Starting Over and Revisiting Old Haunts

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    Starting Over and Revisiting Old Haunts

    Post by Kendall on Thu Mar 18, 2010 10:51 am

    Serenity had woke up early that morning, fed all the animals and cleaned out the second spare bedroom for Daisy and Kendall. After everything was done, she made some breakfast for Chris then headed back to the hospital. She wasn't volunteering that day, but wanted to see how Daisy was doing and if she was getting out today. She bought a stuff bear and a balloon then went to Daisy's room. "Knock knock. I come bringing gifts."

    Chris had woken up earlier than usual, this morning. And he didn't sleep great to begin with. He was worried about...well, lots of things. He wasn't used to sleeping alone anymore either. After hearing Serenity stirring around in the kitchen, he pulled on some pants and a shirt and exited the bedroom. He greeted her as cheerfully as he could and happily at the meal in front of him. One of the best meals he's had in a while. He chose not to go to the hospital with Serenity and just wanted to kick back and relax with the baby who was still sound asleep. But he was due to wake up at any time now.

    Daisy had been sleeping, still curled up next to Kendall on the hospital bed. Keeping him close was the only way she felt safe. She needed to see him at all times, to be certain that he was safe. She was still wearing the bothersome oxygen mask, but the doctor had promised her that she would be weaned off of it later that day, and with any luck, she would be able to leave the hospital that night. The soft knocks managed to pull her from the depths of sleep. Her eyes slowly fluttered open, and she struggled to sit upright.Her gaze fixated on Serenity who came bearing gifts, a huge grin spread across her lips.

    Mikko had gone through a lot last night. She was poked and medicated and tested and evaluated. her bed had been taken from after she sliced her wrist with the beds springs, and now she just had a mattresse on the floor. She sat on the window still and looked out the window on to the streets.

    Serenity smiled back and handed Daisy the bear and set the balloon next to her. "How are you feeling?"

    Kendall had been sleeping comfortably next to Daisy. Unlike Chris, he slept much better...especially by Daisys side. Although he was unaware of what Mikko was going through. The soft knock slowly pulled him from his sleep and he opened his eyes, then glanced at the door. He smiled at the newcomer and gave her a small wave.

    "Breakfast time Mikko!" Said a voice from the other side of the locked door. A small slot on the door was then open and a tray of food was pushed through. Mikko looked over at it then looked back out the window, mumbling to herself and pulling the wings off of the flies that were in her room.

    Daisy took the bear into her arms, hugging it tightly. It was comforting to know that even though she had lost almost everything in the fire, she had this bear. And, she had made a new friend. She nuzzled the top of the bears head, peeking up to meet Serenity's gaze as she asked her question. "My lungs still hurt, nut much better than last night." She informed, and offered her a warm smile. Despite everything that had happened.. she could still smile. That was just Daisy. "I might get to go home with you tonight!"

    Serenity sat on the bed and giggled at Daisy. "Awesome! I got your room all ready for you, and your little dog is settling right in. Maybe we can have some take out for dinner." She waved back to Kendall then looked back at Daisy. "Mikko had to go to another hospital for a while." She said, figuring that it was best to just get this bit of info out the way.

    Daisy's tummy grumbled at that. Obviously, she was famished. "Mmm.. take-out sounds awesome." She smiled at Serenity, but it faltered a little when she mentioned Mikko. "Is.. she okay?"

    "She's...Going to be. They just had to bring her somewhere to get help. I think everything that has happen has been to much for her." Serenity smiled a little. "Maybe you can visit her soon though."

    Kendall just laid there, listening to the two girls chattering. It was sounding like Daisy was becoming more like her old self again and that made him smile. But he, too, frowned a little when Serenity mentioned that Mikko was in another hospital for awhile. He slowly sat up and rubbed Daisy's back soothingly. "She'll be fine, babe. Just give her some time, alright?" he told Daisy, trying to be reassuring. He knew a little bit about Mikko's predicament, but nowhere near the whole thing. He had other things on his mind at the time.

    Daisy gave a small nod at that, partly understanding. Mikko would be okay, she just had to be. Daisy hugged the bear tighter, her gaze still fixated with Serenity's. "What kind of take-out are we getting?" She asked, needing to change the subject. Her own emotional state couldn't afford to deal with too much right now. Kendall's soothing was certainly helping. She smiled at him, pressing a soft kiss against his kiss before looking at Serenity, smiling thoughtfully. "You like Twilight? Maybe we could have a movie night.." And she still wanted to see Finding Nemo..

    Serenity thought about that then smiled. "What ever you want. your choice. And yeah we can watch twilight. I have New moon too."

    Mikko's quietness wouldn't last long. Her emotions were building up, medication was wearing off, and the shadows were back. Her eyes darted around, peeking out from behind her messy hair. She scurried on her bed and huddled in the corner. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" She screamed, holding her head and rocking back and forth. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!!!" Her guilt over whelming her, Spike's voice vivid in her head, yelling, screaming.

    Anything she wanted? That certainly made her happy. But what to choose. But her thoughts were distracted by Serenity's comment. "Oooh, I hear that one's full of Jacob goodness... awesome!"

    Serenity laughed. "Yeah it is. He makes a cute puppy. But I'm still team Edward all the way. Well...More like team Jasper really." She ruffled Daisy's hair. "And as for dinner. you can have what ever you want. You want cake for dinner then I'll make you a cake."

