10/26/11 -- Night -- April's House


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    10/26/11 -- Night -- April's House

    Post by Donatello on Fri Oct 28, 2011 9:46 pm

    Michelangelo: Mike grinned at her version of the story, snuggling close to her and nuzzling her neck. The meds were taking full effect, and try as he might to fight them, it was no use. "Mmm.. not the end." The sleepy turtle corrected, pressing a soft kiss against her neck. "It was.. only the beginning.."

    Fraya: Fraya let out a soft giggle and snuggled close to her man. "mmmhmm. We should adopt a puppy. We can call him nibbles." She said thoughtfully.

    Michelangelo: Mike gave a quivering grin at that, struggling with his fluttering eyelids. "Mmhmm..I wanna puppy.." He yawned. "We could name him Nibbles.. Bunk. You know.. Klunk ..Bunk.. it goes together.."

    Fraya: "Nibbles Bunk? cute." Fraya kissed Mike's nose and closed her own eyes. "Goodnight, sexy."

    Donatello: Don hadn't expected April to overhear their conversation but it saved him the trouble of asking her directly. But still it was slightly embarrassing for her to find out that way. He turned to April and gave her a grateful smile. "Thanks, April. I'll keep monitoring Mikey throughout the night." He bowed his head politely at her. "I really appreciate this."

    April: April gave Don a pat on his shoulder. "Don't mention it. If you need, there are extra pillows and blankets in the closet down the hall. I'm going to make some coffee. Want some?"

    Michelangelo: "We should get a Corgi.." Mike managed to say, and finally allowed his eyes to close. "Night..Smexy.." he whispered, before slipping into a much-needed slumber.

    Fraya: Fraya wasn't really tired. But tried her best to go to sleep anyway. She didn't want to get up and risk waking Mike.

    Donatello: "Thanks again," Don said, then perked up at the mention of coffee. "I would love some, thanks." He smiled at April then glanced over at Mike, whom was asleep as far as he could tell. He chuckled lightly then looked at Rini. "I'll let him rest for now. Would you like me to help you get things ready for bed while we wait?"

    April: April went to the kitchen to get the coffee started. Rini looked at Don and shook her head. "I've got it. You just sit down and relax." She told him and went off to get ready for bed.

    Donatello: "Okay," Don said reluctantly. He really could have used the distraction to settle his nerves but instead sat down on the chair close to Mike. He was mentally tired but he knew he wouldn't sleep soundly tonight. He had a job to do and would do it to his fullest potential -- for his brother. After the night was over, THEN Don would be able to truly relax.

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    Re: 10/26/11 -- Night -- April's House

    Post by Raphael on Thu Nov 17, 2011 2:26 pm

    After the disaster at the restaurant, Raph and Lexi got word from Leo about Mikey being injured. So, they decided to pay a little visit to April's place to see how he was doing. Continuation from: ::City:: Leo, the reluctant 'babysitter'. ~Oct.26.11~

    Raphael: "Yeah..." Raph agreed with a quick nod. He lead Lexi up to the door and knocked, somewhat loudly. He didn't know Mike had crashed on the couch otherwise he might have had mercy...a little, anyways.

    Lexi: Lexi winced when Raph began to beat on the door. She really hoped that no-one was asleep, otherwise that would have been a horrible way to be jolted from your sleep. She waited patiently, hoping that someone would answer the door soon, before Raph beat it down..

    Donatello: Luckily for Raph, Don was up for yet another monitoring session with Mike. He had already done this a few times during the night, so needless to say, he hadn't had much sleep. However, the knock startled him, causing him to shoot a worried glance at the door. They weren't expecting anyone, were they? Cautiously, Don moved over to the door, checking out the 'intruders' in the peephole in the door. At first he was in shock to see Raph and Lexi at the door, but figured someone told them about Mikey and they wanted to check on him. Without waiting another second after finding out who was at the door, he quickly opened it before his brother woke the whole house. "Jeez, Raph, do you realize what time it is?" he hissed, not upset about the visit, just the noisiness of their arrival.

    Lexi: Lexi gave Don an apologetic look when he opened the door, not approving of Raph's loudness, but thankful that they could now step inside. It was too cold to be standing outside, and she lived in constant fear of someone recognizing her and alerting the press. Plus, there was the issue of her mutant-boyfriend to contend with. The press would really eat that up.

    Raphael: Raph wasn't really up for apologizing at the moment, he was just glad to be inside a warm building again. As soon as the door was closed, he took off the uncomfortable clothing. "Where is he?" The red-clad turtle asked as he slipped his own coat over Lexi's shoulders until she warmed up enough.

    Donatello: Don side-stepped out of the way and gestured to both of them towards the couch where Mike was laying. "He's stable now." He kept his voice to a whisper then moved back over to his injured brother. "Thank you for coming," he added, keeping his eyes locked on Mikey.

