Out the hospital. Don and Rini

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    Out the hospital. Don and Rini

    Post by Rini on Wed Oct 23, 2013 1:06 pm

    ((From: Misery in Paradise))

    After the visit from her father, Rini slept well that night and soon, morning had come. She was up bright an early and already getting her things packed up. Most of it was well wishes from members of the foot clan. She gathered everything into a bag and waited for the doctor to come in and set her free.

    Leo's blood transfusion was a complete success -- much to Don's relief. At least one thing went off without a hitch. Don still didn't sleep very well, but mostly because he was anxious for the morning. It was the day Rini came home from the hospital. Before Don went to bed that night, he went out to pick up a few things for Rini. He still felt horrible that he couldn't even visit her while she was in the hospital, and he knew he really needed to make it up to her. But first things first. Don woke up early the next morning to get everything ready for his love's return. It wasn't much, but he wanted to make sure everything was perfect.

    Rini wouldn't have to wait long. The doctor came in and had her sign the release papers. She did so and got dressed then gathered her things. She then pulled out her phone and dialed Don's number

    Don was sitting at the kitchen table with his laptop when he heard his phone go off. He knew who it was and he answered it without hesitation. He had a smile on his face -- the broadest one he has had in a long time as he greeted the person on the other end. "Hi, my love."

    "Donnie! I got out the hospital. Ummm...Could you maybe, come pick me up?" She asked, hoping that he would have a way to come get her.

    Don still had that bright smile on his face and it only seemed to brighten even more with her request. "Of course I can. Is there anything you want me to pick up on the way?" He was just happy to hear her voice again. And the owner of that voice was finally coming home. Back into his arms...

    Rini thought about that question for a moment. Was there anything she needed? Not really. And it wasn't like Don could just walk into a store. Anyway, him stopping somewhere would mean she would have to wait longer to see him. "Nope I don't need anything, just you. I'll be waiting outside at the front of the hospital."

    "Alright, I'll see you soon. I love you." Then he ended the call, got up from the chair then went to get ready. Don may have been just a bit too excited when he asked if she wanted anything, but at this point, he didn't care. He just wanted to see her. He was willing to do anything she needed, just as long as she was back. And also the way he would be covered he wouldn't draw any unnecessary attention. After pulling on his topside gear, he grabbed the keys for the van and headed out. This was one outing that he really looked forward to.

    "Love you too!" Rini chimed then hung up. She then grabbed her things and ran out the hospital. She wasn't sure where the guys were staying so she didn't know how long it would take Don to get there. But she would be ready. She couldn't wait to see him! It had only been a few days but it felt like forever. She hated being away from him even for a moment.

    Don felt the exact same way. Those were the longest three days in his entire life. And the most stressful. Rini being hurt wasn't the only reason, though. It was everything that had been piled on top of him after that. Some even before. Stress was never good for a person and it seemed like Don had been dealing with nothing but that for the past few weeks. But soon, all of that wouldn't matter as he finally pulled up to the hospital. He parked right up to the curb and got out, first giving Rini a big hug then helping her into the van. "It's so great to see you!"

    Rini all but leaped into Don's arms. She wrapped her arms tightly around him and held on to him for as long as she could. When the hug finally broke she slipped in the van, putting her cards and stuffed animals by her feet. "I missed you so much!" She said and scooted closer to Don once he got in the van. she laid her head on his shoulder and smiled up at him. "How's everything with you guys?"

    Don's smiled faltered a little at her question. "It's been something, I'll tell you that." He noticed all her gifts from other people and he once again felt the guilt of not being there for her at all while she was there. He swallowed thickly then put his smile on again, pushing everything else to the back of his mind for now. "But, enough about that. How are you feeling? Are you ready to go home?" Even though they technically didn't have a home just yet. Something else he would have to get on as soon as he had the chance. But, again, he would worry about that later. He gave Rini a nuzzle then started the van, pulling away from the curb.