    "Edward is cute.. he's all sparkly and stuff. But, I'm totally Team Jacob. I'd rather snuggle with something warm than a rock-hard, cold guy." She said, smiling. "I mean, I like Edward. I reeeeally like him. But Jacob vibrates." Her smile grew a little wider. And wow, she was getting cake? "I'd love that!" And once again, she was left trying to narrow down what she was craving. "Lasagna?"

    "Yeah that's true. And Edward would be wanting to eat you the whole time." Serenity chuckled at the vibrating comment. "Naughty. Oh! Lasagna sounds good. we can have that and I can make the cake too!"

    Kendall just leaned back and listened to the girls chatter once again. Yup, Daisy was definitely feeling better. Slowly and carefully he sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed.

    "Maybe I can help with the cake." She smiled. Though, her definition of helping would be licking the batter from the bowl, and the icing. And then, she noticed Kendall scooting towards the edge of the bed. "You gotta pee?"

    "Ooooh a baking buddy! That'll be awesome." Serenity chimed. "I hope that they let you out of here soon."

    Kendall looked over his shoulder at her and grinned, shaking his head. "Nope. I was just gonna go back to my room for a sec. I still have all my stuff in there," he replied and, using the IV rack, hauled himself to his feet. Perhaps on the way, he WOULD use the restroom now that Daisy mentioned it.

    She would've followed him, but was still feeling a bit too winded to move. Plus, she was enjoying Serenity's company. She watched him go, then returned her attention to Serenity. "Maybe we could have strawberry cake?"

    "Sure! With real strawberries and LOTS of whipped cream!" Serenity added. She watched Kendall go then turned back to Daisy. "I think we're going to have lots of fun!"

    Kendall, slowly but steadily, made it back to his room--with a quick stop to the restroom on the way. Then he went over to the closet and slowly dressed his lower half. He knew he would need to have the IV removed before he could take the gown off and put his shirt on. But still he felt better having SOME of his own clothes on again. They had been washed, but they still had holes in places from the intense heat and small flames that licked them while he was trying to escape the burning building. Satisfied with his state of dress, he carried everything else back to Daisy's room, still carting that IV thingy around.

    Daisy smiled, and nodded in agreement. "Yeah, and I can't wait to meet your racoon! Does he have a name?" Her attention shifted in the direction of Kendall, glad that he had returned....though, she was kinda bummed that he was now wearing pants. "Are we leaving now?" She asked hopefully.

    "His name is Skippy and he's only a few months old." Serenity hoped that they were leaving soon. She would like to get everyone settled in as soon as possible.

    Mikko's cries started to pour out into the hall outside of her room, she was making some of the other patents upset and the nurses entered her room. Mikko didn't look up at them, she just kept shaking and crying. "GO AWAY!" She screamed. Not at the nurses, she didn't even know they were there, but at 'them'. One of the nurses took the opportunity to give Mikko a shot to calm her down. She looked up and shrieked when she felt the needle enter her arm, it took all three nurses to hold her down until she calmed down.

    Kendall shrugged, not really knowing the answer. "I hope so, babe." He went back over to the bed and sat down on the edge, wrapping an arm around Daisy. "So, did I miss anything while I was gone?" He grinned broadly.

    "Aww, I can't wait to meet Skippy!" She smiled at Serenity, and her attention shifted to Kendall. She gave a small nod, and flashed him a cheeky smile. "Yeah, Jacob, the cute wolf-boy came streaking in here, butt naked.. you so missed it.."

    Serenity sat down on the chair beside the bed. "Tomorrow if you feel up to it, you can come hang out at work with me. you'll get free food."

    "Awwww darn. Maybe next time," Kendall said in amusement and patted her back. Truthfully, he could have cared less about it but decided to humor her.

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    Re: Starting Over and Revisiting Old Haunts

    Post by Mikko on Thu Mar 18, 2010 2:01 pm

    ((That night Daisy gets out the hospital and sees her new home))

    The day had been full of ups and downs. Mikko's meds had to be upped as her conditioned seemed to get worse. They tried to talk to her, but she wasn't responding, not verbally anyway. She would go were they told her, and wasn't fighting the doctors. So they finally let her out into the common room with the others. She sat on a red chair by a table alone. She watched the others walking around, playing games and watching the TV. Her attention then turned to two girls who were sharing glances at her and laughing.

    The day seemed to drag on, mainly because Daisy was looking forward to getting out of the hospital, and seeing her new home. But it had finally came, a huge grin spreading across her lips as the doctor worked with removing her IV's. And it seemed little Zoe was doing much better. Once she was unhooked from everything, she was given some clothes, which she quickly changed into, not caring that they were too big. She was just so happy to be getting out!

    Serenity was happy too. She had stood at the hospital with Daisy the whole day. It was nice talking with her, she was growing very fond of the young girl and was eager to show her her new home. Once Daisy was ready, Serenity helped her carry her things and opened the door for her. "must be nice to have all that stuff off of you."

    Kendall remained by Daisy's side the entire day after he had left to gather his own things from his room. He ended up falling asleep next to her again while the girls were still conversing. But now he was wide awake and very happy to get out of there. He was all ready to go since earlier that morning and it was finally happening! The IV was removed, and he was getting the hell outta there! With Daisy, of course. And their new friend...

