call asking were Gabriel lived, from Spike. Of course I told him right where to get him. Well..A little later I get another phone call from him saying that he finally got him, which quite frankly, I had no idea it took so many people to kill a man. Anyway, I was invited to come and witness the death. I went and I was allowed to say my goodbyes. After Gabe some how managed to cut himself free with a broken bottle and attacked Spike. I tried to help Spike but I was pushed away. then the ex came. Yes I invited her. I wanted the bitch to suffer. My own personal reasons..." She paused for a moment to take a breath. "But she brought along friends. Well. I managed to distract these friends for Spike to Finally kill Gabe. Then I jumped in the van and got everyone out of there before the cops showed up. Spike was injured pretty bad as were some other men, I attempted to help Spike but was attacked, and almost killed." She nodded over to Dice. "He saved me...and..that's that."

    Jencko listened on, tallying on the strikes against Spike. He shook his head, obviously annoyed. His gaze fixated on Spike. "From my understandin', Gabriel was near death before he made his last attack on you. Apparently yer bindin' skills are shit. If done properly, even an able-bodied man would've been unable to grab a broken bottle, much less maneuver it in such a way to free himself. Yer incompetence is a liability to the gang. Your methods are tacky and distasteful. You made a sport outta somethin' that should've been cut and dry, and as a result.. some of my men were killed. And what's worse, you left evidence." Mikko's claim was the final nail in Spike's coffin. Now, his attention shifted to Mikko. "And you. You foolishly called witnesses."

    "I called her with the full intention of killing her. But...these friends of hers. I wasn't expecting." Mikko commented. "It was a mistake. I take full responsibility for calling the woman. But that's all I did wrong." She finally looked over at Spike. "Nothing worth stabbing me in the heart over!" She looked back at Jencko. "It was a laps in judgment...sorry.."

    "Who's the woman?"Jencko asked Mikko, cutting his eyes over at Spike. The man was fidgety, as if he might snap at any moment. "How much does she know about us?" Because the last thing he needed was some woman causing trouble for his gang. Spike had already caused enough of that on his own.

    "Her name's Lexi, she's some playboy whore. Gabe's ex. She doesn't know anything about the Turks." Mikko answered confidently.

    A knowing grin slowly pursed his lips. "Ah, Lexi Davis.. Miss Hometown celebrity."Jencko mocked. Obviously, he knew of the woman, and her habit of being involved with gang-members.

    Spike quickly spoke up. "I'll get rid of her." He volunteered. "Give me a chance to redeem myself.. you won't be sorry.."

    Jencko's gaze flashed over at him. "I'm ALREADY sorry! Sorry that I ever believed that you could pull this off. To get rid of someone.. someone that the fuckin' world wouldn't miss, and yet.. now.. everybody knows!" He hissed. Spike slunk back into his seat. "You failed." Jencko finally delivered the verdict. "You will not be sworn into this gang."

    Mikko looked over at Spike in shock. He didn't make it in. Did she still have a chance? Fuck...Spike was going to blame her for this she just knew it. Now she was worried about leaving the building to go home...

    "What!!" Spike yelled at Jencko, obviously as shocked.. even moreso than Mikko. "I did what you asked! I fuckin' KILLED him!!" He lunged forward, but was quickly captured by two large men, obviously Jencko's body guards.

    "Show Mr. Black to the door." Jencko ordered in his usual cool voice.

    "You can't fuckin' do this!! I did what you said!!" Spike continued.. but Jencko wasn't listening. "I'll fuckin' kill you for this, Jencko!! Yer a dead man!!" And his glare shifted to Mikko as he was being dragged from the room. "Yer dead, bitch!!! This is all yer fault, you fuckin' liar!!" He continued to threaten and curse as he was dragged further away, and escorted out of the building.

    Now, Jencko's attention turned to Ryuu. "You may leave." Because he needed to speak to Mikko, alone.

    Ryuu was quick to do what Jencko said, just as shocked as the other two where by Spike's rejection in the gang. He looked at Mikko and gave her a small wave before heading out, and this time he left the building.

    Once alone, Mikko turned her attention back to Jencko.

    Jencko seemed unfazed by the threats. He flicked the roach into an ashtray, and fired up another blunt, inhaling deeply as his gaze fixated on the young woman. "As you can see, I'm a very hard man to please." He said, exhaling a thick puff of smoke. "Still want in?"

    Mikko nodded. "Yes. Just tell me what I got to do."

    Jencko propped his feet atop his desk, savoring the taste of the herbs he was inhaling. "Yer probably familiar with gang protocol. Failures ain't dealt with lightly." He gave that a moment to sink in. "I want you to kill Spike."

    Mikko was sure that the shock of her orders were written clearly all over her face. He couldn't possible be serious, but she knew that he was. "I..." She couldn't even find the words. She had to kill Spike. She wasn't sure if she could do that. But finally, she gathered herself and slowly nodded. "I..can do that, no problem." She said, though her confidence she was showing moments ago had vanished. "Do I have a time limit?"

    Jencko wasn't expecting for Mikko to agree. He'd heard whispers of Spike and Mikko's 'relationship', but of course there was nothing like a near fatal stabbing to severe those ties. Even if she had, he was expecting the two to kill each other, thus eliminating both. Problem solved. But if my some off chance this girl succeeded, then she would earn the right to call herself a Turk. A small grin hinted upon his lips. "Two weeks." He exhaled another puff of intoxicating smoke, and met her gaze. "That won't be a problem, will it?"

    Mikko slowly nodded again trying to take this all in. "Two weeks...Two weeks to kill my baby's daddy. Sure no problem." She slunk lower in her seat and grabbed her book bag. "I guess I'll see you later then."

    Jencko gave a nod at that. "I'll be expectin' a visit once the deed is done."

    "right..." Mikko stood up and tossed her bag over her shoulder. She headed to the door rubbing her eyes. "I need a drink.." She said as she left the office and made her way out the building. She still couldn't wrap her mind around the job she was just given. She had been ordered to kill a lot of people while with the Dragons, and none of those times was she ever this reluctant to carry out the order. Once outside she headed to her bike, only to find that it wasn't there! "Fuck me! Can anything ELSE go wrong tonight!?" She growled then walked away from the building. She walked quickly keeping her eyes open for any sign of Spike.

    But Spike would be nowhere to be seen. Jencko's men had shoved him into their car, and driven him away from Headquarter's location, heading for the middle of nowhere. In Spike's condition, it would take him a while to find his way back to the city.

    Mikko slowly made her way to the local bar. She sat down and ordered what would be her first of many drinks that night.
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    Re: Final Embrace

    Post by Christopher on Sun Feb 21, 2010 6:47 pm

    Mikko was working on her tenth beer and fifth shot of whisky. She felt frustrated, scared and alone. She talked to some guys at the bar, but once they knew she didn't want sex they left her be. She didn't want to call Chris, not while she was like this. So ordering yet another beer, Mikko pulled out her phone and start going through numbers. She actually thought of calling Spike. Seeing where he was and just get her job over with while she was still to drunk to care. But no. She should probably be sober for that. lexi was the next number she stopped at. yeah...That was her job right, to help those in need or some shit? With a blurry vision she managed to dial Lexi's number. She downed her drink as she waited for her to answer.

    After signing the forms of ownership and taking care of the expensive medical bill, Lexi continued visiting with Jigsaw, finding it nearly impossible to leave. She sat there, rubbing her fingers through the dog's short coat, trying to soothe him. For once, she wasn't alone in her pain. For once, someone felt the same... even if he couldn't express it in words. Two hours had passed, and Lexi knew that Raph would be getting concerned. But it was hard to leave. Hard to hear his sorrowful cries each time the thought crossed her mind. But soon, her attention was drawn to her ringing cell. Her free hand reached for her phone, and he quickly recognized the number. 'What now'.. She thought to herself, tempted to ignore it, in case Mikko was calling with another verbal assault. But against her better judgment, she answered. "Hello?"

    "You were right! I killed him!" Mikko sobbed I the phone, reaching for another drink. "he was right there, with me, alone! by a open van and I didn't even try!" Her raised tone was getting the attention of others in the bar. the bar tender took the drink from her and nodded to the bouncer to show her out. Mikko cried into the phone not protesting being lead out. Once outside she moved the phone away just as she got sick on the side walk. She wiped her face off and stumbled to the park near by. "It's all my fault! I can't...I can't live like this. I should just die! It's what I deserve."

    Lexi wasn't expecting to be met with an emotional melt-down. Mikko had always come off as unremorseful an uncaring. She was taken aback by it, but somewhat skeptical that her guilt was genuine. Her own psyche was hanging by a thread, she wasn't strong enough for this. Not for the games, if that's what this was. But if it was genuine guilt, then Mikko deserved every ounce of it. She drew in a deep breath, really not knowing what to say. Surely she would come off as harsh if she said what was on her mind. She pinched the area between her eyes, trying to draw the strength it would take to keep from hanging up. "Dying wouldn't bring him back." She answered quietly. "Even if I do blame you.." She cut herself off. It was so hard getting past the anger she felt. Lexi was trained for this kind of thing, to talk people down. But this was too close to home, and she herself was torn up on the inside. She was no longer that strong woman, that rock for others to steady themselves. She was.. broken. "I just.. don't understand why you didn't help him.." Her voice came quiet and laden with the emotion that she was struggling to suppress.

    Mikko made it to the park, still crying into the phone. "No..But I can be with him again." She came back. That wasn't true, Mikko knew that Gabe was in a much better place then were she would go. She sat down on the grass. "I don't know. I..I just wanted to look good to the guys." She laid down the tears were now uncontrollable.

    "So, being 'cool' in front of a bunch of low-lives was more important than his life.." Lexi was unable to stop herself. She too was crying now, too overwhelmed to hold it back. One of the techs cast a glance in her direction. The young woman should've been used to unwanted attention by now, but it was something that still made her uncomfortable. "I was right there.. I could've saved him, if you would've let me.." She sniffled, trying to get herself under control. She knew this conversation was doing neither of them any good. But she couldn't be that stronger person. Not now. Not when she too was drowning.

    'There's more to it then that. There's more going on then just looking cool!" Mikko angrily shot back. "I called Raph. Not you. And I tried to get everyone off the docks. I did what I had to do!"

    Lexi was silent for a moment, with nothing but her muffled sobs reaching the receiver. She was trying to get herself under control, with little success. "He would've died for you, Mikko." She finally said, voice as drained as before. She let that hang in the air for a moment, before finally adding.. "Even if that would've made him 'look bad' to his brothers." It was just too bad that he didn't deserve the same.

    "You don't think I know that!" Mikko sobbed into the phone. "They want me to kill Spike now..."

    Lexi wasn't too surprised by that. She had been around gangs long enough to understand how they functioned. If Spike had a mark on his head, that probably meant that he'd fucked up his initiation. But sending Mikko after him? Lexi certainly didn't think Mikko would do it. "The Turks?"

    "Yeah..." Mikko answered quietly. "Spike fucked up. He didn't make in..and I've been ordered to kill him..."

    "I wish you luck." Came Lexi's honest reply. It might have seemed harsh to Mikko, who adored the psychopath. But if Mikko had been given this job, it was either her or Spike. And even if Mikko had sat on her thumbs while Gabriel was being slaughtered like an animal. She was the lesser of two evils.

    "yeah...thanks for the talk...Bye Lex." Mikko hung up the phone and tucked it back in her pocket. She sat on the cool grass, drunk, alone and in more physical and emotional pain then she had ever been in. She pulled a knife out of her boot. She could end it all right here. No one would care. well..Maybe the ones back at the apartment, but they would move on. Chris would take care of Travis, and Travis wouldn't have a fucked up murder for a mother. what was she suppose to tell him when he was older. sorry I killed your dad? No. She twirled the knife around, watching it glisten in the street lamp. it would be quick...and probably not that painful. Tears rolling down her face, she lifted the blade up to her throat and closed her eyes.

    Chris awoke after a couple hours of much-needed sleep. He slept through Mikko's brief phone call and the whole time when she was getting ready. But now he was awake and looked around, noticing Mikko was gone. His eyes slowly scanned the quiet apartment for her but turned up nothing. Then his gaze fell on the note she left him and he picked it up and read it. He had no idea how long she had been gone, but felt that he should get in touch with her just to make sure she was okay. Getting up and pulling on some clothes on, he quickly checked on Travis--whom was still sound asleep-- and headed downstairs to the phone. He pulled out Mikko's cell number and dialed it, waiting for her to pick up.

    Mikko was still trying to build up the nerve to end it all when she heard her phone ring. She opened her eyes and slowly put the knife down. After fishing the phone out of her pocket she looked at the caller ID then answered. She tried to sound sober and calm, but instead her simple 'hello' came out as a drunken sob.

    Chris immediately sensed something was wrong with that one small word and frowned deeply. He knew that she might still be a little upset over the Jigs thing, but not like this. "Hey, babe. What's wrong?" he asked in extreme concern. The last time they had talked, she seemed like she was in a good mood. Something must have happened while she was out.

    With a deep sigh, Lexi slid the phone back into her purse. Mikko was probably hurting, but Lexi was too overwhelmed with her own grief and anger to be of much help to the one she held responsible. Of course, she had no idea of Mikko's intentions. Lexi's attention returned to Jigs', who was fighting sleep. Too afraid that if he drifted off, Lexi would slip away. She continued to rub him, watching the tech as she placed a bowl of wet dog food in the pit bull's cage. Jigs showed no interest, which caused the technician to frown in concern. Hoping to encourage him, Lexi scooped a small amount up with her fingers, and held it to his lips. "C'mon boy, you have to eat.." But Jigs' shifted his head. "He needs to start eating before we can release him" The tech informed. Lexi frowned, but a memory played back in her mind. "I know what you want." She managed a small, hopeful grin. But she would have to wait until the dog fell asleep before she would be able to sneak out and get it.

    "Chris...You take care of Travis ok? promise me." Mikko said in almost a whisper. "he's gonna need you."

    Chris' frown deepened even more. "O-of course I will, Mikko. But where are you? What happened?". Now Chris was scared. He didn't know what was up, but it was something serious. It was as if...oh no...she couldn't! "Mikko, babe, where are you?" His tone became desperate.

    "The the shop" Mikko answered.

    Chris nodded, even if no one could see it. "Stay right there, okay? I'm coming out to get you. Just hang on..."

    Mikko didn't answer, she just hung up and cried into her hands. She couldn't even kill herself! She laid down on the grass, knife still in her hand and closed her eyes.

    "Mikko? Mikko, answer me, dammit! MIKKO!" That was it. He had to get there as fast as he could. His heart was in his throat as he slammed the phone down back on the base and ran up the stairs to finish pulling his clothes on. Once dressed, he left his own note--under the one Mikko wrote--for Daisy and Kendall to look after Travis while he was gone. Then he hurried out of the apartment and headed to the park where Mikko was. The park wasn't that big, but it was still big enough that he may not be able to find her right away. Sadly, he didn't have enough information to pinpoint her exact location. But he sure as hell would do what he could to find her. Once he was at the park, he called out her name as loudly as he could, hoping she stayed put like he instructed.

    Mikko laid next to the small pond. she heard her name being called but she wasn't sure if she wanted to be found. So she stood quiet. Eyes closed, arms out to her sides on the cold and wet grass. The only indication of where she was was the light that reflected off of her blade.

    Chris blindly made his way towards Mikko, still calling out her name. In his haste, he wasn't watching where he was going and nearly tripped over Mikko's still form, only to see the dim light glinting against the blade in her hand at the last possable second. But Chris was far from relieved when he found her in her current state. "Mikko!" he whispered as he fell to his knees and pulled Mikko into his arms, holding her protectively. "Babe? Talk to me...please."

    As soon as Chris pulled Mikko into his arms, she dropped the knife and wrapped her arms around him. She hid her face in his neck and cried. "They...They want me to..Kill Spike." She manage to whisper in his ear before falling into another crying fit. She honestly wasn't sure why she was THIS upset. But more then likely it wasn't entirely about Spike. But Spike was the thing that finally broke her down. Everything that had happen to her had been building up to this break down. And having to kill Spike tipped her over the edge.

    Truthfully, Chris didn't really give a shit about Spike. But obviously Mikko was really upset over this and it was his job to comfort her. But he honestly didn't know how to respond to this. Especially since he had his own personal scars--inside and out--from the madman. But Chris wasn't about to lie to her. "I'm sorry..." he managed as he gently rocked Mikko's shaking form back and forth.

    Mikko curled up in his lap, finding comfort in his arms. She laid her head on his shoulder and slowly, she got herself under control. "thanks for coming for me." She whispered. the booze and crying starting to tire her out.

    A small smile found its way onto his face as he continued holding her. "No problem. I was worried about you, babe. I missed you," he finished in a gentle whisper. He pressed a kiss against the top of her head, rubbing her back in slow circles.