    Lexi: Lexi was thankful for the additional warmth. She pulled the jacket tightly around her and walked with Raph over to where Mike was sleeping, curled up next to Fraya. The poor guy looked so pale, and seeing him like this made him seem even smaller and helpless than he really was. "Poor guy." She whispered quietly, giving Raph's hand a squeeze.

    Casey: Finally, April's house came into view, and not a moment too soon! Casey was now inwardly kicking himself for walking the whole way, but his truck had become a gas-guzzler, and he needed to cut corners any way he could. Besides, it was good exercise, and a vigilante needed plenty of that...

    Raphael: Raph gave a quick nod, taking in Mike's appearance. The guy looked like hell but was really grateful Don said he was doing better. He returned Lexi's hand squeeze.

    Donatello: Don was beyond exhausted, but he knew he wouldn't get much sleep if he didn't do at least hourly checkups. He was just that determined. He sat down in the chair next to couch Mike and Fraya were on, letting out a tired sigh. "Were you two planning on staying the night? I'm sure there's room in the back." He was trying not to let Raph's cold attitude bother him.

    Lexi: Lexi pulled her gaze away from Mike, looking at Don as he spoke. "Yeah.. if April doesn't mind." She said, but it seemed the woman was asleep. It would seem rude to just make themselves at home.. so maybe after visiting for a bit, they would head out, as much as she didn't want to. But they would worry about that later.

    Casey: Casey didn't even bother knocking. He twisted the knob, and to his surprise, the door swung open. "Geeze.. Ape, you really need to start lockin' yer door.. I coulda' been an assassin 'er somethin'.." He preached as he locked it behind him, but stopped in his tracks seeing the others. He was not expecting them to be here. Everyone looked worn. His gaze shifted to Mike.. the poof guy looked like he'd been on the losing end of a razor blade. "Jeezus.. what happened?"

    Donatello: Donatello was the first to speak up. "He fell off a roof and landed in some barbed wire. We were being chased by the Foot. Mike is the only one that sustained major injuries, thankfully." He knew it could have been so much worse. They were completely outnumbered and at a huge disadvantage from the beginning.

    Casey: "Well that sucks. You boys shouldn't be playin' on the roof without a lil' backup." Casey jabbed, trying to make light of the serious situation. He looked over at Raph, who obviously hadn't been with them during whatever had transpired. The fact that Lexi was with him just drove that point home. He placed the roses on the small end table long enough to wiggle free of his jacket, tossing it onto the recliner. "Don't tell me Ape's done hit the hay.."

    Raphael: Raph, however, was sure April wouldn't mind them staying. It was too late to call another cab and way to fuckin' cold to walk back anywhere. Not to mention, all he wanted to do was crawl into a nice, warm bed with the girl of his dreams. Probably way too tired to do much else. He lead Lexi over to another chair and helped her sit down then looked at Casey. "So, what have you been up to, ya bonehead?" He wasn't in the mood for the playful jab from the human.

    Donatello: "Sorry, Casey, she has," Don replied, rubbing his temple wearily. Not that he wasn't grateful to see his friends and family, but he certainly wasn't expecting it at this time of night. He tried to remain polite at least.

    Casey Jones

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    Re: 10/26/11 -- Night -- April's House

    Post by Casey Jones on Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:33 pm

    Casey: Casey sighed in frustration. He had gone through all this trouble to get April flowers, and she wasn't ever awake to get them. "Pffft. Figures... just friggin' peachy." Casey huffed. "I doubt these things will look this good come morning." He pouted, but soon his attention shifted to Raph, hearing that nickname." Yer the bonehead, Melon-top." He razzed, and placed the roses in a vase, then sat them on the end table. "Been at the hospital with Angel." He told him. "She's gettin' better.. but, she's a lil upset that you guys haven't been regulars." He shrugged as he reached for a piece of paper to jot down a note to April.

    Lexi: Lexi was grateful for the chair, but Raph was much more comfortable. She pushed him into the seat, then sat on his lap, listening as he conversed with Casey. So, Angel was still in the hospital, but making a recovery. She wasn't sure what she felt about that. Of course, she didn't want the girl to die, but Angel had given her absolutely no reason to like her, either.

    Raphael: ...and the guilt was back...for the umpteenth time tonight. Granted, Angel hadn't been the best company as of late, but still. He disregarded Casey's comeback and instead replied, "Yeah, 'bout that...you wouldn't believe how crazy things have been for us lately." Not that it wasn't an excuse, but it was hard to juggle EVERYTHING that's been going on. In his personal life or otherwise. Speaking of personal life... He wrapped an arm around Lexi's middle. It felt much better for him with her there.

    Casey: Casey wrote and scribbled over his words, starting over several times before finally putting words to paper. 'Hey Toots, I hope you like the roses. Sorry I couldn't afford a dozen.. but I gotta pay rent. Anyway, wish I could see you more often. Miss you. XoX~Casey' He placed the note beside the vase, then once again shifted his attention to Raph. "Crazy, huh? When is yer life never crazy?" He shook his head. "Was hopin' to see more of 'Nightwatcher' out on the streets...the city could really use him right now.." He said, his gaze briefly shifting to Lexi, but quickly averted, not wanting to come off as accusing.. well, not entirely, anyway. "But I guess he found a distraction."