    The girls finally joined Mikko at the table. This cased the nurses to stay on high alert, some of them were there for the crayon incident. She looked at the two through the hair that covered her face, her body tensing up. "You're the girl from the news uh?" One of them finally spoke. Mikko didn't answer them, she just continued to glare. "Yeah. you were the one that was crying over that guy." And with that both girls started laughing and mockingly imitated the tears that they saw on the TV. And that did it. Mikko leaped up from the table and grabbed one of the girl's hair, slamming her face down onto the table hard. Mikko managed to hit the girl twice before she was dragged back to her room. But she left the girl with a broken nose, busted lip and missing teeth.

    "Yeah! I was starting to feel like a pin cushion!" Daisy replied as she headed for the door, holding Kendall's hand. "I can't wait to see your house.. and all your pets!"

    "And I can't wait to show you!" Serenity lead the two out the hospital and to her car. A little green beetle. She looked over at Kendall and chuckled a little. "it might be a tight squeeze for you, sorry."

    Kendall just shrugged. He was getting out of the hospital. That's all that mattered. "Don't bother me. I'm just glad to be outta there," he replied, pointing behind him in the direction of the hospital.

    Serenity helped everyone in the tiny car then slid in the drivers seat. "Everyone ready?" She said, making sure that all arms and legs were inside the car and doors were closed. She flipped on the radio and rap music poured through the speakers as she drove off to the the apartment.

    "Oooh, nice car!" She complimented Serenity, then lightly punched Kendall's arm. "Punch bug!" She sang, playing an old game that Kendall probably had no idea about. She slid into the back seat. She quirked a brow at Serenity's choice of music. It kind of reminded her of Mikko. "Do you like Justin Timberlake?" She asked randomly.

    "Justin? he's ok." Serenity answered. "I might have some other music if you don't like this though."

    "No, that's fine!" Daisy assured. "Justin's dead, you know.." Obviously, she was still convinced that Mikko's brother was the famous pop-star.

    "Ummm..I didn't know that. Read that in the paper or something? It was probably a rumor or something." Serenity said getting closer to the apartments.

    Daisy shook her head a bit sadly. "No, he was really Mikko's brother, but I guess they were keeping his identity secret or something.. he was really nice, though. I got to meet him!"

    Kendall grinned at her. Yeah, he was a little familiar with the game. And...for punching him in the arm, Daisy would need to pay the consequences...playfully, of course. Although...where she hit was a little sore from one of the burns. But he wouldn't let that ruin Daisy's fun. He just sat back and enjoyed the ride, somewhat anxious to see their new living quarters...

    "I...Don't think Mikko's brother was Justin." Serenity said a bit confused. "I think the paper said something about a gang, and a man named Gabriel." She finally pulled up to the apartments then turned to the two. "You all in a gang?"

    Yeah, that's what everyone kept telling her, but he certainly looked like Justin to her! But she let it go, a bit taken aback by Serenity's question. "Me? Oh.. nonono..I'm not in a gang." She smiled. "Mikko is, though. Well, was."

    Serenity nodded. Daisy certainly didn't seem like someone who would be in a gang, Mikko however, did. "Ok here we are!" She hopped out the car and helped the two out then lead them to her place. "You will be attacked by crazy puppies. just a warning."

    Daisy followed closely behind Serenity, eager to meet her puppies.. and the racoon!

    And soon the door was open, and sure enough, The dogs and raccoon ran to the door to meet them. Ripper once again plowed through everyone, looking for Mikko. Serenity reach down and petted everyone and walked inside. "Make yourself at home."

    Daisy stepped inside, and it was like something out of one of her dreams! She was greeted by the dogs, and the racoon. But of course, the racoon had her full attention. She had never seen one in person. living the sheltered life she had. "Oooh, he looks like a little bandit!" She scooped the little guy up, giving him a gentle hug.

    Serenity smiled at them, watching the raccoon sniffing Daisy's face. But she frowned when she saw Ripper still sitting by the door, waiting for Mikko. "That poor dog." She looked over at Chris. "Maybe they'll let you bring Ripper in to see Mikko."

    Kendall shook his head to Serenity's question. No, he wasn't in a gang, but being an escaped convict probably wasn't high on Serenity's list either. It was better just telling her he wasn't in a gang and then drop the subject. He didn't want to admit it, but it was really snug inside the car. And he wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing, to be honest. But now that he was out, he gave a mighty stretch and followed the two girls inside. Once inside, he saw Chris and Travis hanging out on the couch...or rather Chris SLEEPING on the couch with Travis laying on his chest, an arm wrapped protectively around him. He watched Daisy with the critters and smiled. Same ol' Daisy...

    Chris woke up when the others came in and blinked sleepily at them. He was a bit surprised to see them this early but really had lost track of time anyway. He was trying to catch up on some of the sleep he lost last night. Sitting up carefully, he held Travis against him with one arm and greeted the others with his free arm in a small wave. "Hey." He shrugged at Serenity's comment. "Maybe." Although he wasn't too sure about that himself.
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    Re: Starting Over and Revisiting Old Haunts

    Post by Serenity on Fri Mar 19, 2010 2:13 pm

    "Well when ever you all want to go see Mikko just let me know and I'll take you." Serenity said and headed to the kitchen. "But I'm sure everyone is hungry." She started pulling out pots and pans and setting them on the stove. "If you want we can bring some food to mikko. I'm sure whatever they're feeding her sucks."