    "You missed me?" That concept seemed foreign to Mikko. Someone actually missed her, and she hadn't been gone that long. Gabriel was the only other person who ever told her that she was missed...And look what happen to him. What if Chris wasn't safe with her around? Could she risk that? She wasn't sure. And she didn't know what to do. The thought of something happing to Chris suddenly brought on another bout of tears.

    Well...that certainly wasn't the reaction he expected from her with those words. But he spoke from his heart. Was he wrong about how he thought she felt about him? His weak smile fell completely. Despite how she felt about him, she needed his comfort now. Because they were still good friends. They had to be, right? He pushed all those negative thoughts from his mind for the moment and hugged her tighter. "Shhhhh, baby...I'm right here. And I'm not going anywhere."

    "I...I just don't want anything to happen to you too.." Mikko clung to him, holding on to him as if he would vanish if she let him go.

    Ahhh, so that was it. She was worried about losing him too. Now it made sense. He smiled gently again and gave her a light squeeze. "I know. And I'll make sure I do everything I can to stay by your side." Whether she knew it or not, she had stolen his heart. He couldn't leave her if he tried. "I'll be fine," he tried reassuring her. "WE'LL be fine..."

    Mikko nodded at that and again was able to calm herself down. She released her death grip on him and took a few deep breaths. "I just don't want you to get hurt." She said quietly, playing with a strand of his hair.

    This time Chris' smile never left his face. In fact it only widened. She really DID care about him. If he could have, at that moment, he would have kissed her until he took her breath away...along with the pain and worry she was feeling. He wanted to do anything to put her mind at ease. But he knew that wounds like these would heal over time. And of course Chris would give her all the time she needed. He gently cupped her cheek in his hand and looked at her. "I'll be careful...promise." He just needed a little toughening up. He was confident that with all the strong people he was around, he would have plenty of help...Mikko included.

    Mikko looked up at him a little confused. "You...Seem way to happy." She said leaning into his hand. Mikko would have welcomed the kiss. Something deep and passionate, with meaning. Something that gave her reason not to pick up the knife and finish what she started only moments ago.

    Chris looked at her and chuckled sheepishly. "Well, I'm just relieved, I guess," he answered with a small shrug. He still had his hand on her cheek and slid it down to her chin, tilting her head up to him and kissed her. It wasn't a hard kiss, nor a soft one. It was one that showed her just how much he loved her.

    Mikko closed her eyes and kissed him back, her arms found their way around his neck. Slowly she pulled away. "lets go home..."

    Chris nodded and slowly helped her to her feet as he stood up himself. Then he wrapped his arm around her, holding her up for support as they slowly made their way back to the apartment.

    Mikko reached down for her knife and tucked it back in her boot, then walked with Chris home. "You know...You probably saved my life." She said, looking down at her feet.

    Chris looked down at her and frowned. "I did?" He saw the knife, but he didn't know what she was going to do with it. It wasn't the first time he'd seen her with a knife in her hand so he really hadn't considered her attempting to commit suicide with it.

    Mikko nodded. "It just all built up. everything, it suddenly felt so overwhelming. I didn't know what else to do. I knew you guys would be ok with out me. and I knew that you would take care of Travis..." She let her voice trail off, still not looking up at him.

    Chris sighed and gave her a firm squeeze. To think that she was about to take her own life was very unsettling, indeed. "We all still need you, babe. Especially me and your son..." he trailed off. Even if Travis wasn't his son, he still felt like a father figure to him. And Mikko IS the mother. So they definitely needed each other. He gave her another firm squeeze. "Please don't leave us."

    Mikko light a cigarette and inhaled deeply. "I make no promises." She responded holding out the cigarettes. "Smoke?"

    Chris only nodded and took a cigarette from her. "Okay," he said as he wedged it between his lips. "Got a light?"

    Mikko flipped her Zippo lighter open and leaned over lighting his cigarette, then lighting her own. She tucked it back in her pocket and reached down, grabbing his hand and interlocking their fingers.

    "Thanks." Chris took a few puffs from the cigarette after she lit it and squeezed her hand gently. They were nearly back at the building now.

    Once they arrived back at the apartment, she stopped and sat down on the steps to finish her cigarette. "So...You must really still like me uh?"

    Chris nodded without hesitation. "Of course I do." He finished his own and extinguished it before heading inside. "I don't just have sex with you for nothing, you know. There's definitely something there." He helped her up the stairs and into the apartment. "Now come on...let's get you inside so you can get some rest." He had a simple smile on his face.

    Mikko put her own cig out and headed inside with him. She laid down on the bed and kicked her shoes off, then, still laying down. Stripped the rest of her cloths off. "I guess yer not to bad yer self."

    Chris smiled and nodded. "Yeah?" He joined her on the bed and started undressing again, only leaving on his boxers and his thin t-shirt and climbed under the covers, wrapping an arm around Mikko. "I want you to get better, babe. Things'll get better eventually, ya know." He pressed a kiss against her temple and snuggled up next to her.

    Mikko curled up next to him, laying a hand on his chest. "Maybe...I have two weeks to kill Spike. If I fail, then chances are he'll send someone to kill both of us. nothing is going to be better until I finish this job. And...I'm not sure if I can go through with it..."

    Chris sighed and nodded once more. "Let's not worry about that anymore tonight, okay? Let's just enjoy being in each other's arms right now and getting some sleep, alright? We'll worry about this in the morning," Chris said, closing his eyes and holding Mikko tighter. Truthfully he was worried about the outcome of this 'job' Mikko had to do. VERY worried. But he didn't want to have to think about it right now; or have her worrying about that. They would figure this out together. He made a commitment to stay by her side, and that's what he was going to matter what.

    ok." Mikko closed her eyes. She was also worried. Her against Spike. She would hesitate, he wouldn't. He was stronger and faster then her. he had nothing to lose. it wasn't a fare fight. And it acured to her that maybe that was the point. Jencko's way of getting rid of both of them. Well if that was the case. She would show him. Show him that Mikko McKinnon is not to be messed with. She sighed. It all sounded good in her head. But what happens when it's time for action? She moved closer to Chris and tried to get some sleep.

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    Re: Final Embrace

    Post by Mikko on Thu Feb 25, 2010 4:12 pm

    After a few hours of trying to sleep, Ryuu couldn't lay still anymore and got out of bed. He walked around his apartment for awhile then finally decided to head out. He walked for a bit, then headed to see if Mikko had made it home yet and if she was alright. Once at the shop he made his way up the steps and pounded on the door. "HEY MIKKO! YOU HOME!?"

    Mikko was sleeping peacefully in Chris' arms, she had finally settled down and finally was able to get some rest. Not to soon after she heard the banging on her door. It took her a bit to realize what the noise was she was hearing but sat up with a start when she registered someone was banging on the door. She reached over and grabbed her gun, but relaxed once she heard Ryuu's voice. Slowly she slipped out the bed and wrapped a sheet over herself before answering the door. "What do you want?"

    Ryuu didn't answer her he just walked in and helped himself to the fridge and what ever was in it. "You need to go shopping." He comment as he plucked a beer from the shelf and opened it. "So what did Jencko want with you?" He slammed the fridge shut and Mikko cringed. She looked over to make sure that Travis was still sleeping. Ryuu got the hint and for the moment was a little quieter.

    Daisy had been sleeping peacefully, wrapped in Kendall's loving arms when the knocks, coupled with the shout pulled her from her slumber. She sat up, sparing a quick glance over at Kendall as she reached for her sun-dress.

    Mikko explained to Ryuu what jencko wanted. She sat at the kitchen table and laid her head in her hands. "I just don't know if I can actually do it..."

    Chris was sleeping soundly until he heard the banging on the door. He bolted up in the bed and frantically looked at the door, wondering who in the world that could be this time of night. His first guess was someone wanted to cause trouble. When Mikko seemed calmer, he relaxed as well. But it didn't register whom the voice belonged to. He glanced over at Travis' crib and saw the baby sleeping still. 'Can't believe the little guy can sleep through all that racket,' he mused. He sat there in the bed and watched Mikko and Ryuu, giving Ryuu a small wave.

    Ryuu looked over at Chris and gave him a wave as he listened to Mikko. "Well...I think you should just get it over with. I mean it was an order. So now it's either you are him. or both of you! If you fail he'll come after you and kill Spike anyway. Either way the man's dead. May as well be killed by someone he knows right?"

    The banging on the door brought Kendall abruptly out of his slumber. 'Who the fuck...?' he thought crankily as he sat up. He frowned when Daisy got up. "Aww babe. You can stay here and I'll check it out," he offered, reaching for his own clothes, slipping them on quickly.

    "Er...I guess." Mikko still didn't know if she could do it. Maybe someone else would kill him before she got to him. But..Would Jencko consider that a failed mission? "Well. I have two weeks, and to be honest, I would rather just get it over with. But I have no idea where he even is."

    Daisy slid into her dress and reached for her underwear, pulling them up her slender legs. She was tired, but that voice in the other room sounded awfully familiar. But she gave a nod at Kendall, though she totally planned on following him out.

    Chris frowned when Mikko told Ryuu about what she would have to do. He didn't care about Spike at all, but was worried about Mikko's psyche after the fact--when she had done what she was apparently ordered to do. It still didn't sit well with Chris, but it looked like Mikko didn't have a choice. Talk about a double-edged sword...

    Ryuu finished his beer and grabbed another one. "While I'm here. You mind taking care of these stab wounds your man gave me?" He asked pulling his shirt off. He had band aids that were doing nothing to stop his bleeding. Though his blood had clotted, he still needed some medical attention.He draped his shirt over the chair and sat back down.

    Mikko looked him over and sighed heavily. "Sure." He got up and headed to the bathroom to get the first aid kit.

    Kendall smiled at Daisy and finished getting ready. Then he slowly turned the doorknob and peeked outside. He saw Ryuu sitting at the table then turned back to Daisy. "That guy from the cook-out is back," he stated glumly, with a heavy sigh. All Kendall could think was he sure as HELL better stay away from Daisy. Otherwise there WILL be hell to pay!

    "Oooh.. maybe we should go out and say Hi?" Daisy smiled at Kendall. Sure, Ryuu was crude and somewhat annoying, but it wasn't everyday they had company.

    Mikko soon came back and pulled a chair close to Ryuu, still with just a sheet covering her. She started to clean and take care of his wounds. "So what did you do?"

    Ryuu just grinned at that. "It was more of what I said then what I did." He paused for a moment. "Well I did toss him a paper bag to put over his head" He mussed with a crooked grin.

    Kendall looked at her and nodded. But there was no way he would leave her alone with him. Although there was one time when she and Ryuu were alone together...well with Travis too, and he never did anything to her. And Kendall was sure Daisy would tell him everything if Ryuu did try anything. He walked over to Daisy's side and opened the door all the way, stepping outside the room with her.

    Mikko chuckled a little. "His face isn't THAT messed up. and it'll, no it won't, that would require him to live." Another sad sigh as she started to stitch him up. "But you probably shouldn't have done that."

    Daisy stepped out of the room, careful not to put too much pressure on her injured leg. But it was doing much better, and before long.. she could lose the dreaded bandages. She flashed a grin in Ryuu's direction, and a tiny little wave as she made her way over to the table. It didn't seem an odd occurrence that Mikko was patching the man up. Hell, patch-jobs were a thing of the norm around here. "Hi!" She greeted as she flopped down at the table, gesturing for Kendall to join her.

    "I have no regrets!" Ryuu proclaimed proudly. "And no. he's fucked up. that's a face only a mother would...OW! fuck! ok..sorry" Ryuu shouted when Mikko jabbed him hard with the needle. "Another subject then..." He looked over and saw the other two come out the room. He smiled and gave a wave. "Hey there pretty flower."

    Kendall helped Daisy over to the table and shot Ryuu a warning glare. Then he sat down next to Daisy.

    "better." Mikko mumbled and gave a small smile to Daisy. "You should learn how to do this sis. You never know when you need to sew a button or a teddy bear, or flesh."

    Daisy giggled at Ryuu's greeting, and blinked at Mikko. "But, why would I need to sew a button on flesh?"

    Chris saw the other two emerge from the bedroom. He gave a wave to them and slid out from under the covers to finish getting dressed again. He only had to pull some pants and a pull-over shirt on to look presentable enough for their company. Soon he was dressed and joined the others at the table.

    Mikko raised a brow and looked at Daisy in confusion. "I...uh? wouldn't I don't think...Unless it's some new body modification I don't know about." She finished stitching up Ryuu and put everything away.

    Ryuu looked over at Daisy and smiled. "So how have you been cutie?"

    Daisy smiled back at him, always happy to have attention. "I'm good!" But her grin faltered a little. "But, I'm really sad about Mikko's brother...he was really JT, you know.. and that we didn't get the dog." She pouted, but managed a small grin as she looked over at Mikko. It could've been worse, Mikko could've been killed, too. "But at least Mikko's okay." She smiled. "How are you? Besides being all cut up.."

    Ryuu smiled at her and gave a small shrug. "Yeah I was there with Gabe. Shame what happen. But that's the gang life for ya. And you didn't? I thought Jigs was ok...Did he die?" He asked confused. He thought that Mikko was taking the dog. "Umm..I'm ok. Spike didn't get me to bad. But um..maybe a little kiss from you would make me feel all better." He said with a wink.

    Mikko sat on Chris' lap and leaned against him. "Ryuu. stop flirting with Daisy in front of her boyfriend."

    Kendall sat silently next to Daisy, keeping a steady glare on Ryuu. So far so good, but he wasn't going to let his guard down. Then Ryuu asked something that went over the edge. "I don't think so," he growled. "She's MY girl, got it?"

    Chris sat here quietly and listened to the conversation. When Mikko sat in his lap, he smiled at her and wrapped his arms around her, rubbing her back, gently.

    Ryuu looked over at Kendall and grinned. "All is fair in love and war."

    Mikko nuzzled against Chris and closed her eyes. She was listing on to Kendall and Ryuu. If a fight broke out in her home she was going to kick both their asses.

    Daisy certainly wasn't expecting THAT request. Her eyes widened, but before she could say anything, both Kendall and Mikko spoke up. Phew. Being the nice person that she was, she hated to say no. But there was no way she would do that. She flashed him a small grin, and scooted over into Kendall's lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Shh.. it's okay baby, he's not getting your kisses.." She pressed a kiss against his lips, hoping to calm him.

    Kendall was getting ready to retort but Daisy's kiss prevented that. He returned it fully, wrapping his arms around Daisy and shot Ryuu a smirk between kisses. Then he kissed her deeper because he really needed the comfort. It did calm him down, of course.

    Mikko opened her eyes and looked at Ryuu. "Jigs is fine. Lexi is taking him. I couldn't care for him." She explained sadly. She then looked over at Kendall and Daisy. "Get a room you two!"

    Ryuu just rolled his eyes. "Whatever man." He finished his drink and got another one. "You need more beer Mikko."

    Daisy returned it with equal passion, kissing him deeply, giving him the assurance that she was his.. all his. That certainly wasn't going to change. She allowed it to linger before finally breaking to flash Mikko a cheeky grin. "Buuut.. we're in a room.. well, kinda."

    "Damnit! Stop drinking all my beer!" Mikko fussed and glared at Ryuu. "Is there anything else that you needed?"

    Chris held Mikko on his lap and kissed her cheek softly. "Calm down, babe. You'll wake the baby," he spoke softly into her ear.

    "Nope." Ryuu answered and sat back down. "Just came to see how you were doing and seeing if Daisy was ready for a real man yet."

    Oh boy. Ryuu just didn't know where to stop. She gently squeezed Kendall, pressing another kiss against his lips before looking at Ryuu. "I have a real man... the bestest."

    "You just think that because you haven't been with me yet." Ryuu winked and took a sip of his beer.

    Alright, that's it! Ryuu had really done it now. All the comfort and calmness he'd felt moments earlier slipped away with those words. His eyes narrowed dangerously and he voice was deep and threatening. "Get...the fuck...away from her," he said throiugh clenched teeth. "NOW!"

    Mikko smiled at Chris and snuggled against him. She was starting to hurt pretty bad. Rolled up in the tightest ball she could, she pressed herself against Chris. But all that changed at Kendall's tone and then Travis' crying. She glared at Kendall. "You woke up the baby!" She said angrily and climbed off of Chris, slowly moving towards Travis.

    "You woke the baby. tisk tisk. you should calm that temper." Ryuu smirked at him

    Before Daisy could say anything, Kendall lost his cool. The last thing she wanted was for the two to get into a fight. Kendall would kill him! She hugged him tighter, then slowly slipped off his lap, taking hold of his hand. "C'mon babe, let's go back to bed.."

    Kendall growled again, not paying attention to Mikko. He was only seeing red while Ryuu was there. He was so tempted to take Daisy back in the bedroom. He knew Mikko really cared for this guy so he couldn't make him leave the apartment. But he sure as hell could keep Daisy away from him! But it wouldn't be fair to Daisy. But then, Daisy must have read his mind and he quickly followed her, flipping the bird at Ryuu before he slammed the door behind them.