    "I am very ready to get home. but...Where's home, exactly?" She asked. She wouldn't mention where all the gifts came from unless Don asked her.

    "April's apartment, for now," Don answered as he headed back to that said location. Don wouldn't ask about gifts' sources until much later if at all... Pretty soon they were pulling up to April's place and Don got out, then went over to Rini's side and helped her out of the van. "I apologize if it's a bit crowded in here. We'll only be here as long as we have to be." He left her gifts in the van and just got her inside, promising he'll come back for them once she's settled.

    Rini nodded and snuggled with Don all the way back to the apartment. Once there she let Don help her out and lead her inside. She was so happy to finally be away from the hospital. She went right to the kitchen hoping there was some real food there that she could eat.
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    Re: Out the hospital. Don and Rini

    Post by Rini on Thu Oct 24, 2013 2:52 pm

    Donatello had been quite busy in the kitchen. He wasn't the best cook, but he felt this would be a good first step to welcome Rini back. Among other things, of course. And this meal was fairly easy even for the most amateur of cooks. It was her favorite breakfast dish -- scrambled eggs with toast and steamed rice. On the table, he placed a vase with cherry blossoms in it. He had to pull a few strings for those but he didn't mind. He wanted everything to be perfect for her return. As they entered the kitchen, he helped her over to the table, pulled out her chair and allowed her to sit down before scooting it in closer to the table. Then he went over to the stove and dished out the food for both of them, set drinks on the table then finally the plates of food. Don had a warm smile on his face the entire time. "Just wait...it gets better," he told her, giving her a kiss to the cheek. Once everything was on the table, he turned to face her, lit a couple candles that he left on the table then turned the lights off. The entire room was luminated by these candles and Don finally made his way to his seat next to Rini. "Do you like it?"

    Rini hadn't even reached the fridge when Don guided her to the table. She sat down and watched him with a smile on her face. She couldn't believe that he had put all this together. She leaned in and sniffed the flowers then looked at her food. "Ooooh yum. Everything is wonderful!" She told him. When he sat next to her she leaned over and kissed him softy. "thank you. I can't believe you put all this together. It's so romantic." She then dug into her food, taking a bit and smiling brightly. "The food is good. You're a pretty good cook."

    Don couldn't help the blush at her compliments. He rubbed the back of his neck then was caught off-guard by her kiss. Of course he returned it. It was a feeling he had been waiting for what seemed like forever. To feel her lips against his. He even went back for seconds after she told him he was a pretty good cook. "Thanks." He slid an arm around her from behind and pulled her close. "Welcome back, my love." Then he moved in for a deeper kiss.

    Rini dropped her fork and wrapped her arms around Don. "It's good to be back." She said and returned his kiss, letting it linger for as long as he wanted. When they pulled away from each other she went back to her food. But was wondering about what had happen last night. "You seemed really tired last night when i called. Did anything go on?"

    Don started on his own food but was distracted by her question. "Hmm? Oh." He figured he put it off long enough. She needed to know. "Yes. A lot happened, actually." He glanced down at his plate before continuing. Pepper came home, but it was anything but peaceful. Bishop did something to her. She turned very animalistic as a result. She attacked me while I was trying to save her. I found out later that she also had a tracker inside her shoulder and...whatever Bishop did to her, gave her rapid healing abilities. I had a lot of trouble getting the tracker out. I finally had to ask Mikey. After that was done...even more happened around here." He paused for a moment, trying to recall everything that happened. He was still very tired from all the events that piled up on him time and time again.

    "Wow. Poor Pepper. Poor you." Rini looked Don over but it didn't seem like he got hurt. "Least you're alright. what else happen?"

    "Well, it certainly didn't end there," Don continued with another heavy sigh. "After I finally got Pepper's situation under control, we were attacked by some Purple Dragons. Hun had captured April after going out for a pizza run and then we all went to go rescue her." Don paused again, feeling his control on his own emotions slipping at the mention of April being kidnapped and thinking about what happened after that. His hands were balled into fists, eyes were closed tightly and he swallowed hard. "He raped her..."