    Still holding to the little racoon, Daisy followed Serenity into the kitchen, watching her every move. The mention of Mikko made her hopeful, they were going to go see her? A huge smile ran across her lips. Yeah, maybe we can take her something yummy..

    Serenity smiled at Daisy and nodded. "Yeah!" She started pulling out the ingredients to make a cake. "I think you made a new friend." She told Daisy nodding at the raccoon.

    The guys stayed behind and let the girls converse in the kitchen. Kendall went over to the couch and sat down next to Chris. "So, how are you doing?" he asked, looking straight at him.

    Daisy smiled, and hugged the little racoon a little tighter. She was already attached to the little booger. "So, what are we making?"

    Chris looked at Kendall and moved over, giving Kendall more room on the couch. "M'okay..." he answered with a small shrug. It had been trying for him, for sure. Last night had been awful. He may have felt a little better being in a safe, warm place, but it still felt empty without Mikko around. Whenever the girls--and maybe Kendall as well--were ready to go visit her, he would be first in line to get outta there.

    "We are making a white cake, with a pineapple filling and cream cheese frosting." Serenity chuckled when she heard the raccoon make a little peep noise then start nibbling on Daisy's hair. "And while the cake is in the oven, we are going to make a cheese stuffed pasta shells with alfrado sauce."

    "Oooh, I know my hair can't taste that nummy!" Daisy chuckled at the little racoon, but didn't seem to mind. She flashed Serenity an even wider smile. "Mmm.. that sounds good! But, how do you get the pineapples in the center?"

    Serenity pulled out two cake pans. "You make two round cakes, and then after the two cakes are cooked, you put the pineapple on them then put the two cakes together, like a sandwich." She explained as she started mixing all the ingredients together. Soon they were joined by Tank, Tonka and Mojo, Ripper laying by Chris' feet.

    Kendall sensed there was something off about that statement, but didn't press the issue. He knew things had to be difficult for him, considering how close he and Mikko had gotten. He gently laid a hand on Chris' thigh, giving it a little pat. "Everything's gonna be fine, you'll see." He looked down and saw Ripper down by Chris' feet. "You have some powerful help..."

    Chris chuckled a little at that carefully leaned down and scratched Ripper behind the ear. "Yeah."

    "Ooooh.." Daisy was curious now, not to mention hungry. She released the racoon on the floor, allowing him to join his 'doggy pals', then moved closer to Serenity, watching her as she worked. "Need any help?"

    "Sure. You can start stuffing the pasta if you want. Then we can get this done faster and go see Mikko sooner." Not that Serenity was looking forward to going to the nut house, but she knew that they were and didn't want to keep them waiting longer then they had to.

    Daisy quickly washed her hands, and got to work stuffing the pasta. She hadn't done a whole lot of pasta-stuffing in her time, but figured there wasn't many ways you could mess this up!

    Serenity smiled at Daisy. "You're a natural at this." She complemented then stuck the cake in the oven. "Everything should be done in about a half hour then we can go see your sis."

    Daisy finished up the pasta, then took a seat at the table, running her finger through the left-over batter. She licked it from her finger as she waited anxiously for the food to get done. She couldn't wait to see Mikko, and hoped that she could come home with them.

    It wasn't a long wait, but it gave Serenity the chance to show Daisy her room and where everything was in the apartment. Then once the small tour was done she pulled out a picnic basket and started putting plates in there. She was going to put forks and knives but then remembered where they were going and opted out of that. instead she would just package everything so that they could eat it with their fingers. After that, she took the cake out of the oven and put the filling it then turned to Daisy. "Almost done. then we can leave."

    And Daisy was enthusiastic about the tour. "You have such a lovely home!" She complimented Serenity, and once again thanked her for all that she had done. Then she helped Serenity pack, eager to go visit her sister.

    After a quick frosting job and cutting the cake in slices, Serenity packed the cake too. "All Set!" She went over to the others. "Ready to go see Mikko now?"

    Chris and Kendall made a little small talk while waiting for the girls to finish up. And Chris was feeling much better. It was really nice to be around friends--old and new. When Serenity addressed them, Chris nodded. He was more than ready to go! "Yeah. Ready..." He gave her a sincere smile and stood up, resting Travis against his shoulder.

    "Great!" Serenity headed to the door, shooing the dogs away so they wouldn't run out. "Are we bring Ripper?"

    Chris thought about it for a moment then nodded. "Yeah, I think we should, don't you? She's really attached to him."

    Serenity nodded. "Yeah. ok lets head out!"

    Kendall stood up from the couch and went over to Daisy, wrapping an arm around her. "Ready to go, princess?"

    Chris made sure Travis was ready before following Serenity out to her car. He called out to the others. "Bring Ripper with you, will ya?"

    "Mmhmm.." Daisy replied to Kendall, leaning up to press a kiss against his cheek, before scooping Ripper up into her arms, and following the others out the door, her free hand locked with Kendall's..

    Again Serenity helped everyone in the small car then hopped in the drivers seat. Making sure that everyone was settled in she took off heading to the asylum.

    Chris climbed into the small car and waited for the others. When Serenity took off for the asylum, his mind was a million miles away. He was anxious to see Mikko, but was scared at the same time to see what her condition was. When she left the hospital, she was restrained and in tears. It broke his heart. He was wondering what it would be like this time. More than likely, her emotional status wouldn't be much better...not this soon, anyway.