    "That man has a temper on him." Ryuu said as he watched the other two go to the room, then turned back to Chris and Mikko. "But umm..Mikko. You're not seeing anyone are you?"

    Mikko took Travis back to Chris and sat back on his lap. she rolled her eyes at Ryuu's question. "No Ryuu I will not sleep with you. Not now, not ever."

    Once inside their bedroom, Daisy tugged Kendall to join her on the bed, wrapping her arms around him. "Shh.. it's okay babe, he's just trying to get under your skin." She tried to soothe him, planting a series of soft kisses against his lips and jaw-line. "You're the only one I want to be with.. and that'll never change." She smiled at him. "You rock my world, why would I settle for anything less? He's just jealous of you.."

    Chris sighed and shook his head when Kendall lost his cool. Although he expected it considering how Ryuu was taunting him. Then the baby awoke from his outburst. So Travis could sleep through a pounding on the door, but not a short shout? Kid has selective hearing already... He watched as Kendall and Daisy took off for the bedroom again. He NEVER wanted to do anything to piss that guy off. He turned his attention back to Ryuu and frowned. He asked Mikko that? Even if Ryuu SHOULD be able to tell there was something between them? What the fuck? When Mikko returned with the baby, he smiled at her and held her in his lap again. He was relieved by her answer.

    Ryuu looked at Mikko then at Chris, then back at Mikko. "You two together?"

    Mikko looked at Chris then back at Ryuu and shrugged. "Not really...I don't think...I don't know."

    As much as Kendall wanted to calm down, it wasn't that easy this time. But slowly his anger ebbed away and he returned Daisy's affections. "I know, babe, it's just..." He trailed off and sighed deeply. "I worry about you when you're anywhere near him."

    Daisy snuggled closer, and continued to lavish him with her loving affections. "You don't have to, babe." She kissed him deeply. "Because anytime I'm near him.. I'm even closer to you. I know you won't let anything happen to me.." But seeing Kendall this upset, maybe it was a best to just avoid Ryuu from now on.

    Chris couldn't help but be disappointed with Mikko's reply to that. He thought they WERE together. He decided to stay quiet for now about that. Maybe she was just confused. If she needed time to decide, he would give it to questions asked. He went on giving her attention as if it hadn't bothered him.

    "How can you not know? You either are or yer not." Ryuu looked at Chris. "You and her together?"

    Kendall nodded. He had to admit, that did make him feel better. She had such a way with words. Yet another thing to love about her. "Oh, babe, I love you so much." He hugged her tightly, never wanting to let go.

    Chris knew this was going to happen. Great... He looked at Ryuu and shrugged. "With everything Mikko's been through lately and you think you should be asking her that?" He immediately bit his tongue. He didn't mean to say that out loud. Shit!

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    Re: Final Embrace

    Post by Mikko on Fri Feb 26, 2010 2:33 pm

    Ryuu looked at Chris. "I wasn't talking to you, now was I?" He folded his arms keeping his eyes fixed on Chris'

    Daisy smiled sweetly at that. "Awww, babe. I love you so much, too." She squeezed him tightly, and pressed another kiss against his lips. She wanted to get his mind off Ryuu, so tried to strike up a distracting conversation. "Just think.. in a couple of months.. we'll get to meet little Zoe!" She took his hand, pressing it gently against her tummy.

    Kendall smiled at her and kissed her back. No matter how pissed off he got at someone, Daisy could always ground him again. He returned her kiss and nodded. "Yeah. Can't wait, babe. But we gotta get some things for her soon."

    Chris glared right back at him. "Maybe you weren't, but I care about her. So back off on all the questions and let the lady have some time."

    "I don't think I like your tone." He stood up, Mikko quickly climbed off of Chris' lap and scurried away from there. "I'll do what ever the hell I want." There was no way Ryuu was letting this fool tell him what to do. The guy didn't seem threating yeah, he could take him.

    Whoa! Since when did he want to fight? But it seemed like Ryuu was in the mood for it. In the back of his mind, he was wondering where his attitude came from all of a sudden. He'd been off the meds for a day and suddenly his old personality was coming back. Yet he still didn't want to fight. Not yet anyway. "I don't wanna fight you..." he said, calmly. It was a bit unsettling when Mikko got off his lap. So much for her defending he just did. He stayed seated and stood his ground.

    Daisy smiled against his lips, and gave a small nod. "Yeah. I was thinking that maybe I should look for a job. I think that little diner down the street is looking for a waitress. I think I can do that!"

    Ryuu looked over at Mikko and shrugged. "Yep you're not with him." He looked back at Chris. "A little advice. you want to win that girls heart. your balls better drop. I'm heading out guys." he smiled at Mikko. "And I'll be checking in on you, babe." He waved to them and headed out the door.

    Mikko looked over at Chris then with a sigh headed back to the bed, cradling little Travis. Not that she wanted a fight in her house. But it would have been nice to see a darker side of Chris.

    Chris still stayed in his seat and mockingly waved to the annoying man. "See ya." Then he stood up with a sigh and went over to Mikko. "How is he?" he asked, referring to the baby.

    Mikko looked up at Chris. "He's fine. I think he wants to play now though." She looked back down at the smiling baby and smiled back. "You know you could have beat his ass." She told Chris still playing with Travis.

    Kendall chuckled. "Whoa, darlin'. You better walk before you run first. Better yet, wait until you can walk," he said with a gentle smile and patted her injured leg. "But I like the idea." He pressed a kiss to her cheek then raised the hand on her leg to her tummy. "Also got to watch out for the little one," he added, patting her bulging belly.

    Chris chuckled. "If the pushed the right buttons with me, he would've gotten his ass kicked." He grinned widely but then it faded somewhat. "You know I really care about you, babe. Don't you think that he could've backed off on what he said?"

    "Riiiiight. he gave you an open invitation." Mikko looked back up at Chris and shrugged. "Ryuu was just being Ryuu. That boy's been trying to get me in bed for years. It dosn't bother me."

    Chris nodded. But he still didn't like it. "How long have you known him?"

    "About five years." Mikko answered. "Though when we first met he thought I was a hooker."

    "Oh yeah? don't feel anything for him at all?" To Chris, he just looked like someone that would do anything for attention. Or even getting laid. He'd seen enough to safely make those assumptions.

    "he's a friend is all. I would never want anything more then that." Mikko rocked Travis and kissed his cheek. "Why? Jealous?"

    Daisy smiled at him, and placed a hand over his. She caressed his knuckles, and pressed a soft kiss against his lips. "I'm sure they will give me light work until after the baby is born. Orr... maybe I can get a job answering phones until then." Though, that seemed boring. But at least it was safe. Hopefully it would get them enough money to buy baby stuff.

    "," Chris replied. Although he really was. Even though Mikko said he would never have her; which did offer him a small amount of comfort. But enough about that. He looked over at Travis then Mikko. "Does he need anything?" He was just wanting to do something other than talk about Ryuu, and that was the first thing that popped into his head.

    Kendall smiled and returned the kiss. "Whatever you wanna do, babe. I think you'll be great at it," he told her sincerely. This girl had a lot of potential if she put her mind to something. She was already really good at tattoos...

    "Nope, I think he's going back to sleep." Mikko placed him back in his playpen and slipped back into bed. "Now i'm awake."

    Chris nodded and joined Mikko back on the bed. "And what is it you want to do?" He was not sure where she was going with this, if anywhere at this point.

    "Dunno." Mikko laid back and looked over at Chris. " I want to know more about you. your past and what not."

    Daisy smiled thoughtfully at him. "Maybe someday we can open up our own diner." She threaded her fingers through his, giving him a small squeeze. "You're such a darn good cook. You could work in the back where it's safe.. and I could be the smexy waitress.. our business would be bangin'." She smiled. "And Mikko could give people a side order of tattoo.."

    Chris sighed and sat back on the bed next to her. He knew he had to tell her at some point. "I was raised by my grandparents because my parents were taken from me when I was three. They were killed in a car wreck. Then I had a normal childhood, I guess... Not really an 'honor' student, but enough to get by." He shrugged. "Then my senior year in high school, my grandpa died of cancer. I took it really hard and did some stuff that my grandma never knew about. I stole some stuff, did drugs, the whole shebang... I even joined a gang... Then I landed a job at a CD store and worked there a couple years. Somehow my grandma got wind of my 'activities' and the next thing I knew I was in that damned facility where you met me. So I guess it wasn't that bad, but I didn't have friends and no one came to visit me. So I clammed up and never talked to anyone." Then he looked right at her. "Until you, anyway."

    Mikko frowned and grinned. "Sorry to hear about all of that..buuut. You're telling me yer a gangsta? I don't buy it. You're to good to be involved in anything like that."

    Kendall chuckled at her suggestion. "Maybe, babe. We'll see." He pulled her into his lap and kissed her deeply, rubbing her stomach. "Love you..." he mumbled against her lips.

    Chris looked at her, a small grin on his face. "Oh yeah? Sometimes people do the unexpected if they're pushed in that direction." In a way, he helped me deal with losing him. Gave me something else to do. I couldn't find work anywhere else for a while anyway so I thought 'what the hell?' " He shrugged again. "I don't care if you don't believe me. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it."
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    Re: Final Embrace

    Post by Christopher on Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:07 am

    "Well it's not that I don't believe you. I'm just surprise. What was the name of your gang?" Mikko asked, snuggling under the sheets.

    Chris snuggled in next to her. "Purple Dragons," was his soft reply. "But I'm not very active in it, though, anymore. Not since I found another job," he added, stroking Mikko's hair back from her face. "Back then, I could be really ruthless when I wanted to be. I got in trouble in school a lot, so joining the gang helped me get over the death of my grandpa. But those damn meds I've been on had turned me into a fuckin' 'model citizen'," he finished in disgust.

    And with that Mikko leaped out of the bed. Her eyes wide as she looked at him. He was PD!? Nonononono. She quickly went over to Travis and scoped him up. She backed away and looked for her gun. The quick movement woke Travis. but being nestled next to his mother he simply leaned against her and closed his eyes again. "You...No..How much does Hun know?"

    Chris looked at Mikko in alarm. 'What the fuck...' He sat up and looked at her. "About what? I haven't seen him for months... I think he forgot about me after I went into the clinic."

    What do you mean about what? About us! About what I told you. The dragons are out to kill me! I turned on them, trying to join the Turks" Mikko took a few steady breaths. "You'd be surprise how much that man remembers. He could be watching you, waiting to call and ask you about me."

    Ohhhh shit, she could be right. They were sneaky. But hell, it was BEFORE the clinic since the last time anything happened with the gang. "I don't need 'em, Mikko. He doesn't have any way to get a hold of me and he wouldn't recognize me anyway. I've totally changed since I've been away." It was true, his hair had grown out and hid a small tattoo on the back of his neck. One reason why he wanted out of the gang in the first place. He left when people started accusing him of not being loyal to the gang. Oh, he was, but he was doing things in his own way. And that was a no-no by the gang's standards--or so they thought...

    Mikko slowly nodded. "Ok..." She bit her bottom lip, still not getting closer to Chris as if he had some plague or something. "You should talk to Jencko. See about getting in the Turks. lest we would be in the same gang." Because there was no way anything with them would work out if they were in two different gangs.

    Chris sighed and nodded. "Whatever..." After getting out of the clinic, he was hoping to try starting over. And that meant getting another job, someplace. Chances were he'd never get his job back at the CD store. Sometime he would love to get into college and fulfill his dream of being a marine biologist. Would that happen if he was in a gang? Probably not. Although landing a job anywhere would be difficult enough as it is. But he really, REALLY didn't want anything more to do with gangs. If his meds taught him anything, it was that there were much better ways of dealing with these kinds of issues rather than potential violence.

    "Right...I think..I'm going to head out." She set Travis down and got dressed. She was looking at Chris differently now. Part of her was excited about this new bit of information, and his noticeable change in personality. The other part of her was scared. Scared for her baby, because she didn't know Chris anymore. And until she did she wouldn't trust him, lest not with Travis. It was like she had to get to know him all over again. She pulled her shoes on and grabbed the baby stroller. "Need to get some air..."

    Chris frowned deeply. Shit, shit, SHIT! He KNEW he shouldn't have told her that. But on the other hand, he wanted to be honest with her. And that part of his past was something he was trying to forget. "Fine..." he answered, getting up. He fucked up...big time. With someone he really cared about. He went over to his discarded jacket and pulled out a it. It seemed like forever since he had one. But he was pissed, hurt, and felt alone once again. He took a long drag and willed himself to calm down. 'A bump in the road is all,' he told himself. But it seemed like it was much bigger than that and Chris wasn't sure they could recover from this.

    Mikko looked over at him sadly. She wasn't sure what to do or say to him. "Night." She said softly, then headed out with Travis, the stroller and baby bag.

    Chris glanced over at her and nodded, but said nothing. What COULD he say to her, anyway? It was his fuckin' big mouth that got him into this mess in the first place. Not knowing what else to do, he pulled on his jacket and took his bag with him, heading out as well--a separate direction than Mikko. He just waited until she was out of the building before he left, not telling the others. He wasn't sure if he would be coming back--if Mikko even WANTED him back.

    Mikko put Travis in his stroller once they were down the stairs. She then headed to the park with him. It wasn't to cold out thankfully. but she still had the baby bundled up tight. She was in no rush and slowly made her way to the park. Once there she stopped under a big tree, there was no bench to sit on, so she sat on the grass and took Travis out the stroller, holding him to her she leaned on the tree and looked out into the darkness.

    Chris--on a different path--was just walking aimlessly down the street. Everything he thought he had known was a lie. And when the truth came out, it bit him...HARD! He thought, for once, things were going right in his life again. No such luck. He never told anyone about this before due to possible rejection. And here, he thought Mikko would understand him better than anyone since she was also in a gang. Nope, not really. He deserved that, he decided. He was brought up to tell the truth, no matter what the consequences. He DESERVED the rejection from someone he'd been lying to this whole time. He wasn't the weakling everyone thought he was. He was no black belt, but he had won his fair share of fights. And lost some as well... And all this was because of the damn clinic! His life may not have been perfect before, but at least he thought he belonged somewhere. And he thought he found that again with Mikko, Travis, Daisy and Kendall, and hell...maybe even Gabe. But again...he was only lying to himself.

    Mikko didn't plan on returning home either, lest not tonight. She would stay out here in the park, a place that she always had called home. Maybe she should have been more understanding, but it was a risk. To both of them. She didn't so much care about her own safety, but she was not about to be the cause of someone else she cared about. He could stay in the house. Maybe she would find somewhere else to go. She shivered a bit in the wind. and held Travis closer to her. why did she never have any luck with guys?

    Chris continued down the street, feeling sorry for himself. Since he'd been off the meds for a day-and-a-half, his old personality may have been returning, but also the negative part as well...chronic depression. Only this time, it was much worse. He was the cause of it. It wasn't because of an unfortunate event this time. He'd been convincing himself that everything was okay even though he had this horrible secret. A secret that destroyed everything he had worked so hard for to make Mikko love him. He even got off his meds because of her, for fuck's sake! So he could prove to her that he could handle himself. When in truth, the medications were the only thing keeping him truly sane. Both a blessing and a curse. But none of it mattered in the end. Now he would have to figure out what to do with himself--with his fantasy world crashing around him with every lie he told and later regretted.

    Mikko thought about Chris, and about the situation. She really liked the guy, and now she was fearful for his safety and didn't want to be the cause of his death. She held back her tears as long as she could, but finally the ran down her face. Unsure of what to do. Not wanting to let Chris go, but knowing that she had to. She felt so alone. She truly had no one. It was just her and Travis now. Because the more she thought about it, the more it seemed that she was also putting Daisy and Kendall in danger. She looked down at her sleeping baby. "It's just you and me little guy." She kissed his forehead and got up, placing him back in the stroller. She needed to find some place warmer, so she walked on, away from the park.

    Chris' path took him to one of the local pubs and he looked up at the sign. Was this where he was supposed to go? Not that he felt like drinking, really, but he needed something to dull the ache in his heart. Extinguishing his cigarette he just finished, he walked inside the building and headed over to the bar. He didn't have much money, but it would be enough for a couple drinks. He really didn't care what happened after that. At this point, if he never woke up again, it would be fine with him.

    Mikko made it to a near by shelter. She walked inside and was greeted by two ladies who showed her to a bed. She was in the far back, alone in a corner. an empty bed beside her. She reached over and laid her hand over the empty bed and frowned. She would be sleeping alone tonight. in a dark corner, away from everyone else. It had been a long time since she felt this alone and depressed. Carefully she laid Travis next to her, close to her stomach. She wouldn't sleep though, she had to stay up and make sure no one took her child. She had to stay up, because her dreams were always the worse when she was alone.

    Several drinks later, he had completely lost count, he stumbled out of the bar and walked down the street again. After a while, he wandered into a shelter and he tried his best to keep his drunk appearance a secret from the two people that greeted him. With a nod of thanks, since that was all he could muster within coherency, he was led to a bed next to a woman that looked fairly familiar to him. In a drunken haze, he couldn't place her. He looked a mess because his hair was a knotted mess. Other than that, he basically looked the same as the girl had seen him a few hours earlier. He sat down heavily on the bed and gave her a small wave and a crooked smile. "Hey..."