    Rini was not expecting that bit of information. She light put a hand on Don's lap. "Oh my god. that's horrible. Is she...Is she going to be ok?" It seemed a lot happen while she was away. She wish she could have been around to try and help. Though she didn't know what she could have done.

    Don was silent for a few moments, trying to regain his composure before he continued, "She's doing better. But Casey..." He swallowed thickly again. "When he saw the state she was in, he lost it. Whatever plan we had going into this rescue went by the wayside the moment Casey saw her...beaten and bloody. He rushed in with his temper and we followed. They were waiting for us. Then...then things took a turn for the worse..."

    Rini took another bit of food, but kept her other hand on Don's knee. "I saw the IV bag in the living room." She admitted. "It must have been bad. No wonder you sounded so tired last night."

    Don was nearly hyperventilating by now. He breathing became ragged and his eyes were squeezed shut, holding back tears. He could see the events as clear as day as he recalled them in his mind. He tried to calm down before finishing the next part. He nodded at her observation. "Both Mike and Leo were shot. Casey got the worst, though. He was very near-death by the time we got to him." Suddenly his eyes snapped open but he had yet to shed any tears. It was very evident that they could fall any moment as they pooled around the bottom then finally escaped down his cheek. "We rushed to the hospital, taking Casey and April there. Then we went back to April's place and I had two brothers to take care of. Fraya thankfully took care of Mikey because Leo needed the most attention. He lost so much blood. I had to give him a blood transfusion." He paused once again, finally getting through his emotions so he could finish without breaking down now. "Raph was the only one that could donate the blood and thankfully he was so willing." He chuckled a little, wiping the tears away then gave her a smile. "Other than Leo complaining about how long it was taking and of course Raph's usual impatience, things went just fine."

    Rini got up from her chair and hugged Don tightly. It all sounded horrible. It was no wonder Don was so tired. She gave him a squeeze and kissed his cheek. "Everything will be ok. I'm sure Casey and April will do fine and your brothers too. They're all very strong. You need a break though. Did you get any sleep last night?"

    Don returned the hug and shook his head, pulling away and gave her a sheepish smile. "Not really. After hearing that you were coming home the next morning, I was too anxious to sleep. I spent a good part of the night, just staring at the ceiling. When I wasn't getting woken up by Mike's snoring," he added with a roll of his eyes. "Also, having all of us crammed into the living room didn't help."

    Rini sat back down in her set and flashed Don a smile. "Well now that I'm home. Maybe we should both try to get some sleep. Maybe you can sleep better if I'm around." She said with a light chuckle. "But first I must finish this yummy food"

    Don chuckled again. "By all means. And I think I will, too." Then he finished his own food

    Rini was quick to finish her food. She then downed her drink and helped clean the kitchen up. After that was done, she took Don's hand and stole one more kiss before going with him to the living room. It was crowded, but there was a spot by the window that they could take. She gathered up two pillows and some blankets and sat on the floor, pulling Don down with her. "Here seems like a nice place to rest."

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    Re: Out the hospital. Don and Rini

    Post by Donatello on Sat Oct 26, 2013 12:40 pm

    Don finished a little after Rini and helped her clean up.  Once that was done, he let her lead him over to the window.  It was still very early and everyone else was asleep.  Rini was definitely right.  He would sleep much better with her next to him.  He allowed her to pull him down, but propped himself up on the pillows a little more so she could rest on top of him.

    "Welcome home, Rini.  I'm so glad you're back, my love."

    His voice was just a whisper but he knew she could hear him.  He smiled softly, wrapping his arm around her as she snuggled up with him, pulling the blankets over them.  Then he closed his eyes, finally able to rest without having nightmares come forth from all the trauma he had experienced in the past few days.  It was the best sleep he had in a very long time.

    ((Continued in: Lost and Found (October)))

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    Re: Out the hospital. Don and Rini

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