    Kendall assisted Daisy to the car and then climbed in himself. Another tight squeeze... He tried not to think about it and to be there for Daisy. He could only imagine she how must be feeling to see Mikko again.

    Serenity decided not to torture everyone with her rap music, and she didn't want to wake the baby. She was a little nervous about going to the asylum, last time she was there she was a patent. But, it's also where she learned how to back and made a few friends, so maybe it wasn't all bad...But. it was still the part of her life that she tried to hide from others. It was a short drive to the hospital, she parked in the front and looked up at the tall dark building. it was like something out of a batman comic. "We're here."

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    Re: Starting Over and Revisiting Old Haunts

    Post by Mikko on Sat Mar 20, 2010 1:37 pm

    Chris was snapped out of his thoughts when Serenity announced they were there. There...where? THIS is where she is? It looked like something out of a horror movie...minus the lightning. And that was the only redeeming quality for this place. If it always had this omnimous appearance, then he couldn't WAIT until Mikko finally came home. Only time would tell if this was better than the clinic.

    Serenity slipped out of the car and helped everyone out. She then grabbed the food and headed towards the door."I hope that they let us all see her..."

    Chris quickly followed Serenity out of the car, still carrying Travis against his shoulder. He would have gladly helped Kendall and Daisy with the dog, but he already had his hands full. Travis against one shoulder and the baby bag draped over his other one. No room for puppy. It was a bit ironic carrying the baby bag around all the time. Back when he first met Mikko, he had his own personal bag with him ALL the time. Between the bar, the shelter, and the burning building, however, he had lost it along the way. He just wasn't sure where. Since then, it had been all about Travis. He really loved the kid. Although it was nice to be able to turn him over to a friend for that brief time in the hospital. His thoughts then, once again, turned to Mikko. In her current state, would she even recognize them? Even her own son? He knew how much Travis meant to her. Especially recalling the brief events in their apartment after he revealed one of his biggest secrets to her. That certainly could have gone better. Luckily, things worked out..for awhile. He really had Spike to thank for her emotional breakdown. The bastard...

    Serenity walked up to the desk at the front. She smiled sweetly to the lady, who, recognized Serenity. She explained who everyone was and why they were there. She was able to find out that Mikko was in the mid level floors. Bottom level was for children and adults with minor issues. Top was for the criminally insane and where Mikko was, was somewhere in the middle. the lady of course had to check everyone's bags even the baby bag, the dog presented a problem, but only for a moment. And finally they were allowed to go see her. Serenity smiled at the others then followed one of the nurses to the meeting room. A small area that was used for visitors. "I'll go get Mikko. you all wait right here." There was a table and some chairs, and even some bean bag chairs on the floor. Serenity took a seat at the table and pulled everyone's dinner out while they waited.

    Kendall's opinion of the place pretty much mirrored Chris', but he kept those thoughts to himself. He was grateful to Serenity for taking time to bring them here to see Mikko. He knew Daisy would want to go. Sure, he liked Mikko too...a lot, but he just didn't have the connection with her that he used to. So here they were...her 'family'. Kendall helped Daisy out of the car and followed Serenity and Chris, the Mastiff puppy safely in Daisy's arms. Kendall had his own arm around the girl to make sure she didn't stumble on the way inside. She was still recovering from the dog bite and Kendall didn't want to take any chances. Once inside, everything was checked for security purposes and the thing that caused them the most trouble, was taking the dog in with them. But Serenity explained the situation and soon all of them were on their way to see they're friend/sister.

    Mikko was sitting in the corner of her cell when the nurse came in. She looked up at the lady then returned to what she was doing. "You have visitors." the nurse said. That erned Mikko's attention. She didn't say anything but let the nurse help her up and guide her to the room with the others. Once there Mikko looked around at everyone and went straight to the beanbag chair. As soon as she sat down, Ripper ran up to her. She wrapped her arms around the pup and buried her face in his fur, peeking up at the others.

    Daisy was eager to see Mikko. With Ripper held protectively in her arms, she followed the rest into the building, though it made her a bit uncomfortable. This was an asylum, but was it that much of a far cry from where she had spent most of her life? Once Mikko came into view, Ripper began wiggling within her grasp, trying to get to Mikko. Daisy placed the pup on the ground, and watched happily as the dog made a dash straight for her. "Hey, Mikko!" Daisy greeted, and stepped closer, as if nothing was ever wrong..

    Mikko's eyes shifted to Daisy as she got closer. She watched the blonde closely but didn't say anything.

    Chris watched her come in and stood up from the chair he was sitting in. He saw Ripper come over to greet her and smiled gently. Despite the situation, at least there was someone that could get her to respond. Now was the test: would she recognize her son? He slowly went over to her. "Hey, babe," he greeted her cautiously. "You remember him?" he asked holding Travis out to her slightly, but still gave the baby enough support. And also if things turned ugly he could pull him closer again to protect him.

    Serenity took out the plates and looked over at Mikko. "We have some food if you want some." She offered and looked at the others a little worried. Was Mikko going to attack them, did she even know who they were?

    Daisy took a seat on the floor, a foot away from Mikko, and slowly began to edge closer. How are you feeling? Serenity made food!"

    So many people were talking to her at one time, the girl was getting closer and now a baby was being handed to her. She knew who they all were, on some level, though they seemed like such strangers. Like she was seeing them through a fog. She looked over at Travis and tears began to pool at the corner of her eyes, he looked so much like his father. That she killed. and who had been screaming endlessly in her head. She backed away from everyone a little, trying to get some air.