    Mikko didn't pay any mind to the man that took the bed next to her. she laid, her arm protectively around her child as she cried quietly, but loud enough that anyone close by would hear her. But when the man addressed her she looked up and wiped her face off. "Chris?" Wow he looked like hell.

    Chris blinked a few times, to get his vision clear. This woman knew his name? How was that possible? He didn't recognize her at all. Then he looked straight into her eyes and it clicked. He DID know her. With that same crooked smile he said, "Hey, babe. What's up?" in a slight slur. But at least he knew who she was now.

    Mikko stood up and after making sure Travis was ok, she went over to Chris and slowly laid him down. "Yer drunk babe. Lay down."

    Chris pretty much flopped down on the bed, face-first. But it felt good to be laying down again. "What're you doin' here?" he asked, his voice muffled by the pillow.

    Mikko sighed and rolled him over on his side then sat next to him. "I needed some place warm to stay for the night." She answered, moving the hair away from his face. She looked down at him, he was a mess, and she was the cause of it. Gently she laid a cool hand on his cheek.

    Chris enjoyed the attention she was showing him and closesed his eyes, leaning against her hand. "I'm sorry, babe..." he whispered. He didn't remember everything he was upset about, but he knew enough that he had hurt her...badly.

    Mikko leaned down and pressed a kiss against his forehead. "No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have reacted like that. but..." She started to tear up again. "You have to understand. I can't lose you. You're all I have."

    Chris opened his eyes again and looked at her. "I'm right here. But I didn't know if you still wanted me around." He lifted his hand and rubbed her cheek lightly.

    Mikko nuzzled his hand and closed her eyes. "I do want you. around...I want you around. I just worry about your safety being with me..around me..You know?"

    Chris nodded and gave her a small smile. "I know. And with you, I'm willing to take that risk." His speech was becoming clearer and clearer now. But the headache was starting. But he didn't want to worry Mikko anymore tonight.

    Mikko's tears were coming faster and faster. She wiped her face again but it was no use. She leaned down and nuzzled against him, holding on to him. "I can't be without you. Just promise me you'll never leave me."

    Chris held her tightly, closing his eyes. "I won't, babe...promise," he whispered against her ear. "You should get some sleep now, babe." Then another thought occurred to him. "Baby...where is he?" For the life of him, his name escaped Chris.

    Mikko kissed his lips and sat up. "Travis is right there,love." She said nodding to Travis who was sleeping on the other bed. "I can't sleep here with him, I'm scared someone will take him."

    Chris' expression turned serious. "Not if I can help it," he said with a firm conviction. There was no way in hell he would let someone take a baby away from his mother. And he'd do whatever he could to prevent that. "So what're you gonna do, then?" he wondered out loud.

    "I'm going to stay up. Make sure both my boys sleep well and stay safe." Mikko said, reaching over and picking up the baby. She sat on Chris' bed, her back against the wall. "Get some sleep."

    Chris wanted nothing more than to stay up and let Mikko sleep instead while he watched Travis, but the alcohol he consumed hours ago was beginning to take its toll on his body. But still he would fight it. "No...let me keep an eye on the tyke and you get some sleep." But as soon as he said that, his eyes were sliding closed and sleep was coming for him, whether he wanted it to or not.

    Mikko smiled at Chris and again had to wipe her face of her tears. She held Travis close to her in one arm. Her other arm pulled Chris close to her so that he rested his head in her lap. She then draped an arm over him and leaned down close to his ear and whispered to him. "Love you, babe."

    Oh, how Chris would've loved to hear those words, but unfortunately, he was out for least for a few hours. It was unclear on how much he would remember about tonight, but he would surely question where the hell he was in the morning.
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    Re: Final Embrace

    Post by Daisy on Thu Mar 04, 2010 3:13 pm

    Mikko closed her eyes. Travis in one arm, her other over Chris, her fingers lightly threading through his hair. Tomorrow they would have to return home. She still wasn't sure how safe it would be for her new family, and her mind contemplated all the horrible things that could happen to them because of the choices that she's made. But when it came down to it, she couldn't just leave them all. She felt that they needed her as much as she needed them. Some how this would all have to work out.

    Chris was still sleeping--albeit lightly now--next to Mikko. His mind and body were exhausted, but as hard as he tried, he couldn't just sleep soundly tonight. So much had happened emotionally and his mind was still buzzing from it. The slightest little movement or noise would surely wake him up.

    Hours had passed, and Spike finally woke. He found himself on an old dirt path, in the middle of nowhere. His wounds were bleeding, aggravated by the rough treatment he'd received from Jencko's guards. The dirt caked to his wounds, in his face and nose. He snorted heavily, trying to free his airway. A few deep coughs to clear his lungs. "Fuckin' perfect.." He scuffed to himself as he forced himself up, trying to take in his surroundings. Trees.. and darkness. He felt disoriented, unsure of which way to go. he chose a direction, and forced his sore legs to carry him forth, suppressing the inevitable tug to just collapse. She had to pay. Because of Mikko and her interferences, he was denied his passage as an official Turk. Without the protection of a gang, he knew his days were limited. Mikko had condemned him. She would die, if it was the last thing he did. As he pushed himself on, it was seeming hopeless. His body would give out long before he could reach the city, but hope soon came in the form of two bright headlights. The truck stopped, but it took a moment for Spike's eyes to adjust and fixate on the driver. "Damn, looks like someone beat the shit outta you." The man spoke in a thick southern accent. Obviously New York was not his origins. "Can I give you a ride?" He asked politely. Without a word, Spike rounded the truck and climbed into the passenger seat. And with lightning speed, he pulled his knife, and slit the driver's throat. "No, but I'll take yer truck." With that, he pushed the lump form out of the truck, and positioned himself behind the wheel.

    "Chris, you asleep?" Mikko whispered quietly.

    As stated before, any sudden noise would surely wake him. "Not anymore," he said, slowly opening his eyes to look at her. "What's up?

    "Sorry." Mikko said still threading her fingers through his hair. "You think we should just head home?"

    Chris sighed and nodded. "Yeah... Hope we have something for a hangover. My head's killing me..." He very slowly sat up.

    Mikko nodded and kissed his forehead. "yeah I have something." She put Travis in the stroller and gathered her things. "Ready when you are, love." She was still unsure about going back. If anything happen to them...She just didn't know what she would do. But she couldn't stay here. She was tired and wanted to sleep. But wanted to make sure that her child was in a safe and secure place before she let herself go to sleep.

    After getting his bearings, Spike drove back to the city, making a few quick stops along the way. He received several odd looks as he filled the red canister with gasoline. He placed it onto the back of the truck with no intentions of paying, then entered the store to steal matches and a Zippo lighter. And soon, he was on his way, destined for Mikko's shop. Once there, he parked in the nearby ally and climbed out, grabbing his canister of gasoline. He wasted no time dousing the exterior of the building, then as quietly as a mouse, broke through the front door of the shop. He soaked the interior of the tattoo shop, then made his way up the stair, leaving a trail of the flammable liquid in his wake. A huge, satisfied grin tugged across his lips as he made his way back down the stairs, and out of the building. He pulled the matches from his pocket, flicking one across the cover. The tiny flame sprung to life, a newborn compared to the destruction it would soon become. "See you in hell, bitch." He seethed, and flung the match into the gasoline. The flames were catching fast, filling the lower level of the building, and making it's way up the stairs. Another match was tossed against the outside of the building, sending the exterior erupting into a wild inferno. Spike drove away, but would remain close. It would be gratifying to watch his handiwork from a distance.

    Daisy had fallen asleep, oblivious to the fact that their lives were in danger. She was snuggled close to Kendall, but a strange sensation was tugging at her subconscious. His warmth was becoming more extreme. The thick black smoke tickling her senses. She drew in a deep breath, but found herself nearly suffocating on the polluted air. Her eyes flew open, but was met with confusion and panic. The room was enveloped in the toxic black smoke. She tried to scream Kendall's name, but if filled her lungs, sending her into a painful coughing fit.

    Kendall was awake instantly when Daisy started coughing and shot up from the bed. His own nose was assaulted with the toxic black smoke that was steadily filling the room. His eyes widened in alarm and panic as it dawned on him. "Oh no!" he shouted and quickly got out of bed, hurrying over to the window. He pushed up the window, opening it for Daisy then quickly helped her over to it. "Breathe the nice clean air, babe. I'll be right back." And with that, he covered his nose and mouth with his shirt and made his way to the door. The flames hadn't made it all the way to their door yet. But he touched the doorknob with the back of his hand and took it away quickly. It was hot! Panic flooded into him, knowing that the only way out of there was blocked. The smoke stung his eyes, making them water as he made his way over to Daisy again--his vision blurring more by the second. "We gotta find another way out..." Then he trailed off, dissolving into his own coughing fit.

    With Kendall's help, she stumbled towards the window, trying hard to keep her balance as she leaned out, trying to breath. The panic was overwhelming, the smoke constricting her lungs, triggering her long-dormant asthma. The harder she tried to breathe, the more her lungs constricted within her chest. Her eyes were watering, both from their reflexes to rid themselves of the toxins, and the fearful tears that she couldn't control. Hearing Kendall's comment only added to that panic. Despite her desperate struggles to fill her lungs with much needed air, she pulled her head back in, searching frantically for a solution. "Bed..sheets.." She managed to choke out. She had seen enough movies where people draped sheets out the window, and climbed down.. if it didn't work, she was afraid to think of their fate..

    Once his coughing ceased, he took in a lungful of air and tried to calm down. He did hear Daisy's suggestion. "It may not have been the best idea, but they were running out of options, and more importantly, time. He nodded to her and kissed her cheek then quickly began stripping the bed, frantically trying to make knots in the fabric. He had to keep wiping his eyes that continued to water. Then he glanced at the door. The flames were just outside now and he could see an amber glow coming from under the door. Then he picked up the pace with his knotting so they wouldn't get barbequed alive!

    Daisy tried to assist him the best she could,her trembling hands working frantically to form knots in the fabric. It was becoming more difficult to see. Her eyes were burning, lungs becoming more compressed. In a panic, she took in a few deep breaths, taking in the toxic smoke. It only made the situation worse. She was suffocating, but didn't have the voice to announce her fears.

    Spike watched on, enjoying the show. So far, no-one had vacated the building. Good. That meant they would all burn alive, and that gave him great satisfaction.

    Chris nodded and slowly from the bed, grabbing his bag he had with him. He really felt like shit, but he didn't want to worry Mikko. "I'm ready," he stated, wrapping an arm around Mikko and walking out with her.

    Mikko smiled at Chris and headed out the door. They weren't to far away, and was able to see the thick black smoke rising to the sky, and the fire that was lighting up the dark night. But they were to far away to relies that it was the shop that was on fire. She looked up at Chris. "Looks like someone is having a bad night." With that she headed down the street.

    Kendall may not have known the exact cause for Daisy's extensive coughing, but if they didn't get out of there soon then they would both die from suffocation. Finishing the last few knots, they had a decent rope, but had no way of testing it out first. But at least now they stood a fighting chance. He attached it to the bed, pulling the bed over to the window with all his might! But...he was getting weaker. Whatever happened, had to happen now. He heaved the makeshift 'ladder' through the open window and tested it's strenght a little by tugging on it. So far, so good. There was one problem, though. Daisy shouldn't be climbing down the bedsheets with her injured leg. And considering how weak she was, he wasn't sure she could hold herself up on the rope to the bottom, anyway. But they needed to get out of there...NOW! He pushed her over to the window and helped her on the ledge. "Can you make it, babe? We need to go now."

    Chris looked up where she was pointing and nodded. "Yeah...wonder where that is?"

    She kept walking and couldn't help but notice that they were walking toward the flames. She had an awful thought in her head, that she quickly pushed away. Nah it wouldn't be the shop. Why would the shop be on fire. But she did start walking a little faster. unbeknown to Mikko, she was nearing Spike, hidden away in his stolen truck as the got closer to the source of the fire.And soon she couldn't deny where the fire was coming from. Her pace quickening as fear gripped her chest.

    Daisy was doubtful, but she knew they had to do this. If she hesitated, they both would die.It was now or never. With a weak nod of her head, Daisy's trembling fingers took hold of the makeshift rope, and she slowly began lowering herself down. Thankfully she made it to the bottom before her lack of air finally took it's toll, and she lost consciousness.

    Chris was with her, sensing her panic and took off after her, his hangover forgotten for the time being. "Mikko!" he shouted as he pushed himself through his haziness and pain to keep up with her.

    Spike witnessed Daisy collapse to the ground just as Mikko came into his sight. What! She wasn't even in there! His blood began to boil. "How do you kill a blonde!" he shouted out the window, as he revved the engine. He glanced in Daisy's direction, finding partial satisfaction if he had in fact killed another person close to Mikko. "Just add smoke!" With that, he sped in Mikko's direction, hoping to run her over.

    Mikko saw Daisy on the ground, with Travis still in the stroller she started to Run over to her but, was stopped when she heard Spike. She turned around in time to see him speed to her. She snatched Travis out of his stroller and held him close to her as she dove out the trucks way.

    Kendall watched her descent carefully. Once she was at the bottom, she collapsed and fear gripped him. Carefully but quickly, he climbed down the rope--grateful or his numberous training sessions for something like this; but not under the EXACT same circumstances. Once at the bottom, he let go of the rope and fell to his knees, taking large gasps of fresh air before going to Daisy's side. Luckily right before he moved to the rope he managed to grab Daisy's bag that had her belongings in it. He held Daisy close, hugging her...hoping she would be okay.
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    Re: Final Embrace

    Post by Spike on Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:06 pm

    Chris saw the truck coming for Mikko right off the bat, but had no time to warn her. Luckily she dove out of the way just in time. After the danger seemingly passed, Chris caught up with Mikko again and held her close. "Babe...are you alright? Travis too?"

    Mikko sat up and caught her breath. She didn't answer Chris, but instead shoved Travis in his arms. "Take him somewhere safe and call the fire department." She ordered handing Chris her phone as well. "I'ma fuckin kill him!" She sat up and headed towards the truck.

    "No!" Chris shouted as she ran after the truck. But once again, he had to take Travis someplace safe. Going against what he really wanted to do, he ducked into a nearby alley and dialed the fire department, giving them all the information he could on the situation.

    Spike eyed her menacingly, revving his engine in anticipation. The crazy bitch was headed towards him. Good enough, she was only making this easier for him. He slammed his foot against the accelerator, sending the truck speeding in her direction.

    Mikko moved out the way again, jumping to the side. "COWARD! GET OUT THAT FUCKIN TRUCK! Or can't you off a woman with your own two hands?"

    Daisy's breathing was shallow, her color paling due to the lack of oxygen reaching her lungs. She was still unconscious, but her body's instincts forced her weak lungs to make weak attempts to suck in the tainted night air.

    That certainly did the trick. The truck finally came to an abrupt stop, casting the small ally in thick clouds of smoke. He emerged from the truck, walking through the clouds like a creature from dark nightmares, blood-stained knife poised and ready to claim another victim. He quickly advanced towards Mikko, a crazed and murderous look reflecting from his eyes.

    Kendall knew he had to get Daisy to a hospital. And so what if he got spotted? This was his life right here. SHE was his life. If she slipped away, then he would be lost. As carefully as he could, he picked her up and carried her down the sidewalk. He had no time to check the condition of their SUV. He slowly made his way towards the hospital, still weak from inhaling all that smoke.

    Mikko swallowed thickly, she went for her knife but didn't have enough time to grab it from her boot. So she ran, She ran as fast as she could away from the scene, hoping that he would follow. She wanted to get him away from the others, wanted them to be safe. And maybe she could buy herself some time to get her weapon from her boot.

    Daisy could feel herself being lifted and carried, but try as she might, she couldn't will her eyes to open. Her lungs were on fire, constricting like a vice had been placed around them, squeezing the very like from her. A faint spasm ripped through her body in time with her ragged coughs, her lungs struggling desperately to draw in a much needed breath.

    And Mikko would get her wish. Spike followed, too blinded by his rage to think of the dangers he was putting himself in. He was exposed, and the fire was drawing the attention of the nearby inhabitants. "I'm gonna fuckin' kill you, bitch!" He screamed at her, quickly closing the distance, despite his fatigue.

    Mikko ran to the nearby park and ducked into the darkness. She dogged behind a tree and leaned against trying to catch her breath. She peeked over her shoulder to see if Spike was still following her, he was and she quickly ducked back against the tree. leaning down to grab her knife.

    Chris finished the call and hung up the phone, looking on in horror. He heard both screaming, but lost sight of them. Cautiously, he emerged from his hiding spot, looking around--hoping that Mikko was okay.