    Lexi: Lexi sat there quietly, resting her head against Raph's shoulder. She was just so exhausted, but looking forward to having some alone time with him. She was trying to drown everything out, but caught the accusing look from Casey, and his words only added to the onset of irritation. She rose her head, staring daggers at the man. "If you really must know.. I haven't seen Raph in over a week." She hissed. "And it's really none of your business. 'Nightwatcher' can't fix all of the city's problems. He deserves a life, too."

    Donatello: 'Ohhhhh boy, this is going to turn out ugly,' Don thought after Casey's rash accusation. He was about to lay it out on the table about exactly what was going on, but Lexi beat him to it. The last thing they needed was ANOTHER fight. "Things have been busier than usual for all of us," he spoke softly, trying to ward off a pressure headache that was building. "Things haven't amounted to this much chaos in our own family for a while. Look at what happened to Mikey." He pointed over to his sleeping brother. "Just another victim of the craziness going on in the city. The Shredder made a powerplay with these new pills called 'Rubies'. Leo took one and even though they prove deadly, he was lucky and only ended up sick."

    Raphael: Casey was so close to getting a foot shoved up somewhere very unpleasant, but Lexi 'saved' the day. His gaze shifted to Donatello after hearing about their brother talking those 'rubies'. "What?! Why didn' anyone tell me!?" He was also hearing this for the first time. He KNEW something was off about Leo for quite a while, and now he was wondering if it could be blamed on those damn pills!

    Casey: Okay, so maybe his wording wasn't the best.. or hell, maybe his thought process was all wrong. Lexi was right, even though he didn't want to admit it. None of them could fix the city's problem, but it was hard watching it go to shit and being powerless to stop it. Everything that used to help before.. heroes.. were no longer enough. It was frustrating, and it made him feel useless and isolated.. alone. But now his irritation had pissed off Lexi, and no doubt Raph. "Open mouth, insert foot." He sighed, giving Lexi an apologetic look. "Sorry...that was uncalled for." He apologized, and flopped down into the nearest vacant chair, listening as Don spoke. Indeed, it seemed like they had gone through a lot, and it surprised him that Leo had taken those Rubies, and even more surprising that he had survived. "What?! Has Leo done lost his mind??"

    Donatello: "I've already talked to him about it, guys. I don't think he needs any more lectures from anyone else," Don said, trying to cool the tempers of the two biggest hotheads he knew. "He already admitted it was a bad idea." He glanced over at Mike, hoping all the yelling hadn't woken him up or his bed partner.

    Lexi: Lexi was still a little peeved, but at least Casey apologized. But it still stung to know that the man didn't like her much. She had made one mistake in his eyes, and that had seemingly deemed her unworthy of Raph. She secretly wondered if it was something more. If maybe he blamed her for taking his best friend away. That's what it sounded like, though, that wasn't the case at all. She hardly got to see Raph as it was. She too was shocked to hear that Leo had taken those deadly rubies. It certainly didn't sound like something Leo would do. But then again, how well did she really know the blue-clad turtle?

    Casey: Casey wasn't sure what to make of all this. But it was good to know that Leo now knew it wasn't a good idea...pfft. It just seemed out of character for Leo to take pills in the first place. He sat there for a moment, then finally decided that maybe he should go, before he ended up saying something else he would regret. As much as he wanted to hang with his old friends, it seemed this wasn't the time. He pushed himself up from his chair, and headed towards the door, half-tempted to just throw the roses in the trash. The night had been a total fail.. why would that aspect go right? But.. what the hell. He would leave them.. had to give someone else a reason to blow up on him tomorrow. "I'm headin' out. Night, guys. Tell Mike to hurry up and get well so I can cream him in Mortal Kombat." He spared Raph a look.. half-wishing that he had the nerve to tell him that he did in fact miss his best friend..but he had never been good with such words. So instead, he slipped quietly out the door.

    Raphael: Raph relaxed back in the chair again. He was still simmering but let it go for now. He gave Don a quick nod. "So did I miss anythin' else newsworthy?" It hurt deep down that he couldn't be there for his family when they needed him most. He glanced over at his departing friend, giving him a quick wave. "See ya, Casey." He waited until the human disappeared out the door then glanced over at his sleeping brother and finally to Lexi. "Maybe we should hit the hay, too." He was tired of all this shit. This whole night had been one bad event after another. The only good thing about it was the woman sitting on his lap.

    Lexi: Lexi gave a nod in agreement. She was hoping that they would get permission from April first, but it seemed that she wouldn't be waking, and the boys knew her well enough to know if she would mind or not. She slid from his lap, taking his in hers.

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    Re: 10/26/11 -- Night -- April's House

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