    And that was enough to bring Travis closer to Chris again. He frowned deeply. That certainly wasn't the reaction he was expecting. However he had no way of knowing just WHY Mikko had moved away from him. He took it as she didn't recognize him. He decided to give her her space and sit down again in his chair, watching Mikko carefully.

    Serenity fixed Mikko a plate and slowly pushed it toward mikko. Of course the dog seemed more intrested in it then Mikko did.

    Kendall was also watching Mikko like a hawk...especially when Daisy was within a couple feet of her. He really didn't like her reaction to all of them and with Daisy so close, he wasn't sure he could trust Mikko not to hurt her. He kept his distance since it seemed like the more people around her, the worse she became. But he was more than ready to step in if he needed to protect Daisy.

    Mikko let Ripper eat her food, her attention turning back to Daisy. She reached out to the girl and touched her hair. then grabbed a strain of her own hair. The purple was fading leaving light blond streaks. She looked back up at Daisy as if trying to figure her out.

    Daisy didn't seem too concerned. She smiled at Mikko as she 'compared' their hair. "Not too much different, huh? ..and, your dog is eating your food.."

    "Mmm...That's ok." Mikko whispered and petted the dog. She looked back at Daisy. Then down at the tattoo on her thumb. It seemed to click who the girl was. "Crazy Daisy...Did...They lock you in here too?" She ask, her voice still low and a bit shaky.

    Daisy shook her head at that, a small frown tugging at the corners of her lips. "No.. but as long as you're locked up here, a part of me is, too. So you gotta get better so you can come home. Serenity have a nice place, and it's roomy!"

    Mikko looked at Serenity then at Chris and Kendall. So many people. And they were all here to see her? "my head hurts." She said as tears began to stream down her cheeks. 'He wont stop yelling at me."

    As Mikko broke, Daisy moved in closer, placing a comforting arm around her. She hugged her gently, hoping that she knew that she was there for her.

    Mikko didn't stop Daisy nor did she return the hug. She just looked at the others, watching them as they watched her, like some animal in a zoo. Was that all they were here for, was to stare at her, watch her fall apart, add to her torture? She deserved it though. They were homeless because of her, they all almost died because of her, Gabe and Spike were both dead because of her. And now their voices haunted her night and day.

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    Re: Starting Over and Revisiting Old Haunts

    Post by Mikko on Mon Mar 22, 2010 3:17 pm

    And Daisy allowed her arms to drop, when Mikko didn't return the gesture. She frowned in confusion, obviously not understanding.

    Mikko pushed Daisy away and hissed at her, she then turned to the others and did the same to them, backing herself up into the corner. Ripper laid down next to her, seemingly unfazed by her sudden change in behavior. She grabbed her aching head. "Shut up! Just shut up!" It was then that her doctor came in and sat with the others.

    Kendall watched everything and when Mikko snapped, he moved to Daisy's side and placed himself between her and Mikko, eying Mikko carefully. He never noticed the doctors come in. He was fully focused on protecting Daisy.

    Chris watched from his spot and tensed when Mikko lashed out at...whoever. He looked over at the doctor and gave them a pleading look.

    The Doctor looked at them all, trying to figure out who they were, but soon focused on Chris seeing that he was the one holding the baby. "It's fine." He told Kendall with out looking at him. "I'm Dr. John Ryan. Mikko's primary doctor here." He looked around at the others and helped himself to one of the pasta shells. "Mikko believes that she is solely responsible for the death of her brother and boyfriend. She hears their voices in her head, that's who's she's yelling at to shut up. She also believes that no one is safe around her, causing her to push people away who get to close to her. We did have one incident today, Mikko broke a girls nose in the common room. Other then that, we haven't seen much aggression." He paused for a moment. "Any questions?" He asked and looked over at Mikko who was now relaxing a bit.

    Boyfriend? Spike was her actual BOYFRIEND?! Chris felt a pang of jealousy go through him at that. That fucker didn't even care about her! Or so Chris thought. He always assumed that it was a one-way relationship at the most. Before the anger got the better of Chris, he tried to focus on a few other things...namely Mikko's health status. He didn't really have any questions at the moment. But he was still trying to piece everything together.

    Daisy stepped back as Mikko snapped at her, now peeking out from behind Kendall's protective form. He listened as the doctor explained everything, the tears welling up in her eyes. "When will she be okay again?" She asked in response to the doctor's question.

    The doctor looked over at Daisy and gave her a nod. "We are confident that with the right medication and therapy, she will recover from the traumatic events that's caused her melt down. Having friends with her I think will help that process."

    Mikko watched them all silently then carefully, like an dog trying to steal scarps from the table. She crawled behind Chris and grabbed a slice of cake odd the table, sitting on the floor with it and eating it quickly.

    Having Mikko sneak up on him like that, startled Chris, but he soon smiled when he saw her go for the cake. At least she was eating something. That in itself, was an improvement.

    Serenity quietly listened to the doctor, she felt really bad for Mikko, being stuck in here with her nightmares. She watched as mikko grabbed a slice of cake and pushed another slice close to her in case she was still hungry.

    Kendall relaxed a bit after Mikko moved away. Then he crouched down and took Daisy in his arms. This was so hard for her to deal with. And the last thing she needed was to be under more stress with a baby. He kissed the top of her head then turned his attention back to Mikko, watching her. He had to admit, he felt bad for the poor girl, but at least she should be getting some help.