    Due to the onset of dizziness, Spike momentarily lost sight of Mikko. He stopped to get his bearings, utilizing the time to catch his breath. He was spent, but his anger forced him to press on. His injuries, his humiliation... everything was Mikko's fault. And she would die tonight. "I know you're here, bitch! Come out and play!"

    Mikko held on to her knife tightly and closed her eyes. She could do this. She could do this...She couldn't do this. Taking a big breath she opened her eyes and stepped out from behind the tree. Knife drawn but unsure what she was going to do, if anything.

    And her hesitation was all he needed. His sights set on her, and he quickly advanced. He quickly reached for her armed hand, attempting to twist it back in an attempt to cause her to drop the blade..

    Kendall continued down the street with Daisy in his arms. He kept glancing behind him to see if any help was coming. He really didn't want to have to take her all the way to the hospital if he didn't have to. Hopefully the fire department would be there soon. Someone had to have call in the fire by now. This was a time when Kendall really wished he had a phone...

    Mikko was grabbed before she could decide on what to do. Her knife fell from her hands as she struggled with him. Punching, kicking, biting. What ever she could to get away from him. "Let me go fucker!" She clawed at his face all the wile trying to avoid his weapon.

    He could've killed her. It would've been so easy now. But the way she struggled, the way her blood pulsated through her juggler, against the steel of his blade... the obvious fear... it was all so arousing. He inhaled her scent, more intoxicating than the finest cocaine. He wanted her in a way he'd never wanted her before. "You fuckin' cunt, I'm gonna fuck you senseless.." He seethed as he began ripping her clothes from her..

    "No!" Mikko screamed, for the first time ever she didn't want him. But spike had her cloths off and pinned to the tree. Even in his weaken state he was still much stronger then Mikko. Tears filled her eyes as she desperately tried to push him away. He grabbed her by her hair and spun her around, pinning her chest to the tree. The harsh texture scratched up her chest and aggravated her incision from the hear surgery. But that was the lest of her problems. She screamed for him to stop and attempted to push herself away from the tree, but it seemed the more she struggled the more he got into the more injured she was becoming. She thought of just staying still and taking it, but she couldn't, she couldn't just let him do this with at lest trying to stop him. "Get off me!" She cried, and pleaded with him. And almost as fast it started it ended. She was able to crumple on the ground ground by his feet, but he didn't move away enough to let her go for her knife.

    And soon, the ambulance and fire trucks arrived, flooding the scene of the raging inferno..

    Spike glared down at her, a satisfied smirk tugging across his sinister features as he zipped and buttoned his pants. "Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout.. fear... that's what you lacked before. It's gratifyin' to see you came around.. came to your senses. "He kicked her hard in the gut, and reached for his blade, pulling it from his belt loop.

    Kendall heard the sirens approaching and turned around once more to see several emergency vehicles in the area and started heading back towards them. Especially the ambulance. "I NEED SOME HELP, HERE!!!" he called out as loudly as he could to the paramedics.

    Mikko buckled over from the kick, tears burning in her eyes. She gasped for air and looked up at him with watery vision. Luckily, her boots were still on and she was able to grab for her other knife. She didn't think, she just acted. Pulling the knife from her shoe and in one fluid motion thrusting it up into his stomach with an agonizing defeated scream.

    The paramedics were quick to come to Daisy's aid. One of them gently took her limp form from Kendall, and placed her on a gurney, another rushing to grab the oxygen mask and fluids. "How long was she inside?" The man asked, but quickly noticed Kendall's condition. "We need another gurney over here!"

    Kendall was indeed having trouble standing now. "A-about ten minutes...bed sheets...rope...escape..." His voice was going, along with his strength. He had the adrenaline keeping him going while trying to get Daisy to safety. Now that she was in capable hands, he could give into the extreme fatigue he was feeling.

    Spike was caught off-guard, the knife hitting it's mark. His eyes widened in shock as he struggled to grasp what was happening. He tried to pull himself away, but the knife had penetrated his vital organs. Instead of wasting his struggles with pulling away, he began slashing at her with his own knife, his efforts feeble, but his gaze still held his undying intent, even as he was fading..

    Mikko pulled her knife out of him and stabbed him again, ignoring the deep cuts that he was causing to her face and neck area. She struggled to her feet. and again pulled out her knife. "I gave you everything! I sacrificed everything! FOR YOU! I fuckin love you!" She screamed at him. stabbing him blindly over and over. "You were my world! and THIS is the thanks I get!" She glared at him. crying and laughing hysterically. "I just wanted your heart! That's all! Is it to much to ask for!? I Guess I'll just have to take it!"

    The oxygen was doing it's job, forcing much needed air into her deflated lungs. She felt the warm saline coursing through her veins, hydrating her ravaged body. It took great effort, but she finally managed to will her heavy eyelids open, but her blurry gaze was met with great confusion. Strapped to the gurney, her frantic eyes immediately sought Kendall out. She witnessed him receiving the same treatment she had been given, and an overwhelming fear enveloped her. A choked, sorrowful cry managed to find it's way out of her sore throat, conveying all of the fears that she couldn't put into words.

    Kendall was taking in all the extra air he could, but he was still very weak. He practically collapsed onto the gurney when they brought it over to him. Half conscious, he slowly rolled over onto his back with his remaining strength and that's when the paramedics gave him the oxygen. He slowly turned his head, eyes half-open, looking over at Daisy. He gave her a weak, but reassuring smile. And very relieved she was getting the care she needed.

    And soon the wounds were too much. He was defenseless against her crazed attack. His arm fell, dropping the blade that had been destined to deliver the fatal blow. The same blade that had taken her brother. His dying gaze fixated on her as he sucked in the last breath of air his lungs would ever taste. "Love you.. you fuckin' bitch.." And his eyes slid closed, slipping away into eternal darkness.

    Mikko stopped her attack at his words. The tears streaked her face as she looked down on him. "Spike?" She whispered. But seeing that she was getting no response and noticing that he was no longer breathing, her body shook, her breath quickened. "Oh god!" She screamed tossing her knife away and pulling his lifeless body to her. "Spike! I'm so sorry!" She sobbed uncontrollably, burying her face in his neck as she held him close to her. "'I'm so sorry!" She cried over and over, rocking her body back and forth. ignoring her own wounds and the fact that she was still unclothed.

    Chris had found Mikko and Spike soon after Mikko had delivered the final blow. He couldn't see everything that was going on, but after seeing Spike collapse lifelessly to the ground, Chris thought it was safe enough to slowly approach.

    Mikko didn't notice Chris approaching. Her face was still pressed against Spike's neck, crying silently as she cradled him in her arms.

    Chris frowned, moving closer. He slipped a hand over Travis' eyes to block him from the carnage around them. He stood behind Mikko and quietly cleared his throat.

    Mikko shook her head. "I'm so sorry..." She whispered through her sobs.

    "Sorry...?" Chris couldn't be sure just who she was talking to now. Balancing Travis in one arm and gently laying a hand on Mikko's bare shoulder, he asked, "What happened?"

    Mikko finally looked up at Chris. "I killed him....I killed him!" And her tears started all over again. she returned her attention back to Spike and again buried her face against him.

    Daisy was beginning to panic, worried about Kendall, despite just how weak she was. She fought against the paramedics that struggled to keep her on the gurney, still trying to get her vitals under control. "Ken..dall!" She managed a choked scream, and reached out for him.

    Chris sighed and nodded. "I know..." He glanced around. He had to get Mikko out of there. But with a baby in his arms, that made the task even harder. "Babe...we have to go," he whispered to her, rubbing her back. It was then he noticed how injured she was. "We need to get you to the hospital..." He looked at a little further and spotted her clothes in ruins. There was no way she could wear those anymore. He looked back over to Mikko. "Take my coat, babe." He started to shimmy out of it, alternating arms with holding Travis.

    Mikko didn't want to leave Spike's side, but knew that she was going to have to. She gently laid Spike down, grabbing her tattered cloths and putting them under his head, as if he need the extra comfort. Hard as she tried she couldn't collect herself, just when she thought the tears had stopped they started all over again. She looked down at herself and seemed to just noticed that she wasn't dressed. With a shaky hand she pulled Spike's hoodie off of him and slipped it over her head, covering herself up. She huddled in the over sized hoodie, his sent making her cry harder.

    Kendall looked over at her again and smiled as brightly as he could--even if she couldn't see it. "I'm...alright, babe. Don't...cry..."

    Chris sighed and rolled his eyes. This wasn't working. He understood her pain...somewhat. But he still couldn't figure out what she saw in this guy. "We have to go now," he said, more firmly this time and offered his hand down to her.

    Mikko glanced up at Chris, but made no effort to move away from Spike's lifeless body. She did collect herself to grab the knife that she had taken from jencko. The other knife...The one used on Gabe..She didn't want. Looking spike over again she pulled off a necklace that he was wearing. She didn't know for sure if it was actually his or something he simply stole. But she could give it to Travis when he was older, have something from his father. After collecting the items off of Spike she leaned down and kissed his bloody, cold lips. The act caused another string of tears and sobs.

    It both angered and pained Chris to see her give Spike that attention. But he let her have that moment. He would be supportive for her, first and foremost. Because she needed it. But it was only a matter of time before someone would be coming. He tried once more. "Babe...if we don't leave soon, you're gonna get caught..." He reached down and pulled lightly on her arm, hoping she got the hint.

    Daisy tried to calm herself as she heard him speak. She wanted to touch him, to hold him.. but she was just too weak to fight against the paramedics, and the fatigue that was crippling her. "I.. love.. you.." She managed to call out, in between choked sobs.

    So what if she got caught. She killed Timothy Black. No jury would convict her. But Mikko let Chris pull her away, her eyes never leaving Spike. "He loved me..." She said quietly. "And I killed him." She pulled away from Chris and fell back to her knees giving Spike one last hug , then finally, reluctantly let him go. She flipped the hood over her head to cover her face. "Chris...I have to go do something. Can you make sure everyone is ok for me, I'll meet you at the hospital." Mikko was still in mild denial about everything and every time she thought about her deed more tears would come. And she figured that she would go to jencko now, before heading to the hospital.

    Chris nodded, but was reluctant to let her go on her own. But he couldn't follow her with Travis and had to trust she knew what she was doing. "Be careful...babe," he spoke softly and gave her a gentle hug before letting her go.

    Mikko hugged Chris back and kissed Travis' forehead. "I will." She said wiping her face. She put on the necklace and pulled the hood down even more over her face then headed to the Turks hide out.

    Chris sighed and watched her go sadly. He was hoping she would be alright. But he had a promise to keep and he would do everything he could to hold it. Gently laying Travis on his shoulder, he walked towards the burning building--that was their home--again.

    Mikko halfed walked, halfed jogged to the Turks hideout. Once there she walked inside, and like last time she avoided any eye contact from the guys that were staring at the new comer. She headed right up to Jencko's office and knocked on the door.

    "Love you...too," Kendall responded. How he wished he could hold her and tell her everything was alright. She really needed that comfort and apparently, he was the only one that could give it. But hopefully they would both be together as they recovered from their ordeal.

    "Come in." A gruff voice called from behind the door. As Before, Jencko sat behind his desk, overlooking important documents of the illegal kind. He certainly wasn't expecting Mikko back so soon.

    Mikko walked in the office, her face still hidden. She walked up to the desk and without saying a word, dropped the dragon blade in front of Jencko.

    Jencko managed a faint grin as he recognized the knife, but his gaze soon turned more serious. "I'm afraid I need more proof than that. Bring me his heart."

    "His heart belongs to me." Mikko said, pulling the hood off her head. "he's dead in the park." She was trying desperately to keep it together.

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    Re: Final Embrace

    Post by Mikko on Sat Mar 06, 2010 3:33 pm

    Jencko's dark eyes gazed across the desk, fixating on Mikko. "You'll have to bring me proof." Was his simple answer. He was obviously too high and mighty to go see for himself. Besides, if there was a dead body in the park, the cops were surely swarming the area.

    Mikko kept her eye contact with him. "I gave you the knife, I have his hoodie his necklace. What more proof do you want? His spikes?!"

    Jencko gave a nod at her question, and pulled a small disposable camera from one of the drawers of his massive desk. "And pictures." He flung the small piece of equipment at her, knowing just how dangerous it would be for her to revisit the scene of her crime. Even if she had past her test, he had no intention of initiating her into the gang. She, like Spike, was too much of a liability.

    Mikko caught the camera and looked at him in disbelief. "I did what you asked me to do! You never said anything about pictures!" She glared angrily at him, then turned on her heals and headed to the door. "I'll be back in an hour." With that she walked out slamming the door behind her and leaving the building.

    Jencko watched Mikko go without saying anything more. If he was lucky, she would get locked up or killed, and he wouldn't have to worry about finding other means to remove this thorn from his side.

    Once Mikko was outside her tears once again, flowed freely down her cheeks. She had to go back to the scene and take pictures, the thought of Spike's body laying there, bloody, beaten, dead. It made her stomach turn, she felt nauseas and didn't want to go back there. But she had to finish this task. She walked till she came to a small house that was near the park, she could already hear the sirens there. She easily broke into the house and made her way around.Finding a bedroom, a sleeping teenage boy, no older then sixteen sleeping in his bed. She grabbed the cloths that were on his floor, a read hoodie, baggie hot topic jeans. She put it all on over the cloths that she was already wearing. then left. She flipped the red hood over her head and made her way to the park. Sure enough the cops where there, smiling and laughing. The bastards. They hadn't even covered Spike up yet. She easily blended in with the rest of the people flashing pictures. But she couldn't take her picture. The sight of him broke her down. Instead, she was able to swipe a digital camera from someone else while they lectured their child on the dangers of joining a gang. Who knew Spike would be used to set an example for kids. She tucked the camera in her pocket after making sure his picture was on there. Sick fucks...

    Mikko was going to walk away, but she looked over her shoulder at his still form. No amount of will power could hold her back, and soon the news cameras were fixated on the 'girlfriend' running to Spike and sobbing uncontrollably as she clung to her love. Of course most recognized Mikko once the hoodie came off, but no one made any move to remove her, question her, or even console her. The news woman, who was broadcasting live, was heard giving the play by play on the situation. It angered her that they held no respect for him, or even for her! She looked up at the people looking at her, then she remembered, she needed one of his spikes. Would they let her just take it, or would it be considered evidence? She didn't know, ad decided not to attempt it. She had her pictures, and it was all over the news. If Jencko needed more proof then that then there was nothing that she could do for him. Now the problem was, getting Mikko away from Spike so that the authorities could do their job.

    Mikko clung desperately to Spike, as if her desperation could somehow bring him back. The cops were starting to get annoyed. Annoyed with her and the news crew that decided they needed a close up of the dramatic, and touching scene. Suddenly she was grabbed from behind. "I'm sorry but you have to back away and let us do our job." But Mikko grabbed hold of Spike, hugging him close to her. Another officer came over and the two pried Mikko away from Spike's body. As soon as she was moved microphones and cameras were shoved in her face, questions were be asked one after another. She could barely see through her watery eyes and her heart was starting to beat wildly in her chest, causing her pain and dizziness. She tried to push them away to get back to Spike, but she was stopped. They wouldn't let her get close again. It wasn't until the bright lights of the cameras started to hurt her eyes and the cops and reporters questions buzzed in her ears making her head pound, that she finally backed away then ran. She ran as fast as she could, ignoring all the pain that she was feeling, willing her body to continue to run till she made it back to the Turks. She gasped for air between sobs, finally, coming to a stop outside of the headquarters to try and gather herself.

    After a few moments of getting herself to together, throwing up and braking down in tears again, only to once again gather herself. She headed back into head quarters. It was a little under an hour, she would have been faster, but didn't want to let Spike go. Once inside the building she made her way back to the office, she didn't bother knocking but walked in and laid the camera, with Spike's picture showing, on Jencko's desk in front of him. "There. Your picture."

    Jencko looked at the camera, then cast an expectant gaze in Mikko's direction. "The spikes?" Sure, the picture was proof enough. Not even the best make-up artists in the world could've replicated such mortal wounds. But Jencko was strict. If he asked for something, he expected it to the full extent. Not half-assed.

    Great! Just great. Mikko shook her head. "I couldn't get em."

    "And why is that?"

    Mikko looked straight at Jencko. Her watery eyes never leaving his gaze. "I didn't want you to have them."

    But Jencko's gaze was unremorseful. "You'll soon realize that personal attachment will get you nowhere in this gang." He replied in a cold tone. "You've done what I asked by killing Black. But you hesitate to give me somethin' less important than a life. Why is that?"

    Mikko swallowed thickly and collapsed in the chair next to her, her wobbly legs no longer able to support her weight. "I did what you asked. You never said you wanted a trophy." She looked down at her bloody hands. "It was either me or him." She said quietly.

    Jencko wore no expression on his features. She had, indeed, gone through with what he'd asked of her. He couldn't deny that. Still, he was aware of the liability she would be for the gang. 'She won't last long'. He thought to himself. "Come back in a week." He finally spoke. "Let this shit blow over, then we'll go through with your initiation." A small grin played on his lips. "It ain't gonna be no piece of cake. Once you make the blood oath, yer mine. Try to get out.." He picked up the knife, twirling it effortlessly between his fingers. "Well, you saw what happened to Juvanni."

    She was in? She made it! Mikko looked up and nodded her understanding. She stood up and headed to the door. "see ya in a week..." She said quietly and left the office. saying nothing about Gabriel, nor giving him any reaction to his comment. Slowly she headed down the stairs, this time allowing herself to look around at all the faces that would soon be her new 'family'

    But she was the outsider, the intruder. She was met with untrusting gazes, skeptical and judgmental. A few of the guys were checking her out, with lustful intent. Was this newcomer destined to become one of them? Only time would tell.

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    Re: Final Embrace

    Post by Mikko on Sun Mar 07, 2010 1:55 pm

    Once Mikko was out of the Turks building she peeled the red sweater off of herself tossing it on the ground. Digging in Spike's pockets she found a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, she lit one and inhaled deeply. It wasn't until she was a bit a ways from the Turks that she broke down again. Ducking into an ally she crumpled to the ground and cried harder then she thought she ever could. It wasn't until it started to rain that she pulled herself together enough to find shelter. not from the rain as much as from the wind. A large cardboard box. It would do. She crawled inside and huddled in the back, luckily the buildings kept a large amount of water from hitting the box, so as long as it didn't rain harder she would be alright. she pulled her knees up against her chest, drowning herself in the gray hoodie, more tears, more agonizing sobs. She had no home, she had no brother, and she just killed the man she loved. She was putting everyone else in danger, and who knows what the Turks were going to have her do. She laid down, huddled tightly in a ball crying.

    Due to the smoke inhalation and the stress it had caused on her system, Daisy had lost consciousness again. She was rushed to the hospital to be put under observation, and to run test, making sure the baby was okay. The infant's heartbeat was too weak, which caused the staff concern. She was currently resting inside a room within the Intensive Care ward, oxygen pumping through a plastic mask, soothing her ravaged lungs. Two hours had passed, and she still hadn't regained consciousness.

    Kendall's stretcher was wheeled in another direction than Daisy, but Kendall had briefly lost consciousness in the ambulance. His condition was much less severe...even if he was exposed to the smoke longer than Daisy. He was resting comfortably in a bed in one of the rooms. If he HAD been awake, he would have worried non-stop about Daisy. Something he really didn't need right now. He had minor burns from the intense heat that was pouring through their door when he was trying to see if there was another way out.

    Mikko ignored the cold wetness that she felt on her face at first. Her eyes were closed and she swatted what ever it was away. But then she heard the soft crying and felt a dry tongue on her cheek. Her eyes shot open and she saw small puppy, wet, shaking, and crying. It took her a moment to calm her racing heart. But slowly, and causally she laid a hand on the pups head. He returned the attention with another small lick to her hand. "Looks like we both had rough nights." She pulled the puppy close to her, letting the little guy snuggle up with her.

    Chris had winded up at the hospital and was now in the waiting room with the baby still in his arms. He was waiting anxiously for news about his friends that had to escape the burning building. He had arrived at the destroyed apartment just as the ambulances where taking Kendall and Daisy away. Luckily the hospital wasn't ALL that far and could walk the distance. He heard the thunder rumble in the distance when he was about a block away from the hospital. 'Oh great...' he groaned, glancing up at the sky. Now he doubled his pace to beat the storm that was threatening to 'dampen' his mood further--and he needed to get Travis someplace warm and dry. After making it into the waiting room at the hospital, his thoughts turned to Mikko. He was really worried about her. Not just after she left to talk to Jencko--which he was sure she was doing. He had no way of knowing how trying this whole thing was for her...that she had to go back to the scene for more evidence. He just hoped she was alright. Unfortunately, there was no way to contact her anymore. He decided after he found out the condition of his friends, he would go out and look for Mikko again.Hopefully the weather would improve by then too.

    With Mikko's new friend curled up in her lap and her tears finally having stopped she took out the phone Spike had in his pocket and dialed her own number, then waited for Chris to answer. She had to see how everyone else was.

    Chris had been lost in his thoughts when he was startled by Mikko's cell ringing. He pulled it out and checked the caller ID. Spike? But he thought Spike was dead. He hesitated to answer until he thought of something. Mikko! She had his clothes, so maybe she had his phone too. With that...happier thought, he answered. "Mikko? Is that you?"

    "Yeah it's me. Is everyone ok?" Mikko asked quietly.

    Chris' slight smile disappeared when she asked about the others. "I don't know, babe," he answered truthfully. "I'm in the waiting room in the hospital waiting for some answers." But he was grateful to hear her voice anyway. "Are you okay?"

    "I'm ok. I'm staying in a refrigerator box with my new friend. I think you should call Lexi. See if she can get you guys a place in the clinic for now." Mikko answered, petting the small pup.

    Chris blinked in confusion at that. "Huh? You're where?"

    "Near the park, on side of the bone fish bar."

    So she was serious? She was in a BOX? In this weather?! Chris didn't like the sound of that. But on the other hand, trying to make it to the hospital in this weather wasn't a good idea either. As much as he hated to admit it, she was probably safer where she was. "Okay, babe. I hope we can get together again soon. Travis really misses ya." He managed a tiny grin at that.

    "I really miss him too." Mikko said tearfully. "And you." She was quiet for a moment. " Lexi. tell her everything. See if she can get you all a place to stay. ok? love you, babe." With that she hung up and tucked her phone back into her pocket. She looked at the puppy and sighed. "You need a name..."

    "Love you too, Mikko. Take care, alright, babe?" Then Chris hung up the phone and sighed. She wanted him to call Lexi. After the little 'incident' in the vet's clinic, he wasn't so sure Lexi would want to help Mikko, anyway. Then again, the two girls had a truce going...even if it was kinda forced. But if Lexi didn't help them, then where would they go? They had no home, no shelter of any kind. No food, no jobs and hardly any money. There was a small baby and another on the way...Daisy and Kendall's child. They were housing an ex-convict who got a minor pregnant. And...on top of all of this, there was the matter of who he was. He'd been laying low from the gangs for months now. Yeah...all this stuff would look good on a record. They really had no choice. If they wanted a chance to turn their lives around for the better, Lexi was their best bet. Sighing, he punched a few buttons and looked through the cell's phone book for Lexi's number then hit "send", waiting for her to pick up.

    The rain was slowing down now. and Mikko peeked outside the box. "looks like the storm is about over, lest for now." She looked back at the dog. Sure he was a puppy, but he was a big puppy, with big paws. No way she could sneak him into the hospital. "Lets just wait here till Chris calls us back ok?" The puppy looked up at Mikko and sat down wagging it's tail. She smiled at him. "So what one of my boys sent you hear to keep me company?" Not that she believed in stuff like that, but it was a comforting thought. "I'll call you...Ripper!"
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    Re: Final Embrace

    Post by Christopher on Thu Mar 11, 2010 1:38 pm

    Serenity had only recently been volunteering at the hospital. She ran errands for patents, getting them drinks, food. What ever they may need. Her job was to keep the patents as comfy as she could. And she soon found herself in Daisy's room. She knocked on the door and peeked her head inside. "hello." She sang cheerfully.

    Daisy was slowly beginning to regain consciousness. Her teary-eyes slowly fluttered open, still burning from the smoke she had been exposed to. She felt the oxygen mask that covered her nose and mouth, the steady beeping of numerous monitors met her hearing. She was flooded with confusion, and fear. Her gaze traveled to the IV that hung closely beside her, and she quickly noticed Kendall's absence. A pained, sorrowful cry ripped through her sore lungs as her gaze shifted towards the door, fixating on the young woman that was peeping in..

    Serenity went over to her bedside and laid her hand over Daisy's. "Shhh it's ok. My name's Serenity." She introduced herself squeezing Daisy's hand. "Is there anything that I can get you?"

    Daisy's desperate sobs soon sent her into a fit of hiccups. If she didn't calm down, she ran the risk of sending herself into one of her dreaded seizures. Her baby was already in danger, her tiny heart weakened by her mother's lack of oxygen earlier. The young girl's gaze fixated on Serenity as she introduced herself, and she desperately clung to her hand.. "My.. boyfriend.." She asked, knowing that she couldn't call him by name. "Is he.. okay?"

    Serenity sat down next to her and patted Daisy's hair. "Calm down. What's your boyfriends name? I'll go find out for you, ok?" she said soothingly.

    Daisy was trying to get herself under control, but did find some comforting in having this girl here.. even if she didn't know her. Still, she wanted Kendall. She sniffled quietly, her tear-filled eyes meeting Serenity's. "James." She answered in between choked sobs. It was the alias that Kendall had given her when they'd first met. Hopefully the hospital would know him as that, too.

    "Ok I'll go look for him right now." Serenity gave her hand another squeeze then walked out the room and started asking about Daisy's boyfriend.

    Daisy couldn't control her sobs, fearing the worst. What if something had happened to Kendall? But the fact that he wasn't by her side confirmed that. Something was wrong, horribly wrong. She tried to push herself upright, finding the action extremely painful. Her lungs felt constricted, and the burning became more intense as she removed toe mask. It was so hard to breathe.. but she had to find Kendall. She began pulling the monitors detection pads from her chest, stomach and arms..

    Serenity continued to all the nurses and doctors asking about Daisy's boyfriend. But no one was giving her any answers, so she peeked back in Daisy's room. "Daisy! No nononono." She said walking in and wrapping her arms around the girl in a hug. "It's ok. I'm sure he's fine."

    Daisy was struggling to catch the breaths that wouldn't come. Her lungs were still too weak to function on their own. Still, she had to find Kendall. But then, Serenity reappeared, and pulled her into an embrace. Daisy melted against her, wrapping her trembling arms around the woman, and sobbed against her shoulder. She reached for the mask, understanding that if she didn't soothe her deprived lungs, she would lose consciousness again.

    Serenity rubbed Daisy's back and helped her put the mask back on. "Deep breaths. slowly deep breaths." She moved the girls blond hair from her face and smiled. "everything is going to be allright. Lay back down ok. I'll stay here until your boyfriend comes." she said figuring the girl didn't want to be alone.

    Kendall a.k.a. James was resting comfortably in Room 218. He had been awake for a little while but was still recovering from whatever medications he was given when he was out. He was only a couple doors down from Daisy and he thought he heard her voice...but it was very faint. He frowned deeply and struggled with the wires that were attached to him, trying to get up. After a few minutes, he was up and heading out of the room, his IV bag hanging right by his head on the little cart he pulled with him towards Daisy's room. His hospital gown wasn't really hiding anything but he wasn't the shy type either. All he cared about was getting to his love to calm her down. Even in his weakened state, he still wouldn't let that slow him down. Finally...after what seemed like an eternity, he arrived in Daisy's room. "Daisy?"

    Serenity looked over when Kendall poked his head in. She assumed that he was the boyfriend and smiled to him. "I'm guessing you're the boyfriend." She gave Daisy's hand another squeeze. "Told you he was ok. I'll leave you two be."

    'James' leaned heavily on the IV cart but nodded. "Yeah. Thanks for helping her," he said with a small, but sincere smile. Then he slowly made his way to Daisy's side. "Babe...I'm right here."

    Indeed. Daisy didn't want to be alone. She was afraid to be. Terrified to be alone with her racing thoughts. She laid back, doing as she was instructed-- inhaling slow, deep breaths. Her vision was clouded by the tears, but Kendall's weak voice managed to grab her attention. Her head jerked in his direction, and she struggled to push herself upright again, but he was soon at her side. She threw her arms around him, squeezing him as tightly as she could manage. "I was... so worried.." She managed to say, in between sobs and painful coughs. "Are you.. okay?"

    Serenity walked out the room stopping to turn around to the couple. "If you need anything just call for me." She said before closing the door and heading to other patents.

    'James' nodded slowly, gently taking her hand. "I'm good, babe. Are you better now?" He gave her hand a light squeeze. He nodded to Serenity then turned back to Daisy.

    Daisy clung to him, afraid that if she released him, he would somehow slip away. "I heard them say.. Zoe's in danger.. before I blacked out again." She sobbed, fearful that they could lose their unborn child. But she was afraid of losing Kendall, too. "Babe.. we have.. to get you out of here.. " She whispered quietly, pausing to take a few deep breaths through her mask. "It's not safe.." But where would they go? Their home was gone..demolished by the flames..

    Kendall carefully leaned over and kissed her forehead, giving her hand another reassuring squeeze. "Just calm down, babe. You just gotta calm down...everything will be okay," he told her. Truthfully, he was just as scared as she was, but he was much better at hiding it, apparrently. Especially when she said Zoe was in danger. That sliced through him like a knife. But he had to stay strong for Daisy. He wouldn't let anything happen to her...or the baby.

    After some time and lots of crying and lots of trying to figure out what to do. Mikko walked through the hospital doors holding Ripper close to her. She took out the phone and called Chris again.

    Daisy tugged him to sit on the bed, knowing he was in no condition to be standing. She leaned against him, her arms still reluctant to let him go. "I.. love you." She managed to whisper, and wiped at some of the tears that blurred her vision. "As long as you're okay... I'll be okay." She sniffled quietly, but was still worried about where they would go, and concerned about little Zoe. She couldn't lose her daughter.. she just couldn't!

    Kendall gratefully took a seat next to her on the bed. But he was very careful not to bump any of the various wire attached to her. He slowly brought her hand up to his lips and kissed her knuckle. "Just get better...okay, Daisy?"

    Daisy gave a small nod, and tried to push him back against the bed, wanting him to be comfortable. There was more than enough room for the both of them, and she couldn't rest.. or get better, unless he was right beside her. "You.. too.."

    After not getting an answer from Lexi and getting kicked into voicemail he gave up and just sat there again for a while, rocking little Travis in his arms. He was startled out of his thoughts again when he heard the phone go off again and checked the caller ID. It was Mikko again. He was fully prepared to apologize to her that he couldn't get a hold of Lexi. He sighed deeply and answered. "Hello?"

    "I'm at the hospital, where are you?" Mikko responded without bothering with hellos.

    "Still in the waiting room," was Chris' reply. By now, he had heard from the doctors about basically what was going on with Daisy and Kendall and the news was...okay. Not great.

    Mikko walked to the waiting room and looked around for a moment. "I see you." She said and hung up, then sat down in the chair next to him, holding on to Ripper. Her hood covering up her red eyes. "Can we see them?"

    Carefully, Kendall laid down next to her, doing his best not to disturb her wires...or his own, for that matter. It did feel better lying down next to her. He adjusted his gown a little and carefully wrapped an arm around her. "Better?"

    Chris nodded, slowly standing up, holding Travis against his shoulder. "I think so." He looked at the dog and smiled. "I see you got a new friend," he stated, grinning broadly.

    Daisy snuggled against him, drawing strength from his warmth; his closeness. She felt whole again. Their future was uncertain, but everything seemed okay in this moment as she eased her mind, made possible by the contentment that he brought her. "Yeah.. as long.. as I can feel you.."

    Mikko also stood up. "His name is Ripper, after Jack the ripper." She said then followed him to Daisy's room, hoping that she was ok.

    Kendall smiled and held her as close as he dared to. "'Course I will, darlin'." he whispered into her ear.

    "," Chris said as he wrapped his free arm around Mikko as they headed to Daisy's room.

    Mikko walked in Daisy's room and to the side of her bed. Again the tears started falling. She hid her face in Rippers fur, who was trying to turn around to lick her face. "I'm so sorry!"

    Daisy couldn't see Mikko as she entered, but shifted as her familiar voice met her hearing. She sat up, ignoring the compressing pain that enveloped her lungs as she forced her body to move. The tears were once again falling as she wrapped her arms around Mikko, squeezing her weakly. It took her a moment to acknowledge the fur ball in her arms, causing the tears to intensify as she realized what must've happened to her precious Mojo.

    Mikko looked up at Daisy and set the puppy down to hug her. "It's ok now...Spike's dead...I ...I killed him." She explained crying even harder in Daisy's shoulder.

    Chris went over to the bed and gently rubbed Mikko's back, soothingly. He really didn't have any other way to comfort her at the moment. Words failed him...

    When Mikko draped herself over Daisy, Kendall wasn't expecting that at all. In fact, he barely got out of the way before he was crushed as well. But he never moved too far away from Daisy. He still had bodily contact with her at all times. He figured the girls might want a moment to themselves, but Kendall wouldn't leave Daisy's side.

    Even if she could find her voice, Daisy wouldn't know what to say to that. She was certain that Spike was the one responsible for nearly killing them. He took their home..nearly killed her unborn daughter, and had killed her Mojo. But she knew how much Mikko loved Spike, and how difficult this must be for her. "I'm.. glad you're safe.." She managed to say, mustering what strength she had to tighten the embrace. "Love you."