    Daisy relaxed in Kendall's arms, keeping her saddened gaze on Mikko. She was exhausted, still feeling unwell from her ordeal, and now had this.. which she still couldn't fully understand. Her mind just wasn't that complex, to understand it on the same level as everyone else. She appeared much like a scolded child, seeking comfort from Kendall. She just wished that everything was 'normal' again. She hated seeing Mikko this way, hated feeling that her sister hated her. She just continued to watch, not knowing what to say.

    Mikko finished her first slice of cake then grabbed the other, but then she saw Daisy watching her. At first she tried to hide behind one of the chairs, but seeing that that wasn't working she slowly held the piece of cake out to Daisy. "Want it?" She said harshly her throat dry and sore.

    The doctor watched on and took down notes. "This is the first time we've heard her talk sense she got here. looks like you all are already doing some good."

    Chris smile broadened. This was great news! So if Daisy could get through to her, then he wondered how long it would be until he could. But taking things slow would probably be best. And he could wait as long as he needed to...

    Daisy watched her closely, really not knowing what to do as Mikko offered her the cake. She looked up at Kendall for reassurance, then back at Mikko. After a moment, a small grin tugged at the corners of her lips, relieved that Mikko had actually talked to her. She slowly reached out, taking the piece of cake. "Thank you... but aren't you hungry? We've got stuffed pasta, too.."

    Mikko kneeled and peeked over the table then looked at Daisy. "I'm not that hungry." She said. She gave a tired smile back, but still kept her distance from the girl.

    The doctor looked at mikko then the others. "The other problem Mikko has is sleeping, she only sleeps if we make her sleep with meds. Other then that she refuses to close her eyes."

    Kendall remained right by Daisy's side, holding her close while she tried to control her emotions. A small smile tugged at his own lips at Mikko's offer to Daisy. He sensed the danger had passed for now. And this small amount of progress on Mikko's part was an encouraging sign.

    Chris frowned at that. He knew it wasn't a good idea for Mikko to have to rely on sleeping pills to aid her in slumber, but he could imagine that her nightmares plagued her, even when she was awake. So more than likely, she was afraid to go to sleep because it might make things seem even more real. Chris could relate to that situation, once upon a time, ago.

    Mikko grabbed Ripper and went back over to the bean bag chair. She curled up with the dog, but kept an eye on everyone in the room. The Doctor again spoke up. "I'll let you all finish the rest of your visit in peace. You have about another twenty minuets then it's time for her nightly meds. After that she'll not be much company." With that he walked out the room. Mikko looked after him then looked over at Daisy. "I don't...Want the meds..."

    Daisy was relieved to see that smile, and eagerly returned it. But her expression shifted as Mikko informed her that she didn't want the meds. She waited for the doctor to leave, then whispered to her. "Hide them under your tongue." She replied. "That's what I did.. back at the clinic.."

    "It's a shot." she told Daisy with tears in her eyes. Then, in a brief moment of clarity she looked right at Chris. "Take me home."

    Chris was completely taken aback by her request. It was almost as it...did she recognize him? His heart really broke when she asked him that. He knew she wouldn't be released for at least a few more days. And that was if she continued getting better. He looked sadly at her. "Babe..."

    Mikko teared up she huddled back in her corner and held her head. "Please...get me...out of here..." She cried closing her eyes tight and trying to block out the voices.

    Chris frowned deeply. He wanted more than anything to take her away from this place. But he knew that if she didn't get help here, then she wouldn't ever. These people here were her best shot of getting through this. He moved closer and put a hand on her shoulder. " need to get better. These people can help you." It really hurt to say those words, but it was the truth. Chris couldn't do this alone. The support of family and friends had finally brought her back to some degree, but she still had a long way to go.

    Mikko didn't argue anymore, her moment of clarity had ended, once again she got quiet. The only sound that escaped her lips where small whimpers, painful whimpers. The voices were louder now, they told her horrible things. No one cared about her, and the ones that did she killed. She balled up more in her corner sobbing,

    Swallowing thickly, Chris moved away just enough to lay Travis down briefly. Then he went over to Mikko and tried to hold her. "Babe, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, Mikko..." He was once again, fighting back his own tears. He just didn't know what he could do.

    Mikko let him hold her, sobbing against him. She was so tired,and everything hurt. She was hungry and thirsty and sick. "He...He told me...He love me...It was...His last..words.." She said through sobs, then clung to Chris. "Don't...Leave me...Too"

    And the dam broke... Chris let the tears slide down his cheeks. To hell with his pride! He held on to her tighter. "I promise, I'm not goin' anywhere, Mikko." He gave her a kiss on her cheek and tried to meet her eyes.

    Mikko looked at him as if she was seeing him for the first time. She slowly nodded and wiped her face off. "I love you." She said before planting a kiss against his lips. She then curled up in his arms. pulling Ripper closer to her and closed her eyes.
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    Re: Starting Over and Revisiting Old Haunts

    Post by Christopher on Wed Mar 24, 2010 10:17 am

    And, Daisy just listened on with tear-filled eyes, wishing she knew how to make the situation better. But even she got down sometimes, and this was one of those times. She had nothing quirky to say, nor could she muster her trademark smile. She was spent. She was curled up against Kendall, feeling the fatigue settle in.