    "Love you too." Mikko managed in-between sobs, but they were interrupted by Rippers barking at Daisy's bag. She looked up and corrected the puppy before someone came in, but then she heard a smaller whimper coming from the bag. "I think you have a stowaway."

    Daisy's gaze traveled in the direction of the whimpers, her eyes growing at the sight of the tiny pup as she popped her head out of the bag. "Oh.. my god... Mojo!" She exclaimed, earning her a violent fit of coughs. But she couldn't help it. She was so relieved that her puppy was okay! She just wished that she could reach her...

    Ripper sniffed at the little dog, trying to figure out just the the hell the thing was, a toy? yeah probably a toy. But then it moved BY IT'S SELF! Ripper quickly backed up, lifting it's paw and trying to squish the tiny dog's head down.

    Chris stood back and let the girls reunite. Then he looked down and saw Ripper staring intently on Daisy's bag. He looked questioningly at the pup and saw something moving in the bag. He shook his head in disbelief. 'It couldn't be...could it?' he wondered, then sure enough, Mojo's tiny head poked through the opening. Oh my god... He smiled but then frowned when Ripper saw fit to try attacking the poor thing. Chris acted quickly and scooped up the tiny dog and held her out to Daisy. "Heh...lookie who's here..."

    Thankfully Chris saved Mojo from the bigger puppy. She graciously took the tiny pup into her arms, hugging her gently. "" She smiled weakly at Chris, and removed her mask to place a series of light kisses against the tiny pup's head.

    Mikko went over to the corner of the room and sat down, Ripper walked over to her and curled up in her lap. "We might have to go back to the clinic for a while..."

    Kendall sat there, smiling at the happy reunion. It was looking like everything was falling into place again. But then Mikko mentioned the clinic and he frowned. With his background, he wasn't sure he would be accepted. Even under an alias name. They had to know all sorts of things about people, didn't they? And Kendall had plenty against him. But one thing was for certain: he would NOT leave Daisy.

    Daisy frowned deeply at that as she placed the mask back over her face. She didn't want to go back there. Especially because it wouldn't be safe for Kendall. "We could... call JT?" But then she remembered. Mikko's brother was dead. A tear slid down her cheek as she hugged Mojo. "Maybe.. Lexi?"

    And that comment made Mikko, once again break down in tears. "No...Lexi can only help us get...into the clinic...I'll think of something" She whispered.

    Serenity knocked on Daisy's door and poked her head in again. "Is everything ok in here. Oh you have visitors!" Then she saw the puppies and smiled brightly. "Cute puppies!"

    Chris frowned and hugged Mikko. He hated seeing her so upset. If he could, he'd take all her pain away. Pain all of them were going through...whether it was physical or mental. They all needed each other. They were still family in a way and they needed to be there for each other. And that's what Chris was going to do. He knew that Daisy and Kendall were pretty tight, but he and Mikko, he felt, still seemed kind of distant. But he would still be there for her.

    All of the uncertainties were making her sad. And seeing Mikko like that. She inwardly kicked herself for mentioning her brother. But then Serenity peeked in, and Daisy managed a small grin at the woman.

    Mikko stared out in front of her, looking at nothing and petting the dog. She didn't acknowledge the girl the walked in, or Travis or even Chris when he pulled her close. It was like none of them were there. Her brain silently snapping, her mind no longer able to handle everything that had happen. She shut down.

    Serenity walked in and closed the door, she walked over to Daisy and petted Mojo. "I have lots of free time...So I thought I would come in here and maybe, paint your nails or something, if you like."

    despite their homeless predicament, and the heaviness that seemed to hang thickly in the air, Daisy managed a small grin at that. "I'd like that.."

    Serenity smiled and dug in her purse. "I have red, pink, purple or blue polish. what one would you like?"

    Oooh, that would be easy! "Pink!"

    "Pink it is!" Serenity sat down and started painting Daisy's nails, chuckling at the puppy that just had to get a close up view of what she was doing. "Maybe after, your little doggie would like his nails done too."

    Chris wasn't getting a response from her and that worried him. "Mikko? You alright, babe?" He frowned deeply and took her hand in his, massaging the back of it with his thumb. "Babe? Can you hear me?" he asked, letting her hand go and slipping his arm around her again, pulling her close once more. "Mikko..." he whispered and moved his hand to her cheek, desperately trying to make eye contact with her.

    But Mikko wasn't responding. Other then the petting of Ripper, there was no movement, no reactions. When Chris turned her head to look at him, she made eye contacted, but she wasn't really seeing him.

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    Re: Final Embrace

    Post by Mikko on Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:52 pm

    Daisy smiled at Serenity, and watched attentively as the young woman painted her nails. She really wished she could lose that darned mask. She chuckled quietly as Mojo inspected her handiwork. "Oooh.. she'd look cute with pink nails!"

    Chris sighed and just held Mikko close. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know how he could help her. It was as if she was an empty shell. He decided he would stay right beside her and wait for her...however long it took. He realized the trama must have been too much for her and would need some time to bounce back. With his free arm, he rubbed her back in slow circles, watching for a reaction.

    Serenity smiled at that and nodded. "Well paint your toe nails, then move on to the little pup." She finished up one hand and moved on to her other hand. "ooooh and I can braid your hair, just because you're in the hospital doesn't mean you can't look cute"

    Mikko was showing no sign of any reaction, her sign that she even knew someone else was there was the slow petting she was giving Ripper.

    Daisy noticed Mikko's blankness, causing her to frown deeply. She knew her sister had gone through a lot. They all had. But especially Mikko. Her attention was soon drawn back to Serenity, and she smiled. "I'd... like that!" She was still having problems breathing, but the mask was doing it's job, soothing her aching lungs. But her features turned serious as she recalled what she'd overheard one of the doctors talking about. "Is.. my baby gonna be okay?"

    Serenity smiled again, but frowned at Daisy's question. "Oh...I don't know. I'm just a volunteer here. But I'm sure your baby will be just fine." She said a little more cheerful and rubbed her belly. "Girl or boy?"

    She smiled at Serenity's reassurance. "It's a girl." She answered proudly. "Little Zoe.. but I'm hoping.. there's a boy in there, too.." But then, a small frown crept across her lips. "I just.. don't know where we're gonna go.. where I'm gonna raise her. "If I go.. back to the clinic... they'll take her from me."

    Kendall frowned deeply at that. They would take Zoe from them? That couldn't happen. It was one of the things keeping Daisy going through all this. Kendall WOULDN'T allow that to happen. Not if he had anything to say about it...

    Serenity frowned at that. "You don't have a home?" Then it clicked, Daisy was in a fire according to her records. She looked around the room, they must all have been from the same house. She looked back at Daisy. "I...have an extra room at my place. You can stay there until you get on your feet." Because she wasn't about to let a mother and child be homeless.

    Daisy perked up at that. Serenity was gonna let her stay with her? She could only imagine how much fun she would have with this girl. She seemed so nice. "Really? I can.. stay with you?!" A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth, but she did have one concern. "Can..they stay too?" She asked, referring to her 'family'. "We can.. all stay in one room. You won't even know we're there.."

    Serenity looked around, of course she would let the boyfriend stay. But the other two? She wasn't sure, the purple haired girl looked a little out of it, maybe in need of some psychiatric help, and the man with the baby...well...She couldn't say no to a baby. She looked at Daisy and bit her bottom lip then finally spoke. "I think...your friend may need" She said, careful with her words. "But...yes they can stay too."

    It was a huge weight off Daisy's chest. She would have a place to stay. She would be able to keep her baby. Grateful for this girl's kindness, she threw her weak arms around her, giving her a light squeeze. "Thank you so much!" And she glanced at Mikko, frowning deeply. "I think.. she needs a doctor.." She suggested to Chris.

    Serenity hugged the girl back. "Oh and of course the animals are welcomed to, I think my little pups would love the company." she looked back over at Mikko and Chris. "There's a very good psych ward on the third floor. I to someone if you like."

    Chris, for the first time in a long time, looked away from Mikko and nodded to Daisy. "Yeah, I think so." Then he gave Serenity a grateful smile. "That'd be great, thanks."

    serenity finished Daisy's nails and started to lightly blow on them to dry them faster. "I'll go talk to them now." She said as she stood up from the bed. "And I'll be right back to finish your toe nails."

    "Oh.. you have pups too?" Daisy asked, excited that she would get to meet them soon. She gave a small nod as Serenity stood from the bed, preparing to get Mikko some help.

    Serenity nodded to Daisy then headed out the room. She wasn't sure what had happen to cause the purple haired girl to seem so distant. But she had volunteered enough in the psych ward to recognize something was wrong. She headed to the third floor and explained as best she could what was going on then soon returned back with a female nurse.

    Daisy watched her go, and spared Mikko another concerned look before looking at Kendall. "At least we have a place to stay.."

    Kendall had just been there sitting silently and listening to the girls talk. He also didn't know what was going on with Mikko but he couldn't get around very well to try comforting her. It looked like Chris had it covered anyway. He was indeed relieved when Serenity offered to help them with a place to stay. In fact, he was ecstatic! This was better than he could hope for! He looked at Daisy and smiled brightly. "Yeah. It's great, babe!" He took her hand again and gave it a light squeeze, being mindful of her wet nails.

    When the nurse walked in she went over to Mikko and knelt in front of her. She then looked over at the man next to her with the baby. "Do you know what triggered this?" She asked, trying to get Mikko to show some kind of response.

    Serenity went back to Daisy and sat on the bed again. She pulled out a hair brush and started to brush Daisy's hair. "Is she your sister?" Serenity asked, nodding to Mikko.

    Daisy smiled at Kendall, but the nurse soon grabbed her attention as she checked on Mikko. She tried to think back, to what had triggered this, but she didn't know. She really wished that she could unhook herself from all the wires, and go to Mikko's side. At Serenity's question, she gave a small nod.. but then hesitated. "Not by blood.. but she's the closest thing to a sister I've ever had." She answered sadly.

    "Sometimes those are the best kind of sisters." Serenity said as she started putting Daisy's hair in two braids. "I'm sure she'll be fine." But she wasn't so sure, physical damage and emotional were two completely different things.

    Chris shrugged. "Not exactly. She's been through a lot in the last few days," he answered with another shrug. It definitely could have been trauma...

    "I hope so." She whispered sadly, remaining as still as possible so that Serenity could braid her hair.

    The nurse nodded and lifted Mikko to her feet. Mikko didn't fight with the woman and let her lead her to the door. Ripper tried to follow but the nurse was quick to stop him. "No little one you stay here." She said then looked at the others. "I'm taking her the psych ward." She then looked at Chris. "You might want to come to answer some questions."

    Serenity finished Daisy's hair then held up a mirror so that she could see herself. When the nurse spoke she turned to give Mikko one more look and scooped up the puppy that was trying to follow his new owner.

    Chris nodded and carefully stood up. "'Kay." Then he glanced at the others. "Would someone mind watching the kid for me until I get back?" He knew it was a somewhat inappropriate request, given the condition of most of the people in the room, But it would be so much easier if he could have his arms back. Not to mention they were TIRED from holding him all this time. But he really didn't have anywhere to lay him down.

    Daisy smiled in approval at Serenity's handiwork. "Now that we'll be living together.. you'll get to work your magic often!" She smiled, but frowned as Mikko was led out of the room. Her eyes began to tear, wishing she could go with her.

    Serenity smiled and nodded at that. "yeah! We can have slumber parties and everything!" Then Chris asked about the baby. She turned to him and held out her arms. "I can watch the little one till you get back." She volunteered then looked back at Daisy. "awww I'm sure your sis is fine. she just needs some rest."

    The nurse led Mikko out of the room then headed for the elevator. "Well get you some fresh cloths and toss these out for you ok?" The nurse said sweetly.

    That seemed to trigger something and Mikko wrapped her arms around herself, holding on to the bloodstained hoodie. No one was taking this from her.

    Chris smiled at Serenity again. "Thanks." He carefully laid Travis in her arms and shook his own arms out. "Whew... Feels good to have arms back again," he replied with a slight grin. Then he followed Mikko and the nurse out of the room, giving a wave to the others as he left.

    Now with a puppy in one arm and a baby in the other she smiled brightly. But soon had to set the large puppy down, who ran to the door to wait for Mikko. Serenity looked at the little baby and rubbed his cheek. "He's so cute. is that guy his daddy?" She asked, trying to learn more about the people she invited to live with her.

    Once Chris joined them, the nurse took them to the third floor and walked them both in a room, with a bed and a chair both bolted to the floor. The nurse grabbed some gowns, different from the other hospital gowns, these were all white scrubs with lose pants. "Change her into these, a doctor will be in shortly." She told Chris, hoping that he could get her out of the hoodie.

    Daisy was once again crying. Only moments before, everything seemed normal. They were all in one place, even if Mikko's mind seemed to be elsewhere. She hated the separation, and knowing that her sister wasn't well. But she found comfort in Serenity's words, and watched her with little Travis. "Do.. you have kids?" She asked. The girl seemed so natural with them.

    "No. Not yet." Serenity answered her. "But I want kids, at lest three." She smiled at Daisy and sat on the side of the bed.

    Daisy managed a small grin at that. They young lady was so friendly and cheerful it was hard staying sad around her. "What's your boyfriend like?" She really hoped that her man wouldn't mind them staying with her.

    Serenity chuckled a little. "No boyfriend. It's just me and the two pups, the cat, the chinchilla and at the moment a raccoon."

    Chris nodded and went over to Mikko with the clothes. "Come on, babe. You need to change. You can keep those, but you have to put these on," he tried reasoning with her. Not that he thought it would help...

    Mikko pushed Chris away and hopped on the bed, huddling in the corner. She wasn't changing, she wasn't letting these cloths leave her body, it was all she had. At lest she was responding to something...

    "No.. Chris isn't the daddy.." Daisy finally answered, remembering Serenity's question. She had been too emotional before. "His daddy wasn't a very good person. He killed Mikko's brother.. but then he got killed tonight. He caused the fire.." But then she was distracted by Serenity's comment.. "wow.. a racoon?"

    " wonder she seems to messed up. The nurse might want to know all of that." Serenity said, then smiled at again at Daisy's enthusiasm about the raccoon. "Yeah! I foster rescue animals. sometimes I have snakes, other times dogs, and one time I even got deer!"

    Daisy gave a small nod at that. Indeed, the doctors might want to know all that. But surely Chris would tell them. She felt her heart melt as Serenity mentioned that she rescued animals, and fostered orphans. "Awww.. I can help you with that!"

    Chris sighed in exasperation. He wasn't giving up that easily. "Dammit, babe, would you please do this for me? You can hold onto that if you want. But please...just change into this...for now? Please!" He wasn't much into begging, but he was hoping maybe it would have an effect on her.

    Serenity grinned. "that would be great! I could use all the help I can get. Oh! and I'm a baker. so we can totally make muffins and cakes and all kinds of things!"

    Mikko shook her head and stood huddled in the corner. Soon the nurse came back in with the doctor,"not making much progresses uh? We'll let her settle down a bit, then worry about the changing." The nurse closed the door and the doctor sat on the chair. "I'm doctor Trahan.Tell me. what all happen that led up to her condition?"

    Daisy smiled at that. She could already tell that she and Serenity would be close friends. They had so much in common. "Oooh. I can't wait!" She gave Serenity a one-armed hug, mindful of the baby, then leaned back against Kendall. "Thanks.. for saving us."

    "Your welcome." Serenity said returning the hug. "I couldn't just leave you out in the cold. Anyway. I could use the company." She smiled and rocked Travis lightly. Then grabbed a bowl, filled it water and placed it on the floor for the dogs.

    Chris sighed deeply and explained the events the best he could...leaving out a FEW things. "Her brother was killed by someone she was also close to. And his death followed after our home got torched by him. He wasn't a very good person, but Mikko really liked him for some reason," Chris explained with a shrug. He didn't want to tell them that Mikko was the one responsible for Spike's death...even though that was a major factor in her emotional status for sure.

    The doctor jotted all that down in her notes. "I need her full name. and..." She looked over at Mikko. "I'm guessing by her cloths that she was there for this guys death?" She had seen the news of Spike's death, but still wasn't putting it together.

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    Re: Final Embrace

    Post by Mikko on Fri Mar 12, 2010 3:46 pm

    Daisy smiled at her. Indeed, they had gone through a horrible night, but it seemed that fate had brought her to this hospital, where this wonderful, unselfish woman worked. She was feeling tired, her lungs sore from their exertions, and the countless questions, and conversation she was holding. But despite her fatigue, she tried to continue the chatter. "What's.. your doggies names?"

    "tank and Tonka." Serenity answered. "Maybe you should get some sleep now, the more you rest up, the faster you can get out of here and the sooner you can see your room."

    Indeed, sleep was sounding better by the second. Her body was just too tired to keep up with her mind. She gave a small nod. "Okay.." She curled up on the bed beside Kendall, trying to make herself comfortable. "Are they Yorkies?" .. one more question couldn't hurt...

    "No, maltase." Serenity used her free hand to tuck Daisy in.

    Chris nodded. "Yeah, her name's Mikko McKinnon," Chris explained, figuring it was better not to lie to someone like this doctor. She could probably see right through his lie if he did.

    The doctor wrote that down then stood up. "I'll be right back" With that bother her and the nurse left Chris and Mikko alone.

    Mikko stood on the bed huddled in the corner.

    Chris watched the nurse go then turned to Mikko. "Babe? Can you hear me?"

    Mikko glanced over at Chris, her blood shot eyes meeting his. her body trembling, both from the cold and her emotional state.

    "Heh.. little cotton balls.." She managed a tired grin at Serenity, suppressing a tired yawn. Her eyes begin to flutter, but she just wasn't strong enough to struggle with consciousness.

    "Mmm hmm." Serenity sat down on one of the chairs with Travis. She rocked him and sang softly to the little boy while she waited for Chris to come back.

    Chris frowned and walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her. It was killing him that he couldn't help her through this. He felt her shivering and glanced around the room, spotting an extra blanket at the foot-end of the bed. He only left her side for a moment to retrieve it then returned and put it around her. "Better?" he asked, not really expecting an answer while she was in this state.

    Mikko huddled in the blanket, pulling it over her head. "I want...Ripper." She whispered quietly.

    Countless hours had been spent, going through old photo albums as she searched for pictures of Gabriel to display at the memorial that would be held tomorrow. It was a painful process, unearthing emotions, feelings and memories. She sat in the middle of her bed, photos surrounding her. Precious moments immortalized, it all seemed so distant. Like a dream. She sobbed quietly as she pulled another from the protective clear cover of the album. A shot of Gabriel, holding a one week old Isabella. Even in his awkwardness and fears, he looked so natural. The tears came harder. It all seemed so unfair. He had a natural gift, and yet-- he would never get the chance to be a father. Her thoughts shifted to his two babies that would never know him, and her heart broke for them. And now, she would never get the chance to share with him the secret that had nearly killed her. The small screen of her cell phone had been flashing for hours, but in her emotional state, she just now noticed it. She wiped at the tears as she reached for the tiny device, squinting her hazy eyes to recognize the number. She was hesitant to return the call, but a nagging voice in the back of her mind insisted. Though, a part of her would always hold Mikko responsible, she knew that Gabriel would want Mikko at his memorial. She was a part of his family. A part of his heart. She would do it for him. After trying to compose herself, she dialed the number, and waited for Mikko to answer.

    Chris barely caught her request, but definitely heard the word 'Ripper'. At first it took a few moments to remember who that was, but then it hit him: the dog! He looked at Mikko and nodded. "Okay. I'll see what I can do." But before he could say anything else, he heard Mikko's cell ring. 'Who could that be...' he wondered and pulled out the phone, checking the caller ID. It read Lexi. So she was calling him back...good. Feeling some relief that it was a friend, more or less, he answered. "Hello?"

    Mikko jumped at the sound of her phone ringing. She smooched herself as close as she could to the wall, hiding herself completely with the blanket like a child hiding from the boogey man.

    "May I speak to Mikko?" Lexi requested, her tone drained from the countless hours of crying.

    Chris glanced over at Mikko to see if she was in any condition to even form complete thoughts at this point. And Chris didn't think so. "I'm not sure you can. She's in the middle of a meltdown," he explained, frowning deeply in worry.

    Of course, Lexi had no way of knowing of all that had happened. Her T.V. had been turned off after seeing a a piece on the news, showing clips and pictures of her own meltdown, back at the hospital. She figured Mikko's trauma had something to do with her brother's death. Maybe it was finally hitting her. She sighed deeply at that. "Just let her know I returned her call, and that her brother's funeral is tomorrow."

    Chris nodded again. "Okay." He was a little surprised that Lexi didn't ask what exactly was wrong, but he knew both girls were suffering from recent events. Only Mikko got a double-whammy... But keeping in mind of Lexi's mental status, he asked her, "How you holding up?"

    Mikko finally dared to peek out of the covers at Chris, but she made no effort to move from her spot. The shadows that she started to see were making her nervous. She had to get out that room. She had to get way from 'them'! Mikko jumped up and bolted to the door, trying to get it open.

    Chris' frown deepened when he saw Mikko bolt from the bed and try to get the door open. He quickly covered the mouthpiece of the cell and called out to her. "Mikko! What's wrong?" Now he was getting scared. First, she had no response whatsoever, then now she's running away from invisible demons. He was fully prepared to run after her if he needed to. He just hoped he didn't have to. If she got out, who knows where she would go?

    Lexi wasn't expecting the question, figuring they didn't care what she was going through. Mikko hated her, so she expected them all to. "Barely." She answered honestly. "I guess it'll just take time." She wiped at her tears, and continued going through photos. She still had so many preparations to make, and she wasn't mentally strong enough to do this on her own. But she had no other choice. But then, she heard Chris' calling out to Mikko, and her brows furrowed in confusion. Obviously this was a bad time, for both of them.

    But just as she got the door open the doctor caught her and brought her back to the bed. "Mikko. you have quiet the record." She said letting the girl go. She flipped through her papers. "dating Timothy black...I thought you looked familiar, you were on the news about an hour ago, huddled over his body." She looked back at her papers "And you had a child with him." She sat back down and was quickly putting everything together. "We're going to send you back to your doctors at the asylum ok?"

    Mikko's eyes widen at that. "NO! THEY'LL KILL ME! THEY'LL RIP ME APART!" Of course no one wanted to do that to her, but she completely believed that the monsters she was seeing would kill her as soon as she was alone...locked up.

    At this point, Chris was only half-listening to Lexi's reply to his question. He still had the phone pressed tightly to his ear, but his mind was more focused on Mikko now. To his relief, the doctor was there to intercept her before she could get far. Then came the part he was dreading--but knew it was coming after he gave the doctor all that information about Mikko. It was only a matter of time before the connected they dots. He had forgotten he was still on the phone while he listened to Mikko's fate. If she went back there, then they were back to square one about Travis. They would take him away from her for sure. Even if Chris found somewhere to live, he wasn't financially stable enough to raise a child. No matter how much he wanted to. Still with the mouthpiece covered, he moved over to Mikko again and put a hand soothingly on her back. "It's gonna be alright, babe. They'll help you get through this." Something Chris wished desperately that he could do. Guess he'll just have to leave it to the professionals now. He would figure something out in the meantime.

    Lexi's brows furrowed, unable to make out what was going on. Obviously it was a bad time. But at least she had done her part. She had given him the message about the funeral. That weight was off her chest, knowing she had done what Gabriel would've expected of her. Figuring Chris was too distracted to hear her 'goodbyes', she hung up.

    The doctor stood up and looked over at Chris. "I expect that you will take care of her child." She said, figuring that Chris was either the new boyfriend or brother. "We'll Have someone come in in a moment to sedate her and get her in some new cloths." She told Chris as if Mikko was no longer there. Then she left.

    Mikko ran to the door again and frantically tried to get out.
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    Re: Final Embrace

    Post by Christopher on Sun Mar 14, 2010 4:32 am

    Chris' jaw literally dropped after hearing that. He could keep Travis? A man with shady history, no home, and no job? He couldn't believe that. And at the same time, he was grateful. But he still felt terrible for Mikko. She'd be going back to that awful place. Then he was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard the dial-tone from Lexi hanging up. 'Oh, shit...sorry Lexi,' he thought as he closed his phone. So much had been going on at the time, he'd forgotten he was on the phone.

    Finally getting the door open, Mikko bolted out of the room and ran down the hall. She had to find her dog. it was the only thing that she was worried about, Travis hadn't even crossed her mind. She needed Ripper. Ripper would chase away the monsters. She had no idea where she was and was in a panic, but in her panic she managed to find the stairs and hurried up them.

    Chris whirled around again when he heard the door. "FUCK!" he swore loudly and told the doctors he would be back. He had to go chase Mikko down.

    Mikko ran up two flights of stairs before running through a door that led to a hallway. She quickly walked down the hall, peeking in every window, trying to find the room she was in.

    Without another word, Chris took off after her but lost her when he made it to the stairwell. "Damn..."

    Not seeing the room she had came from, Mikko headed back to the stairs and ran down a flight of stairs then entered that hall, only to be caught by one of the nurses. Her screams echoed through the halls as they gave her shot to put her at ease then strapped her on one of the gurneys. The doctor had hopped that she would willing go and get help. But it looked like that wasn't going to be the case.

    Chris heard the scream and headed in the direction it came from. "Mikko..." He hoped she was okay and didn't fall down a flight of stairs or something. With her mental instability, anything was possible at this point.

    Mikko was finally calming down, her eyes getting heavy under the strong medication. She struggled one last time to free herself from her restraints but then gave into sleep.

    The Doctor saw Chris when he ran into the hall. She went over to him and laid a hand on his shoulder. "We're going to be transferring her now." She said, still under the impression that Chris was related to the woman. "You'll need to fill out some paper work."

    Chris was slightly out of breath from his mad sprint down the halls. When the nurse stopped him, he looked over at Mikko sadly and nodded. "Okay."

    The doctor led Chris back to her office as mikko was being wheeled away. Once there she sat down and handed Chris papers to fill out with his and Mikko's information. "We'll bag her cloths and give them to you if you like." She said. "I'm sure that this break down is caused by some severe trauma, possibly something that threatening to happen for a long time now. I'm sure that the doctors at the institution can better treat her. Any questions?"

    Chris went with the woman to her office. He was a nervous wreck himself, but was doing a good job of hiding it. He took the papers from her and nodded to her question. "When can I see her?"

    "You can see her before she leaves. and after that, is up to the asylum." The doctor answered.

    Chris nodded again, not really liking it but had no choice but to comply. He sighed heavily and got ready to leave the room. "Is there anything else I need to know?"

    She took the paper work and stood up. "Not that I can think of." She answered then lead Chris to Mikko. Mikko was laying sleeping in the bed, restrained and in a hospital gown. The nurse handed Chris a bag with all of Mikko's cloths in it then left the room. "I'll give you a moment." The doctor said then she too left the room, closing the door behind her.

    Chris once again followed the nurse and frowned deeply. He was having a serious case of Deja vu. Taking a deep breath he took the bag of clothes and headed over to Mikko, but kept his distance at first. "'re gonna get some help." He decided to take her hand and gave it a light squeeze before he continued. "But I'll be with you as much as I can while you're getting better, okay?" Then he leaned over and planted a kiss on her forehead. "I love you, babe."

    Mikko's eyes fluttered open and she looked up at him tiredly. Small beads of tears falling from the corner of her eyes.

    His heart broke at seeing her tears. Sure, he'd seen her cry many times in the last few days, but this time it cut really deep into him and he lost his composure. "I'm so sorry, Mikko," he managed to choke out. He held back a small sob and brushed some hair out of her face.

    Mikko closed her eyes and and turned her head away from him. She gave his hand a light squeeze and fell back to sleep just as the nurses came in to take her away.

    Chris gave her a sad smile and squeezed her hand back, not really wanting to ever let go. He was on the brink of an emotional breakdown himself now. He'd lost nearly everything in the fire...material possessions, anyway. Things his family had given him over the years that held significant sentimental value to him.

    And soon Mikko was rolled out the room. Taken to the hospital for the criminally insane down the road. The doctor walked up to Chris. "Maybe you should have something to calm your nerves."

    Chris had a hard time letting go of Mikko's hand but finally did when he was forced to. As in when they were wheeling her away. He couldn't speak...didn't know what to do. He knew he should get back to the other and report the latest news to the others, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. Not yet.... Then the doctors voice cut into his thoughts and he shrugged. "Dunno what that would be..."
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    Re: Final Embrace

    Post by Serenity on Mon Mar 15, 2010 3:03 pm

    After the nurse gave him some pills to calm down, Chris took off for Daisy's room again. Boy, he had a lot to tell them. And he was dreading it. How could he explain that to Daisy? After everything that poor girl has been through, probably the last thing she wanted to hear was her 'sis' was back in the mental clinic. He was having enough trouble trying to convince himself that. Along with the fact that it was for her own good. He, himself, HATED that place. It would be strange going back there again. And even more awkward, considering he had pretty much escaped from there, anyway. Would they try locking him up again too? In a way, he was SOMEWHAT looking forward to that possibility so he could be with Mikko again. Then his thoughts turned to Travis. What would happen to him? More than likely, he would be sent away. And he promised Mikko he would take care of him. So no...he couldn't go back. And now Mikko had a dog that she didn't seem to fear. That was a definite improvement. Soon he was entering the room again, his thoughts once again turned to the present...and how to tell everyone what happened.

    Serenity had fed and changed Travis, now he was sleeping peacefully in her arms, Ripper laying by her feet. Everything was so quiet in the room and she hoped that everything was alright with that Mikko girl. though she had to admit, she was a little nervous about letting the girl stay with her. But then Chris walked in the door, she looked up and Ripper ran to him, looking around him, expecting Mikko to come in behind him. "Is everything alright?"

    Chris bent over and scratched the pup behind the ears when Ripper came up to him. "Sorry, boy. Mommy's going away for awhile," he told the dog before looking up at Serenity. He sighed and shook his head. He could feel the emotions welling up again, but did his darnedest to hold them back. But he was still unable to speak and answer her question, verbally.

    Ripper happily accepted the attention but stood sitting, watching the door and waiting. Serenity frowned at Chris. "She'll be ok. She just needs some rest, all of you do. I'm sure you've all been through a lot."

    Chris looked at her and nodded. "Yeah," he managed to choke out. Then he glanced over at Daisy and Kendall who were sound asleep. He took another deep breath and let it out slowly. "I need to tell them..."

    Serenity stood up and gave Chris a one arm hug then slowly let him go. "why don't we let them rest for now...We can head to my place with the dogs and get you all set up in a room."

    Again, Chris nodded. "'Kay..." He looked over at Travis and smiled slightly. "How's the kid?"

    "he's good." Serenity said and handed the baby to Chris. "let get home so you can get some sleep." She scooped up the dog and looked over at Daisy. "Should we take her little fluff ball?"

    Chris graciously took Travis from her and nodded. "Yeah, I think we should."

    Serenity nodded and carefully picked up Mojo. " Ok lets get out of here." She said and headed out the room.

    Chris glanced down at Travis and smiled. He felt much better just holding Travis. He looked up again, glanced at the two sleeping forms on the bed again, then followed Serenity out of the room. "Thanks again, Serenity. We really appreciate it," he told her sincerely as he walked with her down the hall.

    Serenity led him outside to her tiny car. "It's no problem at all." She said with a smile. Once at the car she set the two dogs in the back seat then slipped into the drivers seat. "So...You and Mikko are together?"

    The first time Chris was asked that, he really didn't know, himself. But after everything that's happened, he really did believe they were closer now. He smiled a little more and nodded. "Yeah...I think we are," he replied, sliding into the passenger seat. She even told him she loved him. That had to count for something...right? Oh, he really hoped so!

    Once he was in she drove out of the parking lot and headed to her apartment. "It's not to far." She said and glanced in the back seat to make sure that Ripper wasn't using Mojo as a chew toy. But he was sitting quietly looking out the window. "That's going to be a big dog."

    Chris couldn't help but chuckle at that. "Yeah, and the funny thing is, Mikko's scared of dogs. Not sure how this one slipped into her comfort zone," he answered with a shrug.

    "You never know. Losing two people you care about, your home, almost losing your family. Maybe she needed something to hold on to, and the puppy came along just in time." Serenity said then smiled at Chris. "Or maybe he chased her monsters away."

    "That could be..." Chris agreed. "I'm happy for her, I really am."

    Serenity pulled into the apartment parking lot and parked the car. "Here we are." She chimed and got out. She grabbed the dogs from the back seat and lead Chris to her place.

    Chris got out of the car and followed Serenity inside and looked around. "Not too shabby..." he said, nodding in approval.

    "thanks." Serenity said and let the dogs go. And soon her two fluff balls ran up to the new comers to sniff them out. Ripper simply bulldozed his way to the couch and hopped on it making himself at home. "Let me show you your room." Serenity led Chris to one of the spare bedrooms. She opened the door and inside was a large wooden framed bed. A dresser, closet and desk. "This is your room. I hope it's ok."

    Chris continued following Serenity to 'his' room and looked around. When she asked him if he approved of it, he nodded. "Yeah, this is a lot better than what I used to have at the place that burned down." Then he looked over at her and gave her a genuine smile. "Thanks a lot."

    Serenity smiled back. "Your very welcome. Are you hungry?"

    Chris had to think about that. He couldn't remember the last time he had eaten anything, but due to all the stress recently, he wasn't really missing food. His appetite had been squashed on more than one occasion. that she mentioned it... He nodded. "A little," he confessed, gently laying Travis down on the bed, making sure he kept him in the center where he wouldn't fall off.

    "I'll go cook something." Serenity said then headed to the kitchen. The dogs, all but Ripper, following her every move, along with the raccoon. She started pulling out things to make a home made soup.

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    Re: Final Embrace

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