    Seeing both the girls falling asleep, serenity started picking things up. "Maybe we should go now. let Mikko rest and Daisy too."

    Hearing Serenity caused a wave of panic to rush over Mikko. Didn't Chris just say that he wouldn't leave her? He's wouldn't...would he? She opened her eyes and clung to Chris, looking around at everyone else. She did NOT want to be left in there alone.

    Kendall held Daisy close. Poor girl was just so overwhelmed...again. It seemed to be a common thing for her these days. He really wished there was something he could do to help her. All he could do was be there for her. And that was definitely without hesitation. He looked up at Serenity and nodded. "Yeah, maybe we should," he replied in a whisper. Although it would be difficult carrying Daisy out of here without waking her up. And he was content to stay right where he was and having her in his arms.

    Chris was taken aback by Mikko's clinging to him. He knew that he would have to leave at some point, but he couldn't just yet. Especially since Mikko was holding onto him desperately. He held onto her tightly and kissed her cheek. He was still a little shocked by the kiss she gave him that seemed to come out of nowhere. No, if Mikko wanted him to stay, he would for as long as he could. He really didn't need to be anywhere else at the moment. The only hitch...he had no other ride. Making up his mind, he looked up at Serenity. "If you guys wanna go, go ahead. I need to stay here." Then his gaze turned to the sleeping Travis. Where would he stay? It was one thing to have another adult stay with Mikko, but a baby? He frowned deeply and looked back up at Serenity. "Travis...can you take him for me? I need to stay here."

    "I don't think they're going to let you stay." Serenity said sadly. she picked up Travis and held him close. Just then the doctor came back in, sure enough, it was time for them all to go.

    Mikko teared up when the doctor came in. He gave them an apologetic look. "You can all come back in the morning." He informed. But before anyone could say anything, Mikko slipped the cell phone from Chris' pocket and tucked it in her cloths unseen. At lest now she could keep in touch with them through the night.

    Daisy soon gave into her fatigue, drifting off into a much needed slumber. Her fingers curled into Kendall's shirt, unaware that visiting hours were now over.

    Chris was upset. He knew he couldn't stay, but he was really hoping they would made an exception. Guess not. He vaguely noticed Mikko take the phone from him, but didn't mind in the least. It was her phone, after all. With a defeated sigh, Chris looked at Mikko sadly. "Sorry babe." He gave her a tender kiss on the lips then a firm hug. "Love you." Then he slowly detangled himself from her and stood up, reaching a hand down to help her up.

    Mikko wanted to protest, to hold on to him. He said he wouldn't leave her! But she was just to tired. She returned the kiss and stood up with Chris' help, but she quickly scooped up Ripper, she was not letting them take the dog. She still paid no mind to little Travis. It was to painful, she couldn't even look at her baby and that hurt her deeply. The doctor was quick to go to Mikko's side. "I'm sorry but your dog can't stay." He said. But Mikko wasn't excepting that. She hugged Ripper tighter and growled at the doctor.

    Serenity had everything packed up and was waiting for the others by the door with Travis. She hoped that Mikko didn't cause to much trouble.

    Kendall, as carefully as he could, picked up Daisy and carried her bridal-style. He wasn't aware of Mikko's predicament until she growled at the doctor. Thinking she was unstable again, Kendall took Daisy far away from her. He joined Serenity by the door and waited.

    Chris hoped Mikko understood that he didn't want to leave her. He was basically forced. When he held onto the dog, he was hoping that they would let Mikko at least keep him overnight. She really needed SOMEONE that could offer her some sort of comfort. But apparently, the doctors didn't want her to have ANY company. He frowned deeply at that. He didn't blame Mikko one bit for growling at the doctors. He shook his head and looked over at the doc. "Can't she just have him overnight? He really means a lot to her," he tried. It may be a shot in the dark, but at least he could try. Mikko, despite her fear of dogs, really had a strong connection to him. He brought her out of her funk easier than any human could at this point. "Didn't you see how she reacted when he came in? Doesn't that mean anything to you people?"

    The doctor sighed deeply. "ok fine." Anything to calm the situations. It was against the rules but she was reacting to the dog more then she ha sense she got there, so he could write it off as part of her therapy. "Lets go Mikko, say goodbye to everyone." Mikko looked over at the others and sadly waved to them as she was lead back to her room. With Ripper.

    Chris couldn't believe it. He could stay? Really?! He couldn't keep the smile on his face over his victory. Even if Chris couldn't stay, Mikko still had some great company. He waved back to her, his smile fading when he saw her face. "I'll be back tomorrow. I promise," he said then turned to the others and joined them. He walked over to Serenity and took Travis and his bag from her. "Thanks," he said sincerely, carefully laying Travis against his shoulder.

    Once Mikko was back in her room, the door was closed and locked, leaving her alone in the dark room with Ripper. She sat on her bed, Ripper quickly joining her. She petted the pup and gave him a hug, crying against his fur. It took her a bit, but she collected herself then pulled out the cell phone. Her mind went to Gabe again, and his funeral, that she was going to miss. Or had missed. She wasn't sure. She didn't know about Spike either. But it greatly upset her that she wouldn't be there. She ran her fingers over the buttons of the phone before finally calling Lexi.

    Serenity handed Travis to Chris then lead everyone out back to her car. "We'll come back first thing in the morning." She promised them.

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    Re: Starting Over and Revisiting Old Haunts

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